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Jun 01, 2021
cool I mean at the same time I don't know which ones are worse yeah I'm you yeah so you've been to LA you think it's a shirt watch it means I've been to LA I've been to LA Angeles, no, you've been to Los Angeles. I've been spending time there and that's why you're thinner and you wear black and dress up No, I wore black when I was fat and all my things are black now I'm not that fat so it's like a hug I can do anything thing i can be any size in these clothes because they're all stretchy hmm i want i'm just curious so you get an idea and i know there's no real answer for this but do you have an idea how long on average you sit until i'm ready until i wow i got it where i wanted it how long would you say like the first month you know it won't be as good as after six months knowing there's a weird almost fruity cycle to it because it ripens and then it starts to rot a bit for me a Sometimes, okay, the people who write about comedy and I know it's none of their business, the critics, but they have to understand what an act is when I go to see someone work.
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I don't want to see your new schedule. Yes. I want to see the act. Look, this is the eternal argument between me and them having this argument. literally welcome I got the same feeling cause I do I throw away my act every year I do yeah okay I throw it away I know but I mean you know every year I get rid of I don't know ten or twenty percent of my head and then I so it's every five years or four years. I don't really follow through, but I feel like there are those core things, but you don't work like that, you like to create a show and that's the show.
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I like those 200 shows you do, what do you think? 206 is alright, so in the end that's an act that's an act and it's up for HBO, if they want it, but you've got to be making things up all the time and yeah. and you so you gradually get in the act you do new things yeah so we like to keep evolving like Jack Welch Ren GE every year he shot the bottom 10% that's like what's his biggest to keep like his stuff older it's like sourdough bread there's more than 10 years 10 years yeah I've been making it sucks in grade 10 years I mean I'm like I grew up up Woody Allen Prince I like short geniuses every year Woody Allen has a new movie every year Prince has a new album true and that's the way I see it but Jerry's point is that when you go see Prince you want to see his greatest hits not his new album but I think if you You go, maybe today I want to see those hits, but there was a point from there, a 20-year period in Prince's career where I just wanted to do, I couldn't wait for those because people, if people come and you go because you know I have an ongoing relationship with my audience I think, and a lot of ha people come back to see me if something sees you on tv doing a special and they see these things that they love and then come see you live and they will see it live actually they will be happy yes but they won't come back again don't go than me i know what that guy does if they come to see you live after the special and it's completely different than i've had kristen they come to see you or they come to see the app they come to see you they don't come to discuss the evolution of you know comedy they come to see Jerry Seinfeld want a date is an event if they see the exact same thing then they won't come back people won't come here but also the challenge that there's a lot of pressure people come they paid a lot of money they had to park and they fought with your date or whatever it is a lot of you know it's a big challenge not to have your old act but I think you rise to the occasion and you don't rise to the occasion if you don't put a void in there , but if you take off your old mater Really like one thing I started to do when I was developing ours is take my closing a little bit and open it up just right for me right it's nothing I have to follow my strongest part that's how it got good you see this attitude, yeah, well, because then the end of your act cauterizes, it drags on just because you have because you don't have no choice why I started doing that you get rid of all your best weapons and you have to know where else your dad doesn't think of something when we discuss things like oh, what does the audience expect or what do they want not this summer in me that says I don't care it's not up to them it's not like them I'll do exactly what I want and what do you know then you can't if you if you I don't like it i don't care don't come to see me again don't come to see me again i don't want to be judged i really don't want to be judged well then you're in the wrong business well you're going up there to beat nobody is more judged in civilized society than a comedian every 12 seconds You two mugged yeah but that's yeah that's the feedback that's what it gives you they laugh well they don't what I mean is I'm not going to enter a competition this is not I'm not going to enter in a popularity contest you are in a competition no i know because there is no right attitude as long as it works you know it seems to me in other words he doesn't care and that's


for people and that makes them laugh and you should write to yourself blah blah blah yeah but when you play Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Garden or whatever you're competing with Led Zeppelin who was there tonight before or Prince sir something you're competing to sell those tickets whatever you have to get to a level to sell a certain number of tickets in each room you are in you are competing with the people who played in that room and you have to be at least as good as the other people playing well I want to say that i don't charge anything i wouldn't like to do or have ever done to find an audience i do what i do and somehow here in the world there are enough people who want to come and feel that place absolutely that's exactly right it's really darwinian because you have what you do and then people flock to it and if you don't do it, they don't do it.
