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Superbook - Gideon - Season 2 Episode 10 - Full Episode (Official HD Version)

Apr 04, 2024
My mom and dad should have been here by now. I am sure it is a wonderful joy. It's just a little rain. Mother. Hello darling. Dad and I are on the way. The roads are terrible tonight and we don't want to take any chances. Mother. Hello. Mom, what's going on mom, oh mom, mom, are you there? joy, we are fine, we are fine, a tree branch just fell on the hood of the car, we are fine, mom, where, on what corner, mom, I'm sorry, your call cannot be completed at this time. time, ah, they're stranded, but I don't know where, take it easy, joy, take it easy, count on me, Chris and I, I'm just not good at being, I don't know, count on it for things like This I'm not good at this type of situations.
superbook   gideon   season 2 episode 10   full episode official hd version
No, I can't go anywhere right now. My parents need to be rescued. I'll take you to meet a man who was an unlikely choice for a big task. Giz. Get a read on where we are. It seems that we have arrived in the land of Ophra sometime between 1400 and 1000 BC? I also detect a small group of soldiers Chris Joy, please, you must not make any sound, especially that sound. We are completely surprised at who these Midianites are and why. so afraid of them, huh, oh, the Midianites have invaded our land, they steal our flocks to feed their huge armies, stay down, Gideon, Gideon, oh, it's my servant, Gideon, the Midianites have been going from house to house even stealing bread from the tables.
superbook   gideon   season 2 episode 10   full episode official hd version

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superbook gideon season 2 episode 10 full episode official hd version...

Have we met? I'm glad, I'm Chris and Gizmo, go care


y with my family so they can eat, maybe our new friends will help you with the threshing. Yeah, you can bet, uh, the rush is separating the good parts of the wheat from the chaff. Looks a lot like. work for a sandwich I will recover the wheat that we have hidden near the terabith tree guys, do you think the


brought us here to meet Gideon? Yes, if we are supposed to learn the history of wheat. Well the super book said we would meet someone who was an unlikely choice for a job God wanted him to do, yeah he's not really the hero type, is he?
superbook   gideon   season 2 episode 10   full episode official hd version
Wow, guys, who is that talking to Gideon? Where did he come from? The lord is with you, mighty and brave man, sir, if the lord is with So, why has all this happened to us and where are all your miracles that our ancestors told us about? Didn't they say that the Lord brought us out of Egypt but now the Lord abandoned us and handed us over to the Midianites? the strength that you have and rescue Israel I am sending you oh my lord how can I save Israel my clan is the weakest in Manasseh and I am the youngest in my family I will be with you and you will destroy the Midianites as if you were fighting against a man if you are really going to help me show me a sign to prove that it is really the lord speaking to me do not leave until I return and bring you my offering I will stay here until you return children come take the mead and the unleavened bread and put them on this rock and pour out the broth uh it's gone oh oh lord god for I have seen the angel of the lord face to face peace be upon you do not fear you will not die oh superb oh there is no time it just comes wait wait wait where are we going now but What will happen to Gideon?
superbook   gideon   season 2 episode 10   full episode official hd version
Okay, where are we now? We just took a little jump forward in time, but it looks like we're in the same general geographic location as Chris Joy Gizmo, whatever. It happened to you where you've been horror So much has happened it's dizzying here hmm he joined the army he also joined the army he commands the army come see for yourselves wow


