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Surprising Bobbi With New Brembo Brakes!

May 05, 2020
What's up guys, welcome back to the channel. We're going to work on Bobby's eBooks today. She chose my evo 10 to spend a day in the life stealing or borrowing driving my book friend's car, so I thought this is a perfect opportunity. to work on the car a little bit, she doesn't know that I'm going to do this today, so at the end of this video we should be able to see her reaction and I hope she likes what we're going to do with this car. It looks pretty good these days, but the one thing everyone knows it needs is a little Brembo work.
surprising bobbi with new brembo brakes
These things are absolutely disgusting as you can see a ton of clear coat coming off. They're like half red and half white, so today we're going to powder coat them. Brembos on their evo 10 I hope they are making a color you like. Let's do wall-e pop. The red of prismatic powders is the same red color we use. Assists the valve cover. Shower bar on wheels. she's been going back and forth between gray or red and I don't know exactly what color she wants and I'm hoping to pick a color that she really loves because Brembos cream powder is not an easy process, let's get to the car. in the air, take off the wheels, take off the


, it's all relatively easy to do, as always, if you want to pick up this exact layer of dust as you scroll down any description box under the tone chapter somatic powders for stay on the dust.
surprising bobbi with new brembo brakes

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surprising bobbi with new brembo brakes...

