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Sunday Morning #283 | IMPACT - Folge 9 - GESUNDHEIT | Dr. Emanuel Gollegger

May 28, 2024
Welcome to Sunday


here live from the home page, today we have


number 283 on the topic of health with the emiggoliger. That's me and that's the Killi and now we can take you to your tomorrow. Yes, we are currently having teaching. Impact series and starts in a few minutes, which means the coffee machine is already working, we have croissants. If you're at home, you can spread a bagel or something to get comfortable and what's new in it. Homepage? Many things happen during the week. If you are coming from Salzburg, you are cordially invited to join us on the program.
sunday morning 283 impact   folge 9   gesundheit dr emanuel gollegger
We pray from Monday to Friday in the cathedral at 12:30 under the cathedral. prayer for peace in the world for peace in Ukraine in Russia, so if you are from Salzburg, ugly invitation to just be there, go to the ticket office in front of the cathedral and say you are a Peter Ticket and then you can get in for free. and otherwise, of course, unfortunately, just pray about this at home. Peace and also the weekend, we have one here on Sunday, we just come together in a big community, which is great, but it's equally important that we have small groups. where we can have personal exchanges, we read the Bible together, where we really share our lives and pray for each other and, in particular, there is a welcome church group that takes place every two weeks in Berner and Patrick's living room , that is, if you are not yet in a small club.
sunday morning 283 impact   folge 9   gesundheit dr emanuel gollegger

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sunday morning 283 impact folge 9 gesundheit dr emanuel gollegger...

Can you come into the living room on a second Thursday, Patrick, and take a look now? It's about the basics. Hey, what exactly is a morning text message? What's the DNA? You will be well dated and that takes a while, half a year, so 10 nights and when you have completed these ten types, tomorrow they will assign you one where there is still a place and you can go? with the same next to your path and we also have a great offer of free training. We offer with the semi and his team, that means that if you are at a point in your life where you say "hey, I just can't go." Also, we just want to make this possible for you and give you three free units with a professional coach who you can just discuss this topic with, you can address it, you can talk about it and hopefully you'll be able to take your next steps and in the future we'll have a very interesting offer.
sunday morning 283 impact   folge 9   gesundheit dr emanuel gollegger
This offering is called J Flash. The next weekend on the topic of intensity and self-acceptance in the city will take place until November 20 and I believe that, regardless of age, this is always a relevant topic for. we for our fellow human beings, we simply learn the heart of God, we have community, we have worship and it is your choice to participate if you are over 30 or do not have time for a full-time discipleship school, it is really great. offer you can register at Home minus be there yes, it is worth it Identity and even the name is also an important part of the J9 school of discipleship you never know somehow this topic, like what was discussed this week, what happened to you, was so important to you this week, yes, it was super important, I think it's also a week where everyone was so captivated by what was happening with my identity, how I can accept myself, but I see totally the fruits of simply taking advantage of this identity that oh God thinks of you, the things that God thinks of you, being able to accept you and love you just as I accept and love you and I have the feeling that this is really an issue where we in our society we can still learn a lot because we look at ourselves very critically and sometimes even hatefully, which means it's a really live topic that was really good.
sunday morning 283 impact   folge 9   gesundheit dr emanuel gollegger
Absolutely and it is exactly one of the four pillars of discipleship and my experience is that you don't even go through this topic but somehow it keeps coming up and somehow in a different way and it was the same for me. Also a theme that says wow, I actually thought I was really on my feet in life, but then there were moments again when I realized that. something was really shaking my identity, I think it's okay, you have already had an


with something similar, I would really like to continue with this topic again and again, I know it is very important that we are really solid in our identity. in God and I you are also one of the 14 students who started the Bachelor, there is definitely a community that you want to share from this new course of study, so if you actually don't have that many students in the Faculty of Theology, then suddenly 20 come 4c degrees, that really makes a difference and just having people where you can learn theology and business.
You can study management and communication sciences and then you can have that exchange and have moments of praise, so community is something that really interests me. I don't think it can be found in any other course of study, that's great, it sounds like a very exciting course of study with us, we'll start right now. We say goodbye here and wish you a happy Sunday morning. We are already starting behind us. It's very good that you are there. Welcome to the Home Church. Welcome to the Home Church. We are in the middle of the park series. Today it's about health.
I am very happy that Dr. Emil Kollegah is an old friend of ours, a well-known figure here in Salzburg. It's amazing that he is here and I look forward to the comments from him, which will be very good. Very good, we look forward to everything we do there including lunch afterwards. Curtains, it will be fine but now comes the sober news, it doesn't really matter, that's not what matters, that's what really matters and that's what we want. What makes you happy that you are here is that we really believe that God exists, that we really believe that God comes into your life not only naturally but supernaturally, and it doesn't matter if you have to carry heavy loads and have illnesses, whether you are tired or exhausted, whether you have run away from the vision of your life, whether you have an insane inner hunger for security, financial security, security, whether you are hungry for a life partner, whatever is deep inside of you, there is something natural to everything, like baking but we trust that the supernatural is added to the natural and that is really there or you want the message to be great it will go straight to the message although the worship will be great it is about your heart even though Lunch will be great, forget it.
