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Team Eurogamer's Happy Hour Tavern Time - BASTILLE SALOON, SAINT DENIS

Jun 10, 2021
exactly that, just get some good games that you would ever want. She would like to delete a game so she can start all over again. Yes, it was a shock to me. Yes, and then one more Will Sawyer Super Chat, she says. Hey guys, oh no two more, sorry, Hey guys, I got Animal Crossing New Horizons a few days ago and I've been listening to the tips videos from it to help me. My island is called Okie Dokie. I feel like yeah, I'm trying to sort out my island I feel like this because after visiting your island Alex and Wheels it's an island.
team eurogamer s happy hour tavern time   bastille saloon saint denis
I feel like I really need to improve my game. As I often do when I visit my island. Your island is also very impressive, but it's a different kind of radiant. I think yes. I certainly have a theme, put it that way, I just have a bunch of houses. I want it, oh, I want it to be coherent. It's funny you say that because y'all, this is mine and I think it was a week or something like that. Yeah, in The Time I Hunted I didn't really have a plan, just things were places and that was it.
team eurogamer s happy hour tavern time   bastille saloon saint denis

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team eurogamer s happy hour tavern time bastille saloon saint denis...

I've done a lot of that, but actually a couple of days ago it was like it hit me, like I was struck like a bolt of lightning, it was like I knew what to do. do and how to come up with a themeYes, I ended up moving my house and I ended up digging up about 25 trees and moving. I like my bike to change completely. Well, I'm not entirely sure that things will probably stay the same, but for the most part I'm like. I'm really renewing it right now, okay, what's my new plan and I'm so excited, it's so exciting to just be like, okay, I'll sit like you are, it's like working on my news, that's where I want to be, that's it. where I want to be because, um, yeah, I want to have a theme and I think I've put in too many trees, like I have so many fruit trees and they look messy like I do. trying to dig no, I was trying to lay out like paths full of Frick paths and it just looks a little bit like how you made the paths.
team eurogamer s happy hour tavern time   bastille saloon saint denis
No, I don't have the ability to do it or anything. You will get it later. It's still been 2 weeks and I still have a 1 star rated island. I spread it, I don't throw it, that implies that throwing doesn't matter to me, yes, I delicately place my trap. I haven't seen anyone else do this so it's so original and it's refreshing I do refreshing science it's terrible terrible but yeah so I bought I bought a Sahara rug this morning I didn't know if you'd seen this yet because I only did it this morning but I bought like some rugs and I laid them out to see how they looked and the big one was called like a camera, cold brothers like something like messy work or something and I laid it out and it was just a rug that was like folded up and like you'd trip over this one. rug, oh, that was like well, I know where that's going.
team eurogamer s happy hour tavern time   bastille saloon saint denis
I just put up some wallpaper that Zoe sent me, which is like corrugated iron walls. I put him in my punishment room, I mean the back room. Don't call it a benefits room. I sent you a paper bag for your head. It makes the Zodiac Killer seem like a good fit for that Swindon scene to me, although, by the way, my ideal animal crossing date is someone called Kid Cat, KitKat, he's one of five. OMG, it's one of the five superhero towns. His interests include sports and bodybuilding. He is highly motivated and hyperactive, but presents himself as superior and selfish.
KitKat will always protect you and bring you an exciting date this Valentine's Day. I disagree. The cat boy seems like a Fuck, I mean, and he won't treat you well at all. I'm sorry, that's the worst. Hey listen. Kit Kats will give me a night I will remember for the rest of my life. Why would I remember it? Alright? Are we doing another test? Yeah, Snorlax or Slowpoke for me. Okay, this one comes in pictures, but I won't bother explaining them because you caught the words. Okay, so whoever goes first, Ian, go first. Okay, which one of these is it?
