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Sukuna Is FAR From Finished: Black Box Open!

Sep 13, 2023
Recent events in the Jiu Jitsu Kaisen manga have caused immeasurable chaos, but even though we all witness Satoru Gojo completely annihilating the so-called king of all cases, we are nowhere near the climax of this battle. Gegege Akutami has only given us a taste of what he is like. The reason for coming is because once we see this, then the real fight will have begun. Well, the real mystery we'll dive into would be Sukuna's hidden curse technique, which we first encounter in chapter 115 of the manga. What T


had done was. he spoke some hidden words and proceeded to say


once he did so he went on to play with some flames and then created a flaming bow and arrow, this would then destroy Jogo who himself is one of the most flame users of renown throughout the series, so what we know is that Sakuna has another curse technique in addition to her dismantling cleft;
sukuna is far from finished black box open
However, this


box ability is Circular's trump card and will allow him to gain influence once again in his battle against Satoru Gojo. Foreign techniques, some are incredibly powerful but have flaws and weaknesses that other curse techniques can attack. Some would even allow you to change places and teleport with each clap, but there are only a few that defy All Odds and have hardly any weaknesses, of course. We know from the top of our heads that it would be the Gojo Clan's unlimited technique in the Zen in Clans 10 Shadow technique, but what if I told you that there is a curse technique that surpasses everything and is as effective as a domain expansion essentially?
sukuna is far from finished black box open

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sukuna is far from finished black box open...

What we know about Sukuna's Black Box technique is absolutely nothing, but that's why I'm here to give you an idea of ​​what it may be anyway. I stumbled upon a Reddit theory from three years ago by Kaito Direnji, as they had broken up. The technique from the original sakuna case known as decommissioning permission, but the reason why it is revealed in this theory would surprise many of us as it actually makes sense. All credit goes to Kaito Dairenji for this theory. Be sure to check out their Reddit page. I'll leave the link. Anyway, next up, the big reveal of what Sakuna's Black Box technique could be is a storage ability.
sukuna is far from finished black box open
Why exactly do I mean by this? For that we will have to delve into Sukuna's origins and his true form, which would be when Sukuna had forearms and two. Faces it would be in chapter 117 that we could see the full form of Sakura as represented by Akitami, what we can see is how Sukuna of course has four arms accompanied by his usual markings, his face would be divided as if he were wearing a mask. on the one hand, but the key detail here would be the spirit dagger that


holds the meanings behind. This is much deeper than we think, as those two specific weapons that a sakuna holds in full form are intertwined with Hinduism and Buddhist beliefs, so they begin.
sukuna is far from finished black box open
Remove the spear as this would be known as trishula within Hindu beliefs in Indonesia. The trishula generally refers to a long-handled trident. The trishula is wielded by Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. The meaning behind the trishula represents several trinities, but the main three would be the preservation and destruction of creation, so it would seem that the inspiration for the Sukuna Trident would be the trishula of Lord Shiva. It is claimed that the chuchula contains all the power of the universe, as well as many powerful deities that are stored within it. the dagger that we see sukuna holding, since it also comes from hinduism, this dagger would be classified as a vajra, this weapon would be a legendary and ritual weapon that symbolizes the properties of a diamond or indestructibility, in other words, and a lightning bolt that would represent an irresistible force.
The vajra is a weapon that belonged to Indra, who was the Vedic king of the devas and heaven according to Hinduism. The wardro is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the universe in Buddhist beliefs. The vardra that is depicted in Hinduism also comes in the company of a bell, this bell would be known as a ganta which is a ritual bell, so what exactly is the function of the ganta? It is said that by ringing the bell the devotee informed the deity of his rival, the sound of the bell is considered auspicious. which welcomes Divinity and dispels evil, the ringing of the Bell is said to disconnect the Mind from ongoing thoughts, thus making the mind more receptive.
The ringing of the bell during prayer is said to help control the ever-wandering mind by focusing on the deity, so what we have so far has been discovered are the two weapons we saw Sukuna holding, known as the trishula and vajra. These two weapons were classified as universal in terms of power, however, what role does the Gunther have to play in this? According to Buddhist belief, once the sound of the bell ringing was heard, he expels evil spirits while performing the ritual. It is also stated that the sound of the bell is like a phenomenon that arises, radiates and then dissolves back into the void, so if you put two and two together once the ringing of the Gunther has gone off, it creates a barrier like no other. another, so what I want you to do is keep this door in the back of your minds, it will play a pivotal role in how Sukuna will use them against Satoru Gojo.
Now let's get back to why. I think sukuna has a storage capacity, looking back at sukuna's full form design, the markings on his body indicate something much more interesting which we see on sukuna's forehead, there is a sneer that looks exactly like the chishula and then there is a mark on his nose that represents. the vodra, so I guess you could say that the markings on Tsukuna's body represent the type of cursed tools and cursed techniques at his disposal. This part here will make a lot more sense to you. On both of Sukuna's shoulders we see several