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I don't know exactly, do you remember the first time you met another kid who was


, yeah that was big so that's a big deal. I was in third grade and I met a boy who was funny and he was a name. Do you remember Jimmy Teni and we started making each other laugh mm-hmm I mean I remember the kids that were really funnier than you expect yeah and then you go off and make this whole run off of it , there are guys who beat Jordan Bass and basketball. I always tried. being was fun always like you said i only dated the fun guy yeah but my family was fun all his friends but that was the important thing yeah i grew up once you paid your way the point was to laugh and that was for what general, you know, you know, making fun of people, but it was a kid named Colin Ryan that I went to high school with and my first Asian school or high school is a very scary step up from elementary school you know for being like eating lunch cumming in class and then you're taking a shower with a bunch of kids like the first day of high school and I'm in the shower and I'm terrified and I don't know anybody and then this kid next to me pointed like he was just pointing and he showed me he's peeing on the kid next to him hanging on him and i cracked up he made me laugh that way a million times and then i went to my high school reunion and he was this depressed looking guy and i told him I told that story and I could see that the The glow faded a bit, but then he said, you know somewhere that kid is walking around, he still doesn't know, I peed on him, but I don't know what makes him revive, but some people are still funny, now it's not funny.
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I love jokes so much I know I love them so much I do love that's why I do your act I love that joke You never know the walker you wanted to do the joke what the word about the holidays you're making me do my act in front of those this is Jerry Seinfeld doing good so i'm going on my vacation wife my family packs up the car and the kids and i'm clicking the car seats and i put the wife in and i get everything ready and it's so much work getting a family into a car i close the door to my wife on the passenger side I walk to the drivers side that's my vacation something that's total it's a completely Seinfeld version 'add I really want to say you really polished it you resigned you really did good ok so now just to finish the Point I love that joke it's a it's a but you did it as a joke you did it as a joke i heard it was his his it's like his life was falling apart once ready oh you heard it ha do it yes yes yes I see that you do it now no, the thing is that no, because when I do it, I am spluttering, yes, and sweating anger and energy. but you make it into something very beautiful, you could see you could see the moves, you don't know, you don't even know, the jokes come in when Louie did it.
I didn't think it was a joke. man who falls apart for my pleasure like my sam and this is a man this is a man who pours his heart out telling me bad days he had and it's funny it's really a way of doing what he wants no I know but so do I I do that. sort of disguised jokes I don't know I don't know I don't think I make jokes I think of a joke A small number of words at the same time I think you're trying I'm trying to make it sound like I'm bringing this up but I know all the moves.
I know every little part still needs a joke. I mean that's the problem. They think it's all attitude. Do it yeah yeah you can put all kinds of furniture but you gotta have steel on the walls yeah when I was 19 or 20 I got it. I opened for Jerry at Paradise in Boston this is before you had your show this is the first time I opened for you the big club was like it was a rock club they did comedy with bigger acts and I opened for you and you you mad at me because i said i introduced you and i said he is the best comedian in the world and you did your act and it must have never left your brain because the moment you walked off stage you found me and said don't push a person like that you don't say that when you bring someone on stage it's stupid it must have been all the actor taking that kid I know but Tom Papa did the same thing to me about three months ago yeah and I did well on the toy that had a profit you know no it was dumb the audience just said oh seriously i know / he was 19 but anyway so you couldn't stay but anyway but then he invited me to a bunch of shows with him so we did some big theaters and there was never made great theaters and people applauded the jokes. n big theaters and they did so no applause break for an eighties thing and so would I'm opening for Jerry in front of like twelve or twenty thousand two thousand five hundred people and people are clapping a little bit and I had never realized that I didn't know how to handle it, just standing there waiting for people to sound praising, yes, and I do.
