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TASBot plays Mario Kart Wii presented by dwangoAC in 16:53 SGDQ2019

Jun 01, 2021
Okay, we're ready for take number two, but before I tango, I have a tass pot donation. tas bot donated three hundred fourteen dollars and fifteen cents think about it for a second. go AC would like to thank maleo for leading the efforts on Mario Kart Wii and uni for leading the efforts on Celeste. Join us on discord TAS BOTS to help me choose what to play in agdq 2020 so thank you all so much for helping donate and with that we're going to try it again at the test site with Mario Kart Wii come on give us a little encouragement oh sure we're ready to go this is going to be a lot of fun i gotta tell you as i've been watching things develop over time it's been a lot of fun seeing the improvements we've shipped in submissions we had everything ready at the shows, but man, since then we've seen some really amazing improvements.
tasbot plays mario kart wii presented by dwangoac in 16 53 sgdq2019
I'm going to take it to maleo if I pronounced it correctly for once yes yes maleo is going to introduce the rest of the team but before he does I want to go I want to talk about the console we're using this is a console without modify, it's an unmodified copy of the disk, all we have. I've made some cosmetic changes because normally in this game you wouldn't have any sound while looking at a ghost. We have also added another cosmetic change to add a speedometer. I think that's most of the changes. Yes, there are also some things. what we did to help us quickly move on to the next file you'll notice I'm pretty quirky looking you'll see it a couple of times I'm going to turn the floor over to Molly oh and I have to tell you guys you're in for a big treat.
tasbot plays mario kart wii presented by dwangoac in 16 53 sgdq2019

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tasbot plays mario kart wii presented by dwangoac in 16 53 sgdq2019...

I'm not worthy to comment on this because he's too crazy so he's going to lead it and he's done a fantastic job organizing the team. Thank you very much, I will deliver it. I move on to it ok sounds good thanks for the introduction Ango so my name is Molly oh join me hi I'm Luke I'm Derek art as plasma together in our community of twenty authors we put together an 11 track sampler we'll be showing today so i think with that everyone is ready to go ok three two one all good so this first track is luigi's circuit from the start you'll notice we're using funky .
tasbot plays mario kart wii presented by dwangoac in 16 53 sgdq2019
Kong in the sphere so out of all the characters Funky Kong has the fastest speed stat and Spears is the fastest vehicle on the track. so we'll take these first two very fast turns leading up to this ramp, you'll see we're going to use a series of fast jumps to reduce our airtime on this ramp and if you drive fast jumps into this turn right here we can get caught up in the floor and we can lose traction and pick up speed as we go across the floor it's the same speed as if he was constantly using a mushroom and we can stop jumping he checked it off the floor and he did a couple of perfect jumps to keep some of that boost yeah so the reason this actually works is that very briefly after our jumps there's a two frame window where you're leaning your bike locked into place so if you jump again during those two frames you can keep jumping over and over and over again, you lose traction with the ground and you start to slide and we can use that to build up an incredible amount of speed over time and you'll notice that we don't do that's what we call this super grind , we don't do it in lab three because the only reason it saves time in the first place is because we can carry that speed increase over the next few laps but since this is the last lap it's not worth going out of our way to set it up , so it's also worth noting um if you lose there for some reason Nintendo when they program this game if you tie up a ghost that's what we're doing we're racing that ghost technically when you tie up a ghost it just says you lose Jump, a which refers to any time you leave a cheat service with the goal of getting as little airtime as possible, which is why you'll see one right here on this first ramp.
tasbot plays mario kart wii presented by dwangoac in 16 53 sgdq2019
We're going to clip this side of this wall and put and push forward also on this wavy and eye area here we're going to optimize it to get the least amount of time as possible as well as the stairs of the companies you're going to see we'll try to stick to them and the reason this is because the airtime in this game is flo every time you're airborne your vehicle is constantly slowing down so to go fast we want to get this little airtime possible as well as right there you might have noticed that nintendo nintendo has a nasty habit of forgetting to add collision to some walls so we can use the side as a half pipe there to get to the top level which saves about three seconds so one of those guys is there.
