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Surfing the Waves of Life Layne Beachley & Sadhguru | Sadhguru

May 06, 2024
Tell me one damn thing: Human beings aren't suffering, you want the whole damn world to be fixed before you can be at peace and happy in Australia every day, nine people commit suicide, seven of the men, what happens in their minds during those few days or hours, that is. terrible, so how do we navigate this in the midst of confusion unless we do something right now? May we lead people to learn to manage themselves consciously. There is no other way out. They must know that it is the only way out. Good afternoon everyone, thank you for joining us.
surfing the waves of life layne beachley sadhguru sadhguru
Here at the Milbourne Convention Center we're hoping they haven't turned on their microphone. We've all come here to hear him speak and we can't hear a word. This should be a really interesting conversation. My name is Lan Beachley. You're going to listen to me for the next two hours Namaste. I could teach you how to surf sitting here. We could do all kinds of fun things, but it's great to see so many beautiful, smiling faces who have made the effort to be here today. He's coming, are you excited? That's a WR question. It's that easy. Hey?
surfing the waves of life layne beachley sadhguru sadhguru

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surfing the waves of life layne beachley sadhguru sadhguru...

Because I'm always active. Nobody needs to turn me on. Well, just share that gift with us now. How do we turn against a Milan madaram k ail Namar? Everyone, Lan, you are the champion, so you are and you are the guru, so I traveled here in a taxi this afternoon. I had a lovely Indian driver in our taxi, his name is Suan, he's in the audience here today this afternoon and, uh, he said, uh. When I drop you off at the convention center I'm going to park there because I have a big event to go to.
surfing the waves of life layne beachley sadhguru sadhguru
He was very excited and then one of my passengers said well, the person who is sitting with the Místico today is behind you. seat he's like oh my god saguru was inside me he made this happen it was like his energy almost exploded out of the car and that same level of energy and explosion happened the moment you sat in front of this room, was completely new. mosh pit experience I mean, I'm married to a rock star. I'm used to seeing people throw themselves at him, but that was next level. People touch you. People cry.
surfing the waves of life layne beachley sadhguru sadhguru
People long to be close to you to be with you. That's pretty powerful. gift is his love is his love for you, not for me, but how is that? It's silly to ask how that makes you feel because I know you feel just focused on love, but my question is why do you feel like people desire so strongly? to be in your presence to be inside your space to be so close to you to touch you to feel to be a part of you then, then, what does a human being long for? It seems like they're looking for different things, but essentially if they're looking for education or wealth or money or relationships or whatever essentially they're looking for some sense of fulfillment everyone believes that this will do it for me someone believes that that will do it for me so what they believe is what is going to fulfill they may be different, but the common factor is that they are looking for satisfaction, if you want satisfaction, you know that different people are doing different things, if you do it on the physical level looking for satisfaction, it could be food and sexuality, people are looking for satisfaction if you do it. on the mental level it could be the conquest of ambition or just shopping if it's on the emotional level people look for love then these are all the different ways look there are only four things we can work with we have a body we have a mind We have emotions and we have fundamental energies,


energies, these are the only four ways they can act, so the physical things that they have tried give them momentary satisfaction, but again, you are back to square one after a while, be it whatever the ambition is, whatever those types of things that are acquired are. things in


all these things have meaning only when you don't have them the moment you have them it doesn't really mean anything most people take pleasure in someone else not having them and still value it by enjoying the failures of others people, you know, but Basically, all the things you want have meaning only when you don't have them at the moment you have them.
For most people, the precious things they bought are like some junk place in the house. Hello, how many things you bought have not been touched? observed over the last 6 months that says everything, doesn't it? So what's the way to stay satisfied? fulfillment not as a fulfillment of a goal as a process in itself as a life process, so when they find a way, that way can only be inward, so in some way you are looking there when you turn around and you look here when you see it's so simple, well, it overwhelms them and you say the way out is actually in, the only way out is in, there's no other way because human experience doesn't matter.
What either turbulence or Tranquility? Whether it is Joy or Misery. Agony or ecstasy. Pain or pleasure. Everything happens from within. There may be a stimulus from the outside, but it happens from within. Anything you can instigate with a stimulus, you can also consciously instigate without any stimulus. stimulus from outside is like if you had a car in the morning of 1950, you had to press it to start it today your car starts automatically. I don't think it's your surfboard, but cars start automatically. Yes, so the question is this, whatever your experience is, it happens within you. you want it to be in such a way that it has an auto start or it needs a push from outside when you find an auto start, then everything you want is here, you don't have to run after anything, what you do in the world.
It's like it's necessary people keep asking me sguru what motivates you like this 7 days a week 365 days I said nothing motivates me I don't drive anything nothing motivates me I'm essentially lazy but they don't give me a day off the challenge that We have thought quite often that When we go inward, it is often filled with fear, anxiety, anguish, sadness, so how do we navigate this inner turmoil to create inner peace? Let's see when we say inside, where is the anxiety, the anger, this thing that happened? I'm just asking a simple question for all of them: human misery, any kind of misery, these are all different names for misery, unpleasantness, where is the manufacturing unit of human misery?
Malbone, where is it on your mind? So you just go into the mental space and think what it is. full of all this no in mind you can do whatever you want as an experiment right now if I ask you to close your eyes and think of a mountain you can do it yes vividly you can ocean of course you can do it absolutely so I'm saying you can go anywhere of your mind. People have dreams that are more real than real for many of them simply because in your mind you can create any image that is the beauty of the human mind.