It's about you letting that come into your heart again today and transform me, set me free, bring it to freedom and come to you in its beauty and now it begins with worship, worship prayers are sung and I have a friend who America and America's friend is there and he always does that, why do you always do that and he says Patrick you know what I imagine that my dad is there in heaven and that he holds his hand down when I look for him to worship him and that he is Give me a hand from above and do the same to me and if you want, get up and let's worship God then take the honor and say hey, you really are the dad in heaven come into my life if we go just say thank you with the first song for everything that you do for his love his goodness thank you you have thank you happy very cool I put my life in front of you I put my life in front of you everything I have and I am I come to you and you are always there we are looking for pages you first come and then come I give you my life my hero Jesus you are the one for whom I only want to live Jesus you are the one who does not want to give everything for them Jesus you are the one for whom I only want to live Jesus you are definitely I want to give everything, you are always here, everywhere, you are with me and It is only by your grace that I love you, you remain like this through time, you remain for all eternity and your greatness in which Jesus is not, you are the one for whom I only want to live, Jesus you are the wind that I want to give everything Jesus you are the who feels the only one I want live and love what a true life you are for me I believe even if they don't let me see I only live for you real life you are for me I believe even if I don't pull for you just live I want to live the truth you are you I believe Even if I don't see you, I only live, I don't care about you, I believe, even if I don't see you, I only live for you, Jesus, you are the one with whom I only want to live Jesus.
You are the one who doesn't want to give him everything. Jesus wants to live Jesus. You are definitely and as tall as heaven your grace is upon me your grace is upon me when my heart is full of shadows shine a shine upon me a smile, shine upon me a smile, so stupid and looking for heaven, your grace is upon me, your grace upon me When my heart is full of shadows, a smile shines on me like you scolded me, your smile on you is firm on a mountain because you are its roots my eyes are focused only on you because you are my castle my strong tower I trust in you I only trust in your name and I declare your name for me Sun and beautiful I trust in your name and I only bite your name here alone you are for me so queen and so high the sky is a grace above me when my heart is full of shadows your smile and so the rest and so high the sky is your grace on me is your grace on me when my heart is full of shadows it is a fight a laughing stock above me fight your smile in a firmer form my eyes are focused only on you because you are my birth the best thing I can do with me would be for you to walk away stands firm on a mountain because you are his castle his firmest make mine The eyes are focused on you only because you are my strength of my firm and to find you to taste your glory in your holy spirit come Holy Spirit come Holy Spirit and you will fill us again you are the spirit where Jesus said it It is good that I am going so I am the one who can send will guide you will explain everything to you will help you preserve everything Monster Holy Spirit get the spirit that you are welcome here live in my life alone with us is connected in the lives of all the people who are still together.
I don't know them at all and because I long to live life to the fullest, thank you Flo and his gang noticed the alignment a bit. It's unusual nowadays who is a child of the 80s because I know that the lineup of the best band in the world is doctors. Doctors know exactly how they play the guitar, the drums, what the best band in the world is and in some ways it is quite curious because doctors today are talking about health if you have something that makes your life difficult or if you find yourself after a certain period of worship then come to our healing prayer the next healing prayer will be held this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. his blasus in the Gothic hall has just passed, enter through the Bürgerspitalsgasse entrance 7:30 p.m.
Healing Prayer, if you wish, you are in for an evening of personal prayer, a bit of prophetic prayer if you wish, and a good time of worship and peace, okay, the next announcement is totally amazing. I don't know if we know Kisig kisi Kids, that's something extremely cool. Kisiki has become a huge thing now and it is mainly children and young people who bring a great musical to the stage every year and this year. There is another musical called Bethlehem and we played it not in some parish hall on the outskirts of Salzburg, but in the Salzburgarena, the largest event venue we have in Salzburg.
A real program for the whole family, come on November 19. Soon it will be on November 19 at 6:00 p.m. at the Salzburgarena, an experience for the whole family and its madness became the prelude to the Advent season. Tickets are available at with Mary and Lisa Lisa, the local church leader, is baking with Mary and the team behind the children here today. They are already waiting for the exit and directly in front of them is Killi Kili waiting for LX, what is LX? It is our program for young people from 12 to 16 to 18 years old and that means ship and leadership for the young generation.
We are trying to have an entrepreneurial spirit that is very atypical in Austria to trick young adults and turn them into young adults, so everyone is pulling from now on. we are looking forward to the message of the week he is the doctor of the heart and my personal family doctor forever colleagues welcome hello everyone life as a doctor is always exciting often very challenging I often feel overwhelmed sometimes it is very beautiful and even funny of the time and very often very sad and sometimes strange, so I know if you like that. last time it happened, but it happened to me last week, you are sitting with your tax advisor, there are even other people in the table and suddenly he started unbuttoning his shirt and saying "hey, grab it", then a man is very relaxed, my wife is watching. at home Hello honey, I am a man with a tax advisor, a man, a very good friend, I have many strange stories, many nice ones, not many of those that are here today fit here either.
I won't burden you with that on Sunday mornings, I'm Amy Golleke, I'm 37 years old, married for 13 years, I have four and five children, Jonas, one of whom sits there and always corrects me. We lost our fifth child, Lea-Marie, very early, so Jonas is not stressful. I also say that she exists, the little mouse is in heaven and she is a wonderful woman, I studied medicine in Vienna and returned to Salzburg. I am on rotation at Barmfühlen Brüdern Regional Hospital in the UK and have been self-employed since 2017, but have a general practice practice. After two years I became an emergency room doctor, so I'm a conventional doctor through and through.