boxes marked on his body as well as circles on each of his shoulders, but I want us to focus on the boxes marked on Sakura's body.
Some might say it's a far-fetched idea, but I think it definitely relates to Sukuna's Black Box technique. Sukuna is said to have 16 of these black box marks all over his body, which I'm not sure about yet, but we'll follow them anyway. Those 16 boxes would represent the 16 box techniques that Tsukuna has stored from the Golden Age of Sorcerers. These would be stolen boxes. Techniques to understand Sukuna's character are that he wouldn't steal kissing techniques that he considers boring, for example when he killed Nanako in chapter 112. After killing her, he goes on to say that the phone knows that the camera probably has more to do with it. with the manipulation of the subject of the photograph.
How boring it means that Sukuna's black box technique may be a monstrous version of YouTube's copy ability, but Sukuna can use those techniques for an unlimited period of time, so the big question now is where does Sukuna store these techniques? case in cursed tools, that is, through his The malevolent Sanctuary clearly says in one of his interviews that Sakuna will consume someone and that someone could be an important character now, if we gather all the clues, the black box technique of Sukuna is related to the shrine within the expansion of Tsukuna's domain, we always see countless golden bones. surrounding the mouth and it would be in chapter 226 when Gojo had destroyed the Sanctuary to escape from Sakura's domain, however, it would be in chapter 228 where things would be left unexplained.
Sukuna would trap Gojo within a domain that is incredibly small than the one Gojo faces. against the mouth itself, it is at this point where Akutami kept things very vague. What Sukuna attempted to do was consume satoru Gojo through the shrine, which would then leave Gojo for dead and Sukuna would gain the unlimited technique, the reason why Gojo was able to escape this situation. It was also only because of his six eyes because in that chapter Akutami focused a lot on Gojo's eyes, so the shrine is a very important factor for Sukuna's Black Box Kiss technique, since the mouth consumes an individual. and then he will store his box technique for Saguna to use.
We also remember Sukuna's pride, he will only steal a kiss technique worth stealing, that's why he tried to encapsulate Gojo within a very small barrier allowing the mouth of the shrine to be a short distance away from Gojo, but of course, Gojo's six eyes would do it. See all that, just like I mentioned before, I told you to keep the trishula vadra and the ganta in the back of your head, so now we will reveal how Sukuna will use them to his advantage against Gojo along with his black box technique of what was. revealed in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 235 is that Go essentially performed a suicidal attack with his hollow purple and successfully damaged Sukuna to such an extent that it ended the maharagus terror and left the king of all curses in tatters, it was to the point. where even sukuna was panicking about how to avoid Gojo's crazy attacks, but what if I told you that Sakura's motives were to consume Gojo instead of outright killing him?
It makes sense, especially because of what he tried to do in chapter 228, we don't know. It's Sukuna's first time facing A6i's eyes and the unlimited user, but he seemed a little taken aback by Gojo's abilities. If this is the first time for him to face someone with that skill set, then Sakuna's hunger would be to steal the six eyes and unlimited technique. I'm still not so sure about the six eyes, but still even the Boundless technique is a skill that anyone would want. Another reason why Sakura's motives were to simply consume him instead of killing him was because Sukuna did not once use his own case technique against Gojo, instead he kept spamming the expansion of his domain, he also kept using the technique. from megami's curse with the 10 shadows and maharaga, it was all a ploy to simply defeat Gojo to the point where he can't move and then consume him in the shrine, finally ripping out godo's techniques. and gift them to sukuna so why is it the next phase of this battle since sakuna failed to consume Gojo through the shrine?
Well, don't be surprised if you hear the sound of a bell at some point in this battle as we study about the three. Divine weapons of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs is how once the Ghent activates the sound itself it would create a supernatural barrier that captivates anyone who can hear it with Tsukuna on the strings, perhaps someone like Uru Ume or Kenjaku activates this bell creating thus a barrier. around the king of the vulcases where no one can enter, this will lead to a ritual performed by both kanjaku and uraume, as this may lead us to witness the true form of ryoming sukuna as to the events that happened before this is known , maybe sukuna consumes Yuji.
In order to access this full form, who knows, I made a theory video on this, so check it out if you want. I'll leave the link below, but once Sakuna reaches this final form, he will have Trishula and Vadra in his possession. elimination starting the start of the real battle through these weapons. I think sukuna would subdue Gojo and consume him through the shrine which would lead to godo's death and also the rest of the sorcerers would have to face a totally powerful sukuna ryoman who now has access to all six eyes and unlimited techniques anyway, that was my opinion on sakuna's won position in this battle.
Akutami has only given us the beginning. If I said it comes true, then you know who to thank anyway. What did you guys think of this theory and what exactly is it? The Black Box technique by sakuna, be sure to let me know what you think below, as always, like this video. And subscribe to the channel if you're new and I'll see you all in the next one, laughs.

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