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Takeaways from the 2023 Hall of Fame Game

Aug 04, 2023
the DTR program uh that's what I'm saying this is a rookie at UCLA and on Wednesday's show we'll do a little preview um this is what we saw at home this young Thompson uh Robinson d t r as he passes He'll get the majority of the snaps of the second half and word is spreading that he has been outstanding at Brown's training camp. I think DTR, the rookie out of UCLA, a fifth-round pick, the 10th quarterback taken, could be the standout in tomorrow's


. as an understatement, this is this is what you want on national television.
takeaways from the 2023 hall of fame game
Kell and Mon didn't do much in the first half, they put this young rookie, fifth round pick, 10th quarterback taken and he makes a 93 yard play, uh 11. Drive takes his team down with some incredible footwork on this type of plays, but also with excellent passes. The block on Felton's touchdown was incredible and then I heard some Scouts because he was tweeting about it and I said this is what he did in college. He would deliver the ball and he would follow the play and throw his body around him. Well that's not ideal for a quarterback, it doesn't matter, this is what you want to see, he's getting into action and the interesting thing is He had a whole conversation with Rogers before the


and then after the game they took a photo together.
takeaways from the 2023 hall of fame game

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takeaways from the 2023 hall of fame game...

You look at his stats for the night, you look at his performance and it's like this is what you want to see from a guy saying hello. National Spotlight let me make this day about me, everyone is talking about him this morning, it's exciting, I thought, Andrew Siciliano had a funny coach, funny tweet, he basically said, Browns fans after seeing DTR go to UCLA, we love to those ten great quarterbacks and that's where they are at uh, UCLA had a moment last night, both DTR and Felton, the running back, but DTR, hey, look, if you're telling me it's him and Monde in a bottle for the number two, mom didn't put the stamp on it saying that I'm the guy who DTR stole the Nation's Hearts, but last night he definitely did, it was fun to see it exciting, he walked in and the energy was through the roof and he heard Aaron Rodgers talk to him before the game, took a photo with him after the I love this Aaron Rodgers who is just mentoring the youngest quarterbacks in the NFL and the guy on his team who seems to be under his wing is Zach Wilson and you saw him last night and it was nothing tremendous. plays they didn't play for a long time, he had to make a deep pass, but what I enjoyed most was seeing Zach Wilson in a different light.
takeaways from the 2023 hall of fame game
He backs off here and throws his bomb out of the end zone. It's a beautiful pass. It's called whole. nine after the game, he's actually about to pass and he says this was a play called by Aaron Rodgers, but as you watched him, whether it was after the game, or on the sideline during the game, you just saw him with that big smile. in your face. It was a beautiful sight if you're a Jets fan, if you're just a football fan, because every time we saw Zach Wilson last year it seemed like everything was down, we were piling them up, the play wasn't good, so you can say he deserved it but it's nice to see this version of him a little more relaxed but smiling as he talked about Aaron Rodgers calling somewhere I had to thank him and you just see the big smile on his face and my heart was warm Seeing this version of Zach Wilson maybe he'll turn around maybe he won't, but I love that the kid is happy that he's enjoying football again, you know how warm my heart is.
takeaways from the 2023 hall of fame game
The national anthem by DeMarcus Ware. Is incredible. the story of the night about it, but I want to thank tariko and Collinsworth, it's an unusual game to call and everyone who is involved in the broadcast because there are interviews in the game, the game is strange, it could be Lauren if you let it. My favorite part of the broadcast was when they spent about three minutes talking about DeJuan Jones, the Cleveland Browns right tackle, who might be the greatest person in the NFL, if not the world. six eight three fifty and they started to show the voice of him just pushing the guys, he played well too.
This is a rookie from Ohio State. He went in the fourth round, but the best part is giving some to Tariko and Collinsworth. candy you gotta give people some candy they got the damn high school basketball highlights bring it there it's Boom uh Indianapolis he's Duncan I like the point when he's isolated look at that kid imagine that kid's life is being destroyed we love you whoever you are, I think that kid is a producer on our show now, that's right, she'll play metaphor again uh, he was, he was paired with the point guard, he did a robbery, uh, I love this yeah He's going to be a tackle for the Browns for a long time.
We're going to play this clip for a long time. There's nothing that makes good old-fashioned football tick than big men playing in high school, a little like Rodney Rogers, maybe a big little town, a big tractor, tractor trailer, yeah. Yeah, this is a big decision, uh, Dwan Jones. I loved the great work of the broadcast team last night, especially Devin McCourty, who we'll get to. Really the broadcast team. I don't know what kind of warm-up they did. in the low season, but they were humming at full speed, specifically it's around 10 30 p.m. m., you know, we were all still awake watching the beginning of the fourth quarter fascinated.
I was looking forward to those final Hall of Famers interviews with Melissa Stark, who I absolutely thought. I crushed it, we go back to the beginning of the last quarter and Tariko is like the lights are out, he makes a joke about the lights going out during Colin's birth story, it's cute right? I like that 14 minutes went by and these two had to fill in absolute professionals. fill fulfill fill a little more inside the truck for NBC Sports Rob Hyland the producer and Drew esikoff Justin when things like this happen on our broadcast you there is no way to explain the chaos but the calm that exists in the first two rows of a production truck What images are we showing?
How many commercials do we have? You're talking to the programming person. S


we go to the studio? Is it Maria Taylor? Does Devin McCourty have anything to say? So many questions, very few answers. They made it fun. It's entertaining, there's a Darkness Retreat joke, but in that break I specifically love the Zach Thomas interview he did with Melissa Stark. I thought her stories were incredible. uh, Zach Thomas, the member of the Miami Dolphins, it's an incredible story. He is hearing impaired from an accident, an injury he suffered when he was a child and how the image of Jimmy Johnson yelling at him and that if he had not had a first opportunity in preseason he would never have earned his starting job, every one of the stories we heard last night about Having these guys walk into the room was amazing, but I was specifically impressed with the moment when Phil, that Dr.
Thomas gave us with Melissa Stark, the swinging lights were off, it was a beautiful thing, oh, it's great for those producers and the apps , all the people in the truck. Looks like it's not our fault, do it, we didn't do this, you know, this isn't hard, the big truck truck is cool, this is blaming them, imagine the stress level of everyone, oh my god, those poor men and women who were once in charge of keeping the lights on in that stadium, it's just not my fault. Do they play high school games in that stadium or something or college games?
They usually have so much time allotted and then they just get the shower running again. team none of the teams that's great uh that was a beautiful start I love Canton Ohio so Jersey Mike's right down the street from the stadium it's delicious oh cool number eight without bacon um

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