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Taste Test Tuesday

May 01, 2020
Hello everyone, welcome to Tuesday's



. Today I'm going to try a variety of things if you're new to my channel and don't know what Tuesday's



is about. I just tried things I've never tried before and you guys. get my first version sometimes I like it sometimes I don't, but like I say in all my videos, just because I don't like it doesn't mean you don't like it, you might like it. I find it a lot in my comments that someone says oh I really liked what you had but I didn't like it and the same thing may be that I really like it and you may not like that anyway I'm going to start uh today I'm going to show you what I have I'm going to be drinking, um, I have, I have a stomach virus, I do, I really do and yeah, it really affected me yesterday, but I will, hopefully, everything will stay where it should.
taste test tuesday
I don't know, but it's not like that anyway. As bad as it was yesterday, let me put it this way, so if you remember from the last taste test on Tuesday, a friend of mine had given me the Jabalia cappuccino mix and, well, it was a two-step Keurig thing, it had the powder packet you put in your cup first then you put your Keurig pod on top and then you pour manna in and it was very frothy. I liked. I found the coffee to be strong, which I like because I like to taste coffee. so I went and priced it and at Walmart it was like I wanted to say $12 and change almost $13 for 18 or I could but no I think it could have been 12 for just 12 I'm not sure but anyway I thought ah , so you know. high priced so I saw this great value cappuccino mix and french vanilla and you get 18 pods and this was like, I mean 696 somewhere out there and you get 18 calm and this is the cappuccino mix and the french slices of vanilla let me try this and see what it's like now in this they tell you to take the cup all you put in here are other pods and it tells you to take the pod shake it and then put it in 8 ounces and do it. well, that's what I did and I'm drinking from my coffee mug that I bought from Dollar Tree and it only says coffee on one side, it doesn't say it on that side, it's good if you're left handed. true, but I guess it's so you can see it, I don't know, but it's only on one side anyway.
taste test tuesday

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taste test tuesday...