You can create any image you want. You can construct whatever you want in your mind, but if you start believing it to be true, this will usually be labeled as neurotic. Let's say you build a castle in the air and you start believing it to be true, then you are neurotic if you start living there. You are psychotic but a third person will come and collect the rent for that castle, who is a psychiatrist. You can build whatever you want in your mind, but know that it is just a psychological structure. If you start thinking that it is real, then you will have all these problems, anxieties. fear depression this because you believe in the structures you built in your mind you are not able to differentiate between psychological structures and existential realities when you misinterpret your psychological drama as existential then there is no hope hello you should know that I can do anything I can sit here and fall in love I can fit in here and hate someone who doesn't exist anything you want you can do in your mind but you've lost the freedom to do whatever you want you've become compulsive about what you can do that's the only problem so this is a journey from compulsivity to awareness, so if you've taken one or two steps, you're already thinking it's too fantastical.
I want them to walk further, but they want to fall. No, no, no, I want you to do it. You have taken two steps and if you feel so fantastic if you do the whole trip, how fabulous it will be, that's what you should do, not think, this is it, sguru, I get it, that's not the point. Two steps look so wonderful, you must follow. until the end, right? Hello, yes, I say yes, sir, please, so how do we develop that process? How do we create that feeling of always seeing something spiritual? The word spiritual is one of the most corrupt words, yes, because it has been captured by all kinds. of people because Spirits means there are some ghosts and goblins that will come and do this and that, otherwise they will be in the sky and they will come, whatever has been captured, essentially let me define this so that this is physical, right? how did you get this when you were a child when you were born you were just this now you become like this how did it happen just the food you ate didn't it?
It is an accumulation over a period of time, whatever you have in your mind, that is also accumulation of impressions. Everything you accumulate can be yours but it can't be you, right? What I believe may belong to me, but it can't be me, so hey, I'm talking to you. I usually usually talk to living people, not a graveyard speaker, okay or let's just turn off your microphone now, the way you are is such that what you gather and who you are is all mixed up, it's true, you gathered this body for a period of time. Hello, yes, that's right, all the content.
The thoughts that you gathered over a period of time, but now you think that it is me, so now you know that this vessel has become very famous because it has been sitting next to me for some years. If I suddenly say that this is my vessel, you will say it. It seems that Sguru has some problem, but everyone says that he is wise, so let's listen a little more after a while. I said: this is me and then you said: let's go because this is a clear case. Hello, if you think you are something other than what you are, that is. a medical case hello, yes or no, yes, so right now that's all that's happened.
Look at the countless people who walked this planet before you and me. Where are the upper land? Oh, this is the best. They are the upper land. This will also become high ground hello I will bless you with a long life but anywhere you will die that's okay hello it is not my wish because no one is negotiating life or death we are just negotiating a little more time hello a little more time we want That's all we want is for all our enemies to die and then die, what do you say? Not all of our competitors, my competitors wanted me to die, so essentially what we did we brought it back is very simple, but somehow when we sit here we absolutely think this is me so once you do it. this mistake that you don't know who you are who you are not I sat in this chair for a long time and then I start to think this is me just look how ugly it gets everywhere I walk this seat sticks to me and I walk with it how ugly it gets like this is the moment you identify with something that you are not something gets ugly because now it fears anxiety simply if something happens there is a problem nothing happens there is a problem tell me a damn thing that human beings are not suffering they are not educated They suffer being put in school they suffer incessantly if they are poor they suffer poverty makes them rich they suffer taxes if they are not married they suffer for that reason marrying them I didn't say anything I did it don't say anything they are just for you to look at it seems like you are suffering everything let's go to give you death they will suffer that you suffer life you suffer death you suffer everything if it happens if it doesn't happen where is the problem the problem Only what we have given you means that Nature has given you a very sophisticated computer, but you don't know where the keyboard is , so you keep hitting yourself like this, like this, like this, something works a lot of times these days, all the young people have done it. this habit of keeping your smartphone in your hip pocket and every time you sit down, call someone, okay, knock, no, if you call someone, it will call whoever you want, no, if you want to call whoever you want, You have to do the right thing, so right now. this is all that happens to the mind the most fantastic faculty you have compared to any other creature on this planet you have a better brain than wbot hello some of you don't agree you have a better brain than any other damn person on this planet yes or no more complex more sophisticated but look how much misery human beings are making if you take away half their brains they would be peaceful this is what they are trying to do this is a weekend I don't know how you are here they are trying to soak their brains in alcohol to pee, see if you eliminate the potential, the problem always disappears, but the way you deal with your life eliminates the possibilities, then the problem also disappears, so how do we handle this first of all?
The thing is, if you sit here, this is the basic program for any of them. I don't know how many of you have been through in engineering. Oh, so the simple process is this: if you sit here, you become aware that your body is here. the mindis there what you are is a little far away a small space once there is a small space between you and your physical realities and your psychological realities this is the end of suffering because there are only two types of sufferings in your life physical suffering and suffering Mental Short distance is suddenly not a problem and once you create a small distance, the nature of your body and the nature of your mind are 100% clear to you.
You see, for example, you know if this Earth is flat or round. A great discussion for thousands of years. We have been arguing about this. The man who said he is round was poisoned to death because everyone believed he was flat. That's when we started sailing the oceans and saw that maybe it's round, but we don't know yet. Then someone took off and started flying. Oh, it's almost definitely round, but I'm not sure anyone has gone and stood on the moon and looked down at a 100% round distance, right? If you were walking on this planet without any other means of transportation, you were just walking on this planet, we would still be discussing the same thing, is it round or flat even now if you walk?