We don't necessarily go for as many tricks as possible. You will see this wavy road again. million possible tricks yeah so even though we said the sphere was the fastest vehicle in the game we are using the flame racer in this course because spear has some pretty poor drifting skills whereas the flame racer takes turns really tight and those turns you saw earlier are pretty tight so one thing you've probably noticed at this point is whenever we're moving in a straight line we always want to try and be on a wheelie that's the quickest method of moving every time we try to turn we use the manual transmission and load up a mini turbo so many turbos in themselves aren't so good that they give you temporary acceleration but ultimately are really beneficial because they get you back to your top wheelie speed almost instantly after you drop the mini turbo yeah wheelies are a bit broken in this game every time you're on a wheelie or your top speed goes up about 12% so that's one of the reasons we're not going to use no


. i only ride bikes that these races just for that reason and also just on an emotional level i hate cards they are kind of a garbage vehicle you may have noticed we have three transmissions left and your lap three so we mentioned that we you mentioned a fire Hoffa jek Chinon a Ouija circuit it's the exact same principle if you launch your app in the fire center right at the bottom of that ramp it will boost you off the ground you get crazy airtime and use it to skip the turn alright, so this next track is totes factory it was done by me and blaze maleo luke and I it features a newly found glitch that was found by blaze and recently patched by benny at the beginning we're going to do some wheelies and keep going we're actually sliding forward even before the race starts which saves time and then up here is a conveyor belt that speeds you up if we get on the conveyor belt it actually maintains some of that speed so here's the new glitch we're going to cut out . outside of this frame you'll see speer taking some of these turns rather awkwardly but he does it's just bad drift mechanics however we were able to catch that box loop really fast on the first lap so we think speer is the fastest vehicle at this tier yes so this again we mention that this is a very new glitch that was found recently and the reason why yes that's the reason why we want to show this course is because it's new a lot of these courses that you'll see are the result of years of optimization and strategy analysis and trying to figure out different things so we thought it was important to show that you know a lot of these threats that you don't find first try building these methods it takes a long time so this is what may be an early review of what an optimized course would look like and this course has some interesting challenges because the Box clip is loop based it's the first loop based course in our game that it requires a certain loop to progress so there are some interesting challenges that come with optimizing this particular course and one thing to point out as well is that after we landed here we noticed on the first lap that we had a stick on the inside and that was ultimately because we barely had to catch the first loop, so our angle after we landed isn't quite as right as we'd like, but luckily on lap three the conveyor belt changes direction so we can take the inside line and here we can use fast jumps to reduce our airtime and it's ok the toast factory so the next segment of this we're going to move to is an ultrashortcuts segment and there's an ongoing theme of ultrashortcuts in this game.
This test was done by Akari RS snoop jello puffs Luke Thomas and myself. So right off the bat here we can draw some parallels to the bag factory. We can use a series of wall clips here to get this ultra shortcut, so essentially what we did when making that first wall clip we kept the last checkpoint on the map loaded. at all times so at any given time there is the checkpoint that is on the checkpoint in front of you and the checkpoint behind you is always loaded so effectively that what we did was avoid going to the second checkpoint, which means the last checkpoint of the lap is still there, which means we can just get behind the finish line, activate the last checkpoint, and the lab will count one thing to watch out for Although you'll see at Maple Treeway that we don't necessarily have to get behind the finish line. i just have to avoid entering the second checkpoint and get to the last checkpoint on the map the next one i'll be fine let's brag it's DK jungle Parkway from maleo blaze and thomas and he'll also use a wall clip on to achieve a ultra shortcut, you will also use an interesting glitch called a horizontal wall glitch and you may be wondering what a horizontal wall is.
Most of the walls in the game are placed vertically hence the name wall and yet Nintendo placed the wall collision in some areas horizontal so the top of this finish line is actually a horizontal wall and For some reason, when you hit a horizontal wall at a specific point, it allows you to go through walls very briefly, so we'll use that to get behind the last checkpoint. it's still loaded and it will count the lap yeah so one of the reasons we wanted to show this course is there's a very similar glitch in Mario Kart 64 that actually shows up in an older gdq so Mario shadows Kart 64 and jungle Parkway but one thing to point out is why we used Daisy and the simulated bike on that course, I mean Luigi's circuit.
