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Tales of The Hunger Games: The 97th games - Part One

Jun 08, 2021
Good evening, tributes, and welcome back to Tales of the Hunger Games. I hope everyone is doing well wherever they are and that you had a great week before we get started. I would like to thank the fabulous Andrew McLean for all the art he has. provided for this series since recovery, another site I would like to mention is the



discord where


are created based on your choices. Feel free to find the corresponding link in the description along with many other links related to this. series one thing before we start my dog ​​cleopatra is sitting next to me he needs to be in the same room as me or he gets angry so if you hear snoring or strange body functions it's not me I promise and without further ado let's get to the The


games were held in the year 109.
tales of the hunger games the 97th games   part one
It had taken some time, but the young people of the 14th district were already well prepared for the annual harvests and those of the later years usually passed without incident. Unfortunately, this year some radicals ruined the event for others by shouting for independence, but were quickly removed from their compounds and treated by peacekeepers, meanwhile, atomic perez, winner of the 96th games, had a polite conversation with the 11 zone heads while the youth of zone k were directed to their age fields and once they were in their right places, the procedure was ready to begin despite having a small surgical scar on his forehead after his stay at the Rabin Still Atomic Hospital, she looked very presentable to both the capital and district spectators as she dazzled the crowd in a yellow dress that paid tribute to her. district, gave a short speech that was echoed by speakers among the youth fields in which he spoke about the joy of being a victor before heading to the female harvest bowl on the right side of the tower after pushing his arm up to the elbow.
tales of the hunger games the 97th games   part one

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tales of the hunger games the 97th games part one...

In the large harvest bowl, Atomica chose a name that revealed it to be local 17-year-old Aula Hennessey. The cameras immediately panned to the field second furthest from the towers and Enias Dalton asked which color referred to the traditional colors being used. by the young people of each area Eugenia Raven still responded that Zoni was wearing green and yellow horizontal stripes which were the colors of an old county in this area the spectators saw a group of girls matching this description who were comforting and hugging one of theirs. one of the few young people with darker skin in the entire harvest valley and when the peacekeepers entered the field to take her, tears could be seen forming in her large brown eyes, but she smiled appreciatively at those from other areas who wished her well. luck in After the games, Orla was escorted to the small open-top car that drove down the aisle toward the harvest tower, as is tradition, many tributes, especially those from her area, threw flowers and candy toward the car as it passed through her fields and she seemed grateful to be able to catch it.
tales of the hunger games the 97th games   part one
Some of those who arrived at the car after reaching the foot of the harvest tower Allah picked some of the flowers before being escorted up the stairs to the main stage where they shook hands with atomica and the head of zoni atomic then marched towards the bowl male and looking forward rather than into the bowl, he chose a name near the top that he read as that of an 18-year-old Roskinloch from area A, the camera quickly found a tall, handsome young man with a tinge reddish on the face. Brown hair and an appropriate level of stubble as his companions offered him shots of their whiskey, the peacekeepers jumped in to stop the drunkenness of this newly attained tribute and quickly escorted him to the island car as he approached the tower of harvest.
tales of the hunger games the 97th games   part one
Eugenia declared that area A is dark. The blue and red tartan pattern was definitely her favorite and Ross himself was quite attractive, although Ennius jokingly reminded Eugenia that physical beauty won't get you anywhere, to which he replied: Sorry boss, with this exchange causing amusement throughout the snow plaza, meanwhile, Ross ignored the waves. of flowers and sweets that bathed the car while he continued to look forward sternly once he had been escorted to the harvest tower Ross shook the hand of the tomica Orla and the zone manager who was heard whispering to him to make Glasgow proud but The peacekeepers quickly brought Ross back to the front of the tower and Atomica then finished the harvest order and Ross was escorted to the cargo hold of the hovercraft that was waiting for them at Jason Airport and as he began to cross the area to, The peacekeepers present reported that the couple introduced themselves and made polite conversation about their areas and home lives.
Everyone soon became angry when she talked about not being able to say goodbye to her family, but Ross put his arm around her and told her that too. I wished I could have. to say goodbye, but that they should do everything they can over the next week to increase their chances of seeing their families again, the hovercraft began to pass over the zone of anger and the couple's mentor, maximal liu victor in the 79th games out of


, he entered the cargo hold. As she looked at them with curious eyes she let out a quick smile and dismissed the peacekeepers who headed to the main cabin but just when Maxima seemed ready to talk to her tributes they all asked her if she was from the capital both tributes seemed perplexed when Maxima declared that She was from district 2 and that the previous mentor from district 14 had died of an allergic reaction the year before last, she stated that no other training staff had wanted this role, but after creating differences with the other mentors in her district Originally, she had chosen the role of District 14's mentor as the capital had offered her a financial reward if one of her tributes won the games.
While Allah and Ross digested this information, Maximus stated that this meant that she had wanted them to. earn even more than the other mentors wanted their own tributes to earn, he then asked them to step forward so he could examine them more closely and after a brief hesitation, they both did so until they were within an arm's length of Maxima. . She looked the couple up and down as they awkwardly looked forward, but after a few seconds, she simultaneously punched them in the nose, and immediately screamed and fell to the ground as Ross growled and tried to punch Maxima in return, however. , she quickly grabbed his hand before pushing it behind his back and forcing him to fall to the ground, where he screamed. pain as she pushed his face down while Ross desperately tried to free himself from Maxima's grip.
