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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct 8.31.2023

Sep 08, 2023
-Ooh! How exciting! -Welcome to the Flower Kingdom, a land not far away beyond the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and his friends were invited here by the benevolent Prince Florian, but Bowser, the King of the Koopas, had other plans! With just a touch of the mysterious Wonder Flower... Bowser merged with Prince Florian's castle! Thanks to his new power, chaos spread throughout the land. Now it's up to Mario and his friends to stop Bowser and save the Flower Kingdom! In this presentation, we'll take a look at what's new in Mario's latest 2D side-scrolling adventure, the game Super Mario Brothers Wonder.
super mario bros wonder direct 8 31 2023
Let's jump! This is the Kingdom of Flowers. It is made up of six different worlds surrounding the Petal Islands, making a total of seven areas to explore. Your adventure begins among the tubular hills of the Pipe-Rock Plateau. Once you get past the icy foot of the mountain, you'll aim for new heights in Fluff-Puff Peaks! Many tests await you amidst the picturesque landscape and radiant waterfalls of Shining Falls. Cross multiple islands, dive into the sea and explore caves in the heart of the Flower Kingdom, the Petal Islands. There's also a barren desert with white sand as far as the eye can see, a mysterious forest lined with giant mushrooms, a scorching world filled with molten magma, and more!
super mario bros wonder direct 8 31 2023

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super mario bros wonder direct 8 31 2023...

A rich variety of courses await you in each world! Move around the map in each world to select a course. You will even be able to walk freely through open areas that you find! In these spaces, if you're not ready to take a particular course, you can try a different one. Play in the order you want! Once you've played a course, you can quickly return to it through the Courses menu. It's an easy way to find the ones you want to play again! While you're in the courses, you might notice some talking flowers. Come closer and... -Forward and up! -How did you get here?! -What a beautiful sunset... -They will talk to you livening up your adventure. -I