I lean. the part that they are reacting to you don't go away hey people people applaud you if you're angry and that's why they applaud you stay in that energy or if you're stumped you stay you stay there by the way to a certain extent it keeps them excited it keeps them and that changed a lot to me may be more about the way i already knew being is a person they teach you too if they moan or boo or get mad at you just stay there don't let them rest with the course they teach in prek and you know what i get taught.
Kind of like the beach kids that was genetic, yeah I'm coming from a long line of people to stand up, but wait, does everyone think we've got something? I don't think I have something like Chris has black but you know it's an educated range it doesn't count you knew it I know I know it's in the DNA you think you've got to have something you've got you know it I think you've got to figure something out you've got a voice you've got that's what a voice thinks in our acts that's what we do is take a subject and just not leave it alone until there's nothing left I think you know that for you it's like whatever if it's soap or shampoo you'll put the shampoo bottle there and I'll just put it in the blood.
Usually, yes, there you have it. There's something there and then for Creighton. Chris does it in a way that is even more apparent. Casilla even keeps repeating if the premise is that you know that women can. don't live without money or whatever you're fine you're macho things you say woman can't lower the lifestyle then he'll explain it from 50 angles and they'll say women can't lower no they can't lower so that do that because that is a richer idea than they are. I'm used to hearing from a comedian that he's right so he has to teach even though I think he's doing the right thing yeah but that's right and a lot of comedians have good jokes and don't like why this doesn't work.
It doesn't work because the audience doesn't understand the premise that's correct so I'll just make sure it matters if I set this premise right this joke will always work but if I don't I'm a beep ambi about setting the premise. one of my favorites is when white people are rich they are rich forever and ever even their kids are rich yeah when a black man gets rich it's a countdown to when he's poor he's the blackest white man now though be negative things we think about blacks this you're singing I'm a yes you're the assistant no I don't think I can make it evenyou understand you don't really understand you don't really know how i've worked with no how you know i wouldn't use it anywhere not exactly these two these two we sound ignorant sometimes you don't that's right yeah we do guys I don't think we he says it just because it's a game, I don't think so, I don't think you've probably said it in your life.
Yeah, that's the big difference between you and me. I think well, you said that he found the humor. pretty amazing he took it back yes he took it back no he did 96 yeah every time you go around cursing people that yeah well I had a conversation with you on the phone one time where you said you said the f word is like a corvette that's what you said and i hung up and i thought ok that said the f word yeah it's like a corvette and i stopped later i thought ok that's it that means it's fast and it's cool it's good you know it has power and oomph so i thought wait a minute this guy grew up on long island and collected porsches a chevy engine it's flashy and where i grew up corvette is awesome car and from long island he drove to be friendlier to him - i guess i have to get a push yeah do you think i think with comedy this is not a general rule but i think you have to be the underdog there is no place to be? above the audience and some people say whether it's an illusion or not he's different yeah and that's what i mean you're the only one in the room


you're all that puts you above them period, but no, Jerry, you don't.
I need to say something beyond that but you don't go on stage ta


about yourself don't go on stage talking about your success and your wealth and what you do does you good I do I do I'm playing that card so I'm actually saying that I'm no better than them but I think it's comedy it's about empathy and you thought you'd walk away from it you think you're losing touch because come on you know what about empathy I think it's about something totally different with Jerry I think what are you on speaking you do something different yes I think you do something different, yes, well, that's ridiculous, comedian, there is another commune.
I disagree. an observation that comes out of all of us and he does it in a way no one else would I can't believe I live that every day and never say it exactly that precise he's a virtuoso he plays it like a viola oh that's so sweet I'm so glad he have come, did you ever fight? I feel like you weren't good ever, even in the beginning I mean I can't imagine not so long ago I was very lucky it was a few months the worst thing was I was hitting 500 I would have a good show and a bad show and a good show in a bad show and when is that which stage is that first start first start 21 years old yeah so you were 21 and you started at new york club and right away your first show was good or bad bad bad you did five minutes or you got up and sucked four five good so what happened in your?