They are all calmly asked why Maxima had just hit them, to which she smiled and replied that she wanted to see how they would react to the pain when Maxima let go of Ross. his killer cow but she helped him up to the naura also stood up maxima told ross that she had no idea what he had just called her but that she liked them both and wanted to invite them to join her in the main cabin Upstairs, this clearly surprised the couple who willingly accepted this invitation as they walked up the winding stairs. Everyone was asked what Máxima did with the tributes she didn't like, to which she turned around and smiled saying that she wouldn't want to know.
The trio entered the upper cabin where the peacekeepers were chatting, playing cards and even drinking whiskey, but upon seeing the tributes they quickly stopped what they were doing. However, Maxima assured them that the tributes were not a problem and sat them down. the nearest couch as the peacekeepers gradually returned to their previous activities maxima looked at orla and ross once more and ross told her she better not hit them, but she just laughed and said she was trying to see what it was that They needed more since they were all raised to walk in the midst of confusion in the face of this maximum ambition.
She snapped her fingers at the nearest peacekeeper and asked him to put the 79th Hunger Games on the screen at the end of the cabin. She then told Allah that she wanted to see a detailed list of how each tribute in these games could have avoided the death order. She was subsequently given some parchment and, without asking questions, she began this exercise while Maxima led Ross to a space on the other side of the cabin before asking him if she was wearing underwear under her kilt. Ross nervously replied that they had to do it for the crops and Maximus.
She smiled before muttering thanks to Gol for that, she said they would practice fighting each other and for the next hour she showed Ross some new holes she could use, as well as ways to see where another tribute was pointing in her body. she. He surprised both Maxima and the peacekeepers with how quickly he was learning and even managed to put up a decent fight against one of them when Maxima asked them to fight shortly after the games ended on the screen and Allah showed Maxima the list I had made. She watched nervously as Maximus examined the list, but she seemed relieved when Maximum nodded encouragingly and told her that she had some strong ideas.
Maxima looked out the window and noticed the darkness of the sky and asked to be served dinner before Maxima 8. She asked one of the peacekeepers to try some of her food and after half an hour had passed and he had not sick, Maxima finally began to eat during this meal, talking to her tributes about the week ahead and spending time emphasizing the importance of looking good for During the parade, she even admitted that she had punched her and Ross in the nose, as They were less likely to be hurt than their eyes as the night progressed, Maxima allowed her tributes a small glass of whiskey each and they had a more casual conversation about their lives.
At one point, the order asked Maximus what she had really loved Saracen, which caused a suspense among the blue helmets, but Maxima simply smiled and said that it was a good question and that she had really loved him, even though they both knew they wanted to win these games. and so she had not felt guilty for killing him when the time came everyone stared in maximum confusion at what they had just said but maxima asked her and ross if either of them had other halves at home ross said that he liked one girl in his hunting


y, but he didn't think she liked him back, although Maximus declared that if Ross won the games she would have no choice but to date him, by Allah, she tearfully said that she had a boyfriend but that she had never I would see him again.
However, Maxima told Orla that she wouldn't do it with this attitude but that if she won the games she would probably marry her. Although Orla still seemed upset, she let out a weak smile and then told the couple that it was too late and that they should go home. private quarters so they would be ready for the next day the next morning, Maxima made sure her tributes looked as smart as possible while reminding them that, although they hadn't made fools of themselves during the harvest, this was their first chance to make a fool of themselves. even bigger work.
Impression: The hovercraft later landed at Ravensdale Airport and tributes were greeted with applause as they walked down the steps of the craft and waved to the crowd. A man was briefly noted holding a sign that said "get out 14", which Ross seemed to see and frowned, but the peacekeepers quickly removed this man and the cheering continued once they reached the crowd. The couple was delighted to introduce themselves and take photos with the citizens of the capital. Ross received several roses from female admirers and even from a male admirer, the latter of which surprised him quite a bit, but he graciously accepted this rose, as by Allah, many citizens admired the design of her dress and some people asked him to say simple phrases they recorded on various devices while saying they loved their accent order.
Puzzled by these recordings, but it was seen that Maxima seemed pleased with her tribute's manners, the group took a train from the nearby Ravensdale station to the snow station, followed by a limousine to the a


ment. Ross almost fell asleep on the train, but Maxima woke him up and told him. to remember that the citizens of the capital would be much less likely to support a grim-looking tribute, as Allah marveled at the fine designs of the capitol buildings and Maxima reminded him that if he won the games he could spend most of his life. Within this city, the group soon arrived at their apartment on the top floor of the accommodation tower.
Maxima quickly turned on the screen to see two surprisingly athletic tributes being harvested in District 11, but while Ross and Allah tried to watch, Maximum muted the screen and called the Stylist Hester Cardio came to the apartment, they were introduced to Hester, who excitedly declared that she had asked to be the designer of District 14 for as long as possible and that she looked forward to working with them. Ross in particular seemed quitebaffled by her. enthusiasm, but Allah smiled politely as they made eye contact. Hester looked at Ross and Allah's clothing closely as he said that he wanted to create couture based on the designs of his zones that he already seems to be wearing.
She seemed excited, but Ross didn't seem to understand. What had just been said, Hester called her team of stylists, who took the vital measurements without incident, although Ross told one of the team to worry about her nether regions while taking an internal leg measurement, which elicited a chuckle from Allah, the team then went off and produced. underwear inside the design room at the other end of the apartment as they made this order they looked around the apartment and admired the fine designs and ornaments while Ross was clearly paying more attention to the crops of district 10 and then 9.
Meanwhile, Hester showed her maxima seven potential designs on a screen that was hidden from the tributes, but once Maxima narrowed the selection down to her two favorites, Hester suggested giving the tributes the final say, and after a pause with the pencil, Maxima He accepted that Ross seemed indifferent, but finally chose a bright tartan. plaid jacket and hat that was similar to what he was wearing at the time, except this design was adorned with shiny stones of the relevant colors, he said it was the one he hated the least, but since he has to hear Ross say this, he said he never liked it.