I just finished saying Hong funky had the fastest speed stat but Daisy in the maths is able to take even tighter turns than funky in flame runner and that's really the biggest thing for a DK Jungle Parkway for the last twist so we'll use Daisy here again and continue the theme of horizontal walls and driving through solid walls so after this first set of escalators we can drive the DZ juicer between these two walls here we barely hit one horizontal wall and we fly through the normally solid escalator wall we can get to the out of bounds parking lot and we are going to continuously drive to the last checkpoint on the map jump over this wall to get a lap count and give the Back to these cars that don't have solid collision either because Nintendo never thought you'd be able to get out here, but lo and behold, hunters figured out how to do this next time.
I'll just refer you to your office in Mushroom Gorge. This test is biased alloy and jelly and can use some interesting physics mechanics in the game using the giant mushrooms that are present on the field, so normally when you bounce off one of these mushrooms, Nintendo is intent on missing you. that land on the ground or road however if you bounce off a mushroom and land on a wall you will see an interesting effect here yes although for some reason the wall keeps the effect of the mushroom bounce effect and can using some very precise inputs in the air to navigate and hit the last checkpoint bead a lot so this Taz is a grumpy volcano that was made by Thomas swears and Doofenshmirtz is going to be on the oldest fault in the game it was found two months after the game's release.
We use Toad and Quacker here for their very high acceleration stats. our mushrooms and tactical points like here and at the end, so the next clue we're going to move to is a maple tree. This was the first task we did in early 2019 and I think it's a great example of the benefits. collaborative tax because there were six authors that worked on this Thomas Rocky I swear to myself, Luke and rs so this track has an ultra short cut. I mentioned it very briefly before, so the first thing we're going to try to do is go out of bounds to the side of this, but the finish line goes past the finish line to get into the first checkpoint and we're going to try to landback on the track bypassing the second checkpoint and we can hook in here and hit the canyon so effectively that we've What I just did is we've kept the last checkpoint on the map loaded which means we can completely cut out the tree section and just take a straight path to the end of the track and it will actually count our laps one of the reasons I love this course because it shows so much how useful wall clips and guy can be from his variability ball clips you saw maybe in some of his other courses we use the wall clips to gain a lot of height however depending on how you hit them in the position you hit them they can change their effect , so sometimes we can use them to rappel longer distances to gain height and you'll see coming here if you do what's called a spin drift it'll give us horizontal momentum and that couple of walls hold that's also something in this tree we it will help buy more airtime so in this canyon you'll see we also cut nice just before we go in which means we're going to have less pipe coming out of it so we can realign for this jump more quickly as I said there was six authors that worked on this and this was the first really great example of a new higher standard for



wii tasking that can send the time trial between different people through a more efficient way. the clue is ok so the next clue we are going to show actually we have been keeping the secret from the community till now DK stone that has a glitch and it also means the cup of flour is the first clue that has a problem technical on each track so this was done by zack jello puffs Luke myself RS Luigi m CF Akari Thomas Marth and rocky so 11 people First I would like to reiterate the properties of fast jumping if you fast jump off a ramp you get airtime reduced if you jump fast on the ground you can increase speed if you jump fast up to the zippers this can happen you can fly straight through the wall after landing with a zipper trick you can pass through the snow pad you have some invulnerability frames there you can take this double cut and for the zipper we want to try to be on a wheelie for as long as possible not necessarily try to gain that much height yeah so one of the reasons there are 11 authors for this course is that there are certain borderline perfect pixel tricks in this game that are very difficult to optimize for ourselves we often have to intentionally waste milliseconds because you may end up missing the pixel you need to be at so these tricks are very difficult for that's a lot of contributors and also these near pixel perfect tricks are the reason we can't just copy our entries every lap and save ourselves a ton of time yeah you have to treat every lap like it's a one off race and that's a great thing because knowing 11 authors of this track this track has a lot of scenarios where we have to have pixel perfect tricks and being able to have a bunch of different people you know to try their own ideas to try and get these scenarios perfect of pixels happening, it allows you to traverse these tracks much more efficiently and yes we can pull back on the analog stick here to realign for the double cut after we leave that ramp and that's the DK summit there. wow it makes me so happy to finally have that bug on the tract yeah i know it's very satisfying so the last track is right for you like rainbow road this was done by RS and Luke so yeah right off the bat they will see an interesting strategy. it's comparable to super slick in the sense that you want to lose traction with the ground, so we're going to jump on the edge a little bit right here and write it so we don't have any traction with the ground.
