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Sunderland AFC 1973

Mar 08, 2024
who will become a legend Bob Stoke oh well how does it feel to be back here in the North East and particularly in Sunland? Well, I'm very excited about that. George has actually been pretty emotional over the past few weeks while all the speculation was happening. and when it was secured last time, it was kind of the end of an 11-year dream, because when I left it as a play it always evolved, I would return as a manager one day to the northeast and anyway, it's the first part of the fulfillment. I never joked with anyone at any point that my ambition was to go to the Northeast as a coach.
sunderland afc 1973
I played my entire career here in front of the happy people I've always loved and now the opportunity has come and that's the main reason. had been anywhere whether it had been last in the league or best in the league was just a question. I'm back home again and I'm looking forward to it. A new spirit entered the team, they shot up the table and finished sixth, but the real fairy tale was in the FA Cup, but in the third round only a late equalizer from Dave Watson at Knott County prevented an early exit they won the replay only to face another two-game thriller against Reading Sunderland had been lacking a good centre-forward, but the arrival of Vic Hallam in February solved that problem.
sunderland afc 1973

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In the fifth round, Sunderland faced cup favorites Manchester City at Maine Road. This is the dangerous man. Doyle moved back four rooks. Good shot. Feingold by chars. And that's a bad kick that went straight to the horse. Yes. Corrigan has come out and is in danger here, yes, he fell running towards the mouth. Jimmy Montgomery's face said it all, but it was a very good corner from Celebi that came to help him make. a space for Porterfield good fun space for a shot not even the horse can this is ker it is a good ball and it goes tremendous shot across the box to the school I can't find space for a shot Kerr picks it up and puts it there where hello, we've been waiting and it's an absolutely accessible ball from the far short post to get back to Kerr.
sunderland afc 1973
He's still trying to find a way to get by, succeeding as you talk about overuse. Sunderland are clearly going to wake up this subgame. Hughes didn't really seem to have a chance after Baxter's first shot, the founders dealt very skillfully and hit him quickly. Corrigan just can't find space, there are no spaces, Donna King keeps running and does a tremendous job defensively and they spell. or was it Marsh, was it Marcia's shot, the ball deflected into his path and he cleared Marsh really thought he had been hit well, then Doyle boils again, Bill waits in the back of the box, that's the bar, he same for his head, there is the fall and Lee.
sunderland afc 1973
Coming in, I understood it well, the work play gets Manchester City back into the game six minutes into the second half. Hallam God stops. There are two men in the middle waiting for the center. Lee will stop for Montgomery. Lee actually thought he had done it at the time. but Montgomery got his legs extended only up the pitch and many Sunderland players set to join in at half-time clicked well for the church. The images of Hughes to the ground came up to join the congratulations, it was the shot of him, we have all achieved very well. in fact, for George, a good shot that the goalkeeper half stepped on.
He would have done it, but Hughes was there and gets his second goal of the game to make it 3-1. The man who crossed after that big win was almost an anticlimax to face sixth round opponents Luton Town. More than 53,000 spectators came to Roker to see the goalless victory that took the club to the semi-finals for the first time since 1956 and the players were delighted with Vulcan's equalizer for Arsenal's number two, who had appeared in the last two Cup finals and was looking for a third record, he was now firm favorite to win the competition, but Sunderland had other ideas: here it is possible, now all that was left of Owen and Kelly had to react quickly, son of is slow and all the Sudden fans behind Arsenal are giving their team full-throttle with a guy in a shirt, oh, and a wonderful safe.
I will serve from Nikki, the horse will crouch, charge a try and the horse with its head back will be charming and touching doing business. Well, that's how it came out and Sunderland surprised everyone. I took the lead through rice hell with the free kick. Lockley right there to try and make peace and horse ride kicking the line and Armstrong coming in and Porterfield takes him to the church. McNab Malone George ball Armstrong a noise of opportunity won't come yet maybe there's a new poster behind the story of blunt again for Sullivan and how I missed first at half-time still hello, I still have a great save from Wilson and Wilson is furious with that one defending. around him Alan always had to head the broccoli edge and the ball bounced really well for him and in all honesty he should have made that number two Hughes and Kerr in a deep cross again.