It mattered a lot what she wore, which seemed to appease her to a certain extent. On the other hand, she spent time carefully deciding between her two options and asked Ross's opinion even though he nonchalantly said that she would look good in both. Eventually Allah chose to wear a figure-hugging dress and a matching headdress that was decorated with diagonal stripes of the e-zone yellow and green colors that Hester was clearly excited to produce as Hester and her team of stylists headed to design. room at the other end of the apartment, Ross was clearly more interested in analyzing the harvests that had occurred so far, his entire most excited expression after choosing his brain suit soon returning to fear once again as he looked at the notes that Ross have done.
Regarding the tributes that had already been collected, he was now preparing to write those of the female tribute for the 8th district, whose name was about to be announced. Atomica Perez briefly looked in amazement at the paper he had just selected before saying that it belonged to Georgette Manzella, 15 years, the camera hovered over the relevant section of the compound, but upon seeing a girl visibly surprised as those around her looked in her direction, Eugenia said it must be her, the peacekeepers came in to pick up Georgette, who seemed Still having no trouble processing what was happening as she was led down the aisle, Eugenia expressed her admiration for Georgette's elegant side-swept brown hair along with the flowy velvet material that made her dress, stating that she also loved its colors. purples, however, anyone quickly declared it. which looked more pink than purple, but just as Eugenia was about to respond, Georgette reached the platform where she desperately shook Atomica's hand, took another piece of paper from the male harvest bowl, and Atomica announced that it belonged to a 12 year old boy.
Jersey Arimov, a short young man with messy blonde curls and an oversized purple suit, was seen looking around with an extremely worried expression as Enes announced that the blonde peace officers had entered the compound and Jersey looked back desperately, probably with the hope that someone older would do it. volunteer instead, however, as he was brought to the platform, it became painfully clear to him that nothing like this was going to happen. She cried silently as she shook hands with Atomica and then Georgette. Atomica finished the harvest as she wished the odds were in the favor of the population and she and Georgette were escorted to the town hall behind them.
Georgette still looked stunned when she was gone. Visited by her parents and her younger brother Nylon who cried over his sister's harvest Georgette's parents assured her that she would return and listen to her mentor, but she continued to mutter mere words at most as she looked across the room, it was only when her family was escorted out of the room by peacekeepers, although Georgette screamed that she loved them before bursting into tears, as Jersey was flooded. In tears when his father arrived, he told him that his mother would have been very proud of him for being so brave and that he should try to be as mature as possible and not panic before or during the games when the blue helmets came to collect the his father's t-shirt. she begged them not to take him, but it was obviously ignored and they took jersey to the station.
The president of Aeovox reported that when the train began its journey through the woods surrounding District 8, Georgette was trying to comfort Jersey through her tears, but this in turn made her even angrier, however, He finally managed to stop crying and he in turn told Georgette that he too regretted being chosen. Georgette thanked him and stood up to look around the carriage as Jersey moved out the window, but after a few minutes of relative silence, the couple's mentor, Ava Beric, a member of the 81st Hunger Games, entered. in the carriage, she introduced herself warmly, and although the tributes were surprised by her embarrassment, they introduced themselves politely.
Both George and Jersey discreetly wiped away their tears, which Ava seemed to do. They noticed, but she told them not to worry and that it was normal for them to react this way before asking the avoc to bring them each a glass of water. Ava led them to the table and, although Georgette sat quietly where she was asked, Jersey watched. as if she wanted to jump out the window that was next to her, however, Ava calmly approached him and took her hand telling her to close her eyes and breathe. She did it herself and even told Georgette to join.
Surprisingly, this worked and the avocs reported that it did. It was strange to see the three of them in what seemed to be a respiratory trance after this intervention. Ava convinced Jersey to sit with her and Georgette at the table. She proceeded to explain key information about the next week's events, including arriving at the station. The next day, although Jersey seemed intimidated once again when Ava mentioned the parade, she noticed her reaction and told Jersey and Georgette that, as strange as it might sound, they should try to enjoy themselves next week, since this would be reflected outside and would make capital. viewers are more likely to support and even sponsor them, which they both seem to understand.
Ava then ordered avox to play a fitness tape by Ivana Janssen on the main screen saying that she wanted to keep Georgette and Jersey at their physical peak and therefore asked them to join her in performing the exercises she They were showing off surprisingly, Jersey had no qualms about participating, but Georgette looked on in surprise as the couple began to stretch, but Ava said that if she could do these exercises while she was five months pregnant, Georgette could try it too. After a minute she joined Ava and Jersey and while they were doing sit-ups, Ava said that they would do this every night until the games were over.
Georgette replied that she couldn't do this every night, but Ava said that she would thank her later, after the half hour. She was done, darkness was coming and Ava asked for her buffet dinner to be brought to the carriage. Ava initially allowed both Georgette and Jersey to take what they wanted, but Georgette took nothing while Jersey immediately headed for the chocolate profiteroles. Ava quickly stopped them. both and said she was testing them. She then told Georgette that she needed to eat something or she would waste away before turning to Jersey and telling her that profiteroles were very fattening.
Ava Grinden told them to try again this time. Georgette helped herself. Ate some fruit and salad, while Jersey helped herself to some meat and salad, she asked Ava if she could have some Profiteroles too, which Georgette now seemed interested in and Ava said that if they cleared their plates she would allow them each a small quantity. This task was quickly accomplished by both tributes, but before Ava allowed the many desserts, she used the screen to show the other tributes that had arrived so far, including the ones that had just been elected from District 7. Although Georgette seemed intimidated by district taxes. 11 in particular, ava asked her and jersey to point out what the other tribute's weaknesses might be and every time georgette or jersey responded with something that ava considered a correct answer, she allowed each of them a buff once they had gone through all districts.