I'm sponsoring this video, we took all the wheels off the car, these


, I'm fake, oh I say this in every Brembo powder coating video, but I think these may be the Brembos krusty s I've ever seen, because In the front there are two nineteen millimeters. bolts on the back we will also do the hub part of the rotor we will do it in black and obviously the crust that is out there will also do a lock so the red locked Brembo rotors should still look nice 290 the males on the front and readers I think it's 217mm, let me feel 214 Mills in the rear and then you remove the rotor.
surprising bobbi with new brembo brakes
You see these two holes right here. Just screw in an 8 millimeter bolt that will push against the hump. of the car and a lock is a pulley taken off the brake rotor right out of there, since they are taking the brake assist completely out of the car, we take a drain pan and we have to remove the bandage from Bowl in the Box I. No? You can see that guy over there, so we take everything out, now he's taking the calipers apart, we're going to leave the halves together, we're going to take out all the pads, the pins and the valves from up here?
surprising bobbi with new brembo brakes
I don't want Sam to send those because they are coated and will rust if you send them. I've noticed it, so do it all and then we'll go there to clean them up and then we can move on to everyone. The prep work, which is pretty much sandblasting away all this old layer of dust, we just took all the helpers apart. I've got this one plugged in first and I'm going to take it to the sink, grab some degreaser and just go through it and get everything. Remove the dirt and grime as soon as you clean it, we'll head over to the sandblasting machine and probably spend an hour for each caliper sandblasting all the old dust layer off, okay, we've got everything sandblasted sand, the next step is To separate the calipers, there will be four bolts in the rear and in the front, we have this brake line here, readers, we do not have four bolts in the brake line and then there are four oil seals of pistons and dust seals in the front we have.
To remove in the reader there are only two, one per side, okay, so all the clamps are completely destroyed. The last thing we need to do before we start applying the powder coating is just go over it with a little degreaser and water and clean everything we have. to get all that brake cleaner out with the brake fluid over there, so it's going to take a while in that sink over there, just run it over to get everything spotless, if there's brake fluid on them, the layer of dust won't stick, so that we have to remove every little speck everything is polished, dry and clean, everything is ready, we are ready to move on to the powder coating, we are going to have to mask all these holes right here and we can't introduce dust inside the holes, so we'll shred them with duct tape, all the tape we'll use the link below and then of course all the holes too, we'll cover them all up and then each clip can be screwed back on as we want. the bolt heads also need to be red to match the calipers so we'll mask everything off put the caliper bolts back together you can take out the powder coating system and cover these things everything is masked and ready to go , let's go there. to the dust and let me show you what exactly we're doing, so this is a clear color, we have to do a chrome base and then the red goes on top of the chrome and then this block here is the ink block which is for the brake rotors, so what we are going to do, we are going to make one clamp at a time, this one here is completely covered with all the bolts and all the holes so that no dust gets into the threads that we have to make.
You probably have this whole thing plugged in, so we're probably going to hang it from these two bolts right here on a rack and then we're going to put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees, which will burn off any excess water. it's stuck in the gripper, so while the first gripper is baking in the oven, let's go ahead and set everything up for the powder coating system. Everything is very easy. I know I've explained it forever, so the channel, so I'm just going to Go through this and show you how everything is set up.
We have energy running towards the wall. This type is the ground clip that will hold the bread in the clamp. Summer. Probably the hangar. This is the trigger. You will hold it down. you're spraying the powder and this is a gun with other tweezers and we're making a transparent color. This is going to be a little complicated. I've never done a transparent color on tweezers before and the reason is a little more complicated. because if you have thin areas, if you have thick areas, they will be different colors, so if it is thicker it will probably be a little bit darker, if it is thinner, it will be lighter, so you will want to cover it evenly with the red that the comb has .
It doesn't necessarily matter, but when it comes to putting the red on the chrome, we have to have a very consistent thickness of powder and there are also a lot of narrow areas on the calipers, so this will definitely be tricky, something I've never done. done before, I made calipers, but not a clear color, so this is what I'm thinking: I'll probably spray in here first and then I'll probably hit the back, get inside these little fins and then just go over everything as you can see here same. I softened this thing's face. I want a perfectly smooth percentage.
I don't want to see any of the same bosses chipping away, so I just use a Scotch Brite wheel. the shock absorber right there, so this is the hopper that screws into the bottom of the gun and we're going to do the chrome first, so we put some chrome on it and it says the hopper, I spray clean it, it has a block there, oh. Yeah, dump the chrome in the hopper and we're ready to spray this as soon as it's done baking in the oven, so it'll have been there for about 15 minutes. What we will do is take it out and let it cool. probably 15 to 20 minutes, we want to give it a good spritz, it's still a little warm, which will help the powder stick to the tweezer a little bit.
The system I have is not that good, but we don't want it to be so warm. where it will flow by the time we spray it so the super chrome cures at 400 to 450 degrees somewhere in that range for 12 minutes, no temperature as soon as the gauge hits 400 degrees because that's what the ovens are turned off for, We will start the stopwatch. 12 minutes is better than about 20 seconds, as you can see, it's already flowing a little bit, but let's leave it there for probably five minutes and then check the temperature so, as you can see now, we're on it. 400 degree mark, depends where you go.
Wow, that ball is 450 degrees, that's crazy, so I'm going to start the timer right now for 12 minutes. Well, the chrome is baking. We are going to change the chrome on the hopper to red. We'll have both powders together underneath, this is the super chrome and then the red we're spraying is called palette red, both amazing colors, okay, the timer just went off, let's get the tweezer out, same as before, we still want the tweezers. a little bit warm when we sprinkle the powder, but not too warm, it will flow right away, so probably 15 to 20 minutes we'll let it cool.
They are definitely not lying when they say this is super. chrome, look at that, it looks, oh, that looks sick like that, it looks like we have one hundred percent coverage, every spot of the culprit is completely covered, which is always a good sign, so instead of baking for 12 minutes, it will go away. for 10 minutes at 400 degree apartment temperature, so as before, as soon as the calibrator reaches the right temperature, we're going to start the stopwatch, as you can see right now, it's not a good reading, but just wait and tell us . your baked stuff will change completely and even when it's cooling it changes a lot, okay the timer just went off, this tong should be completely done, oh my gosh it looks a little orange on camera, let me take it out and show you, boys. the real color here is her guys it looks absolutely amazing the only thing is that it looks here for some reason the red wasn't sticking to that little brake line everything is fine that's at the bottom though , the shoe rack that you really won't see. that when it's mounted on the car I'm going to run around hitting the rest of these calipers and then we looked at the brake rotors to do that too.
I have been working on masking them so they are there as soon as all the calipers are done we can do the rotors then we have to completely reassemble the calipers with brand new seals that will take a while but it will look good and I hope that Bobby is as excited as I am about these things that are seen. Alright, we have all the culprits ready. The last thing left to do is reassemble, so I always use the Lynch assembly loop when reassembling V-seals and pistons. I will have a link to new stamps below if you want to purchase a new one. assembly, you can reach the brake fluid or in my case I like to use assembly lubricant, it just goes together much simpler with this.
Everything for CalPERS is 100% complete. The last thing left is to coat the brake rotors and we will be done. We can bring Bobby here and see what he thinks of the new brakes, the camera, oh my God, those are so much nicer than yours, I know, okay, have them, my car, baby, give me a move, okay, I just finished moving all day, that's nice. I look like I don't care, no one cares, everyone on YouTube is moving, you're pretty. Oh, what do you think is beautiful? It's just that color likes big things like love. It's okay, she's so pretty.
Now I understand what makes that color look like a girl. so ugly and old oh yeah these are really nice uh yeah so do you want black stickers or do you want similar ones? Because I have you both ways, they are black. I am black. You're right. You're right. These are your brake rotors. I just have to take the tape off yeah the last day I started yesterday morning yeah I don't know so baggage Scott that's why I want you to do a vlog because I know you wanted some content from this so far , came here and if you like it. brakes yes she loves brakes so we did it right.
I think I'm going to end this video right here and if you want, yeah, if you want to see the brakes on the car, go to Bobby's channel because we're going to lay the bricks. on the car we set up the bleed um and yeah yeah these things look cool I get it okay get to work okay if you want to pick up the dust that we use on the brake off your calipers and on the rotor like this that I will have everything linked. down and I'll throw a powder coating gun in there too and the powder coating tape and everything else you need, the seals, all that, mohab link below, I hope you enjoy today's video, in peace, like I said, if you want to see it.
Bricks in the car go to Bobby's channel at noon on KQ, bye.

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