what the Goombas taste like... -Maybe they'll give you clues... -I


if you'll be able to get there... -Or coins! -Would you share your water with me?! -Besides Mario, you can also play as...
super mario bros wonder direct 8 31 2023
Luigi... Peach... Daisy... one of the two Toads... and Toadette! -Boi! -They all play the same, so choose your favorite or mix it up! Yoshis and Nabbits, on the other hand, will take no damage. They are an excellent option if you are looking for a quieter experience. But be careful, they will still lose a life if they fall into a pit, so be careful! Also, Yoshis can jump, eat objects and spit them at enemies! Speaking of enemies, these are some of the new ones you'll encounter. Hoppycats will copy the player and jump when you jump. Piranha melon plants will spit out seeds from their mouths.
super mario bros wonder direct 8 31 2023
Condarts will fly towards you and stick their beaks where they don't belong. When the Konks attack, they will even pass through the goo. The mummies can be unraveled if you get into the right position. Maw-Maws will eat anything that gets too close to their open mouths. There are also many more new enemies to discover! Goombas... Koopa Troopas... Boos... Lakitus and other familiar enemies are here too! Next, let's look at the new power-ups you can find! -Wah-ha! -In Elephant form, make the most of your nose... and your size. Swing your trunk to attack enemies... destroy blocks... and even do this!
This way, you can easily pass through blocks... and across large gaps! See? If you keep water in your trunk... and spray it, who knows what could happen? -Thank you! That trunk sure comes in handy, huh? -But it's not just Mario. Luigi... the Toads... -Hey! -Peach, Daisy and Toadette also have elephant shapes! The bubble shape allows you to blow light, floating bubbles. They can be used to capture and defeat enemies from a distance. They will also move towards nearby enemies. You can take care of enemies around you in one fell swoop, defeating typically impervious enemies, and knocking out bad guys on the other side of walls!
You can even jump off them, like platforms! -Ya-hoo! -The bubbles make it a little easier to reach those hard to reach places. -Ya-hoo! -So! -Zzz-HUH?! -While in Drill form, you'll get a pretty nifty drill! This makes dealing with spiky... or stubborn enemies very easy. Or you can use it to go deeper! It also allows you to dig and move through the ground. In a difficult situation? Dig! You can even dig into the ceiling! -Oh! I wasn't expecting company! -Plus, Fire's classic form returns! Oh! And you get to keep an extra power-up! In a hurry? Get a power-up! -Wow!
Or change them to better fit the situation. -Hey! This is a Wonder Flower, a plant that grows in the Kingdom of Flowers. They are said to thrive on the mysterious power of this world and release it when they flourish. That's the power Bowser was looking for! When you touch a Wonder Flower in a level... A Wonder effect will activate, causing some... -Wow! -interesting changes. -Whoa Whoa! -The pipes could start moving... A stampede of enemies could appear... -OooOOaaaAAH!! -The terrain can tilt... -Hey! -You could end up in free fall... The bubbles could, uh... burst out! Your perspective can change...
Or you could float through space. There are even wonders where your character transforms! -Eeeeee. -Mario could turn into Goomba?! Or a spiked ball? Or inflate like a balloon! When you touch a Wonder Flower, always expect the unexpected! -Marvelous! -Collect a Wonder Seed and the course will return to normal. Some courses must be unlocked using the Wonder Seeds you have collected. You will also get a Wonder Seed as a poplin thank you when you complete a course. -Wow! As your adventure progresses, you'll unlock in-game badges that will change the way you play when equipped. There are a variety of badges, each with its own special ability.
Let's review some of them! Reduce your fall with the parachute cap badge. -Awesome! Improve your wall jumping skills with the Wall-Climb Jump Badge. Unleash a burst of speed while underwater by equipping the Dolphin Kick badge. You can also break underwater blocks! Take a big jump with the squat high jump badge. Shoot vines into the air and stick them to walls with the Grappling Vine badge. Recover from dangerous falls instantly with the Safety Bounce badge. Easily find important items using the sensor badge. Attract nearby money with the coin magnet badge. Become invisible to your enemies and yourself with the Invisibility Badge.
You won't stop running with the Jet Run badge... and you'll be able to run in the air for a while! There are many more badges with different abilities, from the most convenient to the unconventional! Only one badge can be equipped per course. Equip them from the world map or when starting a course, or if you don't succeed, grab a different badge and try again! Some badges can be earned by completing special Badge Challenge courses. -Go for it! -While others can be purchased at Poplin Shops on the world map. Be sure to exchange the Flower Coins you collect on courses for badges! -While others can be purchased at Poplin Shops on the world map.
Be sure to exchange the Flower Coins you collect on courses for badges! Up to four people can play locally on the same Nintendo Switch system. Choose your favorite character and jump into the adventure together! If a player is defeated in local co-op, their character will float around the field like a ghost! If another player catches them before time runs out, they'll be back in action! Your party won't lose a life either! And just so you know, if someone plays as Yoshi, you can jump on their back and ride them around the field! Even if you also play as Yoshi or are an elephant!
If you go online, you may see other players on the world map and on fields. These are people from all over the world enjoying the game in real time and appearing as shadows of live players. Just like in local co-op, if you are defeated, you can come back to life by running into the shadow of a living player. Players can send greetings and share in-game items. Although you won't play together


ly, you will be able to experience a subtle connection with other players online as you enjoy this new adventure together. You can also place a student standing in a course.
Standees can revive ghosts, so place them in... not-so-easy areas... and help your fellow players! You can buy Standee Surprises. You can purchase Standee Surprises at Poplin Shops to add more to your collection. from Poplin Shops to add more to your collection. You never know what standee you'll get! When you come into contact with an online player or their standee, you will see their username and Heart Points. These points show how much they have helped other players in their adventure. Reviving ghosts, gifting items, reaching the Goal Pole together, and more will earn you Heart Points! -Wow! While playing online, you also have the option to create a room to meet up with friends.
In a shared room, you can see what courses your friends are playing, enter courses together, and even compete on certain courses. Start a race by hitting the running block... and then run! However, reaching Goal Pole is not the only way to finish a race. Woo-hoo! -In some courses you will need to get a Wonder Seed or defeat a boss. Whether you casually connect with players around the world or sync up with friends for fascinating races, you can enhance your experience by playing online! -Aaaaah! -What a beautiful day! -Yeah! Ha ha! -Yeah! -Tiny! Immerse yourself in the unexpected with Mario and his friends when Super Mario Brothers Wonder launches on the Nintendo Switch system on October 20.
Plus, a new Nintendo Switch OLED model: Mario Red Edition is also on the way! If you look closely, you'll find Mario and some hidden coins! Nintendo Switch – OLED Model: Mario Red Edition launches on October 6.

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