He arrived relatively late and Ava saw them off in her carriage the next morning. The train waited almost two hours outside the capital, but this gave Ava plenty of time for Spartan Jersey and Georgette to enter the snow station. She praised them once again. for their behavior so far, but she reminded them that, although they would probably find the citizens of the capital intimidating, they should remember their manners when the train finally pulled into the station. Ava was the first to step onto the platform, where she smiled and waved to the bustling crowd. She subsequently introduced Georgette, who stepped off the train and bowed politely as Ava had taught her, drawing sounds of sympathy from the crowd.
Ava then called Jersey off the train and he smiled and bowed, which generated even more sounds of sympathy and the crowd proceeded to surround the At first it was clear that Georgette and Jersey were somewhat taken aback by this reception along with the lively attitudes and clothing of the citizens of the capital, but as they seemed to get used to the flashes of the cameras and the shouts of excitement, Georgette and Jersey relaxed and Ava proudly. She watched as Georgette allowed several ladies to feel the texture of her dress, while Jersey enjoyed making faces at photographs with boys her age who apparently wanted to end up on a high ava, leading her tributes away from the station and as they rode in the limo to at the accommodation tower, he praised them for interacting so well with the crowd and stated that they even seem to enjoy being in the capital, which would definitely be noticed by its citizens.
Georgette replied that she felt like a stain, but Ava said that this was normal once she arrived at her apartment, Ava allowed her tributes to explore for the next few minutes while she sat and rested before asking the avox present to give her a Foot massage. Georgette slowly wandered through the apartment clearly amazed by the fine designs and furniture she walked through. excitedly, shouting that her room was bigger than her entire house at her house, Ava smiled but soon asked the tributes to return to the table, which they finally did. She explained to them that she had to decide how to dress them for the parade the next night.
She rambled on about some wild ideas, but Georgette gave her an exasperated look, while Ava said that while it was interesting to hear her ideas, this was her area of ​​expertise. She then called a team of stylists before asking George and Jersey. Little about her lives at home, while Jersey was just a school student with no apparent experience in tailoring, Georgette had already dropped out of school and, although she was learning to embroider dresses, she did not consider herself an expert when the tailoring team arrived. stylists. Ava nodded and stated that she had her idea and proceeded to sketch two different designs: Jersey, a plain purple outfit that would be covered in long red, white and blue colored needles that would protrude from the outfit and form a silhouette that would enunciate its shape and cut Atmosphere Jerzy seemed taken aback by this description, but before he could ask what it meant, Ava showed Georgette her design: this was a long dress made of what appeared to be a huge purple measuring tape that wound continuously around the body. of Georgette with numbers and measurements clearly shown.
She was baffled when she first saw the sketch, but after looking at it for a while she seemed to change her mind, smiling and saying that it was something different while the stylists took the measurements and Ava sketched the corresponding headpieces for each of the outfits, explaining that they were very Just now, the next night, the parade took place as usual on the avenue of tributes, when Ava was wearing the delicate shirt and Georgette outfits, she noticed that Ash Acetyl, the victor of the 78th Hunger Games, was standing with Arlo and Honey, both of seven, by the carriage facing Eva politely.
He waved at her before quickly turning back to her own tributes and warning them to be careful around Asha and not to accept anything she offered them. Jersey asked why, but Ava simply told him that she didn't want to find out. She also looked towardsback to see. Chief Javorsky, winner of the 87th Hunger Games, was trying to talk to nine-year-old Waxy although she refused to listen to him while nine-year-old Cornell mindlessly caressed the horse in the front of the carriage while Hester assured Allah that he looked great in his yellow suit and dressed in green stripes and that she didn't need to worry everyone is asked if she was sure but ross told her that she looked fine and that she was worrying too much to which even hester agreed maxima then returned from inspecting the other tributes as She assured Ross and Ola that they had nothing to worry about just as the order was given for the tributes to board their carriages, the parade began with a surprise due to Shimmer and Grande, both with gold accents within their scarlet costumes, while As Seneca and Ignaea both wore scarlet ruffles over their gold suspenders, Eugenia immediately asked if they were trying to pay homage to each other's districts, to which Enius responded that perhaps that could be the case.
Jersey and Georgette waved enthusiastically to the crowd, although the headdress embroidered with jersey needles fell off towards the end of the parade, he and Georgette continued to wave and even Eugenia said that at least this hadn't put them off. Ross and Ola greeted the audience not only to their sides but also to those behind them because of their bearing. Being at the end of the show, which wisely left them making the last impression on most of the audience when the tributes returned to their apartments, they watched the show commentary in which Eugenia Enias and Agnes Anderson, editor of Anderson Fashion, reviewed their The thoughts on each of the outfits, Jersey and Georgette, received good reviews and Abe was praised for her design idea, but Agnes criticized the falling fascinator.
As for Ross and Ola, their outfits were also well-received, although Agnes mentioned that the contrasting tartan on Ross's outfit compared. with the diagonal stripes of the alders had not combined well, in fact, they were brace and drifter, both of the four who received the title of anderson fashion's best dressed due to the luminous silver scales on their outfits that looked like fish skin, which agnes declared that she loved this. Many citizens of the capital considered it a controversial choice, but it was not the worst Agnes made. The next day was the first of two days of training.
