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Supernanny lectures Mom who is resistant to change! | The Citarella Family | FULL EPISODE | SPN USA

Apr 12, 2024
The girls can sit down and eat breakfast alone, yes, but I'm not going to cook it twice. Why should I have to prepare breakfast? Why didn't I make breakfast all the time? So I have to cook lunch twice. Dinner. Do you feel like you even need to cook breakfast cereals and fruit because they can't settle for the cereals, they want the waffles, the pancakes, that's only if you run to Deborah's Cafe in the morning arguing about every point, finding an excuse for everything and saying that I need to give them breakfast. I gave them. Stop worrying about the rest of America and focus on your


supernanny lectures mom who is resistant to change the citarella family full episode spn usa
Stop arguing. This is so immature. Let's focus on what we're here to do, so let's take a look and see what


I have. I have this week enough hello we are the family Cinderella I'm Debbie I'm Joe we have four children Rebecca seven it's hard to sleep Sarah is six and there are three and Joshua was a year and a half please I'll stay - mom at home one two three I'm a police officer I work four days on four days off if Joe's not home I'm praying and counting every minute until he gets home being a police officer you can reach out to the public they pretty much follow what you say and then when you get home your kids just don't want to listen to you, sit down, no you're not getting it and that's it, why would you do that?
supernanny lectures mom who is resistant to change the citarella family full episode spn usa

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supernanny lectures mom who is resistant to change the citarella family full episode spn usa...