I think that's a good question. They ask me what happened between your first time and your second time. I made you go all I had to do was do it once yeah and I didn't really success wasn't my goal I just wanted to be one of those guys yeah if I could be one of those guys I'm Gano everything yeah don't make money it wasn't the thing so once i stepped foot there the first time that's it now i'm one of these guys. okay, I'm going to keep doing this and that's because you wanted to hang out with comedians or for people to perceive you as we wanted that to be your identity, you wanted to be outside of those people. in Boston and I felt like there were these comedians they were like Olympus that's cool yeah and I wanted to be one of them and I didn't care if I sucked that's right that's just qualified people attitude you just want to be one of those guys.
What was the first part that came to your mind that you thought wow did I really get something there? It was a bit about the street signs and that they should be punctuated because I would read them differently than other people who open for You're like driving slow kids kind of similar turn left okay yeah they do yeah , so they spin enough, okay, it's like we're not that impressed. I did that and it killed and I thought this is something I'm capable of. what about you yeah a little bit what did you think hey i really have a I came up with something that's a bit comedic oh my god a bit comedic I'm so embarrassed I did something horrible about a black porn and a white porn that was a great black porn the girl i still think about the gunshot wound in her stretch marks and they look like when you took a picture of the black girl you didn't have her permission like her and the white pointer all that airbrushed stuff i love about this that's why It's the Comedian thing is different, really good parts, yeah, go deep inside your head and keep coming back.
Realized black people live in a different world than white people yeah I didn't really know until I heard that part so Playboy is different from our game yeah and they're not that excited about it they're whining . whining about what we do that would have been a bee to a large extent though if you did it's different to white sadly porn hasn't gotten much better. My first part, which I thought was real, was about the cable car between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. 1976, the city was bankrupt. Great, they're organizing attractions for us. The next thing you know, yeah, the next thing I guess they'll be riding a roller coaster through the ghetto. on YouTube that was a time travel for me because I'm finishing ghetto I'm going that will be the first roller coaster where they scream on the flat part of the ride so it's 1976 Jenna but I didn't know if I say Harlem maybe that's a problem ok no I know what to say, I said ghetto, that's weird because he called me weird.
Why does it say ghetto? What could i say? I'm worried about yeah it could have been the Jewish ghetto and it was and the Poor dangerous people yeah that's what I was saying yeah yeah yeah yeah that's right what was the first part you did in? the comedian was on the radio and it was kinda i developed and i always mentioned it was facts on the internet i thought were fake and animal facts are my favorite so i go through and deconstruct the moat if the person put it there why it is this? and there you know?
They've caught elephants swimming two miles off the coast of England and they caught me swimming like it was illegal and I thought it was. I couldn't believe how easy it was to impersonate. animals and then I felt guilty I thought this is almost cheating because you instantly find it funny and I thought oh yeah and then I started to worry because it's not just being funny it's being proud of your stuff and doing things that other people can't do and it started really sc rewing with me but just go out and be funny thats another thing is we about to go out and be funny what does that mean? well i'm worried i feel like it's cheating describe i think anyone could be funny are you talking? about because I feel guilty for just being able to make people laugh so I want to do no no on stage I want to think he wanted to go and it wasn't just luck he worked on that part and I couldn't come up with it because I'm also aware one of the comedians who come out and are nondescript and say and say things that we all might think don't do very well 20 minutes to get to a get to a place quickly the Rest up Dave we're a little elitist and we think we know what that is well and what is it about, but there are comedians who can sell out arenas all over the country, particularly in Britain, and they get there and say isn't that funny? umbrellas outside and it's not raining and yet times and people go g yes, it's true that they couldn't laugh harder at what's happening, yes, but they can't laugh anymore, yes, but there's also a level above of it because like when you follow guys like that they get a laugh the easiest way possible and get a great laugh you can still when you go on stage you can feel people leave yeah but this is now anyone can get hot to have a hot year playing this great place that great place who the hell has ever sustained a career without being funny nobody yes you can't not be really really I want him back on the show because one of the things that bothered me about acting is that a lot of people just he says he can do it and there is certainly no one in this world who says he can do it. i can make it know and i can't meet people who say cz laughs yeah cheap laughs don't exist like people people say things about like comedians on cuss and comedians don't cuss if you say if you use you're getting a easy laugh let's see you go laugh so easy yeah me BTW I don't care if I'm laughing at something it's like I have certain things in my act.