Only a few minutes in Allah seemed intimidated as Ignair fired two shots and arrows before turning around. and bury herAllah turned away from her and saw Georgette trying to stitch two types of linen together at the fabric station. She came over and said that Georgette was using the wrong needle. Allah offered her advice and the girls spent the morning using different fabrics and building a type. of armor by weaving thick materials that they proceeded to test by stabbing them with spears and knives. Ross spent the morning practicing at the sphere station, although he seemed a little bewildered by the precision with which Seneca of Two launched his spears at the targets next to him.
He continued to launch his own and improve her aim. One's Shimmer approached towards the end of the morning and Ross didn't seem to hear him tell Seneca that they needed to keep an eye on the Scotsman in the afternoon. Ross tried to convince Allah to work. with him at the spear station, but she politely declined his request stating that she would never be good enough with a spear in time. He then introduced Georgette, who told Ross that she liked her parade outfit, to which he joked that it was a good thing at least one of them did as he walked back to the launch station, all he heard himself say was that sometimes Ross could be like that.
As for the shirt, he spent most of the first day at the camouflage station, where he initially made a mess with the different paints. After a little more experimentation, he used them to produce a relatively decent display that covered his face with a forest background. He spent the afternoon at the plant station where he observed wisteria and hydra, both 11, which were much better able than Jersey to identify toxicants. Plants that were displayed Even though they noticed Jersey watching them, neither of them seemed threatened by him and simply continued their practice the next day. Allah and Georgette practiced together once again at a variety of stations including the aquatic toxicological and survival stations.
When they were at the survival station, Jersey joined them although Ola seemed somewhat surprised by how much he enjoyed starting a fire, while which for ross initially worked at the archery station before heading to the sword station where he began a conversation with antonio from 10 although neither of them seemed able to understand each other's accents, but this took them simply to laugh at their mutual lack of understanding. Antonio then suggested that they use a pair of wooden swords and fight each other under the watchful eye of Erenia Stalton herself. This went ahead and The boys fought until they were level with each other before shaking hands politely at the end of their fight during training.
The tributes from districts one and two were surprisingly sparring with each other seemingly agreeing to end their feud this year on the second greatest afternoon. One practiced backflipping across a platform while One's Shimmer tried to shoot him with rubber arrows, however Shimmer didn't notice. Five's Columba replaced one of the rubber arrows with a real one, so Shimmer shot him. a big one in the leg with an arrow that made a scream. in pain and made him limp until the games enius had supposedly seen this but ultimately decided not to punish columba the evaluation of the training scores occurred during the next day at the request of the new unnamed game creator certain details of the demonstrations were allowed of the publicized tribute, although heavily edited by this game creator, the highest scores are known to have been Shimmer of a Seneca of two and Arlo and Honey both of seven, who each scored 10 for displays of weaponry and sheer strength. .
Ross scored a nine with an accurate spear. and sword display, while Orla scored a respectable seven with a mixed display of talent and each shirt scored just a five with what was described as a likely useless fabric creation and a futile attempt to start a fire; However, the lowest scores in this year's lineup were Columba's five and the District 12 tributes whose displays were supposedly not noteworthy. When Georgette and Jersey's scores were mentioned, each looked disappointed, but Ava told them. that they didn't care and that their scores didn't matter as much as their ability to put their training into practice.
In practice, she then allowed them each to eat some cake while she video-called her husband. Shere Cartwright, he was home in District 8, but wished Georgette and Jersey the best of luck for the interviews before ending the call by saying auf wiedersehen, who commanded an eva smile meanwhile max murren hester praised ross and Allah for their good scores with the apparent surprise that his was worthy of praise, however, as soon as their scores were revealed, Maximus said that they needed to focus on the upcoming interviews which she and Hester practiced asking Ross and Orden about. their love lives and family situations which seemed to unsettle the couple initially until Maxa reminded them that these were questions they would be asked the next night, she also asked each of them if there was someone special at home and after a few attempts at answering Ross was trained to give a cheeky smile and respond that his army, although everyone soon got used to herself to hold back tears and respond that yes and that she hoped to see him again, Maximus said she was happy before sending them to their rooms.
The interviews took place the following night and, as expected, there was much anticipation for the reveal that the new game creator's tribute to his career surprised the audience when they began the process by talking about each other in surprisingly positive ways. , more grandiose for someone who still had a slight limp declared that they had a better chance of fighting together and that life is too short for fights, as five-year-old Columba also surprised the audience by stating that she didn't think she would win but that She wanted to give her best, which even caused Eugenia to let out a bemused laugh when Georgette entered the stage.
She surprised the audience with the fine design of her purple dress, which Eugenia jokingly said she wanted even if Georgette survived. She claimed that she had He had made strong alliances and hoped to use them to his advantage, but when Eugenie asked what would prevent these allies from turning against Georgette's trust he seemed to falter and clearly struggled to regain it; However, she seemed to have made a good impression in the capital and Ava was seen nodding and smiling from the audience when Georgette was dismissed during the first half of Jersey's interview she seemed to act as if she were even under 12 she joked about the designs of the capitol buildings and that everything was so clean that you could eat on the streets However, when Eugenia mentioned her opponents and how she thought she would fare in a fight against one of the race tributes, for example, Jerzy was moved He was noticeably speechless, even letting out a few tears and many citizens of the capital stated that the reality of the next day seemed to have hit him although he received a respectful level of applause as he left the stage.
Orla was the last woman honored to be interviewed and she began the interview by joking heavily with Eugenia about the difference between life in the 14th district and the capital that brought her there. to everyone a saying that she liked Eugenia's crack while Eugenia raised her eyebrows and turned towards the audience that was laughing with an expression of bewilderment. The order explained that this meant her humor in the midst of the audience's laughter. Eugenia advanced with a smile asking. If there was a man in Orla In life, her entire expression quickly changed and she replied that there was someone she hoped to see again, while only one tear appeared in her eyes, which he quickly wiped away, producing sounds of sympathy. in the audience, but Allah said that she would do anything to see. him again, which replaced these sounds with applause and eugenia told him that was the spirit before ending the interview on a high, as for ross, he came out with the same stony expression he had maintained for most of last week But when Eugenia greeted him with a tempting smile, she said she bet he had a good pair of bagpipes.
