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Teacher Reacts to Jay-z - Big Pimpin ft UGK (REACTION)

Jun 17, 2021
whats good for yall this is austin simmon im a


6th grade


6th grade math teacher actually slash rapper you know i got music uh slash uh fiance dog dad uh slash geek uh as you can see in the pops in the background all that good stuff um and i wanted to do a


to a song i used to listen to a long time ago when i was a kid um called jay-z big


with ugk um this song was llamas this is how this song has one of the best beats ever the times as i remember when this beat when this when i heard the song for the first time and i heard the beat i was like wow this how could someone do this? how does anyone even think of such a thing? this is wild and then obviously, you know, that was like that, it was like their big moment, this was the thing that got them in front of the massive masses and, uh, jay-z, I mean, he's jay-z, so um Jay-z is one. one of the greatest rappers of all time an absolute legend and he definitely shines in this song i think actually and you'll see uh i also have gum in my mouth because i have um bad taste i had that taste in my mouth i had a little roast and some potatoes taste great but the taste of the leaves in your mouth you're like but anyway let's get into this ok i'm going to play this and let's react let's have a little nostalgia i'm ready for a little nostalgia jay-z era when they were both shooting shooting together it's crazy to see them in the same shot people looked good for the freezer the first time they fought what are the reasons? when i was as a kid and when i started rapping for some reason i just didn't appreciate how good this verse was until it was like later i think i was an adult and i was listening to it again. and i told my little brother actually at that point i was like oh i really don't like his verse and he was like you go back and listen to it again and think about it and then when you think about it you'll be like loki was fast lyrically in a pop rap song but it's fast me and me i think this is the part where i used to think i just didn't like this part in its entirety. it came before that and it's like yeah like it had a pretty good verse like the pun the pun was just wild look at them it's now I used to like their verse it was my favorite verse of the song and i just want to point out real quick because i don't know why i'm glossing over this like i don't understand that the women in these videos back in the day were oh i didn't know timbaland produced this uh this beat i i just found out now that makes sense so it makes sense it all makes sense to me we don't really have a bigger man don't trip i'm not too proud i'd be in that crowd just grabbing money grabbing money grabbing money would you be okay so what's cool with ugk is like the contrast in the mcs who are in ugk so bunbee is a lyricist who is a he is a rapper um and pimpy like he is i mean he is a rapper but like him he shines through his booty like booty his voice like you feel genius l when you hear it for him rap while boom b is the lyrics like its a lyrical side but uh pimp c is like the style he has like uh it just works really well together the contrast and the styles of the rapper like usually in a group you will have to both as the same type of rapper you know two lyricists two um you know i don't really know the best way to describe it but the best swag rapper but this in this group works because they are both different and when they come together , greatness rest in peace, by the way, the legend of the ringmaster, so i was r. reading somewhere that apparently pimp c didn't like the song and that's why his verse is so short huh and like bumpy i had to convince him to get into the song he was reading that somewhere i don't know if that's true but i know i was reading that and um i know for me, i'll do a song and i'll think damn i really don't know if i like this and then but then other people will like it and then it's like well i guess i have to release this like i have to release the song this is what people want and i think boom b i think this is one of those situations where there were probably bumps like i was gonna break it we gotta do this and pimps i was like okay let me drop this eight very quick lemme put this down real quick and see what happens and look what happened wow wild and though again the women in this video oh oh the women definitely had a great cover hehe it shined brighter in the song um I sure don't get it I don't know what a young imp awesome i was thinking of it as the last verse and the verse at the beginning was pure flames pure flames so im going to try to make the post short the song is great nostalgic i dont like it theres nothing bad i can say about the song the beat is I'd say, one of the greatest beats of all time, like it's a given, and then one of the greatest beats of all time mixed with one of the greatest rappers of all time, top five jay-z is definitely top five and one of the best groups of all time ugk definitely in the top five groups of all time so it's a given and you just get a masterpiece and that's exactly what the song was this was a masterpiece like and the video there's just not much you can say about the video like this is it's just oh anyway so if you enjoyed this video I'm going to do a lot more nostalgic stuff because I enjoy going back to my childhood and esc listen to songs he wasn't allowed to listen to. back then but i heard anyway like this and duh uh y'know i just remember life back then y'know just reminisce about my childhood i really don't know that's the other best way to say that but yeah like that that if you like it please subscribe and uh yeah have a great rest of your day
teacher reacts to jay z   big pimpin ft ugk reaction

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