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Talking To A Sock For An Hour - Ep. 10

Jun 07, 2021
Come on, have you ever met another YouTuber in real life? I think his name is Ray from roosterteeth, yeah, brown man, I met him, yeah, you're like in them, they're your stomping grounds, yeah, yeah, okay, that's in Austin where Rooster Teeth is adding, it's about four


s of me, man, is not enough for me. want to go there, go get a job at Rooster Teeth though, man I really wanted to do it, but you know how they hire, you have to have an internship at a university. Wow, you have to do it and then they pick you up, oh yeah, I didn't.
talking to a sock for an hour   ep 10
It's not my thing and I'm mainly into cameras anyway they need VFX people they're all about that um I met the dark man I meant Jack I almost met Gavin I think he just got carried away kids it was like he didn't need me to bother with him and then, do you know who Criking is? Yes Yes. I saw it but I couldn't find it. He likes a lot of virtual reality stuff, right? No, yeah, I think I used to, yeah, I remember the first time I bought my virtual reality headset. I know Char Borg, do you know Char Borg?
talking to a sock for an hour   ep 10

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talking to a sock for an hour ep 10...

I've heard about him, he's a hard work, hilarious man, it's like he's such a wholesome great guy too and I talk to him and tell him. anything, but you know and I was like dude, I watch you play with Kraken all the time and I know Kraken has a VR headset. Is there any way you can connect us? Because I need someone to play with like virtual reality. Don't have. anyone and in Tarr Borg and all the kind and super polite ways of him said now I won't introduce him to you, this is what I do to him, that, what's wrong with you, idiot?
talking to a sock for an hour   ep 10
I told him, come on man, I have no way to play in VR with him. I have Brian and he just relegated that thing to watching porn in VR and that's it, so I was alone for a long time because he's always playing something in VR and I thought it would be funny to be with someone, but I think he. I usually stream and I don't. I don't think he considers me safe. I knew about it on YouTube here, but not on Twitch. If ever. I don't know how old you are. By the way, I'm 23. Have you ever liked, uh, yeah, while you're in your twenties, I guess that doesn't count, but a couple of years you'll sit there and look around and see that there are people who are a blank age who they've already made it blank, yeah and I don't know, for example, when I turned 28, I realized that the women I sometimes fuck and porn are exactly a decade younger than me, that's a little disturbing, a whole decade, which means when I was 18, they were 8, it's not good, oh yeah, you know, watching grainy porn to make me feel a little better, that's what happens with that kind of thing, like the age difference, which is really a little scary, yeah, and I'm not 28, so these girls are a little closer to my age, but the thing is, I'm older.
talking to a sock for an hour   ep 10
Oh, do you believe? Do you think as you get older I've never done it? Yeah, do you think that as you get older? I'll be more attracted to people your age, oh I'll be so immovable, buddy, like you already know, crow's feet, wait, is it hot or not? No, that's it, that's me breaking up, no, not November, okay? I don't know what was going through their heads. I don't know if they came straight out of college thinking this was like High School Musical. All my teachers were over 30 and very good and that's probably what made me.
Yes, although older women. They're sexy to me and that's never changed, you know, there was in high school, there was this English teacher that we had that was so hot, man, tell me Belushi was like Bush, like he was 30, right, and dude, She had like a skirt. Just this day, one day she put on a short skirt and she went to the bathroom and I didn't hear her, I didn't see this first hand, I heard about this, you heard her, you heard her go to the bathroom, no, I heard her pee, dude. I heard knocking through the knife.
I heard about this. It was like all the kids were


about this. that classroom became like those 1940s cartoons with wolves when they saw a hot girl and they were like howling at the moon, everyone was like that, but it was like dead silence, everyone was just doing that in their mind alone Looking at that ass cheek passing by, oh man, she was this goody two-shoes girl. I'm surprised, I'm surprised, they didn't find her head cut off on a pike in front of the school, the next day she was like, um teacher, your skirt needs it. adjusting and she's like oh my gosh, oh gosh, and since then I've thought about this like every time they like the news and they're like, oh gosh, this teacher is a pedophile for sleeping with this teenager, right, I think we were in like eighth grade and I really wonder how close that classroom came to becoming something of national concern. like high school, like walking down the hall, I don't know if this is just me, but like, uncontrollable erections happen and you'd have to block them with your clipboard, like that, it seems like I'm brilliant at saying yes, but it's over, yeah.
Every time I am, can you imagine that right in the middle of the day it's 2 o'clock and a teacher jumps me? a beautiful ass in a thong. I don't know, I don't know what he would do, man. I probably just die for both loves. I remember going to the bathroom ripping it off in high school. I have done. I think we've all done it. Look, friend. I'm trying. There is a math test next period. Find them. Just go. in bed like you have a concentrate and you can, do you ever look at the number 3 and say mm-hmm, yeah, for us it's a number 3, but you're on the old girl, so you draw it a little droopy, err.
Yeah, a bit of a point on those three. I rested my water bottle on it so they would drain. I had a similar situation in I think she was 6. 6th grade. My history teacher wasn't the most attractive, but she had a rack like her. She would do it, but she was the guardrail, that's what happens when you're a teenager, she's a woman. I must not have noticed because I was too busy to be bullied and I was just thinking about hitting the kid behind me or whatever, but everyone, and I mean everyone in my class was trying to talk to me about what she was wearing, what she was wearing.
Well, the teacher wasn't wearing a bra and everyone saw through her shirt and I was too focused on other things to notice, dude. that's a game changer that would be like back then wouldn't that have been a wait? ok wait you're 23 so when you're in high school what year did I graduate? 2015, okay, and they're mine like I mean like when I was in high school, I remember going home and uploading images of pornography and how to examine the videos of these images to get a glimpse of something in real life, it was a game changer which would be like a week at least of memories, flashbacks, faps, oh yeah, yeah, life has changed dude, definitely thanks to porn on the internet, women don't mean anything to me anymore.

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