Ross looked a little uncomfortable for a second as the audience laughed, but he responded that Eugenia could touch them sometimes she wanted, which sparked another wave of laughter. Eugenia said she was just talking about bagpipes and Ross joked that he was one too, the usual questions followed and while maintaining his fiery charm Ross responded confidently, Eugenia then asked if there was a lady in his life and he gave her a rather cryptic smile indicating that there might be one and that if she returned home she would let him know that this turned out to be a popular answer with the audience and the interview ended shortly after with waves of maximum applause shown in the audience and even she seemed possibly surprised Because of how Ross had managed to show a warmer side, the big reveal of the new playmaker took place and, as some suspected, Anastasia Breen entered the scene.
She had previously worked as a runway model for Anderson Fashion until she changed careers to work on the games she was also rumored to own. She had been one of the game-making assistants who had collected the pieces during last year's game, which was said to make her a popular choice in the eyes of the capital, and in fact, she was now the game-maker. youngest to date during his interview with eugenia breen. She remained stoic and stated that she wanted to get back into shape at the games, but that she felt confident about the arena and giving the capital a decent show that received tentative applause from the audience.
The next morning, the tributes were flown to the arena and then taken into place. underground waiting rooms in which everyone was dressed in lycra suits that were silver on the sides with the colors of their district on the inside. Georgia thanked Ava for her guidance and hugged Georgette tearfully before saying that she was welcome as she was about to enter. Tube Ava advised her to work with the allies she had made, but for her to be careful and not trust them too much. Jersey was also very grateful to Ava and he gave her a thank you card that she had written the night before, which made Ava even more so. in tears and hugged the shirt saying that as long as he stayed focused and didn't get overwhelmed he could win these games, as Ross was told by Maxima to think carefully about the alliances he made, but that she didn't trust racing under any circumstances. circumstances, rossShe thanked Maxima for her guidance and they shook hands as he entered the tube.
Meanwhile, Hester reminded Allah to first not panic once the games started. She said that it might be beneficial for her to work with Ross but separating from him before the end of the games as he would take her out if she needed to Orla thanked Hester and hugged her before entering her tube which she proceeded to climb into the arena this year's games were held in a forest tropical as the podiums ascended to the arena one of the first things Many tributes noticed was the stifling heat and several tried to fan themselves as they looked around after their eyes became accustomed to the bright lights of the sun, they could see that they were placed in a smooth, flat brown mud clearing with a wooden cornucopia.
In its center, some tributes closely examined the area behind them, although they found it difficult to see beyond the thick burrow of palm trees that surrounded the cornucopia clearing and greatly obstructed their view with the rest of the arena. like several past tributes. arenas, this was almost identical at all angles, with no sector in any direction from the cornucopia being very different in design from any other; However, the tributes had no way of knowing that the thick concentration of trees surrounding the central clearing only extended for approximately 100 meters on all sides until opening into a large open space, within this ring of open space there were many small lakes, some of which contained edible fish, while some lakes were only bordered by small grassy slopes, others were located at the bottom of long muddy slopes which made them easy.
This section of sand was hard to fall into but hard to get out of, so Eugenia nicknamed it the lake ring. When she and Enes looked at the sand in more detail, as one traveled beyond the ring of the lake, they found almost a kilometer of shallow hills that were full. of thick vegetation that maintained the warmer temperatures of the center of the arena, after passing through this area one reached the outer hills that were approximately 100 meters long and soon rose abruptly towards the perimeter. Temperatures were lower in these hills, especially at night, although heat was still maintained by hundreds of newly designed trees that were hybrids of palms and oaks, these trees also contained coconuts at the top of their heights, although the tributes They soon discovered that troops of cattle monkeys were making their way around the far trees to the edge of the arena meanwhile.
Back in the cornucopia clearing there were many bottles of water, loaves of bread and pieces of cheese approximately 10 meters from the semicircle of podiums along the south side of the clearing, although the usual inclusion of fruit was not included in the range Of this year's supplies further towards the cornucopia itself were blankets and ropes that were scattered without any apparent pattern within these supplies, also hidden were several sets of throwing knives and small bows and arrows, although it seemed that not many tributes saw these weapons. Until the games began, most of the tributes seemed to be watching.
At the large wooden cornucopia that contained a variety of different weapons, as the fully equipped cornucopia was displayed during the initial tour of the arena, cheers could be heard in the snow plaza and many citizens were happy that they were about to see a epic start to the games once again. Ross from 14 was positioned on a left center podium as he looked around he saw Georgette from 8 standing nervously on the podium to his left, but when he looked away he noticed that Igna from 2 was looking him up and down with a naughty. Smiling, though, Ross looked past Ignae to make eye contact with Orla, 14, who was standing on the center-right podium.
He nodded reassuringly toward Allah and she let out a nervous smile before looking at the food and drink in front of her as Ross looked at the cornucopia while for the eighth jersey he was on the rightmost podium with only five columba to his left looking surprisingly confident and was clearly looking at a gun inside the cornucopia, but no He noticed Columba watching him warily out of the corner of her eye, the gong rang and the surprisingly waxy nine was the only tribute. Not to be the second tallest tribute, Ross was one of the fastest running at about the same speed as Ignaer, however, after passing the food and drink supplies, Ross did not notice Ignair grabbing a set of throwing knives that had been discreetly rolled up. inside a rope as Ross continued running, Ignaer grabbed these knives before throwing the first knife at him, but it narrowly missed his right shoulder and flew straight into a blanket that Hydra Firm 11 had just picked up.