Joe was applauded from the other side and waved and kicked. by McNabb and hello he almost managed to pass again Armstrong then with the Oscar corner floated high Richie Pitt moving away Kennedy turned around again Armstrong will pick up this Hitler's affliction or in fall trying to convert him and a great reflex saves by Montgomery the Armstrong's shot was deflected by a defender and Montgomery changed direction superbly there and then rejected the challenge with a ball and his son along with another sure shot that came hard at him and was there. Billy used it with his head out and Wilson could only put it into his own goal and now the finishing touch for Arsenal is enormous fused with a delicate back header and Wilson could only hope that Simpson or Kennedy and Charlie George would go his way, yes Charlie George well , really gives this tremendous semi-final a magnificent last five shots when that ball arrived. he crossed the first one and tried it, then went through Charlie George's left foot.
Montgomery only gave him a hand but he couldn't stop him from crossing the line when Wilson took the goal. King and Sunderland since the arrival of Bob Stokoe in November and They have only lost two games since then, they still held out when Radford crossed them once again and Montgomery came in again and it's a corner for Arsenal and there are really only seconds left, now everything is finished, there are not enough seconds. and Sunderland have arrived at Wembley, the team that has lived late into the growing passions of the northeast. Football has given the North East what they clearly wanted and Sunderland fans are going crazy and hundreds of photographers are surrounding Bob Snow. son of a the man who has been revitalized and transformed into fallen and all this son learned the deserved winners of this semifinal arsenal a son and two and the hugs are for manager Bob Stokoe a real man who has performed a miracle last Sunday Helen and bayous, so it was 5 May


when cup fever hit Sunderland as their team set off for Wembley and the Leeds United First Division final bowed humbly now, so this is what we would say one day very unique, the fact that people have prepared themselves. altering your wedding arrangements for the football final has taken us by surprise and we are having a very very quiet day here at the Registry Office in Chamberlain, well we'll go for a drink now and then because we'll be warming up in the house of the bride, don't worry. what the club says so much so the men will be alone oh definitely he's going after the ultimate pleasure oh yeah I wanna see Jimmy nice and you know it's Lin's bouncer diggie the one that's gonna keep them out oh yeah you're gonna keep them out out us Are you really thinking about a score?
Do you think he will speak ill of this? Well, I said a million miles away, maybe they're okay and you have Porter Field on the left; He's in there asking for it from Porterfield. Hallam slips. up and a great shot from Billy Hughes took him well on the run and just a couple of yards too high came a quarter of an hour and absolutely nothing to choose from inside so far got three today, Rini nodded. away, but only as far as strength allows, oh, and that was a fraction of a width, there was a deflection after the horse hit it.
Giles swept the ball back towards Allan Clarke Malone strongly challenging Bremner, a touch for Lorimer, now the historian of him as Charles must be distant. Laura is unlucky at Gloucester, it's two wars, the great Jones or when a beautiful header from Malone crossed again and passed Hughes moving a little more easily now and now it's wicker and that must be harvest, but he's under a lot of pressure, so Harvey tips that one into a Sunderland corner and he was going to take it, it really is. I'm sure the big relief in the northeast moves much more freely now in the deep again Watson is right there, as is Hallam and the view.
Oh, porn. they appeal for discord and Sunderland, the underdogs are in the lead, not fast enough, good cherry taking possession and finding Madeley and now there is space ahead to mainly start one of those runs, Rini pulls away at the right point but here's Clark in a lot of space and Clark denied. in the last minute by Dave Watson as the half-time whistle blows, truly sensational first half as Sunderland struggled for periods but scored the only goal of the first half through a superbly defended Ian Porterfield and magnificent free kick and now Hughes will something with East, but let one go there goalkeeper field again that time left foot lining one up and just went into the side netting when half the crowd at Wembley thought he was number two, what a moment from behind the goal , look at that one. shot after shot and finally there it is right in the side netting, the chaser now to Giles and now to Jones, can he turn it and let one come back this time for Rania's sunda and displace them?
