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SUPER ANGRY PARENTS Turn On The Judges! | X Factor Global

SUPER ANGRY PARENTS Turn On The Judges! | X Factor Global
Seventeen-year-old, brought her biggest fans with the support of her sister We just literally pushed it and pushed it and pushed it and got her to sing And to ensure that Emma not only sings like a star, but looks like one had that Philip has made her a show-stopping outfit Three days What's your name Emma, and why are you here today, I've been told that I'm a good singer Soph wanted so ever go Picture dress for you my dad's made it for me And is there anybody in the chart that
super angry parents turn on the judges x factor global
you aspire to be like Celine Dion ok? Far I think she loving sugar yes I Believe that the heart does come on Let's hope and pray love can touch us one time and last for go How do you all So never It's fine it's fine. It's fine. It's fine. Sasame. What do you think what emerge can I be honest with you? First of all the dress is completely wrong? Why? What I'm not a fashion expert Emma bar you know it's it's it's like a wedding dress isn't it and then you
sang the song out a tune and a bit like a baby a Little bit, I know you're only young I don't want to be hard on you, but just wasn't good Emma no now right no Emma Danny no for knows, but nice to meet you Thanks Denominator lights my dragons Okay.what can't sing we can't sing you come Are you a nice mom and dad oh yeah, yeah, yeah, she's very upset she's put her who of her heart to us Now I used to sing in the choir myself, so I think if you're coming in here to
give me a hard time You've got to look at yourselves. We've not pushed her You are the reason why this girl is gonna be disappointed I have to blame you guys for encouraging her to believe that she's gonna Do well in something which she's not Wow you've given her false? Hope she can't say she's won trophies I've got trophies home look along yeah, but people who wore of rosette and a donkey Darby don't go on to win the grand national Your daughter carved the
same Just dumb white eggless, I'm sorry. I'm very upset myself my Scarf she's still not gonna. Give up singing. She could still try next year She'll still try again next year and more people enjoy so it's back to Ramsbottom for Emma and her family I'm not just got the X


. I have got the wow


She has 100% star quality. She will go places. Oh well shall Simon Who's the biggest the knows the best and nothing that I will win this? Now Maura what? Do best
please hello, how are you good? This is Danny? This is Louie? Okay, what's your name darling Kelly novel? Oh? Why are you here Stark's


which is? Me okay, I might not have the looks But I've got the X


and who would you compare yourself to in the chance today Celine Dion Whitney Houston? Mariah Carey, and how would you? Mark your self out of 10 in terms of vocals tonight a good. What are you gonna say? I will always love you off you go. Kelly should make you cry So I go
But I know I'll Think of you every step. Oh boy Hello Well oh Well oh Thank you well you sounded like a dog barking at the end, sorry Kelly it was I mean you sang it in about 7,000 different keys I think this is a pointless exercise You don't you haven't got a ten out of ten voice at best? I would give you two and a half Thank you very much, and that's that's being generous Danny I can see you're really nervous, but I don't think you have the voice to win the x-


Kelly You're a nice girl, but your voice is just not as good as you think of this so it's a lot. It's an office No, not for me. Okay nice to meet you Kelly. Thank you very much. Hi, sweetheart Very degrading couldn't happiness. I think I've been penalized because he just wants to get out He's not giving anybody a chance he seems to me, but if he wants to get out He wants to go to the pub by satellite about ten Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey Celine Dion and that descended
super angry parents turn on the judges x factor global
like Lassie Our son How do you do I'm a father? What's your name Peter Peter? She was absolutely terrible India Peter? Can I say something you are partly to blame for your daughter's delusion? Why because you've obviously encouraged it it's crazy, it's crazy I think this is Christ no, but the whole thing that you saw me I'm asking you Please can you give it one more point one more? It's pointless. Why is your party? I know she can do it Peter. You don't
that's the whole point You don't know do this is my business your daughter isn't good enough Have you got me time and I've got a heart. Yes, well we Also, got a brain. Where's your brain in your middle toe goodbye Kelly? You think anybody arms nice to meet you Kerry ash Kelly reality check. It's like you want to do is just go home. Don't you? There's an eye opener, but it better Be good, who are you? I could've and Simon millions. Just think about it, Simon
when I'm bigger famous You could have been earning the money with me the last contestant to face the


is quite similar the range with Simon and Miss mood, Lorraine decides to take some protection for 86 year old mother-in-law Edna Hi guys hi I get you oh This is your daughter-in-law oh you don't think two or three oh no and who goes Lorraine oh Why are you with her? I'm just Okay, mr. Bored's. Oh, yeah, yeah Is she any good? Well, I think so really okay, just stand over
there Okay, so Lorraine have you got the X