By the time you get to the edge of the ramp, you've completely skipped that turn, as well as this section of the figure eight, but there are also some interesting walls where you don't actually crash, but get pushed back. so we can abuse that by just hitting a certain way that will push us forward as you can see we're on momentum for most of this course so there's not a great place to use your mushroom except here because the cannons We're going to drop you at a very low speed, so we want to accelerate as quickly as possible there and then right here we jump over this chasm and then do a low jump quickshot trick around the fence during the second lap.
I like to name each author. that helped me work on this Luke TAS plasma monster rocky Thomas swear jelly puffs RS Michi this LOI Delta Luigi M Zack C F Akari


the new Doofenshmirtz and Mars to a lot of people but it really shows you know how big our community is how many people we have in our community who have been able to contribute it has been a pleasure working with all of you over the years plus i would like to thank i would like to thank star a list of announcements for creating through the cosmetic codes we have used here i would really like to thank dwango for letting us show this often that games run fast for having us thank you so much and we'll leave you with this is the rainbow road ultra shortcut we can fly with this wall bounce off the fence to go around use the two remaining mushrooms to land just down the last ramp of the track and the time comes in three two once everyone is standing behind me this is awesome that's the best of Mario Kart Wii we have for you today before we close this I want to say a couple of quick things maleo he took the initiative to organize everything the reason i was able to sit back and relax for once is because he took all the work of organizing everyone, he made the effort to gather all the feedback.
A big credit to him. I would like to. Let's just say working with these guys has been really nice and kind of fun Mario Kart we outsold Mario Kart 8 by a ratio of five to one last year this community is active it's awesome feel free to get involved where they can do that so you can check out the Assisted Speedruns tool for Mario Car, on mkw and for RTA, oh where could they go to eat time travel food? I think there are also some forums and places you can go to. There is also a thriving YouTube community for the game.
World records are posted on a YouTube channel, so all you have to do is go on YouTube, search for it, and there will be ways to get into the community. It's huge, it's booming, and it's been 11 years and it's still going strong. getting absolutely involved and with that i'm going to wrap this up we're about to start what you've been waiting for and what you paid for what to see celeste all red berries coming soon ok this is riel and i'm here to give you an important message after celeste let's have Dark Souls and a lot of you are still excited and making a lot of donations and there's a great Dark Souls glitch showcase donation incentive that needs $48,000 to go now that you've met Celeste and a lot of you are still sending a lot of donations wonderful, why don't you spend those donations on that Dark Souls glitch display with what's that message?
We're going to take a short advertising twitch break and we'll be back shortly for more testing, okay, everyone welcome. I see a couple of the Mario Kart Wii guys are still in the room, so I want to read this before they leave our homes. The console gaming community is so excited to see our TAS-bought overlords play Tetris and take down Mario Kart Wii, but we've got to get Celeste full of berries. Let's see those donations become exaggerated. work out there, but we need to push harder for that showcase of Dark Souls glitches. We have a couple of quick messages from sponsors to go through and we'll be back.
How many years have I waited for the teenage T-rated warrior of light of darkness one of our other big sponsors for this event are best 5s by carries limited run exclusive physical games including up comes to last and toejam and earl best buys the destination for all ps4 pc and twitch gaming needs xbox one nintendo if you pre-order pokemon sword and pokemon shield at best buy you can get $10 in rewards pre-order nightly bloodstained rituals at best buy and get an exclusive metal case you can pre-order cyberpunk 2077 FS for one of three exclusive steelbooks i have $100 let fire rain down and they say amazing tasks run it seems Celeste is funded and right sir thank you very much for the donations that came right after meeting Celeste.