I am a doctor with heart and soul. Well, today I was invited to talk about thetopic of health


s and I put some photos on there, it's a huge topic, yes, and I'm glad I'm just allowed. speak today because I would probably have doubted a lot and would have been ashamed of Bavaria. I will be my Christian and my doctor. That's how I told Bernhard in advance that prayers were the right time for me and because two years ago I probably would have said it again last year last week this tourist thing System body mind or maybe faith and profession we have had to merge more and more in recent years exactly what doctors do that means that today I will give everything I can promise something, not if it will be like that be good but I will not spare you my experiences and my truths I only have 25 minutes, it was already -6 minutes now I had a brief discussion and that was Patrick's very important task because many times I don't look when I'm talking, please give me a signal five minutes before I'm getting to the point.
Doctors really like to do it and in everything they do, we like to educate people about everything we do, which is what I'm doing here, so this is not a scientific conference, everything I say has nothing to do with evidence, evidence, better medicine. I don't necessarily have any studies to prove it, but that's not my claim either. Today I am here first as a person. who works as a doctor. Be careful with the risks. There are side effects. I hope they can even change your life. I apologize that you may take a step or reach somewhere that is uncomfortable for you, my job as a doctor. to make diagnoses I don't do it from a distance, but sometimes I can say something a little exaggerated or consciously provocative that I don't want to hear, please turn off everyone else who may go to the Children's Ministry and if they just sit down.
What is the assumption that you want to see this? I want to share my experiences with you today and give you a little idea of ​​what I know about health. I think why my way of thinking is focused exactly on the body, the mind and a lot of my experiences, and that's it. It is very important for us doctors, we have to announce conflicts of interest and I had a huge one when I was 16 years old. I had a big life crisis Noah said last week if you don't. He has already done more with the great support and has also talked about the crisis about him.
I can only confirm it. I was in several major crises. A few years earlier, I lost my grandmother and saw a dead person for the first time when she was 16 years old. I think she was so pubescent and the church behind. I was a glass of everything that was so conforming and everything was so beautiful and our values ​​and I wanted to throw everything overboard and then my best friend died and a few years later I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a moment where I said that I believe that God does not exist and I totally challenged him and told him now you have this one chance and if you don't use it then we have already imagined all kinds of beautiful things that someone who has very bad things will do and he took advantage of this situation and at that moment, that was when I was 16 years old, I gave it in my life and since then there has not been a day where I doubted that God exists so I have a huge conflict of interest. that means that for me God exists That will permeate everything I say here, our father loves it, um, exactly if someone is watching at home on television, so my colleague or God is so wonderful to watch with the four children and then yes and then comes the beatification process and that's it.
It wasn't like that at all, so it was something like that. If I wanted to give a very brief summary for everyone who has had this experience, you may now play it again. others, it sounds strange, something like that, it was like that, don't trust me, okay, I would have to try, I would have to introduce very nice romantic music and then you say like this or You can't do it. Look at you, you're making mistakes, you're a complete loser. I've spent ten years building my ego, okay, you took those two things away from me, but don't take them away. that away from me, wow, okay, I'm not going to go any further now, but okay, yeah, kind of, and then at some point, I know it's true, but I'm free and that's exactly why I'm counting on my testimony today God is freeing me more and more in my life, there is a process and I still wanted to hear ready phrases okay, okay, who is the best doctor, Patrick, I mean, that's not true at all, who is the best doctor. all the time Jesus exactly I highly recommend it is an image from one of my favorite series in the josen why Jesus is the best doctor I know?
There was no doctor who had 100% success in healing, one hundred percent, everyone he healed was 100% healed. . Or is there in the Bible passage, I'm not a theologian, where does someone like that come from? Okay, you're free, get up and in bed you can't have a hundred percent chance of healing. I'm on my way as a doctor and and Man, I was very busy at some point, what? How am I supposed to do that? I am learning everything and totally believe in conventional medicine. As an emergency physician, there are very interesting medications and situations where you really can. saving people in the shortest time possible, I know the subject, that is a good thing, but how do I do it as a Christian?
Well there are things like trips start with praying for everyone or I no longer prescribe medicine, the broken leg needs surgery or a healing prayer or both and there is a place where Jesus meets a blind man and you have to imagine it like that if you are blind then Does it have something to do with your way of thinking, with your body, with all your behavior with your environment and Jesus says to the first person who asks for help, that means that he has recognized that he needs help. Truthfulness is very important in the recovery process.
Jesus healed him physically and said to him: come and wash there and show yourself. yourself to the priests but first Jesus did not preach the Beatitudes so yes yes that is about your blindness that will be fine but the Holy Spirit looks and sees the fruits and blessed not first the matter fills the hunger of the blind the lame go, there there's an order in, it was a huge relief for me to see, hey, there's an order and if I can have the best doctor in the world that ever lived as a role model, then I'll just try to do it like him. first the body then the mind then the soul that will be a little like that for the remaining minutes that I still have left and that go faster and faster what is health actually I have there Viennese medicine has its definition from the World Health Organization Health I have Now I read it again and I thought that from this point of view it would actually be called a world celestial organization because for the world organization health is a state of complete psychological, physical and social well-being and not just freedom from diseases . and illness by definition We are all sick in some way because I don't think there are people here who are healthy in all of these areas, so I think the beautiful truth is that the word have organization says it's not about your body.
