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Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 1)

Mar 17, 2022
Hmm... what that? It looks like some kind of shiny rock Vaaaaleee... It looks like there's no one around. I don't think anyone would mind if I took it with me. I thank the Eztrelles de la Sort for taking an alternative path walking through the Planures Donut. This will make the perfect gift for Goombella. He might even date me when I'm done with… What? What is happening? A storm is coming? By the great Goomba King! What's this!? Give me the Chaos Emeralds!!! Chaos Emerald? What is a Chaos Emerald??? NOT!!! WAIT!!! TO!!!!!!!! Very good! Smash fans! Welcome back to the first Smash tournament in the Mushroom Kingdom!
super mario bros z episode 1
It's been a long road but mother MI if we have a spectacular fight coming up! Two fierce rivals will give it their all, nothing will stop them from becoming the champion of Smash! I am your host, King Lakitu. And today we will be joined as a guest by the current champion of the Glitz Pit. The wild nuclear reactor! Get ready for the one and only... Rawk Hawk! FINALLY! Rawk has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom!!! Ooooh yeah! It's wonderful to be back, Rey! I'm


excited for today's fight! Exactly. Wrestlers from all over the world have participated in this tournament.
super mario bros z episode 1

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super mario bros z episode 1...

But only one can be the champion. I can only imagine how today's fight between the two finalists will play out. Ajiajiajiajia!!! They should feel lucky that she didn't enter the tournament, otherwise they would have been torn apart! Ohhhh yesssss! Nobody can beat me, I'm number 1! Ahem ahem... I sure do, champ. Whatever, without further ado. We will introduce the finalists!!! Here matex, known as "Mr. Video" or "Jumping Man" is our favorite plumber. And the hero of the Mushroom kingdom. Applaud for the one and only... MARIO!!!!! And his opponent. The Almighty Alter-Ego! The Goliath of greed! The manga with a stepped mustache!
super mario bros z episode 1
Call and clap for WARIO!!! Aahahahahaha, hehehehe! I've heard fewer boos in the spooky little house in the woods! Yes. Obviously Wario is the least faced with this competition. But he could still win. Of course, the tournament would not be possible without our generous sponsor. So please, everyone give a big round of applause to the precious Princess Peach!!! Agree. We've made them wait long enough. We start with the finals! Jia Jia! What an EXPLOSIVE ending! The great Gonzalez will need an ice cream for so much heat! You said it, champ! I think Mario will have shoelaces tomorrow.
super mario bros z episode 1
If he will be able to hear anything... What a problem! Mario certainly was the audience's favorite. But it seems that Wario has already won. Suppose he's done for, fans of Smash! The winner of the first Smash tournament in the Mushroom kingdom is... WOW! Wait a minute! What's that!? Oh my old heart! He was extremely worried at times. Wait... that wasn't planned! The whole ring has exploded! What is happening there!? Mushroom Ladies and Gentlemen! Say hello to the great king of the Koopas and soon to the entire Mushroom kingdom! Clap, scream and horrify for the indomitable, the unbreakable and the indigestible BOWSER!!!
Thanks! Thanks! It's wonderful to be here! We haven't seen each other in a while, my rival, sorry for destroying your Mario Party. I'm sooo sore that you didn't invite me to your pathetic tournament. But it does not matter. Now is the perfect time to put my plan into action! Get ready, Smash fans. It seems King Bowser is planning to kidnap the princess again! Hey! Man on the cloud! How did you find out my top secret plan!? Come on! Who told you that!? Meh! I do not care! Mr. Nuvolet Quatre-ulls has only revealed half of my plan.
But first. Let me tell you a little story. One morning, he was eating a bowl of Koopa Cereal. As I ate my delicious cereal, I couldn't help but think, you know what? You know everything I absolutely HATE YOU, MARIO!!!??? EVERYTHING!!! From your good-natured attitude, your stupid hair to your annoying and irritating chipmunk voice! I would have conquered the world ten times over, having Peach as my love, if it weren't for YOU!!! With that thought in mind, I began an intense training routine. I pushed my body to its limits in search of greater strength. Now I am stronger than ever and I will use this new power to destroy you once and for all!