Just sit down, no, oh, wait a minute, that's it. just put your earplugs on they're going to spend the rest of the day in the room Hannah get into that bed stop getting into that bed now this is getting ridiculous there are a few times with Hannah we were out of the store and we were shopping and I I turned around and she was actually putting a pair of sunglasses in her purse that she brought to the store here your husband is a police officer it's a little embarrassing that you know your son is stealing I didn't pay for that you can't steal ah I think I have here to a sticky-fingered girl, Rebecca, who jumps up and down, jumps around other people.
supernanny lectures mom who is resistant to change the citarella family full episode spn usa
It's very difficult to control yourself, control yourself. Sarah is where we get in her way when she doesn't want to do something she's not going to do. she finishes, you better go do the laundry. I don't want you to go up there now, how come mom is laughing? Joshua, this is our Brute, his parents are clearly overwhelmed, the kids are practically just doing a three-ring circus around me, I'm not. smiling get in that bed now I'm not kidding I'm not smiling oh this is a joke get in that bed Super Nanny we need your help I just don't know what to do anymore it's not fun anymore this is our last resort we have no other way to go we found it in a right pickle, look at that Josh, hello, nice to meet you, it was a pleasure meeting you.
supernanny lectures mom who is resistant to change the citarella family full episode spn usa
Thank you very much when Joe walked through the door for the first time. He was so excited. I felt really relieved. I'm glad she was there. I couldn't wait to get started. Sure. Hi, I'm Rebecca. Hello Rebecca. Pleased to meet you. I'm Joe. How are you? I was honestly afraid she would see that we weren't being good parents, which I know Debbie and I are trying to be so easy on. I've been on the streets keeping everyone under control or trying to do it in your own home. I think being on the streets generally keeps the audience in the game.
A little easier to look at the screen The first errand was a trip to the pharmacy, which was absolutely perfect because it gave me the opportunity to see how mom treated the kids in public. Hannah, come on, Anna, Hannah, please, she stops winning. Hannah, come on, oh God. Oh my god, Hannah, come here now, Becca, come on, no, Josh, girls, please don't touch the cards. I've got enough to deal with your brother, hey, Sarah Hannah, whoever you are, don't touch that, stop now, don't leave her alone, leave her alone. The most obvious thing was how agitated Mom got when she was with her children in public.
She really started to panic. Okay, please, you can't breathe, this is panic for you, yes, because they are everywhere, I don't even know where. Becca said there's no control, there's nothing that even resonates with mom feeling safe being a mom and having four kids and taking them out in public. Did you take anything you promised to make sure she didn't get anything? Hannah has Sticky. Fingers I think a lot of kids have probably done that, you know, very innocently walked into a store and grabbed something and felt like it's okay and I think it's important for this family to really teach Hannah that it's wrong for her to steal.
I told you to take care of your brother now look at that come on come on I already had it I had it just to go into a store and buy some things it was like incredible I'm like I was exhausted in the afternoon the kids were playing in the backyard and mom wanted to bring Josh so I could keep an eye on him while he cooked a little, but little Josh had bigger plans, come on, Joshua, no, Joshua, no, come on, he's given him very strict instructions, come to mom, we want to go. Upstairs, she starts laughing and then plays hide and seek with him and starts running around the table.
It's like she takes us seriously. Frankly, she had never seen a mother laugh so hysterically at her son's bad behavior. She obviously puts up with it. so when she gets overwhelmed somehow, she manages to get Joshua into the kitchen, she drags him across the floor and he ends up in that high chair tied up with straps and he screams and screams and screams, he doesn't want to be there, keep an eye on him. the little one but at the same time you need to give him some space so that he can play and have some fun, otherwise he will get bored and make a fuss.
It's really overwhelming. That same afternoon, the children were still playing in the backyard, which gave Me the opportunity to talk to Mom about the challenges she has to face. You know, four children. Does it seem overwhelming to you?.... You know? I am the youngest of five. I never had anyone to take care of and my husband was also the youngest. of three and he never had to worry about anyone, so we just don't know what to do. I have to tell you Joe, he is very embarrassing. I used to have a calm, wonderful, happy house, I did a lot of things and I didn't and I guess that's why I feel like I'm on the outside looking in because it's not what it used to be, let's see after my chat with Mom, Dad, came home shortly after law enforcement and gave me a good opportunity to see exactly how. a lot that Mr.
Dad puts on that dining room table when it's time to eat this is our fork that's what you're seeing in your fingers stop putting your leg down there now the kids don't excuse themselves from the table they just get up what not? Come sit down? Have you finished eating alone once again? Proper family meal times should be part of this family's organized routine because what isn't leads to a host of misbehavior and discipline problems. Oh, come on, your brother's dream, stop sleeping. I'll sit here and take it, if you can't share, listen to me, sit there, that's discipline, it's ineffective, play Hannah to timeout and then in her own great way, stop, stop, you're dead, you're making it worse. . you're not going to go no, you're not going to understand until you sit down don't hit me you know better than that, that's a police officer and he's getting more and more frustrated by the fact that his own kids don't have him no respect. or listening to it at all it's not funny they listen to me the reason the kids don't listen to dad is because when he puts them in time out he keeps chatting with them ready to go to sleep hey we're just kidding' You're right so it came bedtime and I had seen enough.
He knew exactly what needed to be said and done in this house. Sleep while you two hope to see you tomorrow. I've had a very good day of observing, though. A truly fantastic day. I've been able to see a lot of things, so I need to sit down and talk to you two tomorrow morning, so I hope to see you. Thank you so much. You are welcome. Good night. They have called me too. I'm going to help you, but I hope you realize that I won't come with a bag of pixie dust. It's going to take a lot of commitment to turn things around in this house, so I hope you're ready because I'm going to be kicking. go up a level it's very necessary we're in big trouble one way of saying I'm going to replace I'm in big trouble it's obvious that you two love your children very much and care about how they raise them But the irony in this situation is that Joe, you spend time on the streets enforcing the law and yet in your own home that is not being enforced, why is it so hard to give that to your own children?
Joe just no, you don't want to be the bad father or the data is not fun or anything like that Deb how are your children going to take you seriously if when you discipline them you laugh at them how do I stop laughing it's okay you recognize it don't use it as an excuse Deb, it's not enough here at the table, okay, you recognize that if I don't stop laughing and use a stronger voice to exert my authority, then these kids will realize that it's all a big joke and that's to me . It's crazy, you're in cuckoo land, no, no, I want you to stop laughing for a minute, okay, I don't want humor at this table right now, if you want your kids to respect you, then there has to come a point. where seriously, oh your kids are just going to make fun and you're not going to be in control, let's talk about stealing, your little one goes to a store, grabs something and then realizes it's okay to do that and come back to do it, that's a The problem is that we pay for things at home, it's ours, but you haven't said that, and Joe, you're a police officer and you have your own children stealing, in any case, I would have thought it would come from you first, where's the consequence, oh? earplugs Joe I use them from time to time turn off I don't know my head hurts a lot from the noise and that's why I think you're plugged in I'd like to not see more earplugs like the father of this house you have a chance to be a loving father, very encouraging and understanding, but right now I think I'm looking at someone who thinks they can't do it.
I'm pretty right, but I know you can do it because if you can't, you win. you won't be doing the work you're doing now she's still overwhelming so we handle it or we don't handle it we handle it we try or we