Up here and down here your life experience is that it's a flat Earth, isn't it? But it is round, we know it now without a doubt. Look, let's say you just arrived from Japan. I heard I guess you're going to the airport. You're in a hurry, but there's a traffic jam. Now this traffic jam causes a lot of suffering. So how did you get there, you got on the plane and your plane took off. Then you look down. The traffic jams look so pretty. The red lights and the white lights that you have seen. The Airan ones, how pretty they are, but when you're in it, this is all your mental confusion.
When you're in it, it's like that, if you're a little bit above that, you know the nature of your mind in dealing with it. very simple, once you know the nature of your mind, you are sure that your body does what you want, that is why you are a champion. There are many people, if you put them on the board, they will fall all over the place because their body does not receive instructions from them, it is as simple as that, so I will check all these people. How many of you can get your right hand like this?
Please try this. It's not bad at all. Can you get it here? Your right hand, please. try this wow so much control control you have you can do this fantastic try to do this with your mind you want to put it here it goes there you want to put it there it goes somewhere else you want to put it there it goes so when you have a faculty like this if you want it to go here it goes there It is dangerous to live Hello yes, that is why there is so much fear because the basic faculties are not in your suggestions and if I ask you a simple question, would you do it? uh, like a sharp mind or a dull mind, whatever you say, yes, no, silence, I will bless you, you want a sharp mind, once we give you an instrument that is very sharp, you must know how to hold it, why don't we give a sharp knife in a child's hand not because a knife is dangerous has it never happened a knife jumped and stabbed someone has it ever happened not even under it is just the hand that handles it if this type of knife can be used to save a life or take away a determined life is determined by who has it right, so the same goes for your mind if you have a very sharp knife in your hand and you are a little gentle, the intestines will come out worse than that. going on right now what the human mind is doing to people individually their own mind what it is doing to them is worse than the intestines coming out more painful hello all kinds of things why because if I give you a knife the first thing you should know is which is the blade which This is the control, if you hold it tight and tighter, hold it longer, it will hurt and if you don't know how to be aware of how to hold it, it will scratch you all over.
This is all that happens when you know. all human experience is caused within you, so once again I am checking with you all human experience happens within you, what happens within you must happen your way, right? The world will never happen your way, please know this little bit your way. A little bit my way A little bit someone else's way This is how it should be It all happened your way So where the hell do I go? It happens a little bit your way that's how but this person has to happen 100% my way but right now that's the only problem with life, this isn't happening your way is it?
If this happened your way, what's the problem in the world? Whatever the situation, we will deal with it the best we can, that's all, there is yes or no. situations that we know how to handle some situations that we don't know how to handle that's all right now you may not know what the nature of your existence is but you should at least know what you are not suddenly if you think I'm a flower, there's going to be a serious problem, similarly, look, this is happening to you every day, food appears on your plate, you say, this is my food, you eat it, then you say, this is me, ridiculous, isn't it?
So will we get it now? The food you ate is just a part of this planet. The ground you walk on, will we get it now or will we only get it from the magots one day? We will get it someday anyway, but if we get it now, you can transform your life. life then you can make a good manual anyway useful. I'm telling someone, not you, please. I just want to go back a little bit where you talked about identifying with certain things because when we grow up and as adults we tend to identify with everything. because we have this Longing to Belong and if we identify with something, a lot of people in this room identify with what you have to say, you talk about the fact that you know going inward is where all the answers are, but there are 5,000 people in This room sitting here seeks inspiration and answers from you because they identify with the things you say.
Look, I mean, we don't want to play with words, so to make you understand this, it's not because of what I said, these are the words that anyone can say today you will hear this and tomorrow you will leave the best thing that you have been told since your childhood from your parents, from your teachers, from many, many people, isn't it great? Wonderful things have been said, but they don't stick because there is no experiential dimension to it, it's just psychological, when something is new, it means something after 3 days. I forget what it is and how it happens because there is a practice, there is an experiential process that you have realized at least a little that the realization is always transformative, it is the transformation that makes the difference, not the identity, and what is that practice?
What is that process? As I said, we usually call it internal engineering because we have designed the world and we see that our lives have been improved in many ways because of engineering. Isn't it like that today? We are sitting in this room because it is designed a certain way. now, yesterday, you are in Japan, today you are here, this is engineering, you did not swim or surf, the application brings you, so this should be understood if you assume that you did this 100 years ago or let's say 200 years ago you flew from Japan to here If you claimed you are the messenger of God we would believe you if you say you are the daughter there is no precedent but we would still believe you if you said I am her herself we would still believe you because you flew from Japan to here but today I know you just flew on a plane, something very common thing that everyone does, just one ticket, that's all it takes, yeah, so what you call magic or a miracle, look, a thousand years ago, if I only had a light bulb, I'd say I'm the messenger. of God and people would have believed to simply turn on the light, the entire population would lean yes or no, so what is one man's miracle?
It is another man's engineering. This is called interior engineering. You design, you design your interiority in such a way that it is the way you want at least you should be the way you want no one in the world will ever be 100% the way you want Hello, can you agree with me hello even if you have two people in your family, never They are 100% your way. That's not why most people have dogs nowadays but nowadays even they do their own thing when they need food they behave like you want once they get hit they behave differently like they want what I have what I have so no one just no one in your life will happen the way you want, this person must happen, shouldn't it?, if this happened, if it happens just the way you want, would you remain miserable or blissful?, blissful for yourself, always It is the highest level of liking.