I have laughs that make me feel like I've laughed somewhere where no one has laughed before me. I feel that way sometimes, yeah, but then I laugh that this is a great cheap laugh and I'm really enjoying it, you know, I think, I think I'll do that, but I'll cut it for the DVD, no. I don't want to go out, I don't want to be documented having a cheap laugh, if you guess, then onstage and you say it and it works so well then it's yours and cut it because you're embarrassed by that. that's like not identifying I have to work on it I have to give you something else this is where I think they judge me I let me judge you guys I want I want you to do well let me tell you what impressed me if you leave it there that's what will impress me, like when I started taking an hour together, when I arrived after having written all this and I began to decide what I am going to stop doing, there are parts that I arrived at through technical work and through the survival instinct that I don't believe I have had parts that kill and i get rid of them thanks because i just figured that out about it and i think i think this bit two against two this offer against two this bit doesn't work because i know how to stand up doesn't work because it's something that it's important to me and I don't need it great and or is this just an old laugh no I'll take things out of a special because yeah I covered it too much you know but yeah but just what he's saying but only by virtue of the fact that he foot I thought it was easy.
I don't want to do anything that anyone in the audience could do. I don't want my job. Yes, exactly. I think we're talking about the joke on us. fart jokes that made me laugh yes you will choose your face you have made me cry with jokes so he has about 10 minutes later that's it for the whole act he's not even like david hasselhoff's head in the movie I laughed at the years and years ago. I saw a comic in a horrible club bombing with the guitar and he sang sitting in a because I'm gay. I'm in the shower well I laughed I loved it it's a witty funny laugh you can't be the one to decide why you like something it doesn't matter.
I remember once reading about Elaine Boosler talking about a little bit of what Letterman did. in 75 about the toothpaste she would spit in the sink and let it dry and serve as mints after dinner when people came over it's a stupid joke and she said i don't know why but i think about it i joke all the time yeah and I think of that joke, who is a great joke, no, but there is something in that joke, in the same way, there is something in that, yes, it cannot be done, oh, on the contrary, there is something there, yes, but I say you, the difference is that it is built on irony, it is built the comedian in the irony of how crazy, disgusting and funny that comedian is has not incorporated any irony that we build into the irony we are laughing because we put irony on it no, I don't like jokes, I don't think so, I really think that we love that part, you kinda love it, that's funny, yeah, and you care about the industry, you care about the comedy business, not right now. he's doing pretty well he's as strong as you what drives me to do is keep doing that what i think is selling my tickets which refreshes the act all the time it's also good that they know the people who they're out there and they can't wait to see each other and that's also a responsibility because it's like if you say you know people they hire a babysitter they have an argument they have to park the car they spend what you know they've gone to the theater it's responsibility that is what I have something special to say and I don't think it's enough to do 60 minutes of them laughing because they can't handle that properly, whereas if you say that some of it is interesting or it resonates or it's different, they can take it with all their might. best parts you remember, stayed. with you for 20 years and it's the gift that keeps on giving if you see what he's saying is because he's gay he has to sit down and talk wonderfully about the template Otis Redding thought he was a guy they dropped the lame gauge yeah writing the Anderson Cooper You are going to be in the tower and check with your wife if there is anything they can change this.