And I find it very, very exciting, I want you to understand three things today at the end of the lecture, why personal responsibility and truthfulness are important for you and your health, secondly, why think and then mentalize, more important things than the circumstances, the disease. the financial or social situation you are in and from the body, mind, psyche and soul form one unit, but why the soul plays the main role in it, I am convinced of that and in just 14 minutes I have some numbers at the beginning. and mix medical studies with kan because I already knew it ok God gives that to me that was science and God is going very well for me because science has explained to me God that happened to me several times when we did that with embryonic development or cellular A Sometimes I wanted to stand up and say wow, that's my dad.
I haven't done it yet, that would be for sure. It's funny if we got kicked out of college back then if I did it regularly, but for me it was always very exciting. that other people had that experience, so yeah, I found the atom and that and that and then you get the Nobel Prize. I thought, hey, it's cool that you're being honest, you would have found that, but it can also be like that, so you didn't. Don't do it, that's been discovered, so it's more like, well, if God says there are dangers with you in the million, then it's a way of thinking.
I once talked to someone who said, well, I'm a scientist and a natural scientist and God doesn't exist. , he has me So to me it's a wonderful science and it shows me that God is amazing and he was totally excited to make this change and I think it's great a few very small numbers for you, that's a lot of zeros, amazing Titian, my daughter , she's good at math, that's all. The body has 100 trillion and that is the number of cells. 100 million cells right now. Your body is doing an incredible amount of metabolic things. You are sitting here right now and you can breathe.
That's what 100 million teeth are doing right now. everyone is doing something brilliant while I come and go not because I do but that's a miracle you are a miracle it's a matter of point of view how you see it then we see a red spot on the tomato or the eyebrows are crooked or something like that she understand but it's good if you take a quick look now Dive a little into a different perspective 100 trillion cells have bacteria in your intestines uh none yes you need these germs are important they can go to the the microbiome is a huge whole new field of research 100 million trillion sorry nerve cells you have a brain three billion a very impressive number 3 billion times your heart beats when you reach 80 years old on average you spend 219,000 hours sleeping you have approximately more muscles but the normal person has around 656 bones and around Of 206 bones, some people also have two more muscles. 12 types of movements you are doing per minute right now.
I'm a little excited but we are probably 20 or 25 + 2 eyes and we are doing a lifetime exactly wow I could go on and on and we as humanity have not yet reached a point where we fully understand this quantum physics and I think that WoW is the really nice reaction to that, Steven Carvey is one of the great economists so he does a lot of seminars around the world and he wrote a really brilliant book that has seven very effective basic principles and also effective for families and he has a quote: I just attended the seminar and I had it in my mind at the beginning of the end and now comes what will happen.
It's a bitter pill to swallow. I have the things I experienced when I faced death and that is perfect. It's understandable if that's the case for you, if you've done it. If you haven't faced that, you're also doing something because that's what we do as a society: we repress death and that's very bad, especially when it comes and when we act like it's a big surprise that Maxi was born. I am a very bad cartoonist Maxi is born He is lucky to love mom and his loving dad and maybe siblings Maxi is born He is growing up He goes to school He gets a high school diploma He gets a certificate He learns his He meets a woman who is getting married Help I should have made my daughter draw it should be three children not four or five that is Assi one is covered she is exactly the perfect number around three they are making ice they are going to Lignano they are celebrating New Year's Eve they are going to church on Sunday exactly then the Maxi 65 will be the most important thing for everyone, not for Austria, the very important moment or on the 63rd there will be a pension and then you can finally travel around the world with the AIDA boat, but the problem is at some point the day comes and , on average, after 78, 8 years ago, that's exactly what the maxi is and now you're probably thinking about sewing it in place.
I completely understand the thing, but it didn't occur to me. it is simply a reality and the question is somewhere right now or often with meoften and now very often and in the Corona period in general you always have a hint that this is happening and that is shocking news but not for We Christians, why? Because we have the belief that this is not a dead tombstone, but a door to another. life to eternal life and everything I'm going to say today except pay and so on, you can read about that, but can you talk to someone like you know and say yes, I don't believe it and that's okay, it's your freedom for me It is completely fine, it is also fine for God, by the way, but it has a consequence and the question is what happens in this time in which we live what happens, what does Maxi do, what does he do with this. time exactly and you can, or there is a gospel of talents and I think time is also a talent, do you bury it?
Do you just want to squeeze out life and squeeze out everyone you see that you have enough of or is there another answer? I think there is another answer. We'll see her right away. The body is fundamental to me because people come to me who suffer because of their body and that is brilliant. The body is always my best help because it is the person I talk to. They often do not understand themselves. We have completely forgotten how to perceive our bodies, which means that I am actually a translator and a health administrator. I don't heal anyone, in fact, that's what God and your own body can often do. support him with medications, operations, etc., but I am increasingly aware that I only have a job that sets trends and that I like to do with passion, butI'm definitely not the healer.
I made the decision, I just talked a little about turning the body into an idol, which means subordinating everything to carbohydrates. I'm not going to talk about that now, or I see that in Christian circles, sorry, but it happens a lot. more often it is that we do not have any body awareness at all and I have to tell you that is a sin and a sin is always an act against the infinite love of God and if you do not respect your body then it is a big problem and your body feels it and that will become one.
