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Taking My Fiance To Get Surgery!

Jun 09, 2021
today is a day he's in a lot of pain bloggers and our guys 24 surgeon six seven eight screws JT found today is the day today is the day I hate


Rose right there we were able to get Josh into


right away because he's in a lot of pain and they are having surgery today, we literally went today to find out when I could have surgery and they scheduled it for today, no we have to do it today, he said the bone is broken in four places and it could grow. in a bad way, so he's still in a lot of pain, so let's confuse Josh.
taking my fiance to get surgery
Look, you can see now, you can see what the disgust is like, oh my God, Josh, you really are cocky, he's not swollen to the bone, he looks like ours. It doesn't attach the collarbone, it's more unpleasant, right, yeah, honey, we're sure that's all I said, where I really don't know, so he had like half of it on his shoulder, so thanks to everyone who has said a prayer as we watched. for your boy because it's unfair to josh tv but we're about to go to the hospital right now josh is going to go in for surgery i have to go to the waiting room it'll be like four hours guys the real thing is like we've been doing all these marriage videos and yes, your boy got scared.
taking my fiance to get surgery

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taking my fiance to get surgery...

He really had such a problem with me, so I thought that if he breaks me, can't you make sure that she has to take care of me for the next two months? She acted as if all this was nothing. I'll know if she's worried so now I hear go and break her collarbone just a test to see if I'm the one and guys I'm lucky a little bit excited vlog like Josh when he's under anesthesia. because like you're going to be like he's going to be in all of these I'm going to sleep like they're going to knock him out then wake up sleep sleep we'll ask him some questions guys we're going to go up.
taking my fiance to get surgery
I'm going to Google questions to ask people when he's on painkillers and see if he's really the one, so stay tuned. I'm a little nervous as if not, I'm like a nervous Canadian, so one goes under her. surgery is a little scary, but I know OVF I think that's the new thing, laughing, we're okay, oh God, I just touch your shoulder, come on baby, we're going to be okay, oh pretty of your time and I'm sad , No. I want, I'm just sad because I get so nervous about surgery, oh, but Josh is wearing a mask. I would wear a mask exactly, but I timed it so you wouldn't have a choice.
taking my fiance to get surgery
How do you feel? You are nervous? To be honest, I'm a little nervous. I always get nervous about surcharges because you go under. You have no control. Yeah, I just want to get my vlogging hand back into action. Yes, he is doing this. It's these guys. I can't vlog. right now guys, so it's all for KTB and what. Oh, kiss before they have anything to say to me, anything to say I love them, thanks for coming, thanks for


care of me, yeah, Katie's going to be lost, her best friend, she's mad at me, guys. Yeah, my best friends are broke and we can't play anymore, but we're still going to go find it and vlog a little.
We will keep you informed. I'll block you guys a little while he's around, oh, just remember. what average spaced don't eat that's true okay it looks like you have a beard okay come on what did you say you miss your best friend? Okay guys, Josh BP is on some chill drugs right now, so you're getting them. all set for surgery, yeah, to miss me, okay, what was that? Do you have hiccups? I love you. You are excited? I'm so excited you can't get any better. Yes, you look cute. Hey, they scratch their heads. I love you, fool, Neelix.
I have something. look for hope it's drugs or it's breathing well, I don't want to move, he's trying to get me to move this and he, okay, I better stop this before we get in trouble. He could blame him. He knew it. Although mother made me do it because they didn't yell at her, but you guys are definitely fine. I'm going to spend some time with Josh. You can see how you feel now, so tired that you can go to bed like this. Hi, is it as good or bad as 40 40? I don't know, yeah, just um, that would look kind of awesome.
It's just that I never did that, you didn't do that last time, oh no, do you feel good? No, yes, he looks at you, you have your little appearance like a little explosion of his. No one likes it equals a sentence, a subscription because I'm prettier, oh, she said, yeah, you owe me a post, anything on patreon for the people of the people. the back for the service club, okay, Sally, I'll put the camera down now. I really like walking because you are so precious right now. I know, okay, okay, so the doctor or the surgeon came and said it was going to be.
Three months until he likes lifting weights or doing anything like back to normal, but he'll be able to do cardio and stuff, which is fun, so Joshy won't be running together, he's kind of sleeping right now. He just keeps looking at me about sleeping at the same time. He is so cute right now and I love him so much. The mail stuff is fine, I just want to keep talking to him walking around when he's like this because he's so incredibly precious. Hi JT's family, they may have gotten up and marked his shoulder. This is what it looks like.
The other one looks so cute. I spoke to the doctor or surgeon and he told me everything was fine, it was a pretty nasty fat fracture but everything was fine, we're going to go see Josh because he's waking up very excited. I'm happy he's okay. back and he's eating cookies yes I'm doing what you asked me a second ago he's your best friend back I'm here she knows I've been my best friend yes I like it why don't they do it because it's dangerous okay this is true You're not one hundred percent wrong, so Josh, do you love me?
I don't know who you are, sorry, don't give me ground in the field and keep it up. If you touch my cheeses or my crackers, you will swing on one arm. It's not that you can't feel nice, do what you have to say that day to film, stop filming, I guess he's already there, he's famous, give me, excuse me. Oh, no, thanks, you know, they always say you have to ask people if they're cheating on you. You're under anesthesia to make sure it's true Have you ever cheated on me? plays what about the fate of your name? oh my god I'm in the military, well look where that got you, it got you to the hospital, yeah, it did anything else, right? say anything subscribe to his YouTube channel which YouTube channel are you excited to marry me why did he just say I'm fine anything else something nice and a nice message you can tell me oh yeah I'll show you a few hours and the best you can friends here best friends i'm here what i know That man boom?
I called it bad mm-hmm tiny tiny bed not comfortable it would be enough for me it's not big enough so you don't even need to make cookies write about the poem last time and said what he's


pictures I'm going to dream about things I don't They are a dream I thought what you were doing but it wasn't me, yeah, noise, actually you know, who slims me down, yeah, slim down, what did she say? Jesus, don't make cookies, oh, so. He wasn't rude and he didn't really wake up. Was he okay guys, awake? Josh is getting off drugs a little bit, how hungry you are, he's living his best life, guys, he's getting what he made him, churros, cinnamon toast, crunchies, his favorite cereal.
I said I said, "Oh, so our friend Brie gave her this huge care package yesterday that was so sweet, so you know, the girls gave her a care package to get from our friend Brie and then she gave us some of credit, a little dirt never hurts and then I just thought it was really sweet. She did that to him and then she also bought you this so you can shoot me. It's a Nerf gun so you can shoot me whenever you need to. Do it yourself by saying instead of a bell, oh God, she says I am.
No guys, I don't remember if I showed you this, but look at this, this is a plate and then those are all the screws in Josh's shoulder. Here's one, two, three , four, five, six, seven eight screws, that's crazy, so tomorrow we can. to take his bandage and then he can take off the swing for black whatever you want what not me a hug okay apparently I have to hug boy just go say bye okay Syd just say bye oh yeah okay now yeah you're lucky oh okay guys he was here bothering hello vlog what you just said hold the camera what's he going to say Oh Joshy B oh I was going to finish the vlog early and you say no we'll finish it later oh well Jesus this is Josh this is the current update but why do they want to finish the vlog early?
Because I wanted to give you the content, but I forgot. I can't walk, guys, see you tomorrow. We're stuck on the vlog. Katie Beacon. Keep the channel together, pay attention, my ass, okay, let's go have ice cream, see you tomorrow.

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