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Surprising the Coaches with their OWN SONGS in the Blind Auditions of The Voice | Top 10

Jul 16, 2022
you got more the way you love me slowly falling again from you told me oh me it's only been a couple days this is what you get when you play with fire well i guess i made that mistake i'm young dumb and brave this is this is what you get when you play foreign foreign foreign oh you're the best friend i'll ever have i'm not living without you i don't want to be free i stay i stay and you and you yes you're gonna love me there's no way i don't want to be yes it's foreign it's foreign it's foreign foreign foreign so foreign one when the day comes it will be ours and then when it's all glory glory with beautiful um foreigner oh oh oh oh me my heart great I'm fine there you would say a contradiction you come and go come and go come i hear evil words everyday you used to be so sweet i heard my love just me oh my god i said hello hello thanks for turning around i know hello welcome to the end screen.
surprising the coaches with their own songs in the blind auditions of the voice top 10

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