Definitely not your thing BDSM voyeurism foot worship furries threesomes EXO philia that has an alien image spectra philia that looks like powerful girls and bondage which BDSM and bondage not, there was what I totally forgot what you said because I thought who wants to bang aliens that's not it's the King embarrassing himself around here some people are fine alien trios I just can't, I don't see myself getting along with a xenomorph city on that peak I'd say I'd definitely punch a ghost for a facehugger Wow, thank god they're more than six o'clock, okay, next question what elements are you fire water lightning grass solar ice air metal I am the element grass I have to say grass okay, okay, this guy needs a picture, okay, choose an apocryphal erotic theme , please describe please describe the words, this is if this is where the fun begins, look, it's blue and it has a little turtle on its back a little bit torn, but it's only on one side, so you have a bug with a Pikachu tail. that's coming out of him, okay, I don't know what this is, but it looks like a flame, I think it looks, it's like a strange tip, it's a flame, okay, yeah, oh God, oh, a dildo with balls, but the tip says it is. green, by the way, I'm the tip instead of being like the tip of a penis, it's a Bulbasaur, good sir, then you have a I'm.
I don't assume it's a pop engine. I don't know, it's blue and it has a black backpack with a handle. I don't know what this is supposed to be. Hey, you have a knitted ball and it's essentially like underwear that is made especially to hold your man part. I really am like a jester. like a Willy Loman thingy, yeah, okay, then, oh wow, you have that equivalent for a woman, the hunt appears and it's Pikachu's flower face, whose silly spot is attached and finally feels like it's already done, but you have another dildo, the same personal pleasure device, massage device, it has a Mon part that looks like a real non-part, then the rest is a real bulbasaur, oh well, those are your options.
I think I'm going to go for simple and keep it. my trash inside a Pokeball which of these characters would you totally choose with Professor Oak Nurse Joy Jesse James Giovani from Team Marcus Officer Jenny yeah Deliah Delia sorry Celia Ketchum like in the ashes mom and tomboy of Team Rocket just doing a quick Google search the officer's trip who was the other mrs. Mrs. Ketcham. Ketcham yes, that's Saskatchewan or Mrs. Ketcham finally, what do I like? She just - I like these. Finally, what does your face look like? I'm getting a little warm under that hat, my full expression is fine, so what does your face look like?
The first is a sketch. and it's going well friend mr. yeah, he goes with stars in his eyes, okay though, and the other one is Brock with hard eyes, then you have a girl, then you have Pikachu with a little sweat Mart, and then you have a random unknown person with green hair. turning her hair green someone doesn't like those and you finally have meows again with her. I see you ask. It's an excellent performance. I spit, it's between that and the first one. I think probably the first. Yes that's fine. matches experience looks like a green bean basically, how am I supposed to do it?
It has even been improved. Today I learned something about myself. Metapod, everyone really enjoyed your faces. I especially enjoyed the one with the arms 7:57 says it was super. effective someone comments just with caps like hardened this is definitely not you so we had BDSM voyeurism oh very alien threesomes that's going to say I'm going to say this file spekt spective because I'm not a bike ghost in what elements are you you, firewood and iron. dun dun dun the pleasure toy, can you remember them? At least I can name them, name the lady Pokémon, you said the lady, yes the lady, what was that? and they should have a pikachu face with googly eyes oh no, no, no, it's not me, oh me too.
I didn't mention that it's actually doing this no, okay, I don't want the bulbs not one, who's two of those? Bulbasaur is the worst. What others were there? There was an e1 flame, which of these purges are we just looking at me? and really judging me which of these you would totally go with from Professor Oak Nurse Joy Jesse James Giovanni from Team Rocket Officer Jenny it's between Janney and Jessie and I'm going to have to go with Jessie Oh, wear your hair, no, what are you talking about ? about stopping judging myself and finally what your face looks like after you've done the Charizard action, you know, a card says that you have a fire that never went out, your power between the sheets is immense and some