Knowing that no one could fake that sitting in the bay dog ‚Äč‚Äčthere is no way to exactly touch the people who are going to be moved is he just sitting in the car is he fine or is he hitting the balls? He's fine on top, but if you said he's sitting on some balls because the car attached to them is inside me because I'm gay, not Otis Redding. I'm laughing too and they can't like to scan they don't have it let's go and go god any stop there is no place to go he is there i love the bits they whistle i love them i have a question because there is an interesting comparison here which iseveryone here is dirty except you you're perfect you're perfectly clean i mean it never hurts perfect do you say on stage or not that was the right thing about a tower or something yeah yeah yeah we hit the finger so you said the f word once on stage not me in the old when i was a kid i used to do it before i felt like i didn't want to it really made me laugh yeah well but you cut yourself because she would give you away you felt guilty about that your pictures tell me what happened it was a bit of superman and it was something about how inept this newspaper would have to be that these people don't even see the resemblance these are journalists and the glasses just completely disguise this guy and then it was something about meanwhile two of them are stuck in a cave every week you know and that was the part and then i said ok lemme see if it works without the word right and i took the word out it didn't work and that's what bothered me ok you don't like it with them from that and the edge of it or, I needed that, but it's not about the swear word there, it's about you getting into the groove, no, it's about you getting nervous, yeah, it's about this guy, does he mean he's that annoying? you're the cave ok if i was a good enough comedian in those days to change the joke but it bothered me that it didn't work at all without the word but i think what's interesting now is they laughed about it because they saw your face in your that m It makes it fun and I don't know how to supplant that with something else that can communicate anger.
I didn't know how to do that, but this is what they know. Yes, I think we all do it a little bit, but you do it a lot and you do it mostly because you can get spluttering and spitting and repeating the same thing over again but as you get angrier you make me laugh more because I'm laughing at you. i'm laughing at you in the angry situation about this and i believe you i think you're angry and i think when i've had i've had different feelings about the word like i made a rule for myself a year because i felt like i saw a show of my nose like that it's getting stupid but it's about context it's the way it's about context you know it's about fear where you afraid you afraid you afraid these parts aren't going to work yeah stand-up it's unlike any other art form in the sense that you can do what you like if you're a musician you're going to be pretty exactly every time you perform, but you look back on the shows and say that I ruined all that was me, that I had, I was driven by fear and instead from that i mean i didn't say scared more viscerally to almost everyone i mean yeah he feels the fear of the audience your own fear the whole show is about quelling fear was and that's what you're talking about when you have a little e n the one that you really trust and you know the ending is really strong and the audience feels your fear level went down yeah and they relaxed and go oh you seem to be very confident in this yeah and but what are you afraid of now?
Jerry, what are you afraid of now? what's that they don't work? you know there are two different things there the person that is working something that works is not something that is not fun it is just fear the first fear is that you are not going to pay attention that is the biggest black thing than not being funny if you pay attention and it's still a show. yeah here's something I've never done a sound check in my entire career I just go through every show so why do you know I really sour when I go out?
I never do it. I tell them I'm going like this if I need more that's what I tell them I'll do if I need more on the monitors I'll do this sound check I'm worried I'm worried if I have to do it I just want to know where the stage is I want to know if there's a hole I want yes I want to know the cooperative I like to be so nice in the room I don't want surprises so I don't know I'm going is that's going to be outside those exits I don't want anything no surprise I eat the surprise I didn't bring 15 minutes but you have to go there no I also have this afraid of not knowing where the theater is i mean a limousine with some guy i dont know what if he is kidnapping me what is he taking me to his lair Fissel there i think i think comedy well when you become comedians although it has nothing to do with control of a situation is like a relationship again yes yes yes maybe you know your the woman is with you because you assume she loves you because she is there every day but you still have to work on liking you so that May this work well as relationships will come and be excited but I want to do that my being myself and of course like me but I guess some and that worried me.
I think the reason I did stand-up was I thought me and my Spurs in a way. I mean most comedians work around 15 years old and want to get a sitcom. I came into the BBC with one thing I did and it was the office and then after the office I thought I should show that I can do this other thing, this stand-up thing. I always ask to be asked this question. time there's something you shouldn't joke about and i would say there's nothing you shouldn't joke about it depends what the joke is if it's good good can you?