The soul will feel your way of thinking, your head will feel your psyche, so I would like to do a quick example now. I need my two assistants, Jonas, of course I will. I'll do a quick experiment, thanks great, Jonas, oh. Jessy while I'm doing the test because I know that he has a great spirit, he takes care of you, he has a body that takes care of you and that's why I would like to show you a little something that often happens. It occurs to me as Christians and myself that many times we do not understand how important our body is.
Jesse now only has a mind for a moment your body is exactly gone you see nothing you hear nothing and I may have walked through the city and at least for me there was a poor person or a beggar on the side of the road and you can have the best mentality that she is here now. You can take a quick look at it. It proves that she loves food, so she gave him a sandwich. smoothie and €100 here close your eyes again you can have the best mentality and even give your body to the fire in Corinthians 13 and recognize the place You probably know that love is very important, but the challenge now is that Jessy is engaged to Anna, If you have already learned telepathy, now you can have others take it from there, to lovingly give it to these people.
It's not possible or in any way possible Jessy, you can't move, you can't say anything, you don't. do you have some material form of expression right now yes that is difficult for you or is it okay stand up for a moment no, it is not possible you do not have a body test field exactly close all your eyes briefly when you do not have your body that is the first way of expression on the part of God who loves you, who gave you your body, this is noticeable every day, the repression we do with our body is actually saying, daddy, you don't exist, daddy, you are not good, therefore severe consequences and if your body has symptoms insomnia stomach problems intestinal problems there are many diseases for which nothing can be done, there are genetic diseases accidents and so on, let's put them aside for a moment they can also influence but these problems that you have ask yourself what your body wants to tell you, you don't have to do it now , but I said one thing without the body, you are currently in the next spirit and your soul is missing from the world, what happens if you don't use it? if so then it would be hugging who caresses who makes the tea who shakes hands who says well done you can't even speak it you can think it I'm not okay now you don't understand me I can't open my eyes Again for me it's about my knowledge of the procedures for us, the boxes, the body does not have to be like that and it serves you, it is better, you have the right mentality, but it is really bad when you respect the body and it causes a lot of problems.
We have to have the courage to take a step towards the truth, especially we Christians because our body is the first form of expression that we demonstrate that God existed, that God exists, it is not about us walking like this, everything is fine. , no, we are not people who take drugs, there are problems in the world, but it is about the fact that it brings the psyche to an authenticity. There are many, many things that affect our psyche. I was once with my hut. best friend and we already told ourselves the challenge, listen three, your three beliefs that most prevent you from being free, it was a very good one, now I have verified for the first time that I should not always Pray according to the creed because in reality I believe that I am not the good enough, I was bad at spelling, sorry, I thought I couldn't make any mistakes and I thought I'm not lovable without performance, okay? , now someone thinks that's not bad.
Imagine this mentality at a child's birthday party, but I want to have the best birthday in the world, okay, we do everything, we spend a thousand euros, I don't want to make any mistakes. , I exaggerate everything, yes It has to be the best children's birthday in the world Children's birthday is already difficult with commitment, everyday life is even more difficult I know that 90 percent of the people sitting here have a similar mentality and the reason for That's one thing and this fear that we have and are afraid of is the same as stress and stress is the same as inflammation, high blood pressure, poor diet, etc.
I still have a 15 minute that should say something. that is, a quote from Brandon Buschhas, one of the most famous mindset and performance coaches in the world, and that is why if you are afraid and you are not chased by a crazy man with a knife or mauled by a wild animal, fear is not another thing that mismanagement of your brain and I agree with him 100% in the times we live in, fear is everywhere and fear is a bad advisor it does it because I don't have time for it neurally just a survival mode that It means that you are no longer creative, you can always look left and right, you are not always able to live and we live in a time full of fear, we have the body.
I'm doing a K now and we have the spirit, the psyche. and we will always sway and be irritated and I am of the opinion and with that I bear witness with my life that I believe that he needs something supernatural, he needs an eternal life because he needs this compass and my life at least sometimes. it looks like this and then like this again but look at some point I could be sure that it ends here the soul is the compass that we live our body and our mentality our mind correctly In fact, I have another infusion for you prepared and now briefly Say the things important things about you I would like to say about you courage instead of fear because courage is not the absence of fear but doing things anyway even if the fear is there.
Courage upon you I would like to tell you that the spirit is. fullness and that is thinking as an Antidote to the lack of thinking where you compare yourself or say I'm not good enough where you always look at what you lack and you don't see what God has put in you waiting for you to speak, trust, the super vitamin that enters everywhere because we have trust if there is a disease that I would cure if I could what those people trust appreciate you in front of you trust your partner in marriage imagine that you countries trust each other business Partners do their business with trust, imagine that you are a sport and you say: imagine.
You can't have a doctor-patient relationship without trust. You need to trust your doctor and Jonas only comes here once and you need to trust your Father God. It's good that you are here today. Look, Jonas isn't afraid to go into my arms, it's actually great that you came specifically, are you afraid of me or something is wrong? No, well, that's being a kid. and God the Father is not false and if everything I said is not true then it was a good, very good kitchen strategy for my life. You can meet all this now on the other side of the border and say it was a crazy morning or I can say that I am giving this Father God a chance and I am talking about trust in your hearts, no matter what you have experienced, you will not know. will stop in life, your confidence will be the challenge, but let's move on, thank you names. of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit you are welcome this Sunday morning everyone who is here in this room everyone is connected to you in the live broadcast in some way what you told us was very good That's why everything is not thrown away here overboard, everything is kept that also addresses a topic that is the theme of today's Gospel, that is, the resurrection, eternal life, we celebrate it when we celebrate the Eucharist, when we celebrate Sunday morning, always life , not just the life of the deer, but the perspective that extends beyond Jewish life and this perspective is no less than the resurrection, what is that, I often ask myself the question and now we are preparing for the word of God , we all make mistakes and we are allowed to make mistakes and it's How bad are my mistakes.