Isn't it sometimes what you want for your neighbor may be debatable but what you want for yourself is always the highest level of pleasantness what is pleasantness look if your body becomes pleasant we call this health you want it yes look from now on go ahead when I ask you a question yes no silence I'm going to bless you it depends on your health yes yes this becomes very pleasant we call this pleasure how big is this yes I want pleasure if your mind becomes pleasant we call this peace yes yes it becomes very pleasant we call it joy if your emotions become pleasant we call it love if it becomes very pleasant we call it compassion yes if your own vital energies become pleasant we call it bliss if it becomes very pleasant we call it ecstasy yes if your environment becomes pleasant we call this success yes just to create just to create pleasure in your environment you need the cooperation of the world around you many forces around you to create pleasure in the body pleasure in the mind pleasure in emotions and energy is 100% matter yours The pleasant thing in the world needs the cooperation of people, otherwise it will not happen.
Getting the cooperation of various forces and people is a matter of skill, not everyone can do it to the same extent, but keeping this enjoyable is 100% possible for all human beings. It's just that they have to be willing, oh sguru, I'm willing to do what I'm angry about, no, no, no, look, it's that ass, you have to kick that ass, yes, yes, but if you don't kick that ass, it's not going to happen. happen, yes, I want to. be like that but look at what she is like i can't be happy with her being like that there's no end to it you want the whole damn world to be fixed before you can be at peace and happy you're not going to be at peace and happy me We believe that our lives They are a direct reflection of what we believe to be true, so if we don't know what we believe, then we can take a look at our lives because they reflect what we believe now what you were talking about if When we understand what we want, we work to achieve it , but most people I work with through Awake Academy know more about what they don't want than what they do want, so if we approach people's concerns from a place of don't want, how do we get them to connect? with what they do want?
You see, the only thing humans want is a pleasurable experience of life in and around them, it's just that different people define it in different ways. Someone thinks I can only be nice. If I receive a billion dollars then your pleasure is postponed for a certain number of years or maybe forever, similarly everyone is putting conditions, sometimes they can be met, sometimes not, if they were met you will realize that it works for some time. and then it disappears, so the fundamental thing to understand is that the human experience comes from within, if you don't take charge of this, it doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't matter what you have, you can live recently, something happened, people who They literally live in palaces.
Royal palaces committed suicide they are living in a palace and they are committing suicide hello, yes, look, the nature of the mind is such, whatever you dwell on, it usually manifests itself that if you are thinking about I don't want little


, nor The damn ocean will throw very small


at you. Yeah, I don't want to be flippant, so this is what I said. You have a huge computer but you don't have the keyboard, so somehow it works once and somehow it works. you want the rest of the time it's a reaction to other things you have to understand the fundamental aspect of being human is this you're the only creature on this planet referred to as a human being um being just a shadow colored elephant not being a tiger not being ant not only you are a being what this means is that if you explore the possibility you will know how to be if you know how to be then what is the problem right now the problem is that you don't know how to be so this The problem is because you know that the Englishman Charles Darwin said you were all monkeys at the same time, not me, that guy, what were you?
Charles Derwin said yes, you were all apes and then you became humans. He also said other things. I'm making it very simplistic. A goat could have become a giraffe in a million years, a pig could have become an elephant in many more millions of years, but a monkey became a man too quickly, yes, to the point where anthropologists are looking for a missing link somewhere. Anyway, if you look at DNA science, what DNA scientists say today is that the DNA difference between you and a chimpanzee is only 1.23%. 1.23% isn't much of a difference, isn't it physiologically that close you are to a chimpanzee? but in terms of intelligence and consciousness, your world is apart from the chimpanzee, so this is your problem, you have an intelligence for which you do not have a stable enough platform, unless you stabilize it, your own intelligence will help you.will go crazy. we stabilize ourselves through ourselves in many ways you are on a surfboard stabilizing yourself yes it works to some extent someone dances Someone sings Someone does something else different types of activities that people use to stabilize themselves, but any activity that you do how many hours The 24 hours, can you surf, dance, sing or do whatever?
That is why it is important that you find an internal mechanism that is always activated wherever you are. If you do this with physical activity, you will enslave yourself to that activity. Look right now only if I sing can I be happy I have to sing all the neighbors will have to wake him up I have to sing 24 hours a day now for you we have to throw 80t we say hello all the time yes please so I say any activity we do only if I eat this I will be happy we will have to eat only if I drink this I will be happy we have to drink anything outside of the activity if it decides our inner way of being we enslave ourselves to that activity and no activity is possible for anyone to keep it on for 24 hours all the time no activity nothing It can't be done unless it's an internal mechanism where you just know how to be like breathing, this happens all the time, so this is where yogic systems are important.
We start with the external activity and slowly bring it inward in such a way that a transition occurs where even if you do nothing, it is the same, but with any other activity you have to do that activity to get that experience, that is a difference fundamental, so yes. Round of applause, so I thought I'd put that in context for kids today. because there is a lot of inactivity with kids now when it comes to devices and phones and thumbs are growing. The thumbs yeah, yeah, the thumbs are getting a good exercise, which, thumbs up, you know, thumbs up or down is not good for kids, but when we think. about the narcissistic nature of social media, for example, and the distraction because it distracts them from honoring their feelings by being aware of how they feel because they are more concerned with getting comments and likes and it distracts them from the nature of who they are.