s it can even be intimidating, but you know .
I had to do things extremely well, that's fine with me. I can't believe you understood that and I really disappointed Metapod. Okay, I like it. Now you have to do it right while taking a look at that nightmare. Let's take a look. look at the super chats yeah, there have been quite a few, come in actually no, I didn't mean that, I didn't mean your dirty mind was expecting a mammal, that's my Tinder bio, we did it, okay, Paul heroine, new member. Have we said thank you to a yes? We've done it. Will Sawyer, who got Assassin's Creed.
Everything gets everything after that. Alright. Paul Harris has been following him for about two years. Just remember to join in, meaning keep up the awesome content. Time to run. Sandy. Flint's incisors can. we have a naked tour, we saw naked the nuisance before naked on a live stream that dr. Weaver III was shuffled naked so we need to get a nude before, a nude after Monica Lockpicks says I need a tour of Eurogamer fan island for inspiration, to be honest the square TV window says my life is in crisis until you restart Resident Evil Code Veronica, I need I need to play it again from the beginning, but get to the point with some live ammunition because I completely ruined my game.
Did you get stuck? I'm on the plane and I can't beat my enemy. It's too brutal, so I have to restart I think what are you drinking? No, I really don't know, that's a fish ball on a calm and straightforward man, Anthony Stewart, ran into a scam and gave him a job. Nescafé gold blends because of the ads he made made him laugh. a hug, the best day I had. Jules was in a green room with him in heaven one


and it was like the day before my birthday, so she asked her to record, she asked her to record a little birthday message for me and she was. this Julia Hardy, right, yes, castaway, DC says it was lovely to have aired it on my island.
I think he makes families, although I hope you are well thanks to the band. Jack escaped from the box again says cat boy thinks he gave you thinks he gave you a nightmare I'll remember cat boy thinks he gave you a night bastard. Sorry, protect your faces. He sent us a butt emoji that is perfect. I got an unofficial promotion to editor-in-chief and some inexperienced writers require my full attention. your own libations like Kenny Stone, so congratulations, well done for the promotion, the snacker is every day, we are strengthened by the light of God, yes, well this quiz is having that effect, to be fair, Lloyd knows to Houston, he says in tonight's episode, TV audio, that's the one for tonight. episode



audio described porn when i'm sixty four bit says best dream ever post coital charades devices can alex join