Because the question is what do you do with your mistakes? Are you blaming yourself? Are you shrinking? That is, what about the cross if you want? So think about this now with me for a brief moment and show where she points inward, where I have fallen out of the light of God from the inner point where I have broken relationships, where I have broken with myself. where I have done things that I would like to undo I come to you with remorse in my heart with soul pain in my heart, things that went well with the intention of doing better, I place it under your cross and fully embrace the solution that you promised, you have become a curse for the entire World or you have carried everything I come to you and I go back and let us now welcome Jesus in the free style and praise in your Glory or do you want to rise is the Glory Glory we praise you we do not praise you we pray we praise you and we think In you then Great is your glory Lord and God King of heaven God to the Father Ruler of ice God his born son Jesus Christ and God in God is the Son of the Father Glory God almighty and merciful we are property that you have written for us on your hand remove from us that puts us in danger and removes what oppresses our soul and body so that we can do your will with a free heart, we ask Jesus.
Christ, your Son and his Lord and God, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit for all eternity the second letter of the apostle Paul to the church in Thessalonica Sisters and brothers Jesus Christ himself our Lord and God our Father who loves us and in his grace he gives us eternal comfort and sure hope encourages your hearts and gives you strength for every good work and word. Also, brothers, pray for us so that the word of the Lord may spread and be glorified just as it is with you, also pray so that we may be saved from evil and bad people because not everyone accepts the faith but the Lord is faithful he will give you strength and will protect you from evil, we trust you in the Lord that you will do it. what we command now and in the future.
The Lord will direct your hearts to the love of God and the patience of Christ. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hello, yeah. you from the Holy Gospel according to Luke At that time some of the Sadducees who deny that there is resurrection approached Jesus and asked him for Master Moser to prescribe for us when a man has his brother dead and a woman dies without having children, then her brother He would take a wife and give offspring to his brother. Once upon a time there were seven brothers, the first took a wife but died without children, then the second took her, then the third and the same for the rest until the seventh.
All of them did not leave children when they died, finally the woman also died, know that now she will be a woman in the resurrection, after all they had the seven as wives, that is what Jesus tells you, the children of this world get married and allow themselves to be married, but they will be worthy of that world and to participate in the resurrection from the dead, do not marry or allow themselves to be married because they can no longer die either because they are like the angels and as children of the resurrection they have become children of God, but Moses already did that in history indicated by the bush in which he calls the Lord God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, he is not a God of the dead but of the living, by whom everyone lives Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah and there Livestream the Satuzians were something like the hail of the temple in the time of Jesus They were the ones who had the political voice, who also collaborated with the Romans and the sadels here only recognized the five books of.
Moses and in the five books of Moses there is nothing expressly about the resurrection that I was able to read through it, that is what these five books of Moses are about at this moment, it is mainly about the people of God seeing God through first time. as the loving and generous God, the God of liberation, the God of protection, the God of company. Knowing the resurrection is a topic that comes much later in the Bible. As I said, the resurrection is included indirectly and that is what Jesus is suggesting. Today this case that Jesus presents seems to us to be a very sensible case because we say that if someone has been married several times you know who he will be or whose wife will be who will later spend his eternal life.
What is presented is not meant to be a serious question that the satirists are trying to answer here but rather they want to ridicule Jesus and condemn him as Jesus. That should make it clear to us that it was always the service that you saw Jesus give in threefold. Respond when Jesus talks about the kingdom of God or says something that our thinking is overwhelmed by the kingdom of God that finds us by thinking overwhelmed overwhelmed by that which is clearly the same as you But that's fine with me because it's important to think beyond limits earthly The kingdom of God, of course, has its worldly dimension, but I cannot grasp the overwhelming dimension.
So Jesus almost always speaks in the parable and when it comes to the resurrection it is Jesus who even shows the event to his disciples. of the resurrection with his person after Easter today is a case in which Jesus really argues theologically because now he is also challenged with the Sadducees and gives a threefold answer, the first is the firstlevel of the response and is called that. It will also be in another gospel because everything will be different in eternal life. This is something we cannot imagine now. In German, the resurrection and eternal life are not the continuation of earthly life in any way, it is something completely new that is not.
We have nothing in our horizon of experience. We can only approach it with faith and we can only feel our way to the limit. No one has come back after being dead for ten days and told us in detail that everyone was nearby. Death experiences are only I have been on the frontier, not yet where the glory of God will surely take place. I just want to have said that so we can talk clearly here. Jesus gives this first answer: eternal life, the resurrection. and eternal life is not the continuation of earthly life, an absolute novelty for each of us and we have to get involved in this absolute novelty, it is simply a reality in our lives that stands out in that where we no longer have space and time as categories; that limits us.
