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Mar 04, 2020
hey guys welcome back to my channel so we're actually totally at it right now and i look like yeah and i'm so fucking Asha so the drive from the airport to the hotel was like almost an hour so i cards removed. that we have an 8, so I'm also a super umbrella. I'm actually about Alex was able to edit the video yes my People app at the airport so I'm actually trying to watch. can hop on today and then my mom had told them just look at me like they already know and i told them we are in LA for my event for my lippe launch so of course as BAM is hosting the event for my lunch from the Lippe collab I'm so excited because it's tomorrow morning so we made it more like a brunch obviously the first one we're going to have like a party but then I was like wait I'm pregnant like what the hell am I supposed to I'm supposed to be doing when everyone is showing up, so I decide to trade it in for a little brunch, so that's going to end. tomorrow that's why we're here and then this time like I told you guys and my mom my mom Alex's sister and my quinella my brother's girlfriend are coming with us so you're actually next storage, they stay with us next door and we leave. damn hungry my mom will be riding her bike why didn't you tell me it was going to take forever to get to the hotel? do the intro bro I tell you guys I was like so Chuck yellow or whatever I was super nauseous and woke up and then headed to LA right now it's 4pm and we left the house at 10:00 am. so for the last five hours we've literally been flying and trying to get here so i was trying to catch a breath to start this concert so basically we're going to bring you guys with us on this little


we're here today , which is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then we come home on Friday.
taking my mom on a la trip
Looks like I don't have makeup on at the moment. actually i had dinner with doron laura at 7:00 so i'll look forward to that but at least in my soul i hope he's playing like this now to go eat umm so alex i made some videos and then i can do it. rewrite something super short digital oh it's just a seven minute video because it's just me showing you tunes via Leticia it was super long and stuff and I wanted to make it really to the point so let's do what's ready for me liked ready in ok ready i come ready i take a shower i don't leave until i'm ready finally ready win to go eat and i forgot to take the camera but i'm wearing a dress actually we're going to hollywood but i tell him to Carly I'm going to take a picture in this dress we actually helped 30 minutes before the shows below I went looking for the golden hour.
taking my mom on a la trip

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taking my mom on a la trip...

I'm wearing a dress, but I say to Alex, let's go down there, let me take a picture and then I'll take this off because Hollywood obviously walks in and I'm like heck. No dude I don't feel like walking I feel so big today you know I was I guess sometimes I have big days I have little days Today is a big day / I feel kinda big so it's poor baby Jay is actually watching just me Jason I'm 135 which is exactly 10lbs 10lbs more than before I got pregnant for us obviously because I'm 135 now so yeah let's go take a selfie and actually my mom is staying in the room next door I think I already told you to take a selfie and then we'll go to Hollywood and bring you with us. y'know come get someone not some sweatpants and a jacket because it's cool in here and alex switched back to adoption yeah he showered guys because he was wearing those pants if you follow him on instagram ya saw his selfie. all of him on instagram be like celine dog cover all the fires obviously i take it just kidding i was wearing those pants they were like really how do you say in english like plastic so they were doing it like super sweaty sweaty my ass is more like showing the pants if you haven't won instagram you saw the plug you posted he literally took it off and his legs were sweating.
taking my mom on a la trip
I'm like no snacks these are great for winter no no because then it will be as cold as inside this. I don't know his coolest blogs but yeah most of my ass was sweating in those pants so I wasn't sure where I was thinking, shower planning or whatever to make this canoe bathed in the morning here's a baby in the shower again n with me in it i'm like hey you know yeah when you go to a day for me it's enough so you know what i'm looking at and i see i look really carvanha actually make a bond i'll be here doing a tail boner but i'll stay with the assigned collet it's my mom and i'm good already guys so this is what i'm really going to work in hollywood cause it's cold to be comfortable and my mom is wearing my girl for my murder and you like it peep my jacket because home hey sister with a long sleeve actually i was going to bring my dupatta hoodie but i didn't oh because i don't want to put it in a sweater because my hair was going to get all messy and i just wanted to put on or take off put on or take off and kick me like a heat or I'm cold and my mom is me I want to know secular today to go to Hollywood hello Korea okay let me go in ha we are mommy and we have a beautiful deck you see I am we are exhausted I think my feet they're swollen we walk in hollywood and my feet just f swollen eels or they look swollen or nervous just go away I'm so fucking tired and tomorrow we have to get up and tomorrow I have to get up super early so I'm about to not change and go to bed knock out so we See you tomorrow morning tomorrow is my event I'm so excited I'm a little nervous some mornings more excited than nervous so we have a doctor tomorrow so I'll see you in the morning once I've got my wig on good morning guys now it's the next day.