is in charge of all this he has certainly come a long way I will be delighted to see you captain, you have visitors hello Gideon, oh my friends, it seems that everyone in Israel is with you, Gideon, not all, but we have many, eh, maybe, but you don't have as many as them, oh man, it's just that the Midianite army Medianites have covered our land like locusts, it will take an army twice as big as ours to drive them out and this morning the man told me that he had too many men which is impossible according to my infrared heat census mode Gideon The army currently has 32,000 soldiers and Gideon just said that very soon there won't even be that many, it just seems impossible.
Men of Israel, the Lord said you have too many warriors with you, Gideon, are you angry? We need as many men as possible. External numbers may serve better in battle. The Midianites have thousands more men, not fewer. Listen to me. The Lord went on to say that if all of us fight against the alliance of Midian Amalek and all the others who gather with them, these Israelites will boast before me. They are saved by their own strength, therefore, tell people who are timid or afraid to leave this mountain and return home. What do you mean? Are you sure this is the right thing to do?
Gideon, do you know what he's doing? There are 22,000 men left. Today that means Gideon only has 10,000 men left. There are still too many. Bring them to the spring and I will test them to determine who will go with you and who will not. Why do you think Gideon has called all of his troops to the brook? It must be some kind of training exercise, I bet it's an endurance test, maybe you'll have to run across the river and you'll get the strongest one or see who can hold their breath the longest underwater, everyone should drink from the stream, eh, drink from the stream divide the men into two groups in one put all those who cup the water in their hands and lick it with their tongues like dogs in the other group put all those who kneel and drink with my mouth in the stream I don't understand how Gideon is going to determine which men to get rid of based on this test 300 what only 300 drank from his hands God has told me with these 300 men I will rescue you and give you victory over the half knights send everyone else home that just 300 is totally impossible for Gideon and 300 men to defeat the thousands and thousands of soldiers in that Midianite army.
No, if I can build a plasma beam with a reinforced gamma disintegrator out of these fig trees, come on, Chris, you can hold my tape measure, Gideon. The odds are against you. I must trust that God will show me the way. Although that is usually difficult for me. It has always been my nature to be insecure and think that something may not be possible instead of believing that it is. Yes, sometimes. I am the same way when God called me to drive the Midianites out of our land. He needed a lot of security and that's how I found him.
I don't understand, you were certain that you could lead an army thanks to a piece of wool. No, I learned. trust in god that's why I said to god if you will save Israel with my hand like you said look, I will put a fleece of wool on the threshing floor if there is dew only on the fleece and it is dry everywhere. the land then I will know that you will save Israel with my hand and it happened when I arrived the next morning the land was dry but the fleece was wet with dew but I still had questions don't be mad at me but let me try pray just one more time with the fleece , let it now dry only on the fleece, but all over the ground, let it be done, oh, and God did it that night, the fleece was dry, but there was dew on the ground, so I keep this as a reminder. of God's promise that he will show me the way you hold on to him for a while he will keep you warm now I must prepare 300 men as if they were 30,000 get up get up attack the Midianite camp I'm going to let you defeat them, but if you're still afraid, You and your poorest servant should sneak back to their camp when you hear what the Midianites say, they will be brave enough to attack.
I had this dream and in my dream a loaf of barley bread fell out. In the Midianite camp he hit my tent, overturned it and knocked it down. Your dream can mean only one thing. God has given Gideon, son of Johash, the Israelite victory over Midian and all his allies. No, this can't be, what are we going to do? We must tell the commander if this dream is as you say, we are doomed, are you sure his interpretation is true? Get up, get up, because the gentleman has delivered the minion cap into his hand. When we reach the enemy camp, spread out and surround them. then wait for me to blow a signal on my ram's horn as soon as you hear him blow your ram's horns and shout to the lord and what a


what are torches and clay pots that's not a plan it's a decorative motif so what is? this can't be happening there's too many of them it's working it's really working the minionites are so I can't believe what happened look at them Gideon I would never have thought in a million years that this would have been successful trust me God, joy. he'll show you the way oh we're going home it's just a second after we leave the device it shows a map of the city okay my parents were coming from Ann Ferns' house that means they would have had to take this canyon road, so there's only one. section of that road where the trees are close enough to fall on his car yeah, I need your simulated rocket mode 3000 right, Chris call Smitty's garage and tell them where we're headed.
Are you sure about this joy if God can use Gideon to leave an army, he can use me to rescue my parents, there they are, wait for mom and dad, gadget, grappling hook, no problem, joy, dad, baby , anyway, you mean, I knew you could do it, but I never suspected how, well, I guess I just discovered people. They can do some pretty amazing things when they are called to the challenge after the battle the Israelites said Gideon we want you to be our king so your son and then your grandson will rule no I will not be your king only the lord is your ruler Jesus you died in a cross and rose again to save the lost, forgive me now of all my sins, come be my, change my life, my life and make it new.
Jesus, you died on a cross and rose again to save the lost, forgive me now of all. my sin come be my savior change my life and make your life foreign make it new help me lord to live for you change my life new and help me is the new super book bible is


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