How do we inspire our children to explore the limitless nature of themselves? See that this is a responsibility. Those of you who chose to be parents. Having a child means that it is not just reproductive work. Manufacturing the next generation of people. What kind of people will live? on this planet is determined by you now very important responsibility hello yes what kind of people will populate this world in the next generation is determined by today's mothers and fathers when this is the case it should not be taken lightly and by of course, you I know that humans are not an endangered species Hello, yes or no, yes, you know they are not or you, yes, they are not, we are not an endangered species, so yes You are a tigress, I would tell you that you should please reproduce because, uh, we know that there is a danger to the species.
Yes, we have multiplied at the beginning of the 20th century, just over 100 years ago, we were only 1.6 billion people, today we are 8.4 billion people. Too much replaying, it's not just overplaying, it's just those people. We are living longer, which is wonderful, so the population has essentially multiplied, we took care of death, we postponed our death, the average life expectancy of a human being at the beginning of the 20th century was 48 years, Nowadays it's over 70 in most places, so when you live, when you postpone your death you should have also postponed your birth but we didn't so we literally multiplied almost five times in just over a century well, the human footprint has also increased in size the individual human footprint what a human being would consume 100 years ago and what we assume is enormously different.
Hi, yeah, look, just look at this, what your grandparents had in terms of clothes, in terms of cars, houses or whatever. I think what you have today is at least 20 times more or 25. times yes or no, yes, then our consumption increases and our population increases. Everyone is trying to control human aspirations. You cannot control the inspiration of the human asp. People drive an electric car to the office on the weekend. They bring out a beast. Yes. People are doing this. everywhere controlling human aspiration is very difficult but consciously reducing human population is very possible but no one wants to try this because everyone thinks that if I don't reproduce their population their kind will increase so mine should increase , whether in terms of race, religion or nationality, we are thinking in these terms, so we still have to be sensible enough to find a solution, all of us can multiply like crazy and then there is no place to live, kind of situation we can create, we are heading towards that. all population projections show that around the year 2053 human living conditions will be so bad that around 12% of the population is expected to commit suicide yes how many 20 12% 12% yes that's a billion yes wow , right now the suicide rates in all countries. is increasing in Australia every day nine people commit suicide seven of the men is does what Australian women are doing make you happy?
Yes, driving our men crazy, obviously, in India 38 people commit suicide every day in every hour more than one, okay, in America, 18 people commit suicide every day in the richest count in Japan in 2020, When the pandemic was raging, more people committed suicide than the number of people who died from covid, so no disease or a flood is really needed. or a fire or anything, people will do it themselves and that number increases year after year, it is expected that by 2050, in addition, up to 12% could commit suicide because it becomes horrible to live here and, above all, mental problems They are growing in many. in different ways, unless we do something right now to make people learn to manage themselves consciously, if they continue with these impulsive, impulsive, compulsive reactions to the life around them, they are very likely to become mentally ill.
See now about 22% of the US population is on psychiatric medication Recently the Surgeon General of the United States announced that one in two Americans is lonely if two of you are sitting here one of you is lonely What is happening to the other one? Loneliness is the incubation period for mental illness once you start to feel lonely you are cooking it it is just a matter of time just a matter of life situations being organized in a certain way if they become unformidable you head towards a mental illness once you move towards mental illness suicide is just another extra step, look the question is not whether someone died or not, people die anyway okay, but what they went through in life, yes a man or a woman, a man or a woman, a human being mostly men, seems to be enjoying it, not really.
In fact, tomorrow I'm going to a funeral for a friend who talks bad about women in the countryside, no actually, he talks bad about men because we need to break that cycle, what could we do to break the cycle? Why do men feel like I'm saying that maybe ladies are leading them in the direction that we're not. I'm not responsible for that. You talk about responsibility. In India there is a law called abetment to suicide. Then you said something to scare someone and they went and committed it. suicide, you could go to prison for 3 years, really yes, suicide reduction, so don't say this in India, okay, okay, so the important thing is to see that someone committed suicide means that someone died, whatever it means that death is not the problem.
Consult the Basic Instinct of life is what you want to preserve, it is natural, whether you are an ant or a human being, this life is the most precious thing, but you want to take it, you know how much suffering should happen, no one can measure this, what happens in their minds for those. a few days or hours or whatever it takes for them to make the decision that human suffering is terrible, man or woman, okay, it's still terrible, okay, yes, I'm glad we agree on that so that we manufacture so much human suffering at wherever you want to lead your own life the worst is in 2022 18.6,600 children committed suicide in India under the age of 18 of these 7,600 children were under 15 years old wow a child 12 13 A 14 year old child wants to commit suicide what are we doing?
Don't we see that we are doing something fundamentally wrong? A child is an exuberant part of life. A 12 year old boy and a 13 year old boy have to commit suicide. It means that we don't understand that we are doing everything wrong. Damn life is going wrong. Hello, kid, but this is what it is. It is happening all over the world, there is no exception, rich countries, poor countries, any type of country, it is happening because the human software will slowly collapse if we do not take care of certain things. That's why we did the safe land movement, because when I saw in January, when the police 26 happened, I met with some of the environment ministers and when I spoke to them, what have they done with the land? ?, they said: what is the soil?, Guru said, what about the soil?, we all talk about oil, I said.
