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May 31, 2021
My God, my God, do you hear that, dear? I think it must be the


alarm in my trade now. I need your help right now. If you don't click Subscribe, the


fight doesn't go away. I am playing a tsunami mod in


together with Craner and slow go man. The rules are quite simple. If you touch the water, you are dead. Let's try this. The water is rising. I do not like. something it's a flash flood oh no wait guys look up there are so many beautiful islands in the sky very high of course ok take the tree sir we literally drowned ok i'll pick up the dirt . it's wrong with you oh it's coming up boss ok boxing so fast oh my gosh it's so fast I need to go to another tree because I literally have nothing I forgot to get a fucking pick. everything we don't need a pickaxe i'm going to show a little bit possible ok i can't get to any other tree guys great josh ok somebody else take the pickaxe then i guess ok gimme gimme gimme , gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme , it is going well. a tsunami is hitting our town, you can literally break your hands, what are you complaining about?
survive the tsunami in minecraft impossible
I found another delight that I found in literature. it's a bad idea no i can't see what's the order where the water is guys i'm digging and that's really bad right no it's going in too but yeah i can only drown a part of you a piece of wood jelly I think so because the water is already so high I have so many blocks ok I'm going to make a judge can you guys literally me no no this is all nonsense ok bring the craftsman what am i taking? I'm taking it to you take it good job jelly I'm following all the cho ice cream ok grab let's go to this island and grab wood and then we go finally why don't you just grab some more wood because could have trouble here, guys? get out quick Hey here come on here come on okay cut the trees this is stressful this is so ladybug extremely stressful you guys want shovels right please please please? come on pickaxe birthday cake good job good job right dirty possibly the quickest to collect so i'll do it just because we won't be able to get it again i mean there might be wood on top of the top of the islands josh look guys but the waters are literally in our bathroom ok the islands are disappearing ok follow me whats up guys be careful the water is rising real fast yeah i can see that oh wait this is really bad ok i'll make it a little bridge there we go what do we do? ed a bridge for oh, there was a vine down there, but it would have fallen off.
survive the tsunami in minecraft impossible

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survive the tsunami in minecraft impossible...