taking my mom on a la trip
In fact, I went to get my wig. Did I look that good? I don't have makeup on so I was looking like a completely blonde, completely pale man and then we're uploading the video right now of my lip collection. which I told you about yesterday so I'm trying to multitask right now and actually I'm also about to live with you guys to prepare with you guys but I was trying to find a good light I'm not used to to see me blonde so i feel like i look so hot so yeah i am about to get ready with you guys on facebook life.
We are going to change and then we will bring them to the event. I'm so excited. I'm a little nervous, but I'm very excited. I'm going to breathe, it's like time to do it, so my stuff is really good guys, so we're on our way. I get so nauseated every time we're in the car, like on a long car ride, oh I feel like it. my mom and i just say i mean i feel like throwing up and then when i was like he doesn't tell me the blonde wig doesn't go with the new dress no no i look good and then i come out and it was like yeah , you needed a dark dress so i text Laura she was already on her way and she stopped by some dresses for me so come on swag i hope she makes it on time make it on time so i can change the dress I mean, I don't think it looks too bad, show them a little bit.
I don't think it looks too bad with the wig, but I agree with you. I feel like a black dress would have gone over my head. I was like, oh, you know, like a new dress and then a blonde wig is going to like to flow together, but I'm going to have them like actually, let's say, formals full of hair. or whatever and my boobs are literally can go Kalasha she's looking for us oh my boots off road mr. kiss my breasts if you are my life my breasts are literally nothing yes literally a lot of pop so we hope laura comes. she gets there before the event starts so i'm not going to like you to know the event starts and then she changes residents yes i change dresses she is trying her best to do in time lords we take her to Through the court, cheap baby, worth the wait to show you my Boobs Booster Cave Oh my gosh it's kind of true and my mom said she laughed she was already texting like she said no.
I said it's a video. Nobody else. just one i want to say i would think it looks horrible but i agree a black dress has a few things in mass and then my boob so yeah i'll show you if this dress was going to be the keeper or if i'm going to edit changing once we get there - who's the only one who knew one of my dresses no but then again it's a guy so I guess he didn't think of it and even right now he doesn't get it but yeah I'll show you if I I stay with this dress or Laura comes if Laura comes with ok this is what it looks like and I haven't put it on right now but I guess we're here what are you filming?
I want to show you a little tour before people get here so this is the entrance and then I think I showed you this before and then on this side they're finishing that up a picture of me and Alison and the drinks that I just got you show guys and then on this side is my mom on this side is a little branch area and this is the city so my lips are inside these and then the guests get some backless makeup. the napkins are so cute they match my lipsticks mom and the theme is love collection so there are like little hearts everywhere let me make a flight plan in time and then the flowers with my little bees in there so this is what people get sit on this side on that side and then some more on little hearts which are the same hearts that are on the component of my piece that hangs from above they are just doing some finishing touches and then we can start updating my dress.
Laura is not here yet. I'm waiting for Laura. I'm not. I'll keep this dress. I haven't seen it. Hey, you like it. my little Polly fingers keep going up from here it's already like a drink it's like citrus it's like champagne and I'm at certain angles I lived Dublin lake I loose a new java inside some kind of stash the way you guys I'm wearing baggy jeans it's a spicy sesame oil shrimp tempura i'm good very good so my loot as a clown Lloris Latif going on what the hell are you doing you feel about the lipsticks ok me oh yeah you're like smug never here oh hi that was discovered lucky no i wanna stay out ok that was the best water spot ever but how guys theres so much wood i been forgetting to engrave the reds with but the mac n cheese bandana benny let us know whats going on at the moment.
I did a makeover on you not quite sure how we got back to the hotel guys oh that just knocked out and these strangers showed up in a room with me and alex we're trying to do a twin husband ok guys we did it. I got out at least I got up I got up we're Howard I feel like you're sober we're rejuvenated actually just because of a little life away in the parking lot because it was a 35 minute drive to the beach and I got so damn ahsha I ate a bag of a cup of cucumber, okay, Laura takes us - what? like the back of the spicy fries came and you look at me no oh my god mary so i had to throw away freedom now i got the loot she gave me some water and alex died i went throw up in the bathroom Bros so I'm like you keep my life away My favorite animals are never found and we are about to die.