What's in the cup? There is no floor, no, we don't even hear the word floor. Then in March, I started with 100 days. You know, I rode a motorcycle from London to Cav 30,000 km in 100 days and, when this happened, we managed to play. 3.91 billion B people and Rose people once people started talking The narrative shift in the police 27 in Egypt we became official observers in the police 28 the ground became the main team in many ways they had an event there called soil the super Superstar a non-existent soil became the superstar within 2 years we are already working with aeran who is the next host of cop 29, where we will make the soil the main issue now declared by the European Union if the Soil regeneration can achieve 37% of climate mitigation.
I'm saying where was it all this time because everyone wants to attack oil or any other fossil fuel because there is money in it? There is no money in it. Nobody wants to talk about it. Look, if you want to move on from fossils, I'm not saying we should. Not change, we must change, but if we want to move from fossil fuels to anything else, technological innovations need to happen. Innovations in technology will not happen overnight, it may happen tomorrow, it may not happen in the next 20 years, we don't know. Hello, no one can time the scientific development that in so many years we will produce this.
There is no such thing. It can happen. It may not happen. But soil means agricultural land we are talking about. This is a part of the planet where the human hand tends to touch every day the earth on which the human hand is is not the first thing we must change hello yes our hands are on that is not the first thing we can change no, we do not want to change that because There are so many vested interests that want to keep you away from that, that's why it's important that at least 60% of the population stands up and says this is important, if all of you every day say something about safe ground in any message. you send any transaction you make you keep saying it then it becomes a political issue it becomes an electoral issue then the money is invested then things will happen otherwise you go and fix your garden that is very nice but that is not a solution the solution It is the agriculture of the world, policies must change.
You say that the search for happiness is destroying this planet, isn't it true that everything human beings do is in search of their happiness? Can I tell you a little story? Go ahead, this happened, there was a potato producer. One day he wanted to eat apples, so he went in search of an apple tree, he found one and then, as a potato farmer, out of pure habit, he began to dig the ground in search of apples, when he found no apples, he became furious and He dug furiously after a while, slowly, the tree fell on him that's what we're doing repeatedly I went through this human experience it happens from within joy and misery happens from within it's like that but you're digging up the whole damn planet to find the happiness potato pickers digging for apples this is disastrous, so without a change of Consciousness, once people have the power of technology and you tell them not to use it, don't use it, it's not going to work, no can you stop believing me because with the technology we have we don't need a billion people to destroy 10 people can destroy the planet hello yes you don't need the entire population to do it because someone can build a palace that has a billion rooms, People have built a thousand rooms, why can't they build a billion rooms? 200 years ago, there are people who built 1000 rooms in their house like ghosts that they allow to walk, but they still have 1000 rooms because your competition had 500 rooms if your competition continues with Wave ofyou pay attention if you pay attention to Le a flower an ant a grasshopper nothing I don't want big things small things if you pay enough attention whoever made this brilliant right? hello absolutely brilliant or not but we didn't say God is intelligence we said God is love because you are devoid of that we said God is compassion because you are always a helpless creature anything that is a source of creation C is brilliance isn't it ?
At least if you imitate that a little bit, that world will be better, obviously, you did not create this nor I created this hello, we did not create this, whatever way it happened, brilliant or not, neither religious people nor men of science know where this Cosmos begins, where it ends, but we are busy drawing silly conclusions about how it happened, who did it first. To understand, this creation is not human-centered, that is the biggest mistake we have made. Any other life is much more important than you. This is why all this soil movement is a handful of soil in South India that would have between 8 and 10 billion organisms.
In it, a handful of more than 50 to 75 species of organisms are the fundamental life, even your body at this moment in your body, 60% or more are just microbes, only 40% is your parental genetics, if they get scared , you are done, this is what is happening to the world that on average 27,000 species of organisms become extinct each year as this progresses, first the software will collapse, then the hardware will collapse, we are going in that direction, those who are in touch With natural elements, those who are in contact with them are a little more resistant. not slowly dissipating why when everything is better than ever in terms of comfort and convenience yes or no everything is better than ever 100 years ago how people lived how we live everything is better in terms of physical comfort and convenience but why is it like this many people are losing control, this is one of the important aspects, there are many other sociological reasons, that is a different matter, you cannot fix the sociological reasons overnight, hello, no, no, you can wish it, but It's not going to happen, but there are some. things that we can fix this is everything we can do we will not do what we cannot do we dream it you need to come down to reality the reality is this if you drive well your body you will be healthy if you drive you think well you will be mentally healthy if you drive well your environment you will be socially fine if you do stupid things things will happen to you you can look up and pray all you want this happened in Tennessee you know our center is in Tennessee it is a very religious place so there was a very pious religious man who went to church no only once a week, every day, he went and he was always very poor, he prayed and prayed, dear God, the Tennessee Lottery exceeds 800 million, he prayed and prayed and I bought tickets and tickets nothing happened then finally he was when He went there he looked for an appointment with God and he said I want to find myself he found himself he asked Oh Holy Father why do you keep me as poor as a church I pray to you every day I did all the right things but my neighbor is an atheist and he eats and drinks and fornicates and everything that but it's okay to do everything it's good for him why this then God said I'm not bored during the day like you so the responsibility should be here my life is my responsibility this doesn't It doesn't mean that you created the creation, no, but the creation has already been done.
