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Swimming Pool Stereotypes

May 31, 2021
Guys, wake up. We've been sleeping for six hours. You have a phone on your chest. No. Oh, look how burnt it is. Oh no. I have a dog on my chest. Hey, do you want to play a quick game? Shall we go like half speed? Yes, casual? Yes. I don't want to get my hair wet. You're never going to catch me. Oh man, I can't believe people think Lord of the Rings drags. It was a great movie. 'How about ladies? You know I'm $2.00 off the nachos, right? Six more weeks of this, and I'll be a Brazilian bronze.
swimming pool stereotypes
All right, the ladies will be here in an hour. Nothing impresses them more than a good dive catch. Hmm, that's a good point. Has anyone here made it through high school football? Or you know what? I'll just be the quarterback. IT'S OKAY. Oh wow, that's some pretty good ball safety. Look at the size of that man's hand. I didn't even know you were going. Oh my mistake. I say we let the big hands prove it. Okay, so when you cast, you just want it to come right over the ear, and then just let it come out of your fingers.
swimming pool stereotypes

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swimming pool stereotypes...

Is that what you just did? That's what I... well, that's how you're supposed to do it. Mine was a bit... I'll try it my way. He took my breath away. That wasn't bad. That was decent. Do you want some? You obviously don't take sunbathing seriously. Well, I guess I don't take it seriously. Do you walk in like this? Obviously not. First I have to leave this scab on top. Be there in a couple of hours. Alright, see you in a couple of hours. Ooo, that's hot. Oh, here comes the worst part. Nerd. Are you okay, uncle?
swimming pool stereotypes
Oh, it's hot. (YELLING) What's up, man? I'm going to freshen up. Wow. Oh my God. Hey, he did it. It's good to be with you. Hey wait. What? Dude, you forgot to take off your shirt. I did not forget it. I also forgot my sunscreen. It's alright, it's all guys. Yeah, none of the girls are coming. Well dude, that's not really why. Chlorine makes shirts feel great. Yes. Ha ha, this is amazing. Come on, yeah, we're the T-shirt brothers. And to think that you realized this by accident. Yes, by accident. (LAUGH) How many somersaults do you want?
swimming pool stereotypes
Triple salchow, double arial, what are you thinking? I like the triple salchow. Mom, mom, I'm about to go on the trampoline. I'm not going until my mom looks. Are you ready? Hey, mom, feel my splash. Mom, you're not looking. 1, 2, 3, OK, wait. No, I can't go back now. You have to go, Spence. Let's go. Enter the water. Come on Spencer. Belly flop, belly flop. it has done it has done it Wow. I can't believe I just did that. My phone is in my pocket. Oh. Get a bag of rice. Oh, and my wallet. O friend. Thats not all.
My laptop. Oh. I had all my photos in case my phone got wet. Hey, earlier, I saw a couple of kids running around the


, and there's a very clear sign that says "no running." His son ate a snack, like 10 minutes ago. Yes? And now he's in the


. You are paying attention? Do I need to handle this? Because, like, I can handle it. What did you say your name was? I'm Karen. Yeah, I thought that's what you said. I have everything? Yes. Cool. Oh good, Chad is here. Oh hello. Wow. Aren't we going to the pool?
Hey man, do you mind? My kids are trying to-- Put it away, bro, I've got three sets left. Oh I'm sorry. I lost my balance. Just kidding, I never lose my balance. So how long have you been here? About 15 minutes. 15 minutes, that's an adequate time to be somewhere. I've seen this before. She wants me to save her. Oh, the water is like bath water. I, she was going


. I just ate an hour ago. Oh, there are children here. I'm out. Too cold in the background. Too hot in the shallow end. Ha, the mid end feels great.
I should have done the whole pool this way. What the-- Oh. Welcome. Hears. There is a rule to enter the pool. Avocado pencil dive. Me. oh oh It's okay. Fight the deer. What's with all the floats? Really? Oh man, who forgot to dry their hands? Give me some of those. This is still good. Oh Doritos. Oh yeah. It's still good. Guys, why are we sitting? It's pool day. Let's start with some sharks and minnows. I have a game we can play, the quiet game. I expected this kind of attitude. I'll be right back. OMG... It's the best pool toy, baby.
Look how much horsepower it has. Honey, the pool will be closed for a week. (SHOUTING) Everyone out. I should have hired a pool boy. Take care of your six. Will serve. Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. Oh, you shot me in the eye. Hey, the food is almost ready. Do you want me to open my presents sooner or later? Hey? My gifts. I didn't tell them to bring gifts. We don't have gifts. There are no gifts. Oh no, for my birthday? You know, girls dream of their wedding day. I thought little kids dream of their 30th birthday party.
It's 31. Yes, did I say in the invitation that your presence is present enough? No, you didn't. I think I'm going crazy. Ok, soda? I have... No, no, no, no. I can bring you some water. I think I'm going to break. I brought fresh fruit, Oreos, double stuffing. You love double stuffing. I can feel it coming. I'm not even going to try to stop it. Did you know? I think I'll have a drink. Well here. Let me see that. How did they not see it coming? Hi, happy birthday, T. The party's back on, guys. Yeah, he's a modern hero, a modern hero, a modern hero.
I'm going to swim. Happy birthday, T. I didn't tell them to bring presents. Oh dude, I'm so sorry. Get out of the pool. Hurry. Let's party guys! Stop. Five trucks were needed. Why? What's up guys? Thanks for watching. If you're not a Dude Perfect subscriber yet, click here so you don't miss any new videos. If you want to check out DP Gaming's channel for yourself, click here, check out Sparky, and sometimes some of us skip. If you want to see the latest video, click here. Log off for now. Hit it, noggin, see ya.

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