Maybe you can love us and my mom. Shrimp diorama. i forgot the same thing you got the same guys i was scratching my eye and then and fucking i lost everything leslie beautiful good learning and premiere what is internet plus when i put the camera and i'm not lying i'm literally don don't worry i'm buying tickets ago and you were after this we're good come on good morning guys i was debating whether to film this but this is me this is real life i woke up right now and, oh my god my head is It was itching my wig last night I couldn't sleep I woke up around 3:00 in the morning I was already sleeping a little uncomfortable because of my tummy so sometimes I can't I couldn't take myself seriously I'm Speaking of which by the way I would get to Lizzie it's 9:00 in the morning Alex went out fine it's 8:00 in the morning Alex went to a messy copy I woke up like it was 4:00 in the morning I asked Alex I woke up and I already like it, I tell you that I already sleep a little uncomfortable, not super uncomfortable ode because im not super huge but my tummy is already pretty and my tummy is already big enough um to know i have to like uh this struggle a bit to turn to the side and i feel uncomfortable i sleep so i have a big tummy some big tits and a wig on my head trying to sleep ain't the move so omg that's so awkward last night honestly you just know with my tummy and then the wig i woke up normally i like to stay with the wig 2-3 days but right now I'm like heck no like a day is enough ya prepped im pregnant bro i feel like i have to take it off so yeah that's literally the first thing i do and then i hatetake off my wig because first I have to this is a Trapattoni says water so first I have to soak the glue so that's what I'm doing I put water on and then.
Let the water melt a bit. Aloha yeah Malenko and I know once I get this off I want you to see the time is down but once I get this off it's literally just me Bellona in the wig cap and then I have to take my wig cap off the wig and then the wig cap that he likes shows the way the cap is on my hair so the wig is really very secure which is what I love because the way guys ask me like days , you know, but no, no. I can I'm like and I'm done with it one day so I have to take my wig cap off every once in a while with my head it cut our Ties um so this feels so good Oh but right here I braid my hair like super tight oh and he sews the wig into the braid so my wig won't get snatched so even if someone wants to snatch my wig because last night i was like, baby, neither is your wig right now and i was like you can like if You'd have to snip it off in case she got enough in a club fire or something. i'm not literally going out on my facebook i miss if it was my hair because he secures it there really really well so yeah actually i'm Alec slept for coffee excuse me dear aunt sally i like to part like a cup of slippers so i'm I'm going to go next door and put this back on I wouldn't go next door mmm and that's my mom if she can cut the little one let's see just for me and then I'm going to shower then I'm coming over here and talk to you guys lunch in two hours it's 8:00 in the morning my lip salon 211 guys I'm so excited I'm on Twitter and many of you are already treating me like this I'm ready girl I'm three hours before you guys literally gave me feel like crying um so yeah let me take my wig off let me shower and come back with my natural brown hair i come in here they are like what is happening to you i look like i had a crazy ass tonight they are like a crazy ass audrina tonight but no i'm just pregnant zada you gotta do it yeah why was i vlogging now with him isn't it?
They took my picture guys and I look drunk but I knew the guys literally saw me in the blood of these little guys. we're 30 minutes away now for my lip to launch it's 10:30 here and LA and they launched at 11:00 LA time so we've got 30 minutes for me to make a face real quick and then walk over to the studio, which is very close, probably five minutes away, when actually I was intending to get ready and then come here and talk to you guys, but as always, I'm a little worn out, but before my lip darts, wanted to go here just thank you very much to all of you who are already tweeting me of course with likes writing watch this video m My lipsticks will be available now and i will leave the link where you can buy them but i want to talk right now before i my lipstick is launched and just come in, thank you very much to everyone who is ready. buying my lipsticks and i'm as excited as i am it makes me so happy it makes me feel so grateful i will never stop thinking about you guys and just tell you how thankful i am you know with every release with every What i expressed how much support you show me they are ready.
Please spend your hard earned money on my collection to support me and my future family. It absolutely means a lot to me, so thank you very much. Guys like I told you plan on practicing who's buying who's gonna buy I appreciate your face so many of you know that in the end I literally wouldn't be in this hotel right now if it wasn't for of you guys looking at me and supporting me I just believe in me and it's It's not like you know I have a scientific formula that you guys don't think you guys should believe in me as a person like me as my dumb ass and seriously forever and ever and forever thankful for you and I just want to say Thank you very much before the samples.