Yeah you know for crap games you've played enough snakes and ladders just if I can play Animal Crossing and that's it yeah that's all we're doing right now to be fair he says shouldn't his name be Bulger Saw and can't stop the base? This is the EFA lip color appreciation pose that helps along with one of the media filters because It's not that bright in real life, yeah, I've turned it up a little bit. I was trying to increase my facial hair. What Pokémon are you fucking? I can really disappoint mine because I literally had an argument recently about how this Pokémon is unattractive. not at all, I had my chance and it says you like your sex very vigorous, that's just a finger, let's say your bedroom Sona Trudy has a big impact.
No, I don't like anthropomorphic Pokémon. I don't like them, they're weird. I think I'll be much more like an animal like everyone who's old, he has four arms so yeah, it's too much just muscle. I don't like it when people are too musky. I like it, I love it when people are secretly obligated. I like that she mostly doesn't show and then they say oh wow, you're secretly Muslim, it's definitely too much muscle for me, anyway, everyone says well, I definitely don't suffer from too much muscle, that's for sure, well, Harry . says this is an unholy broadcast, can we make that the new eurogamer motto? innocent creatures, we can have one more test.
I'm going to start looking for more after this. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to send them to the chat, but I like it. Let's try to make them even vaguely acceptable. I know I don't even know how we measure that anymore, but do we want to do that? Which Animal Crossing character are you? Yes, it looks like it will have fewer dildos. Oh, we can always do like. Bone Mary Kay laughs about that with video game characters because we had so much fun with that before, but if anyone has any suggestions about it, send them in the chat Alex Bone Get Married Kill Chess Snakes and Ladders for Checkers Wait Bone Get Married Kill Tornado HeroQuest andHas no one else come close?
I can't say it's ever crossed my mind, so no, actually, that's ideologue, yeah. I guess that's okay, yeah, what kind of title do you expect a husband to give you? Oh, but he's a bigoted lady, ma'am. Queen or well he's my son none or Queen please would you mind if I probably had a little, had little to offer you, I would, but I would get over it, no, yes, vectorized a lot and I hope, I don't think. You bother me if I love them How many questions? Do you care if his manners are good? Kick, sorry, keep breaking for you.
What is happening there? Do you care if his manners are good? No, while, while he has big, strong arms, do you mind if he's a little weird? So the options are he's ripped, so he's excellent, tricity, pretty weird. I like it from the beginning. I'm not at all interested in that. I like a little weirdness. in a bit of weirdness this quiz is actually this goes on forever is this I'm scrolling down because I don't want to I should watch it to the end we have to find it okay let's do one let's do what do you hope to learn for me I also want us to learn everything we can learn the art of loving we can learn to govern and be strong with open I would love to earn a lot in the art of loving they are I need to learn the art of looking can By the way, I don't even remember what this quiz is for.
Oh yes, that was it. Should I take you dancing? Yes, if I don't understand it, sir, I will be very sad because she is the best. Greetings, yes, of course, or me. I only made two bowls that require must yes, of course, I will always dance even if there is no right, are you okay with him being a little intense? Oh yes, this is definitely it. I can handle it or I love it, I can handle it, would you trade it? Listen to any religion, I wouldn't do it, I don't have any, so I'm into it.
I want an atheist like me, yeah, sure, once on you, I think he's good, yeah, he keeps showing up a little bit, but I think. it's just that's why it's five for everyone's Netflix and it's chilling right now okay so the bandwidth is slowing down a little bit do you intend to make it up? I would love to give him a makeover yes the options are yes he needs one or yes it is him realizing that yes he needs one. Do you want a manual, yes, one, someone is going to listen to, hey, my problems, and you would use it, see who will pay for that.
Would you move abroad for him? No, no, you've made a fool of yourself, how important is this? he always does the right thing oh very important yes I'm going to read the milk so I don't know which one is right I have a great capacity for forgiveness he needs to have a very strong moral compass while people make mistakes he needs to limit them I like someone who follows his own rules please do you want to be with someone so unpredictable predictable mm-hmm do you enjoy the good things in life hmm? I mean if they're free yeah oh you I'll give you the options oh yeah I don't care yeah but I'm flexible on how it looks or I like some of them the flexible one please Do you think the love of a good person can change a bad book The love of you can never change No, I guess not, sir, yes, no, it's okay, do you mind if people think of you as an odd couple? mm-hmm no, hey, what are you looking for in a lover?
Is this funny? and a good heart loyalty and strength and passion or resilience the second how much you value fatality quite important what does that mean hello loyal are like crazy yes okay more or less yes I still thought how your man should dress luxuriously and with Li style like a warrior like Sarah or blue for the environment you say like a rock star mm-hmm that one you have Do you love to laugh with your man? I'm going to give you the option okay, yes please, I like to laugh at them humor I don't really care or only if we blow it up I think it's going to have to be a yes please for that, uh huh.
Oh, after all, having John's car means I can die and come back to life in a convenient plot device, although yeah, then you're actually air, just like a lot of questions. I mean I appreciate the quiz and I chose Jon Snow, he's the sexiest one on this one so I'm


, well we don't know how many snows there are. Don't you know there could be other very sexy ones? I guess we know that well. Before we wrap up, we have a couple of super chats, one from Square Window TV. He says I love this broadcast gang who haven't laughed this much in years.
Greetings. good luck avoiding monetization and connecting with many punished beings through the banned punishment room no, me and we also had one from crazy Flint, he says your last podcast episode destroyed me forever. I don't hear, yes, I think so, take a moment before I think so? That's my BBC podcast, this game changed my life, the last episode is magnificent, it's very, very sad, ultimately it's very uplifting and if you get the chance, let's do it, but make sure you have some tissues, because yes, it was lovely, but i. I think so, we're at 8 o'clock, so Alex, thank you so much for joining us again.
We'd love for you to talk about things we won't mention again because we don't want to get demonetized. but come join us again another time, maybe you can bring other dice breakers with you next time, this is all part of the problem. They monetized me, yes, they shipped me, well, yes, hopefully, if you come back next time, I hope you do. We're dressed somewhat differently, it's funny because we never actually film like roleplaying on Fridays. Two fun moments happened to happen. Looks like you all had a good time too, they enjoyed this random stream and so did I.
I hope you're in a good place to start the weekend. Yes, the bar is still open behind us, so keep getting drinks. I don't know how long it will stay open because I just put on my mask. I'm ready to launch it now, everyone drink because it's time to rob the bar. See you very soon here at Eurogamer. Don't forget to like and subscribe and remember don't grow sir so I can subscribe. speaker oh yes oh and please don't tell us to the Sundanese police because we are about to steal some things

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