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Taking my Drag Car through a McDonald's Drive-Thru! (1,000 Horsepower Mustang)

Mar 02, 2020
Hey guys real quick before we start today's video I want to let you know a few important reminders you guys don't really care about him feel free to skip them but check this out so you know we just started our second channel has It went really well in just a few weeks, I already had over a hundred thousand subscribers, which is insane. We actually just got back from filming one of those videos for that channel today so if you guys don't mind click above and subscribe to that channel it would mean a lot we also just released new designs on the website that are really cool if you want to see them you can click the link in the description or click the comment pin and there's a link to the website there where you just go to www.hsn comm you can find all the new designs and everything and not forget every 10 bucks you spin will automatically go towards winning the gt500 which means $40 for entries $50 five entries or so so now is the best time especially since we have new designs so click below to check them out and one last thing, we're starting this new thing on the channel, as you know. i've had channel memberships for quite some time there's a join button right next to the subscribe button on the channel page ok now we're really going to take this very seriously and do something with it so basically what we're doing is that we have three different levels now, the first level will have access to some special advantages, the second level has a little more, including 24 hours early access to each video that will be published on this channel if you sign up for that, do not count all the secrets in advance and the third level will contain all the advantages that the previous two levels have, except that you will also have access to a private question and answer session where we will present a live podcast with all of our guys here and you You'll basically be able to be in a very, very small group and ask us questions that we'll individually go through and answer each of them for about an hour. every week so if you guys want to get some one-on-one time with all of us and make sure you sign up for that third perk on the channel membership stuff that'll be a lot of fun I have a feeling but that's pretty much it anyway the updates if you want to see all the perks that actually come along with level 1, level 2 and level 3 channel membership feel free to click the join button and it will present you with a bunch of different options where you can read and watch all anyways guys let's go back to today's video we drove to McDonald's in the spring race car and then we put some really ugly headlights on the gt500 so let's continue with today's video good morning guys , what's going on?
taking my drag car through a mcdonald s drive thru 1 000 horsepower mustang
It's 7:30 a month. Right now, I'm actually coming back from about 30 minutes. I went to the lake about 30 minutes north of where I'm from and wanted to take the car. Oh, I'm going to go a few miles before this. morning and it's been great so I'm really happy with it last night for dinner we took it about 30 miles east of town and we took it to dinner and came home from sushi and now I'm about a hundred and thirty Small miles on this engine, which means we will be able to do our first oil change today. We have that change in the oil.
taking my drag car through a mcdonald s drive thru 1 000 horsepower mustang

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taking my drag car through a mcdonald s drive thru 1 000 horsepower mustang...

I actually have some things for the gt500 that I want to do today that are going to be cool, you guys are going to really freak out again, but it's a really cool thing that we got for the car. Do you want to come for breakfast, yes fighting black fish, the good news is I've been driving a lot this morning. so i already have the models for the first of all changes so i can do that in a second vance gave you a good run after lunch and i'm going to have something oral yeah yeah everyone wants to. to keep laughing at me every time I get on.
taking my drag car through a mcdonald s drive thru 1 000 horsepower mustang
I've never seen a passenger here, so no one else had to get on and try it. It's honestly entertaining. in my car from hilarious you know she looks like she's laughing too loud for me Claire hey idiot how you gonna lock the door oh you got long orangutan arms you know what annoys me people say orangutan it's a tan ring no G very cool guys we're getting to McDonald's right now to go to breakfast this is weird i've been in this car i got to a