Oh, I'm getting very excited. I'm getting excited. 20 minutes, tears. I have 20 minutes. I mean the reason for this


was obviously for my event yesterday and then also because I wanted to be here when, uh, when, when my lippies, this is my first release, not that I've had many I hope, but this is my first. one where i'm here in los angeles so you have 20 minutes before they release it again if you bought if you support me and my little collection of love i have here. I cherish them forever and ever and I really hope you like it.
I really hope you feel proud with my lips when you receive them and just know that I'm thankful for you and love you me and baby J and my little family love you don't have to get ready and go there and then I think after that we'll go to lunch and then I want to take my mom shopping for some clothes and after that, I think we should wrap up for today. I look so funny. I tell you guys, I've enjoyed coming here without makeup. I want. I don't have to be like hella catfishing like all the time like oh like you already know like I also want to say and again thank you guys I can't stop saying thank you but I can't find any other words to save my sites like thank you and I just want you guys to always know that I'm super super grateful with every release of everything I put out and I'll always come here and just cry with you and say something to them and that I love you guys so much that Lauren just picked me up and we just got to Soma Lippies Launche around the Aug 20 18 hrs doing like 20 min ago and everything is going so well guys I like stressed about like all my lunches my lipids combo or anything for the first hour like I just want to make sure everything is going well but everything is ok are you excited or how many buy my biggest 100 exciting shirt but we are here?
I'm going to try them. It's kind of crazy right now because it was obviously just lunch but I'm going to try to get a couple of clips for guys oh guys I'm so excited all of this is about to get shipped here ok so let's get started with this I need I don't want to just sign it I want to leave you guys a little love note so I'm like I can't take it right now so I'm going to write I love you Leslie to as many as I can so last time I did this I I remember but my hand is cramping so right now I hope I can do it. all these actions and then all these all these you're going to do all these boxes yeah this is it I mean they're already slipping We go out a lot we're in time to get it out for you that's impossible razor yeah , videographer, right now, by the way, I really wish I could find literally every single one, but I can't do anything for you guys. they're the ones that get a little good now we're rocking another baby sir come here he told you I really liked him. thief in a story they make up of you as a consumer is this is all consciousness oh i saw storage hydrogenases 20 times once i mean it was like once 14-3 and all the guys are clearly not like my mom not being me for acoustic or italian more is abhi na kita ok ok for a system repair i recommend it though the bodies are more like no one today love love me or whatever you pick me up after party people can just was on air wit uae and we can We don't guarantee we don't know emotions today ok occupy light pha raoh really in pain hanuman i know guys sorry i'm a peanut oh guys i just saw clip side we hit the roof the girl Gruber growing rhombic thirty I bought myself a pizza guys I've never had these I've eaten like pizza I mean the pretzel ok what not repeating huh so let me see if I recommend it or not hey guys good morning it's the third fourth day c birthday no it's not her birthday and it's our last day here so we don't actually record right now downstairs and we're packing up ready to go so it's friday and we come home today yesterday I don't even know where we left off I don't even know which one it was the last part i checked in yesterday but i died yesterday me and i like we are so exhausted normally at the end of the day i am the one who is like baby i am so dead but yesterday here was too much you were killing me we made a lie yes today these last three days it's like the most i've probably done all year um it's been a very protective life little trip and stuff but omg i was tired yesterday guys i was meant to love who had to go four times don't be like, I think we had cheesecake, I don't know, I was literally so tired I passed out. at some point i'm just going to but i lay down and passed out and i'm not done blogging with you when you met one of what was the last part we're about to leave i'm so tired i'm ready to go home lie down and come back to me peaceful little life my little yeah my routine of me just being a bacterium its our last day alex is wrapping up hey guys im trying to get everyone together finishing up all the packing let me show you guys a little baby tea update today this is what baby tree looks like today I feel like today I look small today is a small day guys so maybe why not Camila Tonto well we have breakfast and I have some fruit and stuff but this is me tomorrow I'm turning 22 you guys are over what I already would have 22 weeks which is crazy I'm almost t close I'm a month away from my third trimester because of my California See you next year I like this frustrated because it says most girls have too much luggage my mom my mom was like singapore it's a shoe for every politician honest to ask your the money sisupala naman i know it wasn't a particle bye guys and then we just have to go in another car because we don't fit so we are running late and we will be in the airport too

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