And what better place to end you than here? In front of all your lovely fans. They have to watch me repeatedly squash and pummel you before finishing your "game"! What? Don't you think I can beat you? It is what you think? Alright, braggart! Why don't you try to show that you are so tough. Get ready, you fucking mushroom eater! IT'S TIME TO FIGHT Muahahahaha! Mr.Bigotiverd will never stop being funny! But definitely squashing yourself into an omelet will be a lot more fun! It is your destiny! Amazing! What an intense fight! The Koopa King seems to be losing, but you never know!
You can do it Mario. I trust you. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Aaaarrrrrgrgggggg... That brainy... Not bad, Mario. You certainly have eaten your megavitamins. You are much tougher than before. But did you really think he wasn't ready for it? Kamek! Now! Your order has arrived! Muahahahaha! Did you really think that only you and your brother could use power-ups? Look at this! Stay tuned, fans of Smash! Looks like King Bowser is transforming into something! Ohhhh yes! What do you like this!? Say hello to Metallic Bowser! AND GOD TO YOUR PATHETIC EXISTENCE!!! What! Do you want more? You certainly like suffering. Ugh, I can't with so many emotions.
Have you finished with him yet? Was that little flame the best you could do? Pathetic!!! Weak!!! I have an idea. What do you think if a crack teaches you how to do it? Get ready to learn! Muahahahaha! How the mighty fall! I can't believe you've been such a pain in the ass in the past! And now? In the sun, covered in dirt like the filthy worm that you are. Broken and helpless, no one can save you. Agree. There's no point in prolonging this. I've waited a long time for that moment. GAME OVER MARIO!!! Mmmm... So you've finally woken up, Mr.Bigotiverd?
You should have gone unconscious if you wanted to live. Heh. Really? Do you think a stupid little covard like you can protect him from me? Since I'm so happy, I'll let you run and hide. Except if you want to go up in flames with your brother! Agree! You will regret it in the other world! You and Mario will die together! Please! By the spirits of the stars! Somebody! Any! help us! This is terrible, fans of Smash! Mario is in last! This is the end!? Bowser has won!? Gonzalez! You better not lose or else I'll go down myself da baaaaaaaat you!
Aaaaaaghhhhh... what was this? But what! What happened to my metallic form!? Kamek! Fast! Give me another metallic mushroom. Hehehe... eeeemmm... sorry... I can't your wickedness, we don't have any left. How do we not have left??? You are a very stupid magikoopa !!! Can't you create one with magic??? Fool!!! Meh! I don't need a metal mushroom to kill you, Mario. I'll just go to you and... No more Mario! By now either Princess Peach will no longer be Princess or Peach. Don't listen to him Mario! You have to continue! You have to defeat Bowser! Nijijijiji! I knew it, I knew you wouldn't have the pants to take him down if Princess Peach was at risk!
Mario, I suggest you be a good boy and calm down for once if you don't want the princess to be a goomba for the rest of her life. You have been a good resource Kamek. Even the bravest heroes shit when there's a hostage. Now stay still Mario. Will be fast. Nijijijiji! It ends with... what? Kamek? Where have you gone? It's over, fans of Smash! Mario has survived and won the evil tyrant! Whoah Whoah! Not bad González! Obviously, if I had been down there, I would have shredded the stupid reptile in seconds! Ohhhhh yesssss! Don't mess with the champion!
My ten... This has been too dangerous, scary... I should take a nap... Hey, buddy! You're not by chance Mario, are you? Cool! It seems that we are where we should be. After a long and epic fight. Mario has won his rival, the evil King Bowser. But his victory has been partially thanks to the timely arrival of these visitors. Who are these strangers? Where do they come from? Are they friends or enemies? And what do they want to do with Mario? You will find out in the next


of Super Mario Bros Z!!!

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