We need a high happy tackle and a big save and come on oh my gosh I call a charge I felt it's time to say the ball crossed the line well we better look at it now Costas is very vital. I have to say, it looked like the ball hit the road and Back, Mets, look closely, we can see it now from behind the goal, as it turns out to be an incredible mistake. There's Lorrimer coming in. Oh, actually, it wasn't a great save, in fact, there was a fantastic save for Montgomery. Giles with the free kick charged again on that far side Pitt went ahead Madeley who has been brilliant returning the ball once again and the horse couldn't get up Bremner now Bremner a good cross and maybe again returning it, that was Another good maybe play, but it was Pitt who escaped three minutes ago to go to Europe from the other side and again Jimmy Montgomery, so Sundra and really Hallam just lifted him up on one knee and can't really run after him, but is saying that it will take a few more seconds to win back the crowd and further raise the challenge column of the stadium by killing almost everything he can give, as in fact all the Sun Oven players have done and there are still clues for them Giles with Rini again making one of those pretty runs to the right, another cross and again that man Watson is there and it's with Hallam three four from Sunderland to two from Leeds and kill him now and if he crosses it he'll have Curran marked but mostly like Everest back. but the lady loses control and heals goes back in and now his team put themselves there for Hallam and it was an incredible game and remember Harvey saved him and how long I can't believe it now for Sunderland, a deep cross from Hallam. on the other side, but maybe as they are for Leeds United on my watch, there's a minute and a half left, Lauren is getting back to work for these Giles Sunderland is so tired now people play said my men are going out there and there and they run until they fall and their son is almost a drop point, Clark but they laugh at the questionnaire of two for taking her back for chores again.
Hunter valiantly tries to come back at the last minute and it's a throne for Sunderland and that will take a few more seconds. Stokoe now on the edge of his seat and still those seconds drag that son of a second division team since 1931 to win one of the biggest upsets of all time if they do Giles in the chest there is very little stoppage time, we are In the last half minute, Clark and a good challenge on a strong run from Guthrie that will take a few more seconds. The referee looks more carefully than looks again.
The French are telling everyone in the sauna to come back, who has been magnificent in escaping. that referee looks at his watch, Loreena turns it on to Jones and that moment Watson in his Ithaca game and now he falls safely and they can barely lift the gallop except the power curve once again, we are in stoppage time at the end. of the game and a free and it could well be that the seconds it takes are the only thing that matters and that's back for another goal kick Bobby wants to take it quickly 35 seconds of stoppage time and plant that one where it's safe up in the lilies the midfield Giles, but Stokoe does not know how to contain himself on the bench, he has kneeled and stood up about four times in the lasthalf a minute.
Malone, picking up the game, has found a bit more power usage. and the ref looks back at the clock for the biggest upheavals of yesteryear, except it looks, now, like a nice little hit again for Hurricane Hughes and that will put Harvey under pressure, not that it's a bad pastime of his own Hallam. Now he has played almost two minutes of injury, the bench is urging everyone to return and Sunderland have done so. Stoker believes it, but someone from the second division where the coal chimney discovered Kojima, so Flavia's coffee wakes up with the feeling of my United since Bobby left. flopster posted the June Pepero story too, isn't football like that when I was a 14 year old kid and Don Revie hits me with a lead test and I was there for him when I saw that I won and I came home and I just found out that the sandal and the meat are leaders in thefinal and you know that I put the one in that capricious thing, very good, there is a large part of the ontology, they even give a good observation behavior, the board does not go o zcr Katanga, so, How do you know how many people are going here, don't you? controls giggling we had that right foot tent was in evidence I felt realignment tell us exactly what book the classmates were saying well I don't remember much about T you know when I scored it's the first time I feel emotion in my life I'm not an emotional fall and I could feel , you know, tears coming to me and bowing.
Hugh says Porter, you've scored, you've scored, and then when he said honey, I'm starting to realize that Demma had school on the same day. Lech with all this attraction returned with the Cup and the return home was just as emotional with thousands of people crowding the streets to pay tribute to the Cup winners, but until now, ladies and gentlemen, take your seats in January, the city from Sunderland gave as much to the club as it did to Bob. Stokoe the highest award when they were given the freedom of the municipality in the name of the city council and the people of the town.
It is my pleasure to invite mr. Stoker and mr. Collins will sign the role of Freeman. Oh, it's my pleasure to congratulate mr. Robert Stoker and Mr. Keith Collins, as chairman of Sunderland association football club, on admission as Salmon County's only freeman, the honor that has been confirmed for the manager has been uncovered: there is one who comes for life, only man , Your grace, councillors, ladies and gentlemen, what do I say next? I have my president here on the left, who will follow me with a speech and they have made it very, very clear to me and I must not step on his toes in any way so that the ladies leave. right on me, the nicest, I think I got 52 votes to start with; in front of the club's 50, I am very proud to come here and accept the county's honorary freedom of some land.
It's a very, very proud moment, beep, no. I need Sarah to shake, she be a Ravi, look at that song we like, now we show you. I'll be giving faces for our birthday. all players play when they crush the towers to zero, we don't need your Rebbe, Bobby's Coco two thousand said of me, he just works harder and harder every day so that we become a better team in every game we play.

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