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Tactical Footwork in CQB

May 29, 2021
from you guys i drink about a common problem as we have a cqb and that is the posture of the body during the cut or in other words when we do not run dynamically we get the bodywork of the room gradually from the outside removing the most of Teresa from the outside. three common types of


that you would often see from guys in CQB courses and some of them are good some of them are bad which I want to talk about their functionality within CQB especially in terms of exposure and survivability so I'll break it down real quick the first contact with body position that we have is what we call the shooting range guys are used to shooting at the shooting range like this for example they will come to see the key rhythm and then we'll learn how accurate the spacing is at the end at the beginning, if you don't speak with proper foot position then we'll start sliding around the gate like this ok then we have the second type, which is like the dish towards the enemy types, they will stand like this. the legs are squirting through the threat basically and then we'll start cutting like this okay and then we have the third type which is what we teach basically is live fit works with a theme so my weapon is important position for apex in my eyes and ethics and basically i have a leading fit and okay i'll break it down real quick of those stances they're pretty bad first of all range as a stance is quite problematic because first of all , in terms of the exposure of that leg that moves here often, especially when it's under great physical stress, it will start to fly into the following angles before I can see them, for example, if I stay here and I'm cutting what be and I ran into someone I'll probably stay still.
tactical footwork in cqb
I'm estimating during that the standing still which is like here you can't see it but it's supposed to be the next angle for example if there's continuous icing and at this rate again to me maybe it looks like a tongue behind coriander poop but that leg here is already moving to the next angle we have a history of mobility in terms of output and stability so the first ability is very fast actually i have a night vision helmet i played a lot of gear concentrate here my chest and my weapon and it will normally go forward at this point the problem is that this is a very critical area if someone from behind is there but pushes me or I am going to trip because I am going to get close to the building and that brahmana what What's going to happen is that the possibility of me falling forward and in this direction is very difficult because I don't have anything stopping me in terms of mobility if I need to change, which is something we often see when a person is exposed.
tactical footwork in cqb

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tactical footwork in cqb...

When faced with a sudden large threat over this distance you will see that often people who don't call in this direction instead of first back and then in that direction and the reason for this is that when they are standing here first of a All they're literally with their backs in that direction and secondly the legs mechanically don't allow for a very smooth movement today towards the narrow basically instead of a movement and the problem is this immaculate understanding of all the time is fine so that's a big deal ok let's talk square stance real quick again we revisit it really not quick and dirty square stance is technically good especially arguing the importance of the plate order threat but to be honest When I'm learning how to drive a car I'm not thinking about the urban or where my head is positioned I'm thinking about preventing that accident by positioning my powerful movie okay ent once those are excuses already thrown out the window I don't care what I care about it's about mobility and food stability, first of all, here again, I don't have the slightest ability to front in terms of mobility, in terms of from escaping like bailey i can pay a little more but s until i'm going to beg for another extra ok so again the problem we have in build instability and another problem is again if you can see that leg , the sharp Barbican here will make that leg fly forward ok so again I'll just go over those angles because I'm trying to find our actions so it's like you're always going forward so guys who are under a lot of stress when they come up at the gate they stop, check whatever they do and then we start doing things like this and the problem that again, the trim is flying all the way, what's next, okay?
tactical footwork in cqb
I found out in force of course in Diamond Blanca and the legs as they told the guys and there's really problems with that because the legs are ugly yeah so just think about our position our body posture looks like this position , the front leg is forward the second leg hurts so I think you see it's like fighting ok second this really helps a lot in terms of exposure management female feet toes point to the sides of the bar a. and i'm working with ok it's a natural component reference secondly i point it down and thirdly my eyes will point to it so now i can't handle my exposure what will happen is all the time .
tactical footwork in cqb
I have the same exposure in our time all the time I have the same exposure all the time ok nothing changes all the time all the exposure in terms of stability remember we talked about the team plate my helmet all that way if you can look especially at the first angles, which are really important, all that weight is supported by your new one here, okay, even if someone pushes me, I can resist it and this is really important because in the past I fell right on a threshold. during the race because the preacher was behind me gearing up and he crashed into me so I want to be stable so I'm going to be here and that setting can take a lot of weight okay turn off the bilge or mobility for example , if I am here and I need to move if you can see that my hips are now presenting that direction also they take that authority they prefer to take that movement so that you look like that it is very simple if it was a difficult path so my hip is now against it even if I'm punching like this before, my hip is away from that Bailey area, so I can't jump dangerously easily, so I'm here again, I've got stability, I've got mobility, and I can walk with it. well, we want to set ourselves up for success as much as possible and if I'm standing like this in the first place, which was the first stance, it doesn't matter if I'm going to run out of whatever you're doing. pinch me hybrid motor it doesn't matter if at some point I'm going to get shot when I'm surveying in his position or starting to move in the direction of the fall it's going to be in that direction so that's a guy hit by something that obviously moved my back and i got hit and sent over whatever when i start flowing down and my enemies will collapse into the canopy.
I'm going to fly in that direction and all the weight will carry me from time to time. I'm going to fly right here. the door still anyone who can shoot me okay if I'll be able to square the position here and they're going to shoot me it's like 50/50 I could fall that way or that direction but I'd love to do it if I get shot with our body position which is the next, it will lead Congress to remember it and they will shoot me, as they will recognize, even if I am going to start having fun, I will fall towards the wall, okay? again sounds really like what i was arguing a favor no one is cursing a very likely situation where you're going to get shot and still the position you'll be using won't really help you


ly but it will also set your life up as a required failsafe, ok so you can actually use it this was a real Breakdown very quickly and yes if you want to know more you just have to come to one of our courses and

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