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SUN! SUN! SUN! SUN! SUN! (outer wilds part 4)

Aug 29, 2023
quantum knowledge, speed, speed, speed, speed be speed advertising oh shoot where is the bow where is the bow there is the bow okay cool look away no, go, go, go, go, go, go, go go, Quantum RNG, how could you do this to me, oh Quantum Sun, if I don't look at it. it won't explode oh my god look all the time it spins just staring into nothing listen there are some very important texts we have to read I'm not going to fly into the sun there are some very important texts we have to read wait how the hell how does that apply to the quantum moon?
sun sun sun sun sun outer wilds part 4
Although I can't take a photo of the quantum Moon, that's not a legitimate question because of the way Cox's moons are enchanted. I have to do it, so I have to find a way to look. the quantum Moon so it doesn't move or look just watch the quantum Moon or maybe I have to be the quantum there maybe I need to become quantum talk What if our feelings are quantum? It's like going to therapy, feelings happen. all the time, but the moment you go to therapy, they disappear, you're forced to address them, you forget about them, and then it never gets resolved, sorry, that's for a very specific group of people.
sun sun sun sun sun outer wilds part 4

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sun sun sun sun sun outer wilds part 4...

Quantum Kitchen Quantum Kitchen, you open the cupboard to try to find the specific spice you need, but the moment you think you see it, it disappears, you lose an object, the moment you want to find the object again, you have to say out loud high the phrase I will never find it. and only then will it seem, oh God, damn it, where am I a foreigner? We'll just get a quantum ship. Port thrusters. Bank damaged, okay, we'll be fine, okay, we don't need the ship, although we might actually want the ship. so I will repair this portal.
sun sun sun sun sun outer wilds part 4
Any physical in the chat. Thank you. I'm assigned. I know by your name, but first we have to talk about foreign parallel universes, so that was a moment of quantum transmission, so the moment you look away from the hard drive is the second it loads because it needs to change place where it is located and, uh, the way I would fix it by removing the hard drive from my computer or unplugging it, but the problem is that my computer is also like quantum physics, because the second you look at it, all your data disappears because something goes wrong. you look at a funny plug and it shorts out that's my experience with computers what anxiety I don't have anxiety I've never had anxiety in my life that definitely hasn't been a universal constant in my life I lost my SSD because my gaming laptop overheated, I've lost a bunch of gaming laptops, they are freaks of nature and I know this because I have one that won't stay on, it gets so hot it shuts down immediately oh I made a mistake I'm sorry oh I'm sorry I wanted to keep that I need don't make it disappear please i need the text box to never appear thank you so don't press the disappear button they need to stop making gaming laptops look like alien artifacts no i think they need to keep doing that because the only way a gaming laptop can work and not catch on fire is by being an alien artifact, so I feel like yeah, they need to keep doing that, actually, that literally looks like a hackerling silhouette.
sun sun sun sun sun outer wilds part 4
I made a mistake, wait, I did. well, the first time, but here's the hacker, okay, down, well, where's the quantum text? It doesn't matter, it's not quantum text. We offer you our congratulations, congratulations, you are the 999,999th visitor to Quantum, you have learned the rule of quantum images and take this knowledge with you. the rest of your quantum pilgrimage remember the other quantum fragments you have other lessons to teach our curiosity accompanies you on your journey you walk in the footsteps of those who came before you and your path guides those who will later follow abroad what lessons do others make The quantum fragments have to teach me, do they?
It's to teach me haha, here you are, look, it's the advanced game of hide and seek, okay, I'm done, there is no other quantum text to read in this room, okay, all this . What it has taught me is that I could really go for another s'more right now hacker. I dropped my wallet there. Can you understand? No I can not. I told you about the dream I had earlier about the wallet. Seriously, you're going to make me find you. a wallet after having that horrible dream out of shame Quantum Proof Tower wait maybe he needed to do this before he could go to the Tower of Quantum Knowledge this Tower contained knowledge and he didn't need a mine to make his first Quantum Journey by observing a Quantum object looking at an image of a quantum object these are the same, you couldn't call this the rule of quantum images oh god remember that the other quantum fragments have other lessons to teach the diesels thanks for the raid do you want to learn about the quantum knowledge?
