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[TAS] NES Kaizo Mario Bros. 3 by Lord Tom in 14:42.71

Apr 30, 2023
Running and jumping are required to make the platform Kaizo in Japanese means "restructure" Its goal is to "test the most skilled SMB3 players" Glitch: The thrown shell is trampled when it hits the block Allows the shell to be reused to clear a pipe very high Time sacrificed for entertainment Level designed to make it impossible to finish as big Mario Like most levels in this game "Kaizo doesn't want you to win." "Kaizo wants you to lose, and he will troll you." Should he go big? block before switch expires P It has to be small to get the shell through the tunnel The shell saves time digging the track as the blade descends The mini-pyrahnas turn into blocks when hit, don't know why!
tas nes kaizo mario bros 3 by lord tom in 14 42 71
Useful to be able to make jumping platforms. The scale pipeline allows us to save the sheet for later use. There are no usable items on the map in Kaizo Kuribo's shoe. You can do individual air jumps. Big Mario cannot get through the tunnel unscathed. Fly to top P speed avoided at top Much faster x-speed glide without P speed Can't land safely so has to bounce off Lakitus Huge savings with blade for this tier Glide avoids need for wait for the platforms Big jump here - normally you have to hit the P switch AND wait for the mushroom to run through a maze Possible to avoid damage here, but slower Jumping avoids the moving walkway to the left Jumps spaced to still allow for speed P Jumping maintains P speed P speed is required to jump into the pipe Can you?
tas nes kaizo mario bros 3 by lord tom in 14 42 71

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tas nes kaizo mario bros 3 by lord tom in 14 42 71...

Hit BoomBoom under a low ceiling The game N-Spade trollishly has only coins/1-ups The TAS strategy of this level is closest to Jumping without help Land short (in water) intentionally Manipulating the bullet's nose to shoot before P block jump extends time out of water Jump Exit waterfall failed on first TAS attempt. Save 2s, so TAS is redone from this level. Wall Jumping Avoids The Need To Wait For Bullet Bills Raining Cheep-Cheep Gives The Frog Suit A Boost! The frog suit can instantly change direction in the water. The frog suit's maximum jumping speed is 41; swim speed only 32 Jump pattern used to manipulate Lakitus Slower to hit P switch and swim through coins Due to time loss when diving to hit P switch Damage taken to gain P speed and then jump Only a small Mario can scale walls like this Due to more permissive collision detection This jump saves around 30 seconds The Fireball brothers set another trap at the start of the level Shell recaptured for later use Shell trampled so it doesn't wake up The strategy" Shell Ninja" is only possible at high speed jumps and jumps a section Andymac showed me in 2010 Wanted to use it in a TAS ever since Spikes prevents any jumping here Important not to hit the frog suit block...later...No i need star from do we have clips of hammer suit


in 1px spikes to get? faster Another Fireball Brothers Trap Big? block uses are tracked across 8 slots Slots are reused so some block pre-hit slots reset on death but NOT on level entry Check out tasvideos submission for patch that fixes these 2 ducks of a single frame needed to pass Thwomps 1-2 frames lost when performing tricks in this sequence Mario cannot crouch while wearing a shell.
tas nes kaizo mario bros 3 by lord tom in 14 42 71
Therefore, the block used to go into a crouch state for later. About 1 second was used for entertainment But the Tanooki suit was also kept for the next level One of the newest levels in KMB3 You are supposed to ride a flying insect all the way to the left The TAS strategy is *slightly* different. .. You are supposed to carefully avoid these P switches.. But P speed and perfect jumps allow this... P speed expires so speed is maintained with timed jumps Over a minute saved this level vs. WR unassisted Cannot grab block until enemy dies and exits screen This was the hardest level to beat TAS Complex platforming, suit changes and lag reduction Horizontal speed is more important when getting blade AND speed down key after flower Need extra jumps to maintain speed P while melting Laaaaaag...
tas nes kaizo mario bros 3 by lord tom in 14 42 71
Platform ahead too high to use Shell Ninja Have to use throw-stomp fails with wall jumps To clear the pipe and end the level with fire intact Supposed to wait to get the star at the last moment Taking damage twice avoids the long wait Long enough to jump before going small Glitch: Reusable P-switch! It is done by flipping the left switch off after only 1 frame. The ladder on the wall jumps the platform to the left. The llamas walk after a delay as Mario turns around. So fast that they move in a sequence. allows for an instant parry You're supposed to hit the dark P switch and get a flower underneath Not sure WHY that P switch is dark btw...
Faster strategy requires a lot of tail swapping... get it back Save sheet for the next level Holding the blade requires some slowdowns But you will finish faster with saves on the next level Faster so as not to get the P speed here Due to the slowdown while flying Uh oh... there is no way to get into the pipe for the great Mario! Oh yeah pipe failure ok ugh Only little Mario can avoid the damage at the start Going up... He can jump on the left corner of the moving platform Before he clears the spikes... save some frames Takes damage over 5 seconds faster than platforming Needs to wait for second panel for jump to clear low overhang Middle panels rigged to be 1px out of sync Allows saving top panel for last Final jump starts higher for which can be sooner Save ~1 second because Mario slides 1.6 times faster than Bullet Bills flies Frog, Hammer is unavailable due to big previous? use Faster to skip the frog suit anyway on the first screen Useful blade for slipping on the Thwomps Hammer suit should be here...
Jump off the catwalk to the left saves 2 frames Now similar to jump strategies single-handed duck Tunnel with spikes! I can't go under! I can't go through that! Oh no! We have to review it! P speed maintained through a trick on the first wall jump. You cannot jump once you get the Tanooki suit or you will slow down this screen and the next. Few frames are sacrificed to kill Thwomp. Seven frames are lost manipulating Bowser... not bad! Thanks to... Tompa for watching WIP... MitchFlowerPower and CLassicGameR88 for WR vids This TAS is dedicated to Obitus Author of this awesome ROM Hack Thanks for watching!

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