forever later well yeah yeah yeah this is my race car thank you so much you too they're all looking there huh, i forget what an idiot you are at this you dont do this in the shell cause its too quiet just theres something weird with this car if the cars we are just look the way they look and sound like a bet i mean its a bad one still Oh, there's a state trooper.
taking my drag car through a mcdonald s drive thru 1 000 horsepower mustang
Surely I don't have a license plate on this car and I don't. i put two tires on and also talk great so we're smoking a lot because the Rings haven't sat down yet and what's happening is this car is supercharged so even if I put up a pound on boost it's pushing oil past the Rings and that cop is definitely pulling out right behind me so I'm just going to try to go oh we're fuming too bro I'm just trying to get Donald to go get trespassing oil. Come on man, wait, look at this watch. this here was right here i forgot i'm fuming still we were smoking like a barber look behind us bro it's a there's a lot of smoke look everyone look above everyone look hey cars on fire that's so so bad it's only for the first like 250 bad so probably the first time we've had one of the cars running and i saw it was smoking so bad i was literally panicking it never broke the last stock coyote it didn't at all but it was until i put the MRA on the first time which was the first time I've ever had an engine built and I've seen them do that every time they brake again Trane's I don't know if the camera can pick it up but that's what a Bill trans sounds like if you don't mind whatever you say about Shelby this is always going to be my favorite car yeah I get it I think I'm sorry okay we're coming to Advance Auto now they just keep seeing those stop on every vehicle now that they're all running I'm really going hey come check this out hey but also this good yeah cuz we pulled up in your car we pulled up in the Shelby we pulled up and we'll pull over in the truck soon yeah let's go get some oil I'll have a new oil filter and then we're going back to the shop I can comfortably say that I'm happy because this is one of the first times, if not the only time that we put something together and we didn't have as many problems what I'm not saying is that it's bad I'm just saying I'm glad this one isn't bothering us remember how we used to like the Corvette we had to pull the trans like 14 times and it's a lot of other things but this one yeah that way it doesn't shoot out and spill and it's pretty nice Yeah, oh, it doesn't look terrible, it's a bit fuely. diluted but ok just a little bit of fuel but that's to be expected so as I've been saying that's why we're seeing a lot of smoke out the rear because there's still a mixture of oil going both ways in the crankcase and in the combustion chamber right now the rings are not fully sealed and seated but this should all go away in the next few days at least oh that's funny but thank you so much appreciate you adding zev techs if you're seeing this. comment below i want i want to talk to you loved the job something which was that for the second channel zev is basically a gun maker they make replacement parts for firearms that i have for a lot of my builds which you can actually see a lot of that kind of content on my second channel if you click above right now but i ordered a keg through them and the keg has been on back order for the last few weeks.
I didn't expect it, so I canceled the order, but it turns out that the guy who called me who had to make the courtesy call actually knew me. from the channel so it's great it's nice to have this camera ever makes everything so nice huge thanks for being more for providing this tubular k member if you want to see them go to the link in the description use the code, it's just a six. take a look but yeah the tubular k members make life so much easier on these cars the biggest problem with these cars is installing headers on these coyotes but if you notice now we don't have that you can access literally almost all times. ry bolt you need you can access everything for AC everything for the radiator belts oil changes are super simple everything is good to look at it's really good now so you know what's the worst normally though what AC compressor and now it's like right there ok now still not the most fun because yeah I'm getting in there but I have to store cameras nobody because we put back the one that was in the Shelby something Earl looks black they didn't have any more. my car quest I had to get Rotella I hate sacrificing quality for my main quest I'm excited because once we get everything broken in obviously we'll do the first break changed we've got two more to go you should be able to get honestly this weekend I plan on


the car in an eight hour road trip to get all these rest miles off real quick so hopefully when I get back next week we can start doing the battery relocation start doing the brakes


out the hydraulics putting in a new center console cleaning everything on the car to get it ready for this year with the racing season all i plan to do a lot with this card this year since the car was very broken last year i really couldn't run it as much and i didn't like it at all and i think at At least now we're in a position where everything is pretty stable and moving fast, so it shouldn't be a problem. ma so now that we have the gt 350 for rolling races we have the being here to do


stuff scary half a mile i just cant honestly believe we were that we are going to back off real quick we are going to step back we sent an engine off because we had problems with it we haven't got it back in a while we got frustrated because we wanted the car to run me and doug looked at each other and said ok dammit it blew coyote a few extra heads and random spare parts here and there let's go ahead and let's build a build a Frankenstein engine strategically and it worked and Franken builds broken you build a real race car and also something cool our local Advance Auto Parts here they have a competition right now basically to see why it's private property so the police no note our local police are really nice here but basically they are running a little private contest burnout do yeah seriously so far along is doing this where they want to see who can get there to make the biggest burnout in their parking lot so now that this car is back up and running I really want to wait until break everything and then i want to go out and do gas monkey 2.0 burnout you never got to see the gas monkey bar now that was crazy its funny because we actually went and watched your videos like a few days ago and your videos currently still have the rubber all over the wall they could never get her out of this car double syrup yes i doubt it try i dont give it