I have a donation from the Yeti. Are you ready to find out how much it is? is we got thirty grand from eddie this came right after we found out about this last donation rather than we didn't even need the yetis donation to do that great job everyone who pushed for it and say hello to everyone Yeti here because if it's because of your support, we're excited to announce that we've raised $100,000 for Doctors Without Borders. high dark tech donated $25 it says save the frames kill the strawberries here is the task pot surrounded by Celeste we have some nice donations to go in for that Dark Souls go check out the presentation but we have a little more to go we have broken the $13,000 Marcos, we need $47,000 to go and I have 111 dollars and 11 cents of like the verb when they say that it is always darker before the soul.
I have $50 worth of medicinal carrot and they say homework bot is how I was introduced to GQ so it stands to reason. I make my first donation during task block thank you for the great event and everyone's hard work and thank you very much for your donation medicinal carrot I have five bucks from steep hills that says greetings from Austria I have been watching gdq for five years now and I can't I have enough, what an amazing segment of tas, especially with Celeste, thank you for such an amazing event, thank you so much for your donation, it's a great time to reinforce that it doesn't matter how much you have to donate, even those five dollar donations to help us. get them in big groups sometimes and it really helps boost our total so thanks to everyone who has donated and if you can't afford to donate right now just post some links tell people that in the social networks give us the donation. people links to the stream tell them what's going on because this is the last tas race that's going to be hype.
The link chef donated $30 says I don't even play Dark Souls but since I have fewer mice, Dark Souls fans deserve a miss. Oops I have $35 of this username that is pronounced n and I got scammed because your donation says if you read the full username you mispronounced it congratulations and congratulations on getting this incentive from Celestron so let's be done with those troubles Dark Souls techies but mostly kudos to ms f4 for providing a critical service to people in need around the world and that's a good time to remind everyone that you're watching Clicked Summer Games 2019 live from Bloomington Minneapolis at Minnesota and we are benefiting Doctors Without Borders Doctors Without Borders, also known as MSF, is an independent international humanitarian medical organization that provides emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, natural disasters, exclusion from health care in more than 70 countries in 2018 On any given day thousands of people representing dozens of nationalities can be found providing assistance to people caught up in crises around the world, their doctors, nurses, logistics experts, administrators, epidemiologists, laboratory technicians, mental health professionals and others working together accordingly. with MSF's guiding principles of humanitarian action and medical ethics the organization received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 so thank you to everyone who has donated to this fantastic cause so far and to everyone who will be donating for the rest of the event , I have $25 from mr.
Vox says greetings from Norway seated at 8:2 a.m. says to start the Dark Souls glitch fest. I love the amount of Dark Souls. There is no this GDQ. Hello from the Big Apple. The Dark Souls glitch showcase is that joyful co-op giving. Your hate feeds me. A multi-hit donated $50. He says it was hard, but I managed to take my eyes off the Mario Cart. He asked to donate an amazing part of the marathon, thank you very much. For that $50 I have a $25 donation from an anonymous donor who is afraid they are talking to someone in particular they say Tyler I'm doing my part to get the donor's Dark Souls incentives now it's your turn too audience I have $50 from the leaked link For example , says that I sit in a place.
I give money to TAS. He finds all the hair. All glorious overlord of robots. I have $125 from Lancashire McGee, who says that every year, the chore block brings me to life. Thank you very much, I was not disappointed this year. we have this latest run that you all donated for and it will be loved by everyone who donates bills forthe task block please put those donations in the next donation incentives we are making quite a bit of progress on the Darksouls glitch showcase but if that's not your cup of tea we have plenty of other things for you to donate we have some special bidding wars for dark souls the final choice the player name there is majoras mask filename pokemon lets go beginners name the star means name the rapidash is name the name of the rival there are tons of things you can donate for if you go to the page donations, you'll see all the things you can put your donations towards and everyone's doing right now, why don't you throw them into something on that list? as a reminder, right now we have several great prizes you can donate to, we have Alienware Aurora our AAPC which is a cumulative donation of 150 dollars a lot of you guys were making good donations here you will be eligible for that but if you're holding back maybe that's a good incentive for you to donate now we have the photo zomes of the banner svq 2019 we have the Celeste cross stitch portrait and many other prizes for you to win right now as well as the Master Sword and Highland Shield grand prize is a cumulative donation of $200 for the last one and there are many things to you can enter cells to win.

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