The administration is still yours, isn't it? Hello, the administration is still yours, so everything that doesn't work there, everything that works here is not going to work. Maybe we should be open to questions, yes, namas, Guru, and you have talked a lot about some. Sorry if I talked too much, you've talked about some statistics about the future and that it could be quite difficult. place to live and I was wondering how young people maintain hope with all those difficulties in the future. Look, I don't like any type of predictions because predictions are made on cold facts, predictions do not take into consideration what lies within the human being. heart, so if you all come alive and decide in Melbourne that we're not going to be mentally ill, can't we make this happen?
So this is what it takes, we sit down and say, oh, it's going to happen, it's going to happen, of course it is. It will happen because we are talking about human societies, the society of tomorrow will be the way we make it today, if there is a commitment in us, we can make sure that, as part of this year, we launch what is called the Miracle of the mind, This is what we want at least. 3 billion people will practice in a matter of 18 to 24 months. This will be implemented sometime in September. What it is about is a minimum of 15 minutes.
A simple practice. At least 3 billion people on the planet if they close their eyes for 15 minutes and do something. about themselves 1215 varieties of things we offer some are physical some are mental some are sound oriented music oriented variety of things something you do for your well-being 15 minutes a day if you commit you could make a change because we know that people still We are hesitant about that until they get into trouble, we are offering a reward, we are trying to gather around 25050 major brands in the world, where I say, for example, let's say Adidas shoes, Adidas, okay, let's go with that if you have under 18 years. years old if you do 90 days of inner work with yourself they will give you a 5% discount on shoes.
I'm not saying this is the number, but some number will be given to you because it's a business proposal, let's say uh. some cars like Toyota will give you a 10% discount on their service, but you drive a Honda and now they are pushing you to buy a Toyota because I am trying to say this is not charity, it is a business deal for them to build loyalty. with their customers and build new customers, so if you're over 18 and under 30, if you do it for 180 days, you get that reward. If you are over 30 years old, if you do it for 300 days, I will receive that reward.
The reward is just a supplement, but the biggest reward is that you are mentally healthy. Hello, yes, while the microphones move. I had a question for you. Can I ask you one more question? Well, I thought I'd read. a poem for you oh, you have written a poem for me, it's okay, because you asked me the first question, I didn't understand the poem at the time, that's true, that's what it's called in love, the beautiful pond overgrown with weeds, the beautiful pond overgrown with weeds. while I contemplate this apparently calm surface while I contemplate this apparently calm surface a fish launches itself in a delicious effort in search of sunlight or air I don't know a fish launches itself in a delicious effort in search of sunlight or air I don't know it returns to the pond a momentary breakthrough for light and life spectacular view of spirit splashes back into the pond a momentary breakthrough for light and life spectacular view of spirit but the sound shattered my heart into a million pieces and dispersed but the sound shattered my heart in a million pieces and Scattered I don't know who I love or not but surely in love you have a question well it was that the words I don't know the words I don't know are the door to search and know, so my question to It's what you don't know.
If you look at something on the Surface, it seems like we know almost everything because we can look at Google and we know how far away it is. the number 10 million light years helps at a tea party because you won't go there anyway nor will your friend go to check if it's 10 million or 11 million, it doesn't matter, all these empty things but if you look deep enough you won't know not a single leaf in your life so the question is just how deep your vision is so if you look deep enough you will know nothing in the UN universe we know nothing.
A single atom with all this scientific exploration we still don't know what an atom is, we know how to use it, break it, fuse it, but we don't know what it is, so this is the nature of life, the more you don't know the more it means you are deep beautifully said microphone here on Namaste Namaste s namaste um my question is how to tune in or prepare your mind for the certainty of the death of your loved ones your family um something that we all know is real but to come to terms with during the death process life, especially after middle age, how do you live with that right?
The biggest problem with most human beings is that they think that other people die, they don't know that this will die, you know, those who die. people die no, no, you and I die right now, we can say we are living or we can say we are dying, it is actually the same term right now, we are dying, the process will be completed one day, we hope to kick the can down the road , but we know we are. dying if you know you're dying everything in your body is speaking this language it's dying no matter how energetic you are how exuberant you are it's still dying isn't it?
If you pay enough attention instead of trying to make a philosophy out of death you should pay a little more attention to the life that you are, then you know clearly that you are dying and everything in the body is programmed and prepared for that, except your mind. silly and that's what you want to prepare, I understand. but everything in the body, every cell in the body knows that it is dying and it is preparing for it and of course it is trying to buy a little more time, yes, I need to capture that, what are you capturing now?
That moment when I became aware of every cell in my body so, you know, this happened in 2020, right before the pandemic, 3 weeks before the pandemic, there was a book that was in the writing process and in the process of editing for almost 8 years, that's usually not my timeline, but someone is. Editing it takes an unlimited amount of time and they keep answering one more question, one more question, one more question, then I said it looks like this is going to be a memorial book and then in February 2020 I said it needs to be published now. He said no, sguru, looks like we have to do more work, we have to do this, this and that, I said no, he has to go now, they said why are we waiting so long, a few more things, sguru just spent 3 days with us .
Put it together I said no, you have to go now, then the pandemic broke out, the book was published and the pandemic broke out and death was everywhere. It is very important that you know that, especially Western societies, have made pronouncing the word taboo. death no, no, everyone should know that we are mortal because it is essentially limited. Mortality means it is a limited amount of time. If you know it's a limited amount of time, you would organize for that. If you think you are immortal, you would live a stupid life. Life yes or no, yes, so how do I prepare?