rips my heart out this car is next we have some things to do with the gt500 sorry this has been out of pretty much every last videos but the reason is if you've been working on these two parts here so the gt500 was kind of in the background for a short period of time but today we're going to do something really cool that should tr ansform the whole look of this car so I'm excited to see how this BTW turns out honestly guys if you didn't already know we're giving this car away in a few more weeks so if you want to go ahead and check out the details on how to enter to win this car. you can go to it's only six calms or you can click the pin comment or the link in the description enter and win this is very easy all you have to do is go to it's only six calms like i said it's been ten bucks or more on merch and every ten bucks you spend you get an automatic ticket basically if you spend $40 you get four automatic tickets $50 five tickets and so on make sure you go get tickets because this is going to be the craziest one but this is the fourth we've done for true and every single one that we've done so far has been great, but honestly this is the one I'm looking forward to the most because it's such an iconic car.
I mean, it's a fucking gt500 for Sprite's sake, so anyway, you guys saw it every time we bought it and you guys. I've seen a lot of the mods we've been doing over the last few weeks today we're going to do the one I've personally been most excited about because the wheels are cool you know things like those really cool taillights but in these boxes this is probably going to be the coolest for me so anyway let's open this up so as you know we just did taillights on this car we did the raxiom gin 5 headlights i mean taillights really really like the smoked lookcompared to the bright red that comes from the factory and I think that's the only thing that bothered me up front about the car it's just that it looks a little plain to me so this box here we have a turn signal so on your instead of that garish orange we're actually going to have blacked out on this box we've got some really cool stuff our guys at MADD retros go check it out on instagram they have a really cool page where this is all they do And they wanted to show their skills, they contacted us, they said they could get some headlights for this car and I'm curious how good they will look.
I definitely saw them online. I have an idea of ​​what they look like. Haven't gotten to see them in person when it comes to headlights it's good or bad there's no people in between either they do a good job with headlights they're a bad job like I've never worked with these guys before some really excited to check them out and see what we have in here kind of igniters basically for HID bulbs so I'm assuming it's an HID setup on these headlights it looks like the control box or our RGB setup which I'll show you here in just a second this is where it gets really interesting this is what i'm looking forward to seeing dude that's really cool so this is the


rs side headlight you notice it's fully updated so there's actually a projector in there with a projector shroud, it's all painted black, that's beautiful, heck yeah. dude that's cool so they actually use Morimoto for their headlights that's really cool Morimoto is easily my favorite brand of anything lighting related LaMotta makes really cool products.
Glad to see they use this Morimoto stuff, that's all you got. labeled nicely it should lead to a very easy install which is great well the dog is there removing the front bumper of the gt500 so we can start on our headlight so I'm going to go ahead and try and get this parachute out and get it out since I put it on but I want to get everything out of the way here that is kind of illegal just because I want it to be street legal as much as possible so which way I can hopefully take it tomorrow or so and drive a little like I said I want to going to do some break-in stuff here well the models braking down and off road means i have to drive it on the street a lot but i dont want to drive it as is but the parachute that comes out of the bag usually dont like the cops, I'm just not trying to impound this car, that's the last thing I want.
Honestly, I totally ruined my day. Here we go, we definitely have a big shirt guy and he's just sick. Save the plates from the manuals, as we can get these plate covers. license plate cover, you're going to get him entered to win that car right there, pretty crazy huh? I already had a cover out of the way and I think the bumper is ready to be tricked out now so now that we've got the bumper off everything else is really simple this isn't a challenge by any means there's one bolt here two bolts down here and the headlight pops out of place so I'll be careful to slide them up into place take our pusher for whatever reason set that oh dude I think it's just the projectors honestly like the projectors they be They look good in cars, cars don't have projectors.
It just looks weird to me it made a world of difference it was exactly what I expected to be honest now we're laughing look I said this reminds me of a Shelby 1314 that's how thick a Shelby 1314 looks thick As soon as I come back look at the projector cutout on the wall that's when you know you're using high quality basically the point of projectors is if you notice there's a cut out the light just goes off. below that line, not above it, so whenever you set the projectors to a certain height, basically anything above that line is basically out of light, which means it's not going to blind others drivers which is why the projectors are really cool you get really super bright headlights without having to blind yourself for anybody else so it's really nice beyond that though check this out it really is crazy to me how much this looks like car to the 13-14 model gt500 and Dow just because of the projector headlights and obviously the taillights and stuff like that but this is a really cool looking gt500 of this generation it's wow this is where it gets really cool basically I can get by over here i can choose between different modes basically this is going to control the headlights so let's go ahead turn them on and let's see this look at that now oh my yeah flashing oh yeah i don't know if i like red but the headlights os overall are great rate how i feel good thats good cause we have RGB bro oh idk boy maad retros thank you guys so much im to say the least completely impressed this is really sick ok guys this will probably be a conclusion to Today's video we finished everything I wanted to do the RGB Halos format retros look amazing if you guys haven't received your tickets to win this car you are really missing out and yeah time is passing so fast with this , I can't wait, call one of you, let him know you want him if he wants it. down or go to it's only six com well be yours guys so give it a try on two thanks so much for watching and i'll see you guys in the next video

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