I don't think there's anything bad to talk about because I think I agree that the great thing about comedy is taking people to places that they have faith in. r and foreshadowing and circling and making them laugh in that place how do you help them too i think um there's that even though people think comedy is your conscience taking a day off i know my conscience never takes a day off you' i have to be able to justify it you never think it was a joke it was a terrible thing and someone got hurt but it was a joke you don't think so don't you think comedy is the best? -all and end of something you still have the responsibility not to hurt an innocent person no, I think comedy is the beginning and end-well, that's our job is to think that I only have one rule in my old show our carry our responsibility is to think it's the b line all racist jokes really tell i wouldn't i know what i'm saying if you think if you think someone will make you laugh hey yes i'm black remember yes yes talk about what they are not what they are for of course some crazy people you talk about crazy people but if you think they are I don't know how everything works sometimes I don't like it I have said things on stage that if I take them as statements they are the worst things anyone could say I usually do like I don't know why what is always a rape?
I guess it's the worst thing in the world, yeah, but he used to do a joke that ended with a reference to rape and then while he was there he'd say, you know you should never rape anyone unless you have a good reason like you do. I want someone and they won't let you not live that's not the solution you'll have to rape them and I used to beg but I used to kill and I've never been in trouble that's why no one has ever written it what is that but that's clearly not You know but I'm playing it like that so what's one where I'm like I know I'm okay saying this I don't feel bad saying it and the audience I've seen all kinds of people like you can do that's part of being famous you can't that's the kind of thing you can't get away with no no fame us that's the dance move he just tapped he danced on six laser beams that's what we like about that joke , yeah, look at that, he didn't touch a laser, did he? he came out but i used to watch comedians talk about his homosexuality before he was on shows and i think he was like the bad guy yeah and i had no problem saying la vida loca sucked of course no need that you say it that guy like that son but to say he did it was there's what i don't like the look of the video but you know what i mean like or something it's actually a reworking of sitting on the dock of the bay how long? you wait when you leave before you come back like an encore I don't expect anything I'm leaving thank you very much good night you don't make them wait because I'm not coming I used to come back I used to have the Encore it's an afterthought, like pulling, you know people used to shout that it's the only time i would do old snippets people would yell snippets they want me to do and stuff but now i actually close like i have a bit i close with but actually the really dynamite close is the Encore so I'll leave it to something that is my 3rd favorite and the Encore seems to be doing just fine.
I'll do some more and this and then the Encore is way better than anything I've ever done as a man that's like it's a band oh yeah it really makes people really really happy but I can't risk people don't ask about us it's a weak show it's too short left a little bit like you like to think i left a little bit i couldn't do at first because they hate me right but? now now now I've earned them they'll get away with this part that's the other thing I don't always a long show and then you then you're going to get out of there but don't you think you ?
I'm coming back no, I mean, maybe they'll be warned, you say I don't? I've been doing it long enough too if there's a long g show how long you do with our last tour 40 I do it an hour 10 What do you do about 90 minutes really yeah that's see that's both long for me what do you do Joe 1 :15 when I do yeah oh yeah somewhere in there 10 120 exactly yeah Wow I think that office you know actually makes me money I've built up my fortune actually telling jokes so 20 extra what does has done it yeah i've never had sex gents i'm not here on the side but do you ever think so well when you say we make people have this laughing feeling and they pay us money what if they find out they can do it they can do it themselves we are a high octane version of it we are we are professionals we are drugs yeah they can play football too I wanna tell them they can play they can take care of each other every time the guys that make money at the Super Bowl they don't go if people play football in their backyard they ain't gonna see this when you go you know I'd have a hard time having my kid next time I'll do it myself yeah no you know you need to go to the doctor I think that you could i bet that's a lot i bet if we focused like it was considered a good idea to train people to operate in their homes yeah you would have like a kitchen and you would have like a little operating room.
I could go on the internet and get these pull out an 18 wheeler in a small space about a week ago them and I said you know what I guarantee there's heart surgery it's not that hard like I saw the guy go to a dock back load yeah and i stopped and said it was amazing i did an encore and i stopped i said it was amazing he goes what and i said it was beautiful anyone like him it wasn't oh thank you he said yeah i don't know we should do something um we should do some promos we could use or whatever what do you think you can learn yeah ok one for sure right there two three hey what's up?
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