? I have oh, why are you going to say? I'm going to sing begin the beguine off you. Go. Thank you. I'm with you once more under the stars And down by the shore an orchestra splash and even the palms Seem to be swaying When they begin the Beguine thank you very much to rain What did you think it was red lifeless What did you think I? Liked it all would you buy a record yes? Bit biased um okay look I've concentrated on the singing ler
and I mean there are other issues. I mean you know lack of personality Performance all those things. He just it was it was terrible Okay, we're gonna sum this up. I'm saying no. I'm gonna have to say no I mean Simon yes, I know absolutely I'm afraid gonna have to say no Lorraine The competition's over full of rain But mother-in-law Edna isn't happy with Simon it because mikaze laughed. He laughed initially she left Edna can't contain herself He shattered dreams across
the globe but this time mr.. Nasty has gone too far One of the most powerful men in music is about to meet his match Edna What have I done what have you do go on what do you love You know you don't know no you do know I apologize no no Simon You want to all she wears? Listen listen. I remember. This is really embarrassing Listen okay You think you're better than Anybody, I think you was very ignorant Yes, you were some ignorant Simon Sorry someone else Expecting a yes is 17 year old
Kylie who's already getting into the showbiz spirit by bringing her own entourage and her number one fan her mum I'm planning on becoming a star pays for the planet and the star This isn't meant to ream a disability oh, and I will be having an amorous finger a massive album half of the time So after some final words from mum you know She's all going to be the story It's show time Oh Kylie Why are you here today? Basically, I live to perform, and this is my opportunity and
super angry parents turn on the judges x factor global
it's gonna make the most of it off. You go. Let the children's laughter We used to be everybody Searching for a hero people need someone to look up to I never found anyone who fulfilled my knee Thank you very much Simon The truth You will never ever make a career in music. It's hard when you're good. It's impossible When you're okay, it's just not for you Kylie I believe that half billion people out there that believe I have got it, and I'm just gonna work on them
reasons I want to make them most of my dreams, and that's gonna let them go like this forget it He's just being honest with you, I don't think you're ever gonna be a pop star it's gonna happen so no So it's not good news for Kyle acres, but her mum won't give up the better size Holly I'm not gonna patronize you and give you something like this because it's stupid you don't have what it takes You are giving your daughter No, no you are giving a fun fun You
know because you have led her down the wrong path if she's not gonna be a pop star she Won't die you watch you watch Gonna break Off if you don't no clue what he's on about because I babysit for the time you see I have fed up with mothers Telling me that I'm the one who's evil who's wrong Tom Never say you're not putting off and Lucky's gonna pack challenger it patronize yourself on every proudly make the girl plain He hasn't got a career in this business,
and she's the one who's given all the Paul's home. Sorry Carol I think you are nothing book. I did pattern on yourself and should be even allowed to be a joke Oh What's your name? My name's Zoe Zoe what Zoe Alexander Zoe? Where are you from? I'm from Philly South Wales subway You look like pink a lot of people tell you you look like poo yeah That's what I do for a living what I'm a pink tribute artist what you call yourself umm I call myself Zoe Alexander as pink
okay, but we want to get rid of the as pink as pink We just want to be always under I've been doing the pink tribute to act for about two years now The best thing in the world when you live a job because I get to perform It makes me so happy and it makes other people happy and that makes me happy. I just want to please people When you come on here then Pink doing pink is amazing right. I love it, but it's a it's a day job I said you know yeah, this is a this is a career. I want to do
your own for ya It won't be doing doing well today and be a absolute dream come true. If it means everything to me Because it's what I do Not really very good at anything else Means a lot today So what are you hoping to get out of the day? I'm hoping to get four yeses But after that I'm hoping to get a bit of an identity my own identity and other your father model with you today. Yes My dad's a Tom Jones tribute act Yeah, my mum did Shania Twain So we got Shania Twain Tom
Jones and pink in the same house you open is Tom Jones What do you wanna say and I'm gonna sing so what buy pink pink okay, I'll think up So I'm gonna start. We're gonna get the photos Okay Tulisa okay, I Actually quite like image when you when you came out, and then you told me about pink. I realize okay You based it on pink. This is what I didn't beat on pink oh You didn't know I'm trying to get away from the pink thing Okay, see the problem is is that you came up
saying that you wanted to you know find your own identity Yeah, it's very confusing for me because I did feel like I was watching a pink tribute act Should we get a second song yeah, yeah, I want to give you a chance because it kind of blew it on that Can you be yourself yes off you go? What you're gonna sing Zoey um Emeli sandé next to me this family's on a date Bu-bu-bu-bu, I'm always being me that whenever I'm on stage I wanna help you You are buying drinking at the table
Rolling dice staying out the truth you Never find him being a faithful You will find him to find him next me Next to me You okay, thank you, so II Nicole hi, Zoey I Really like your energy up there. I think you have a pretty good voice I Honestly think that you need to go away and take the time to find yourself as an artist who you are Yes, Zoey I'm confused with the identity issue you know coming out saying you wanted an identity then you sing pink I thought that the second song was much
better But I do think you need to go away and really find your own lane and find What sounds right for your voice because at the moment it just sounds like every other average sort of singing voice Yeah, Zoey, it's a pity because you go great look you absolutely look like a pop star But the vocal was just very very average, but I think with time you could be fantastic But I think you need to go and find yourself and come back as OE So we're gonna vote Gary so II I'm afraid II to know
from me because I'm sorry Talisa, sorry, it's a note for now you told me to sing a pink song I Don't want to sing a pink song you guys


ever Tony. It's not seeing a think song We never told anything I think we are sorry I want to be I wanted to be me you guys told me to sing a pink wheel we heard a second song We never told you to sing a pink So did you need that come out of our mouth any of us listen we had a second song from you as well So it's like a second star
filling you think it was your audition, and you messed up. I'm sorry I just leave it so cool Stay on the stage The cameraman I Tried to help her you did you said come back is Zoe so we gave her a second song She got the same chance everyone else Thanks for watching eggs-actly


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