The brain slowly deteriorates as I get more and more tired. A huge cylindrical structure that generates a strong upward gravity field. I remember a no, my quantum moon shuttle. Tower of quantum knowledge. This tower located on the fragile equator of Halls contained useful knowledge for Noma to embark on his journey. On her first pilgrimage to the Quantum Moon, a Nomine named Solanum was asked to visit the Tower of Quantum Knowledge at Hall's fragile equator to learn one final rule before embarking on her pilgrimage to the Quantum Moon, so I still have have to go to the Tower of Quantum Knowledge first.
I once tried to make my quantum pilgrimage to the quantum Moon. How many times can I say Quantum before I lose it? Quantum hey, I'm going on a quantum journey here. Where is the quantum cannon? I already lost it. Oh, we have spent. a long time away, so we could have lost it in the void, well, not in the void, just in the decay of everything, oh, it's the Tower fragment. Did the tower shark teach me anything? I don't know, he taught me what. all the other fragments have been shown to me and they disappear when you look at them in the black hole let's see what's going on here each piece has its own little place, that's the uh, what's it called, what's this called again white hole uh , I don't know what the white hole station is, it's the Tower of Quantum Knowledge here somewhere I thought it was okay, that's the Canyon oh no, that's the intruder sorry, I thought it fell, that's the uh, the Orbital Cannon thing that takes you to the Quantum Moon, well, it doesn't really help me right now, at least I'm looking for a tower of quantum knowledge.
Alas, some quantum knowledge has definitely just hit me, not the kind I wanted, buddy. so full of quantum knowledge right now I'm not going to lie well what's broken port where strange hole where oh where is the Tower of Quantum Knowledge thank you it's supposed to be here foreigner foreigner I'm too tired Quantum knowledge for my brain thanks for watching I got it I appreciate. I hope you had fun learning quantum knowledge with me or if you already knew quantum knowledge. Thanks for letting me figure it out on my own. I appreciate it. Sorry if I seemed a little antagonistic.
I meant it. I really really wanted to figure it out myself. It's okay if you already know how to do it. I hope you have fun watching me spin around like a fish out of water outside the wood. Waiter. I'll do it again. We have landed. the solar station today and we ate like three marshmallows a moment ago and we discovered the quantum physics of oh but you, quantum physics is far from the world, but I'm not looking at you right now water, I'm going to bed with the no, I'm not , not learning quantum physics with you Walter, I'm done Walter um, if you were, if you don't look at the crime, can they arrest him for it?
That's it, I'm done. I hope you had a good stream, is what I would say if I was saying something to someone else who already streamed. I'm very tired right now. I hope you had a good time. I had a good time. I'll see you next time I play this game, which will happen because I love playing outside. Wilds because it's a lot of fun and sorry I'm not a scientist and it takes me a while to figure out quantum physics but yeah feel free to subscribe to my VOD channel as I will upload them to my Vlog channel and I tried it.
I have a few things I'm uploading right now because I'm behind on my schedule because I have to do all my own miniatures and everything else I do with my own stunts, so thanks for being here, thanks for being kind. and cool and watching myself land in the sun and uh, I won't do that again for now, okay, good night or morning, take care of three of the hardest things in this game, uh, what to land in the sun and learn quantum physics , what is the third one like? three marshmallows, that's the best she could do, oh my god, she's here to learn about coins and physics.
Did you really try to land in the sun? Oh no, I landed at the solar station. I did it. I think someone has a clip of that. In fact, if you want, by the way, I'm going to turn this into an emote, so don't worry, alien alien 2 will be here, but yeah, good night everyone, don't let quantum physics take over your brain too much . Because the moment you stop looking at it, is the moment it takes over.

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