You know, you have this experience. The only option we have is love that transcends space and time. God is the love that transcends space and time. That's how it is with us and that he already ventures into eternal life. the first answer. The second level of the answer is not. Man decides if there is eternal life or not, we do not decide and we do not vote if there is a resurrection or if there is no resurrection, that does not depend on us, that does not depend on us. It's not the case if we vote democratically then it's over that's what we can't do it's so don't look at us it's not what we can do in our power The resurrection is your decision from God and only a decision from God and not our decision resurrection is not something that perhaps we can doubt now I say something very concise if someone tells me that there is no resurrection then I tell them that scientifically it can be proven whether there is one or not, it is the same as if someone tells me that God does not exist, It can be empirically verified that God exists, you know who will verify this, each of us when we cross the limits of the earth, then we will be the ones who verify it exactly empirically and then it will be determined that God exists or that he does not exist, you can always do That, that is a scientific statement, if someone says that God does not exist, I mean, it can be verified empirically, you will verify it, you will see, perhaps you remember that I told you that, each of us can verify that, scientifically, it is very It is important that we are clear that the resurrection is a fact that God has decided, it is not our decision, that is why here it also means that everyone who is honored has to participate in that world and in the resurrection from the dead, yes, who will be honored by, its passive, the minimum, what is written here is a divine passive on the part of God God had decided it and the third thing is that the resurrection The resurrection is not a given or a thing.
The resurrection is not something that is so independent and when we say that after the dear God has given us the resurrection of him, then there is the resurrection which is half of the true resurrection. tied to God without God there is no resurrection to think about the resurrection is to think about God to believe in the resurrection is to believe in God Resurrection now I say it even more clearly it is a person God himself is the resurrection Resurrection is the same Jesus, he says now listen carefully , I am the resurrection and eternal life, he does not say that there are resurrections that I created, I will show you now, he does not say that, where do you know when he talks about it here she is? or there she is there you go to the resurrection he points somewhere else points here he says I am the resurrection and the life I or no resurrection I am the resurrection and the life and that is really an incredibly pronounced statement or is the person saying this mentally ill or is it true there are only these two possibilities we believe it is true otherwise he would be mentally ill he says I am the resurrection and the life that means resurrection is a person is Jesus himself clinging to Jesus means with Be sure to land in the resurrection, That is why I advise you to hold on to Jesus and not let go.
He guides us in the resurrection. Let us begin to believe now and also to confess the resurrection. , the powerful Creator of heaven and earth and then Jesus Christ his only begotten Son and his Lord conceived by the Holy Spirit born of the virginal resurrection is a person and there is a very powerful way in which we cooperate with God which is intercession and by Now we want to intercede for the people who have sent our concerns through prayer of need. When a young woman seeks healing with her sexuality, people are by her side and make her feel loved and for all the people who have difficulty accepting her sexuality, Jesus, please her. be someone who shows you that you are valuable and loved offer for a woman who is expecting a fourth child but where the child has very little weight we pray for a good birth and all mothers become mothers so one's fear of birth and giving birth light healthy children, we pray for all those who have fallen into the trap of a body cult that is only defined through their body.
Jesus shows them that they are more, that it is only the body, that the body is not. everything for us We also pray for all those who neglect and despise the body for the correct concept of themselves. Jesus will show you how valuable you have made them and help them have a right relationship with their own body. We pray for Astrid who suffers. from Longkowitsch and who is in the hospital with serious heart problems was delivered we pray for enlightenment we pray for healing and complete recovery Jesus saduda Lord your doctor and take care of her we pray differently than the live broadcast to lower your blood pressure and that she already You don't need medication Jesus, so many people have been cured because of you I ask you to do this today also for Monika with Monika for her daughter who has had a swollen toe for weeks and for all the animals that suffer from inflammation Jesus be there theme inflammatory that brings healing complete recovery if we look at you Jesus we flow with your healing I would like to accept all our concerns here too everything that you came with today everything that we let the cream rest transformed Jesus for you you are the doctor our Savior and our Redeemer Amen in part Eucharistic Celebration Jesus for The very special way of being present among us in the bread and wine in John 651 is that I am the living bread that came down from heaven, while this bread is life with eternity, the bread that I will give my flesh through life to the world and you are not familiar with you is the or are you not ready for the Eucharist yet approach the priest cross your hands in front of your chest and receive the blessing, let us pray to God the Father Accept our offerings with grace and give that with faith Let us wholeheartedly celebrate the life and mystery of your Son's suffering so that you may live and reign for all eternity.
Let us thank the Lord our God for having renewed man. suffering, having blotted out our sins in his resurrection, opening the way to life and in his ascension to you the heavens were opened before you through him, your redeemed ones praise you and sing with choirs of angels the praise of your glory that was in the heaven and earth will be pink for your glory, the time that comes is not enough in the name of our Lord Easter, no if you are holy, great God, you are the source of all holiness, that is why we come before your face and your communion with all the church on the first day of the week as the day on which Christ was raised from the dead, but whom you have exalted to your right hand, we ask that you send down your spirit upon these gifts and sanctify them so that they may become for us . the body and blood of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, then in the afternoon the Mouse was handed over and suffered of his own free will and threw it away, took the bread and said thank you, broke it, it is enough for his disciples and said never and Eat everything, this is my body that is given for you, and after giving thanks he took the cup again and passed it to his disciples and said: take it and drink everything, this is the cup of the new and eternal covenant, my blood , which is poured out for you and for all for the forgiveness of sins, do this in memory of me, mystery of faith, therefore, kind Father, we celebrate the memory of the death and resurrection of your son and thus bring you the bread of life and the cup of salvation, we thank you because you have called us to stand before you and serve you.