I put the pot on and I didn't get any foam, it's not like the G value, the G value had that foam that, oh, It was so good, so good to me, it was so good. I'm going to try this and see if it compares to the other one. I can taste French for an hour. Wait, it doesn't compare to me. Really, isn't it like drinking? Oh, I can taste a lot of French vanilla, not a lot of coffee flavor, a little bit, a little bit, but not much, nothing like the g value. I don't know, yeah, nothing like that, so they're two totally different things I think anyway, but I was looking for something that was a little cheaper in price.
taste test tuesday
Well, I also have some water just in case. Just in case. Well this was given to me by a friend who looks after my channel yeah and this is a Hershey's milk chocolate with huge ones I had never seen it before she knew I love huge ones and I asked her where she got this from and she said she got it at Walmart so let's try this or Hershey's milk chocolate with huge never had that before so here let's open it up and this is a girl another girl I worked with gave me this so okay this It's what it looks like, it almost looks crunchy, you know, okay, so let's try a piece of Lo I'm going to break off just a piece here and I love wapas um, okay, at first it almost tastes like crunchy butter to me, but then as it melts and comes together the chocolate tastes a little like whap oh. let me try the rest wait oh very crunchy like my dad says milk chocolate with malt flavored coffee bits cookie bits cookie bits Sorry it doesn't have a light amazing flavor I just think the chocolate itself is dominating the flavor of malted milk.
taste test tuesday
I like that, although it's not bad, but if you're looking for a big flavor, I don't think it's there, it's more chocolate, just pure chocolate, than anything else, so let me have another drink of my own French vanilla cappuccino mix , of great value. It was their brand, the cup is bigger than me anyway, there's the great value, that's what it looks like, I don't know, guys, I'm not tasting much coffee in that, at all, not at all, okay, The next thing we are going to try are these. Palma Fudge Shocks available now at Dollar Tree. I've never seen Fudges before and they have them for Valentine's Day and happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Hope everyone has a great day. Well, let's try this. Go to that and these were a dollar at the Dollar Tree and this is what they look like when you open them, okay, let's try it. Sweetheart, remember, I just ate the Hershey's chocolate, do you want to take another bite? I meant, that's all. It's soft, that's what it looks like in the middle mmm, I don't know, it's okay, it's all chocolate, it's a little soft in the middle, you know, they try to give you that if you can see it's a little darker in the middle than the Exterior really isn't bad, although you know it's okay, oh yeah, that's all I can say about it, okay, I mean is it worth the dollar?
Yeah, they're worth a dollar, they take it, you know, it tastes good, it tastes good. Next thing I'm going to try these are from Knott's Berry Farm and they're bite size cookies, they're blackberry shortbread cookies, another one had blackberries before they came from the alleys, the normal part, the normal price I guess , it's $2.99 ​​for alleys, it was a dollar ninety nine we had a dog go to Boston and drop off my son, he was going on vacation to the airport on the way back, I said, you know what's not from Ollie? I told him why I want to go and he said yes. and it was the first time I was at Ollie's, I didn't find much.
I said I picked up something that will be in a future giveaway, so anyway the oil comes back, let me open it, so I said I'm going to pick up. Pick up these cookies and give them a try. Maybe I'll try them on Tuesday. Okay, many of them are broken, this is what it looks like from the inside. Yes, they are broken and this is what they look like, so you can smell the berry. I smell the berry in it. and let's say I'm trying to say here are the cookies it's 20 calories and there's all the information if you want to read about this and how long we're going to try it let's try it hmm they're all very easy. hmm, it's this chopped cookie and I think that's why it falls apart so easily.
I never had blackberries before I tried it, just take that part in the middle hmm oh I like blackberry whatever I don't even know it almost looks like a blackberry in the package here mmm mmm I like them I like the middle I like them a lot of the medium and the shortbread cookies hmm it's fun well that was 99 it's good and this is 10 ounces they give you but there's a lot there there's a lot Man so I'll take Mr. Work look up let me try them and see what think about the blackberry, let's see if you've ever tried it, this is what it looks like, okay, waiting for another drink of my coffee.
I have a couple more things to try and then I want to tell you something at the end. final, okay, here we go, I put it aside so it doesn't turn out well, so far the cookies I like the most are fine, I'm going to break up some of this sweetness. I bought them at Walmart, they are crunchy and crunchy. and lose weight 50% less fat oven baked potatoes and wheat chips as they call them sweet chili and sour cream you never had them before. Everything I try I've never tried before, so in 21 chips there are 130 calories, your carbs are 21 grams, whoever is interested.
That's all your information, that's what the bag looks like, they look great, I hope so and let's test this well. I'll smell them first to see if they work if they smell pop no smells almost done I can smell the sour cream oh wait I'll try to show you the inside of the bag if I'm not doing a good job here we go here's what they look like on the inside and let's go Let's try one, well, they look good. "They're very thin, yes, that's what they say crispy and thin. Hmm, there are five grams of total fat in 21 chips.
No cholesterol. They're not as spicy. You get a little bite of the chili from the sweet chili. Mmm. I like them these". It's good, it says 50% less fat than the main fried potato chips because they are baked mmm. I like them. I was able to try the Ritz cracker. I can taste the chili. The chili is a small bite. Not bad. You can definitely try sour cream. everything is fine there everything is fine there these are really good oh I like these mmm and you could keep them yeah you can keep putting them in your mouth that's for sure I like them a lot okay let me put it on top yeah that's fine and The last thing I'm going to try is the coffee, not the M&Ms, I've never seen them before, the coffee, no, so we'll try them like when I tried them, although you'll call it when I tried the taco-flavored Doritos.
I never saw them. before and everyone told me that they had been around since the '60s or something and I thought I had never seen them in my area and then I asked people, other people, if they had ever seen the taco flavor, a time London said no and There you have it, this is what they look like. I'm going to try a dark one because I love dark chocolate, so these are not called coffee or M&Ms, applauding with other natural flavors, it does and 12 pieces are 140 calories. All your information is there. I love it.
Peanut M&Ms Wow yes I can taste the coffee Wow I like these so they are good mmm I like them they have white ones in there Joe well not white it came out yellow in the middle. I'm trying to see if they are even the yellow ones. It tastes like coffee mmm, I like them, for me it's a strong coffee flavor, I like them, okay, so I like these, I like blackberries, those were good, let's just say I chase a lot of chocolate, that's all I tried in that very, very, very light lie. It tasted good, the four boards, go ahead, get chocolatey and worth it, yes, they weren't bad.
Okay, I covered everything? Oh, the cappuccino and French vanilla mix. I'll take them to work. I'll let everyone else enjoy them. Yes, because it's 18 capsules, I won't drink glasses, so I'll take them to work and because we have a Keurig, if we have a normal bra accurately, I'll vote for those who use the Keurig okay, so it's in my taste test of the Tuesday today, but before I left, when I went to Dollar Tree, I bought another set of these books because, as you know, I wanted to try cooking on Thursdays with all of you soon and if you want. to try to cook with me I'm going to cook with these books, you have the vegetables, the pasta, the soup, they are all made simple, it says breakfast, the Kito women try the ketogenic diet and the chicken, so here I have six books in the series. my set, but I have two more sets that I want to give to one of you, one of my subscribers who wanted to follow me when we cook with me on Thursday because I'm the cook with me on Thursday.
I'll tell you a week in advance or whatever what we're going to cook and I'll hold it up and you can see the ingredients and then if you want to get the ingredients and try to cook with me we can do that but I want to give away two sets to two of my subscribers who wanted to try cooking with me on Thursday so again you must be 18 or older you must be subscribed to my channel US only YouTube is not affiliated with or responsible for any of my giveaways I buy these things myself I ship them myself, you must follow YouTube's gifting guidelines.
Everything about my giveaway is in the About section of my channel page. Also, people asked me how do you know how to send me a card or whatever. and that's also in the About section of my channel page, so I want you to check out my giveaway rules. Check all the rules. There is no third party participation in any of my giveaways. The two people who gained my 5000 subscribers. giveaway they both responded so I'll send it out soon and here two sets and you'll get the entire series the full six books I'm in the back to try to cook with me on Thursday and if I want to enter this giveaway which I'll draw a name on Friday, no, we will do Saturday because I am working, I will have said that I have this weekend free, so you will have until Saturday to say it. cook just leave the word cook in your comment below and I'll know you want to enter my cookbook giveaway okay now it's the end of my


taste test thank you all for watching hope you all see the tool and yes, turn if you are interested in these books and until next time, goodbye.

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