This did not deter Ross and he continued running. Forward along with Bronx Six was one of the first tributes to enter the cornucopia where he quickly grabbed a sword from the wall. Bronx also grabbed a sword and thrust it into Ross's chest, but Ross pushed himself back against the western wall of the cornucopia. and avoided this sword, the pair desperately tried to stab each other with their swords while other tributes ran towards the cornucopia behind the bronx, but just as he was gaining the advantage over ross grandees from a fall against the bronx's back, the spectators saw that the reinforcement Four had just shot her an arrow from outside the cornucopia, causing her to fall, causing Bronx to become unbalanced and briefly distracted, allowing Ross to slash his sword across Bronx's neck as he was splashed by the girl's blood. of ten.
Ross ran back. towards the south with her sword, but cursed when she realized that Allah was about to be attacked by Honey from Seven, who was running towards her with an ax when the gong rang, all the same she slowly ran inside before grabbing a blanket and running back towards the food and drink amidst the chaos that was happening around him, he threw as much of these supplies as possible into the blanket, then quickly grabbed its edges and picked it up, but just as Allah looked around , Tanika of 12 tackled her, causing all the supplies to fall from the blanket to the floor, Tanika then tried to grab the blanket herself along with some of the supplies, where Taula stood up and angrily slapped her face hard enough so that it fell to the ground.
Ola gathered the supplies again and looked up, presumably for Ross, but as she scanned the chaos in the cornucopia she couldn't see Honey of Seven, who was running towards her with an ax command, she turned around just a second before he Honey reached for her and instinctively cowered, but Honey tried to lower the axe. Orlan narrowly dodged his sword. Honey quickly crawled over her and tried to force the blade into Allah's neck, but she used all her strength to push the handle that kept the blade away. Fortunately for Allah, she saw Ross running towards them with his sword. and as he got closer, Honey took an exasperated breath and left everything behind before chasing after the four-man drifter who was now running towards the eastern palm district while Ross helped Allah to his feet, thanked him, and quickly tossed him some of the supplies. blanket before being practically dragged by Ross towards the southeastern sector of the thick palm tree neighborhood, meanwhile, eight-year-old Georgette had run inside when the gong rang, she seemed to be aiming for the cornucopia, but when the glow of one ran in front of her , she quickly seemed to abandon this idea and grabbed a blanket that was right in front of her.
Instead, Georgette looked towards the cornucopia, but when she noticed Shimmer stabbing an ax into the 12-year-old's neck, she ran to the east and He grabbed a rope before seeing Honey. Running straight at her with an ax in her hand, Georgette instantly dropped the rope and ran southeast towards Allah, presumably in an effort to help her, but after just two seconds, Georgette was hit on the side of the head by a knife that was thrown by Ignair. of two, which quickly caused her to collapse to the ground and stop moving, as for jersey, of eight, he ran straight inside next to columba, but while she only grabbed a bottle of water before running away, jersey seemed distracted by how she had retreated back, but he continued inward.
He narrowly avoided being hit with a knife by Antonio from 10 and after jumping over Arlo from 7 who was fighting with the boy from 3 to the ground, he continued towards the cornucopia shirt, ran towards the cornucopia and saw an ax in the opposite wall to Ross's side. who was still fighting the bronx as Jersey headed towards him, Seneca of two ripped him off the wall and looked directly at Jersey, which seemed to scare him and he quickly fled towards the exit of the cornucopia before tripping over the larger leg and seem to hurt his hand. As she fell to the ground, although Seneca seemed tempted to aim for Jersey, Bride 10 ran in front of Seneca and he struck her with the ax as her blood splashed against several nearby tributes.
Jersey stood up and left the cornucopia without a weapon. He ran back to the east and seemed to be looking at a blanket, but just as he picked it up, the foursome tramp grabbed the other end. He attempted to remove the shirt, but she quickly kicked him in the groin, causing him to fall to the ground and then picking up a nearby loaf of bread, he ran towards the eastern district of the trees. Jersey desperately grabbed his groin in pain and after looking around to see Georgette lying motionless on the ground, he seemed to panic and ran south, passing over all the supplies, until he reached the Southern District. of palm trees empty-handed but alive, meanwhile, Ross had helped everyone reach the southeastern district, through which they began to run as fast as possible while carefully avoiding the trees, but Ross suddenly stopped and told her to Allah to wait in exasperation.
She asked him quietly. but she looked back from behind a tree to get a view of the cornucopia where the professionals and a few surviving tributes were still fighting. Ross whispered that he wanted to see who was dead, but the order told him they would find out at midnight. Ross quietly replied that he knew but he wanted to watch the races fight while he watched Shimmer stab the three-year-old girl with a knife in front of the cornucopia. Orla whispered that she didn't want them to be next. Ross nodded and subsequently Heading through the trees, the pair continued through the thick density of trees until they suddenly reached the ring of the lake on the other side.
Ross almost ran straight onto the sloping terrain that would have probably caused him to slide into the lake, but he stopped quickly. himself, causing him to fall on his ankle and wince in pain, however, Allah helped him up and soon they saw a flat piece of land to the left of him that was between this lake and the next one. They made their way carefully over this terrain before entering the shallow hills beyond. However, as they began to cross these hills, Ross said that he wanted to check his ankle. Allah looked around her, but after seeing no one behind them, she agreed and led Ross behind a thick bush.