Look when it's close. If you try to groom someone, they will become paranoid because you have to understand that everything you think is me will be gone right now. Your body will go away. Your thoughts go away. your emotions will go your personality will go your house your relationships and The Works your work everything will go so when everything you know is going to go just an empty space seems fearful you who cannot prepare yourself against If you allow me, I will share something that It happened, you know, when I was about two and a half years old, for some reason my mother wasn't feeling well and so I went to live with my aunt for about two years, maybe a little bit. less than 2 years she was only 18 she was newly married and she was an exuberant, happy and loving human being she took me as hers and uh not her son I became her body so she took good care of me I was there for almost 2 years and then I came back, but we maintain that relationship more as a friend than as an aunt, very happy, exuberant, loving, human being, everything in her life, well, her children came and you know, the usual things.
The children went to the United States. The girls got married when he wanted whatever, whatever Indian dream happened, small aberrations maybe, but nothing major, everything went well when he was 69, he contracted tuberculosis in the brain and they said he only had a few months left, he lost it , it was very painful to see it. such a joyful and exuberant human being suddenly lost it completely and then passed away like that, then I saw that this is what the spiritual process means, that means something beyond your physical and psychological space, there is another little space once you have this little thing that suddenly loses losing its mind is not that big a problem, you have a place to stand, if you don't, suddenly everything seems hopeless, just threatening, so this must happen as part of this thing we started in the South India, what is called a drop of spirituality everyone must have at least a drop of spirituality, they don't have to become, you know, enlightened and knowledgeable and at least a drop, something more than the body must be with you always if that is not there when the time comes to lose it.
When you arrive, you despair and it's natural, so this is very important. Thanks for that question, it may be a bit long question, but I'm trying to read it. Sorry, we talk about human suffering and at the same time we are. capable of our own internal engineering to achieve what we want and make the world around us the way we want it and there is also anotherconcept of surrendering to what is and self-acceptance given that when we still expect something even from ourselves that could We also create an internal conflict. If we don't understand it, then we suffer too, so I would like to know your point of view on how to maintain that balance between surrendering to what is and also being able to achieve what we want and be more balanced, see, these are all words that have been used widely, but let me ask you a simple question: how many of you are truly capable of surrendering to something or someone or whatever?
Please tell me frankly, be honest about this. Are you talking about things you can't do? You are not willing to do them well. Don't talk about those things. It's a waste of time but you can transform the way you think, the way you feel, the way you lead your life, the way you breathe the way you sit and the way you surf we can transform that, I'm I'm sure you thought that many people who don't know how to stand on the ground to stand on the board, many people can't stand on the spinning Earth that they have. problems but you can train them you can improve you can improve the way you think the way you feel the way you behave every aspect of your life can be improved but give up is just a big meaningless word because the first thing is that you are I'm not willing to do it and even if you try you are not able to do it, that is a fact, am I right or am I missing someone?
This is a fact with most human beings. Look, these are all things that are used in a certain context when you use it out of context it's very different there are people like these yogis who have completely don't even eat everything someone has to take care of them in a way that a child has surrendered to you, you can think of a baby, but don't try not to give them something they want, they are going to bite you hello even if they don't have teeth yes or no mothers I ask you ah those little ones aren't just easy no one has given up I want to give this to myself It's a bad idea, isn't it, if you feel so overwhelmed by someone's presence?
Maybe there are times when you almost don't exist. If you want to call that surrender, you can, but I would leave it without calling it in any way, it's just a beautiful moment M. when your nonsense wasn't active it happens when you're


it happens when you're kicking a ball it happens when you're singing or dancing it happens or If you are able it can just happen sitting here look these days I am I don't have time but if I close the door some days four or five days I don't read I don't watch TV I don't even look out the window four five days I don't have a single thought I just sit there because being alive is a process much bigger than your thought process.
Hey, the process of life is much bigger than your thought process, but since you went to school and maybe got a PhD, I don't know if you think your thought process is bigger than the universe, look right now, Today I am just informing you of all your news, if you haven't seen it, there have been no major accidents in the many billions of galaxies, you didn't get the news anywhere, there have been no major accidents, everything is flowing smoothly. and in this universe there have been no major problems, everything is fine in the solar system, also the planets, no one entered each other, everything is fine, so everything in the entire Cosmos is fine, but you are sitting here and you have a unpleasant thought in your head and you think it's a bad day, it's lack of perspective, isn't it?
Hello in this unlimited Cosmos everything is going well a bad thought an unpleasant thought and you think it is a bad day, the problem is you you must understand in this universe in this Cosmos this planet is a small specification hello Australia it is a super micro specification in the sense that mbone is a super super micro spec in the sense that you are a big man, this is not a simple problem, this is a very big problem, so you have to have the perspective you are less than a speck of dust tomorrow morning tomorrow if you, me and everyone disappear everything is fine hello in creation our life matters to us that is a different matter but if we lose perspective we will do all the wrong things about ourselves and everything else, it is true that, to respect time everyone, I'll just ask the last question and my last question for you is: you've instilled so much inspiration and wisdom in the audience tonight, what's the most important thing for everyone to do first? leave this room what should they do M I know you don't like telling people what to do uh they should know that getting in is the only way out how they find a way in is up to them if they need help we can offer to others who can find their own way , but it is the only way out, there is no other way out, and with that you say that enlightenment is not an achievement or an achievement, it is a coming home and I would like to thank you very much on behalf of everyone here today for bringing us all home thank you namaste

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