because I'm not trying okay let's do some work come on hello one concern I have It's just that there's no structure, so I want to be able to go in and first establish a routine in this house from when the kids wake up to when they go to bed. Deborah You come here because you are going to write.
It's better for him to do the grading. Deb obviously had trouble with me creating a new routine for her family because she fought with me on every detail. Joe is sleeping. Yeah, what's the problem with kids being still? in bed what's the thing well, they fall asleep no one gets up so until a quarter to nine it's like that 8 45 9 o'clock right that's too late that's too loud really yeah, it's too late because you want Josh to be able to have a good day where stimulated has Play We want to include snack time we want to include lunch I really want to eliminate snacking completely why I don't think it's healthy for kids to eat snow, they need a snack otherwise their blood sugar level The levels go down if I give them breakfast, lunch and dinner and they have their snack exactly after the meal, it allows them to sit and eat properly instead of grazing all day.
I plan to make changes, but I never saw myself making excuses. I really did it. Can girls sit and have breakfast alone? Yes, but I'm going to cook it twice. Why should I have to prepare breakfast? Why didn't I make breakfast all the time? So I have to cook lunch twice. Dinner. You feel like you need to prepare even a hot breakfast. How much do cereals and fruit cost? Because they are not satisfied with cereals. They want the waffles and pancakes. That's only if you run to Deborah's Cafe in the morning arguing over every point. Find an excuse for everything I don't want them to go to school and say I need to give them breakfast.
I gave them. Stop worrying about the rest of America and focus on your family. Stop arguing. This is so immature. Let's focus on what we are here for. To do this, it will be difficult for me to help Deb if she is not willing to take my help, so we have Josh take that nap and then at 2:30 we pick up the kids from school snack, another snack, right , they would have only eaten one today. Oh my gosh, there has always been a routine in my head about what I have to do during the day. I may not have let the kids know what that is.
The girls shower at eight o'clock at 8:30 before going to bed. I like those children. you're in bed, hey, just do what you want. I don't think the problem is cooking snacks or getting up early. I think it's that Deb doesn't want to take the lead. She is still fighting on all levels. Even dad noticed. Okay, let's get it over with after the resistance. that Deb gave me in the routine it's going to be really eye-opening to see how she responds to implementing the discipline Sarah, you just kicked me now for, what do I do with this?
Sarah, stop, Sarah, stop, like that, uh, look at her face, Sarah, stop, mom, she laughs. when something becomes overwhelming for her and if she wants to change this, they will have to overcome this challenge, okay, don't laugh, it's not funny, stop, you're right, stop looking at me, stop, it's harder for me to break thethey comply, there is no reason why this family can't go out and dine in peace again. I'm very happy with the sun, Sarah, keep your eyes off the table. I love the good job using your napkin. This will be a bad first time.
It was just amazing. I was able to sit at the table for the first time and eat with my family. I will see you back at home. Thank you very much. See you later, foreigner. I have no doubt. I am completely sure that what I have been able to give to this family will be useful to them. Oh wow, look, I'm leaving. home with all these lovelies, that's adorable, no, I just hope they find it in themselves to realize that they deserve to move on and be in a better place, give me a big hug or you, but Joe helped us in areas where the ones that really needed the most help.
You're welcome, it's definitely a blessing that Joe came at this time, I mean, it couldn't have worked out better, take care, okay, hey, making the time, focus on that, making the time, we know it's going to be a process in to work. It will take some time but the ones we follow should work when I met Deb she laughed at absolutely everything and now she realizes that it is a time and place to laugh but it is definitely not about discipline from this process in the that we have become. a better family it's just easier to go out and do things and I think it will get even better as we move forward.
I definitely think I'll be a better parent just by knowing what to do with the kids and making them listen and just to make home life so much better, a snail or just Joe has the confidence and control over the kids and knows he can handle the kids. four alone, that's huge for me, thanks Jojo, my mom and dad are better. parents for all JoJo's help thank you Jojo

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