He tried to stretch his ankle a little and Orla assured him that if he kept walking, he should heal on his own. Ross asked everyone if she was a healer to which she replied that she wasn't but they couldn't stay where they were. Ross nodded and said this was fair enough and as the pair traveled southeast as quickly as possible. Ross's ankle would allow them to hear nine cannons going off as Jersey was already covered in a mixture of blood and mud as he ran south breathing frantically and narrowly avoiding crashing into the township trees but when he reached the edge he continued running towards the ring of the lake and before he seemed able to process what was happening, he was falling down a muddy slope until he stopped with a loud splashing sound as he fell into the lake at the bottom of the slope.
Jersey fell into this lake with such force that Solo surfaced a few seconds later before catching his breath with a series of loud gasps, but as he looked around and seemed to be trying to understand how he could lead this lake, he suddenly He jumped when an underwater camera showed a fish passing by him. This caused Jersey to scream once more and as he quickly walked across the lake to the other side, an apparent panicked man declared in a later replay that he would be surprised if Jersey survived more than an hour in the sand, although he continued to spout panic.
However, as he walked across the lake, he finally reached the other side, but as Jersey was now covered in water, he spent the next 20 minutes continually climbing the slope before falling back into the water in a pattern.quite embarrassing that it was causing continuous amusement for both the enius and the spectators in the snow plaza, while for rossanola they spent the next hour climbing the shallower hills of the southeastern sector until they reached the outer hills that were on the edge of the sand, they finally rested and did not seem happy. They would no longer be burned by the stifling heat emanating from the most central areas of the arena as they ate some food and drank some water.
Orla checked Ross's ankle again, which still seemed to hurt, but all he could recommend was for him to rest, however Ross soon did. Distracted by the screeching of the troop of monkeys passing through the trees towards the edge of the arena, Allah seemed a little worried and whispered to Ross to grab his sword, but Ross stayed still and as the troop passed, he stated that they were harmless on the ground. Over the next few hours, sunlight gradually left the sand and temperatures dropped. Orla covered herself with the blanket and Ross as another cannon sounded, shown to viewers belonging to the five-year-old after the professionals found him while he was hiding in the shallow northeast area. hills, he tried to run but was quickly caught and impaled by Seneca, meanwhile Jersey continued to have trouble getting out of the lake.
He tried a few more times, but didn't even make it halfway down the slope before sliding back into the lake below, but Jersey seemed to be running. being about to cry in despair he suddenly heard someone coming through the trees from the direction of the cornucopia and quickly dove into the water antonio of 10 passed through the trees but fortunately for jersey antonio did not notice him and simply continued towards him. The nearest patch of grass between the lakes, which he used to head towards the shallow hills beyond, however, when Jersey finally returned to the surface and let out a silent sigh of air, he seemed much happier than he had expected. had been before Eugenia asked which sweater. he was doing as he walked closer to the slope as he seemed to be trying to pull something out of the bottom of the lake, but when he reached the edge of the water it was seen to be a small rope that ran along the center of the lake and the adjacent side. slope that was rising from under the mud for the next two minutes.
Jersey used this rope to climb the slope, although he fell several times, eventually reaching the top before lying down, seemingly exhausted and letting out a very weak smile. As a sarcastic cheer sounded in the snow plaza, after almost a minute of lying on his back, the shirt stood up and continued south through the shallow hills, however, due to a likely combination of the high temperatures and the lack of energy from the shirt, he soon seemed tired. and he passed out behind a scruffy bush after only a few minutes of walking ten minutes later the five year old's cannon sounded but jersey still seemed to be unconscious and therefore did not react within an hour the darkness had completely come and Ross and Allah followed closely watching what they could see through the gaps between the trees, they heard another soldier monkey screech loudly as they swung between the trees and the upper hills behind them and Allah asked Ross if he still thought that They were harmless, but he replied that if they ignored them, hopefully they wouldn't need to find out everything, they then asked Ross if he recognized these animals and it was soon learned that neither of them were familiar with monkeys, but while they were distracted by these sounds , they did not notice that Columba of five were walking silently northeast across the hills below them, she had heard them talking as she walked and then seemed to see them moving in the darkness, Eugenia said that Columba would be foolish to attack or even She robbed Ross and Ola, and although she seemed tempted by the pile of supplies in front of them, she walked discreetly as Jersey lay unconscious.
Columba also found him about half an hour before she met up with Ross and Orla. There was a tense silence in Snow Square as the action stopped. Back from Arlo and Honey's fights, both from Seven, to show Columba keeping an eye on Jersey, who is apparently unaware of the potential danger she was in. Ennius was heard yelling at Columbus to kill Jersey, but Eugenia said she wouldn't do anything to him first. curiously asking what columba could be thinking as he stood next to jersey, but after a minute he finally walked east towards the southeastern sector, shortly after columba had passed later, ross and allah jersey woke up, immediately He shivered as he noticed the drop in temperature during the day, but when he looked around and couldn't see anything, he quickly stood up and looked desperate, then walked south towards the perimeter while silently begging for some food. or water to the sponsors, but as expected, nothing arrived. food or water before reaching the foot of the outer hills, where he soon curled up at the foot of a tree, he cried as he tried to keep warm and whimpered that he wanted to go home, however, just as Jersey finally began to fall asleep . heard the horn of there was a lot of play in the sky and the portraits of the greatest of one, both tributes of three, the boy of five bronx and the girl of six, georgette of eight, the girl of ten and tanika and the boy of 12 They were shown, leaving 16 remaining tributes that Ross had.
He agreed to check on Orla first, but as the hymn played, she woke up and looked at the portraits, exhaling sadly as Georgette was shown, and after noticing that Allah was upset, Ross He put his arm around her and said he was still sorry. She soon fell asleep once more and Ross continued to watch.

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