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May 10, 2020
Hello everyone, Zach, and welcome back to another vlog today. It's been a while since I vlogged here on the channel in my last vlog. I think I surprised Alex with a puppy, but in today's vlog I'm going to surprise Alex with a


, so Alex has been wanting a type of cat for a while called a ragdoll and well, that's been the cat your


s for quite a while now so I found someone with Calkins and I bought one and Alex has no idea right now but yeah kind of I'm going to go pick up the


and then I'm going to surprise Alex with it so here this is Chi, this is my cat.
surprising my girlfriend with her dream kitten
I currently have Alex egg, she surprised me with this amazing beautiful kitten for my birthday and she's just looking at the camera like, oh yeah, hey what's up, but yeah, after we have the new kid, I'm a little scared because I don't know how she's going to react because what happens is that she's like a spoiled cat who only likes it. hanging out with me and Alex and if we have our dogs around or other cats she gets really jealous and herses at him and tries to get him away from us so yeah I hope you're nice to the new guy right William , but if?
surprising my girlfriend with her dream kitten

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surprising my girlfriend with her dream kitten...

Now she doesn't have any problems with our other pets, thank God, she likes them. Bye, it took a long time for her to like them, so yeah, I just hope it doesn't take us too long with this new kitty because yeah, they. We're going to live together right she's like what are you saying? you think there's a new cat yeah yeah that's exactly what I'm saying she's like giving me this death stare she's fine chi calm down you're going to love the new kid. right he says yeah no it's not really okay well yeah it's time to go pick up the kids so I'll see you all there so we all picked up the kitten are you ready to see them in 3 2 1?
surprising my girlfriend with her dream kitten
The name is currently Daniel, but I think Alex will probably change the name to Daniel, he says hello to everyone. He says where am I. What is this place? He just looks down. He is very curious about the floor, but there is nothing on the floor. But yes, this is Alex's Dreamcast. She was trying to convince me. I got my own ragdoll, but she wanted a man, kun, and obviously that's what she is, but I wonder what she thinks. Maybe she'll get upset because she's a little attention-greedy, so let's hope she gets along well with this little one.
surprising my girlfriend with her dream kitten
Everyone, right now we're going to head to the pet store and pick out some nice, cute clothes for Dan and some food, probably a little collar for him with a bell on it and who knows what else, probably some cute toys, right, Dad? like it some toys okay everyone we're almost to the pet store so I'll see you all there so we finally get to the pet store and yeah let me know in the comments below what you think we should do. get the new kitty oh yeah see you all inside Hello everyone, we are finally at the pet store and yes we are going to pick out a cat tree for this little one, which one would you like?
This was like ooh oh look he wants to go he's just smelling it look what is that he wants to see this one here he's like let's bring it here Zach I think he wants to try this one do you want to go in there oh yeah he's like whoa oh wow oh he likes it be there you know what maybe we should get him this one because it's like a little study area for him and you know cats like to sit on the bed so that could work yeah I don't see them probably buying this one. here, I think this would be a good option for me, what do you think it is like?
Yeah, are you getting me out of this? Even though I love him, you steel him back like he really wants to get back to that. Look, is this you? new home he's like if you love me you have to bring this with him doing everything he can to stay here. I feel so bad about taking them out right now okay everyone so we got all the stuff right now from the pet store in the car and yeah now we're going to be on our way to surprise Alex so how do you guys think What will react?
Let's find out. Hey everyone, we're finally home and it's time to surprise Alex with the kitten, oh my. God, let's do this, so here in the house and yeah, the prophecy of the times, hey, I'm surprised we shouldn't show him cheese, yeah, oh my God, okay, so I'll get you. They said he was the greatest of the whole race, yes, yes, oh dear. she smell something yeah Gucci oh let it go yeah we got a lot of stuff downstairs you got beds and toys we got in the back of the car right now so let's set it up now yeah let's go get those toys, yeah, let's do it.
She, what do you think? I have come here, with a much bigger head, let's try to bring a lot at once, so here is the kitten on his bed right now. Alex was just amazed at them and here are some things we picked out at the pet store, we got a nice little brush, warm, good luck, try to see if he likes it or not. I don't know, she likes to be brushed. You also bought some mouse toys. We have three different ones and I think that's who they are. balls that come with two so you can throw a ball at them and you can play with it look at the ball, go, go get it it's like oh wait, oh no, what is that? another, what is this?
And do you know what you're going to call him Alex? and me, I'm still not sure, Yolo, I like it, it stuck, yeah, Dickey, that's kind of cute, what do you think you want to be a hibiki? He has so many toys. He will be such a spoiled kitten. It's like, wow, this whole room! I like it oh, he's going for it oh yes, he loves it oh look, he's playing with it oh so he likes the toy that chose him now that's perfect I have a butterfly one, let's see if he likes this oh, he likes it perfect , get it perfect oh it's getting really frisky now look at that so I think that's going to be the end of today's video for everyone and I hope you enjoyed it if you did remember to leave a like everyone and also subscribe to the channels if you want something new.
Also follow us on Instagram and tik-tok, so what do you think? Hey, Tiki, how do you know I really wanted a ragdoll? Well, I'll leave you with some nice clips of you, Tiki, but yeah, tomorrow

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