I would have died dodged. Wow, skeleton, we don't have time for you right now. We are running faster. Barney brother. Don't worry, friend, food is not the most important thing today. I think this is going very fast right now. Yes, our bridge and starting platform are completely covered in water. I'm just going up alright I'm following I'm following John the jello sauce ok boy I just need six pieces of dirt that's enough yeah let's cut my boy Josh where's the skeleton just around the corner? we're safe for a little bit we can't kill him guys we can't kill him he's on the other side okay so do we chill here for a bit or do we hang out because shit this is cool dude chill I think you've we've got some time to get some resources because that's what we're going to cut down on this mountain guys I've got to get our dogs not always actually I'm going to put together an escape plan alright main what's that you're going to fill out the dummy of the chopper yeah cream i'm just building a little ok i thought you knew he had that idea was to tell him to tell him it's not boston follow craner with his escape plan i like it while we were farming ok that's my only thought i had to get to that island over there for Josh to realize you're doing a good solo build here right oh no I literally took a stand for you don't even try you really understand though the little island with it s boys from Triana not so sad oh nice stairs Josh yes the benches. so selfish i know the right lava is building up like a big tower wow oh my god the lavas just fall down. best cobblestone generator ever it's actually pretty efficient icient ok don't do that don't say we're in this together josh oh my god you walk away sorry where are we going next where we got up it's pretty good it's good to go on i mean i went this way oh this is good too we're way up guys oh we are i'm here just getting ready i think i'll keep floating oh look at this place this is so nice it's a nice little island here guys yeah we should make a house let's lie look at this place oh no here i don't have the craft bench ok i have one which is good there guys this is a lot better this is much bigger in flour i want this cake i'm moving it's official it's official i'm moving these are the levels like that bro are you threatening us you guys can have a good time on your own but my house is going to be big he's a little upset we did this without it right now yeah yeah yeah come on hey no my house is nicer and better I mean we need to build something quick here okay because I don't want to mark t or that roof okay a roof of earth the guys could be oh my gosh be his designer wolves but he's looking at our house and saying it's not right.
survive the tsunami in minecraft impossible
I'm just saying that I'm on the best pilot of all the islands. drown before me Oh Jilly you're copying homework ok but don't make it sound too obvious please hey listen you're literally going to drown before me so what's the point in case things go a little wrong, right? have one oh y'all making swords against me we got a bush ok ok i see wow this is it does your house have a door jelly huh mine doesn't need a door you have you have all these plants in your jelly, right? look at this, a garden on your roof, uh, yes, you don't have that it's me, you're Rufus, me, it's not a dirt, it will rain and everything will fall, but jelly, second, that enters your house that sucks the doors of the noop. it's because you put them there ok rude my house is ok i'll let you up if you do one more thing craner i'm just saying guys oh look at them guys what are you laughing at buster?
survive the tsunami in minecraft impossible
I'm just laughing because I see the water go up and up and up and you're literally about to drown and you're worried about a farm but you don't realize it. that very watery heart you're going to starve jelly and then who's going to laugh I can't form trees to get apples that by the way where is my apple that I picked I'm pretty sure if you let it break naturally then walking around you think very well, I'm getting a little nervous right now Josh we probably need to make an escape route in case we need to get out of here bro we're just moving in with Jell-O I like your house my house was the best we all agree okay, no better, it's more convenient, you didn't even finish the exit from the house, hey, I'm looking for a cobblestone, it's just that I don't have any. took the manly form I'm just thinking with my brain here you know a little worse house house house says he's thinking of a brai It's not right I just don't have a soul stone.
I thought maybe it will go away and show up eventually. Wait, Josh, can you go? I'm alone, just farming and farming and farming. so you can finish it now we just need a couple more people we're just renting we're not going to live there we're not going to have where's my pay give me the cobblestone ten pieces of cobblestone a day this is what i got got for you jello i'll be there come on good dirty windows work i guess thanks for the rent i got a third roof too now mate yeah and go complain we help you all see where your house is yeah you're helping me out thanks guys because yeah we got me oh my game i wasted a lot of money his house is going to be gone in the next wave guys wait wait my dad will be irrigated in the next one no we moved too early yeah oh omg guys we need to get out of here we need to get out of here oh it's right here the water is right here yeah I got Literally come on now Craner it's alright ascending it's like that it's just a little bite bye jelly bye loser basically i'm your landlord you can't call me a loser bunch more trees around here okay no whoa whoa oh my god josh how dare you? jealous man one block a road to death I thought you wanted to go back down that's what you would say why would I want to go down my house is gone why would I when I come back to be with your house I'm sorry excuse me you want me to push you home no no no I never said I wanted what do you mean well I never said I wanted okay we can't trust Josh Joe anymore I don't trust you the next time I see you I'm going to push him in the water it's like I'm gonna do my thing sometimes no i agree no wait what are you changing teams Josh is always the one causing trouble that's cool uh-huh uh-huh says you're kicking me but also cool on top of me where's josh josh is he really high?
John is the water, jelly, the water, okay, we have to g o wait, how do we get there jelly? How do I get there? No, guys, come. I took the dirt road. No, no, you're not coming. We have to get to you. in the nice water they don't call me a different group now it's okay okay group the cool group you're alone Josh no suggestion exactly I'm there on a cool bus Jay walk away hey I'll stay away I'm going over the top don't worry about it me no no There going over me I'm the hot one don't worry about it look I'm outta here Josh I'm Belgian now Oh Josh he was in the beds his mountain for us ICQ oh it's like we need ok we need to hit him every time he gets zoom in now oh look at him he goes oh you're lucky you ain't building that ass and we ok wait we gotta make sure he never gets to. that hit me you think he's not going to get you tell him hit me first it's ok trust him wait for josh you're literally not going to see anything right now there ain't no mountains there dude ok but what?
Here's the mountain eating you guys huh it's up oh no there's nothing on top of us yeah but we can actually get more resources where you are stud I've got plenty oh right Josh We'll see how high we can go. your sauces are fine. I feel like we're probably a lot luckier than you right now because we actually have resources and you don't he's trying to bribe a crater because Jelly tried to kill me you know hey hit me person. i'll stay away from the water it was ambiguous he made it sound like he wanted to go there what did you do?
I just punched you, sorry how did you do that? continue what are you doing? why leave me alone? it's not even fun anymore I mean I can build and break it I really don't get the point it's okay if it works this will work fine he's doing the Mike Rainer thing I'll stay as far away from you guys as possible I'm in trouble and Josh probably knows why he's a map now, it's only going to happen on this, I know. means to me i guess whoever is the last person standing is the one i think is ok i'm not going to look at any of you right now yeah i think we're alone here guys really gonna drive in the A Same time, Creina, we can see you, you and me, we can take Jelly out, okay?
So, Jelly, why do you always call me because I'm the one who tried to kill me, Jelly? Josh, you literally hit me first. There's no evidence. I've never heard of it. I'm drowning no I'm going to swim back to my house thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please hit the subscribe button and also be sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t shirts at the store jelly. .com

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