We ask that you give us participation in the body and blood of Christ and that we become one through him. Holy Spirit, remember your Church throughout the earth and perfect your people in love with our Pope Francis, with our March Bishop Francis and all the bishops and their priests and deacons and with all those who are appointed to serve in the Church remember. Our brothers and sisters who sleep in the hope of resurrection, take them and all those who have departed from this world in your grace to your kingdom where they will see you face to face, Father, have mercy on us all. so that we may have eternal life it is shared in communion with the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God Mary with the Bridegroom, Saint Joseph with your apostles and with all those who have found grace with you since the beginning of the world, who praise and glorify you. through your Son Jesus Christ through him and with him and with him God the Father Almighty is to you in the unity of the Holy Spirit all the glory and the earth now and forever Amen as we are called children of God and therefore we pray with confidence, Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done as in heaven to the horses, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we also forgive our transgressors and do not let us fall into temptation but deliver us from the evil ones, Lord Father Almighty left us from all evil and give peace in our days come to our aid with your mercy and protect us from confusion and sin so that we can wait with confidence for the coming of our salvation Jesus Christ, to Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, amen Lord Jesus Christ, you are our Prince of peace, so that you can give us your promised peace, we ask you not to look at our sins.
Create the faith of your church and give to she and the whole world according to your will unity and peace the peace of the Lord with you always giving to each other a sign of peace Lamb of God Lamb of God Lamb of God look to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world Lord I I am not worthy of you to enter and you are my roof but just say a word and my soul will be healed. I am the resurrection and he who believes in me will live even if it is. die, says Jesus the Lord Jesus, my heart believes and my mouth confesses that you are the son of God, that you are now truly present, flesh and blood, you were sent to earth by the Father, you came to earth basically to do the Father to explain to us the kingdom of God, may have come to earth to bring healing.
The earth may have come and that was from God to bring the doing to the earth and that you have cleared the way to the Father, you I have carried everything so badly my life is to the curse that you have won on the cross and that you have established reconciliation total and Lord Jesus I love your name I love your closeness I love being with you I have recognized Jesus the need in my life for you you are my goal you are my anchor you are the castle to the fortress in which I find myself mountains or town of wine and I the vine for Jesus this morning this morning I come with everything that moves me and I put it for you and you know that it is the right place to be with you because my desires and every thirst of my life and every hunger of my life There and every teaching of my life I place before you, come and fill me with wine and fill me with your spirit and restore me in every name Amen we enter the presence of the king in the space of the sacred heart where he was drunk, we enter in amazement into the presence of the king in the dream of the holy hearts where he listens to drink is holy who is pure he is for you he is all in him he is powerful he is great of his warm limits Jesus today I would like to bring you a very special way of treating my health with my body with my body with the temple of the Holy Spirit and Jesus I ask your forgiveness because the areas where I neglected my body where I did not listen to the symptoms that you sent to my rejected body where there was dissatisfaction in my body where I wanted to say you made a mistake with the body that you gave me and I turn to you and accept with joy what that you have created, you have weighed in my mother's womb and Jesus wants to come to you with all the situations where my body is overestimated where the balance is no longer right with what is mind and what is body where I have placed my well-being , my saturation, my care, all that above all, where did the idols come from, what my body forgave me and let me return to good balance and thank and accept in a reconciled way how you created me, I became great in the womb of my mother, loved me in the world, put body, mind and soul in the right balance, our hearts are a throne, our praise, your old age, now we make all the sacrifices to our King Our hearts are a comfort, our praise, your old age, to our King we offer ourselves now in sacrifice because it is holy, it is free, it is for you alone, it is powerful, it is great, it is warm, unlimited, yes, you are holy, you are free, you are for you, only for you You are powerful, you are great, your mercy is unlimited, we pray to you, we thank you, good God, for the holy gift in which we receive strength from above, give us your spirit and allow us to serve you alwaysWith sincerity, we ask this through Christ our Lord, thank you for joining the celebration.
I wish you all a blessed Sunday, including everyone tuned into the live stream. If all goes well, we'll each see each other. others again next Sunday we ask now for God's blessing, the Lord be with you, the Lord bless us, protect you and make his face shine on you and have mercy on you, to give you his face, to give you his peace. to give you the weapon, the three God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit leave in peace, that was the morning of sanny 283, thank you Emil for your valuable words Vegeta, how are you on Sunday If you want, go to the canteen, today at 17:30 a nice late Sande lunch awaits you if you want to be there in Bärengäschen at Base 1850 ST Blasius classical mass with girls and bells with incense and with bells and around 7:30 p.m. the prayer circle the cathedral bookstore will now be open for 30 minutes after.
If you were inspired by today's email, you can buy the book at kowe below, but you can also buy Bishop Hermann Klettler's new book. heart, how can you prepare your heart for the times we live in or even the josen, that photo you have seen of Jesus, you can also sell the series, we wish you a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Sunday afternoon and we will see you next week another time ciao my soul praise the greatness of the Lord my spirit rejoices in God my savior tell him my humility for all times travel to me blessed all generations God has thought great things in me and is holy his warmth never listens not even that done fear raises the arm and now the proud of the rich over the oppressed makes the hunger of the sentence dismiss the rich thinks of his people as I promised God is well aware that they have done great things to me and his name is holy his warmth never hears It doesn't come from fear either.

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