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Suffering Will Not Seek - Sadhguru [Full DVD]

Jun 09, 2021
because probably after living in India, wherever you go you feel like you are in paradise. (Laughter) Many people live in such conditions that wherever they are sent, they


think it is paradise. You are in the right place. If you want mukti, you may have to work hard, but if you want to go to heaven, no problem, you are born in the right place; you


go to heaven anyway. When you die, they will print a card and it says, "He has made it to heaven," it is printed. Have faith in the printed word. This is not...
suffering will not seek   sadhguru full dvd
I'm not just ridiculing this; This has happened all over the world. It is not like this? The damn printed word is denying everything that is life. If you look around and let life speak, you will see that the damn printed word is denying everything that life says, but it is still printed. This is not printed; you have to be conscious to listen; It's printed, any literate idiot can read it. Literacy does not require intelligence, does it? Does it? Does it? They're saying 'Mmm'. (Laughter) Literacy does not require intelligence; If you are born in a certain society, you become literate, don't you?
suffering will not seek   sadhguru full dvd

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suffering will not seek sadhguru full dvd...

Every idiot becomes literate if he is born in a certain society where there is a certain educational apparatus. And every fool can read this, a printed word. If someone says it is sacred, it goes against life; It doesn't matter. It makes people feel fearful, guilty, and confused; It doesn't matter. Just because it's so cool can confuse a great mind like you (Laughs), right? You know... Causing confusion is very easy. Providing clarity is another world. Bringing clarity to people is another thing; causing confusion is very, very easy; Can be done. You just walk up to someone and say, "See the tree?
suffering will not seek   sadhguru full dvd
How blue it is?" (Laughs). Tell them that?". 'What? Don't you see it's blue and don't you see the pink fruits?' (Gestures) (Laughter) It's very easy to do this. They've been doing it for thousands of years. Look, if someone said this is a place of God, I should have demanded: "Lay your life here." They only ask for two rupees. In ancient India, people themselves lived in huts; Small huts with no amenities, but they dedicated themselves to building big, big temples. Superhuman effort; it seems that something of the divine should have touched them, because their own lives didn't matter; how they lived didn't matter to them.
suffering will not seek   sadhguru full dvd
These people at least are true believers; at least they believe. This is just a trick; all you're after is the pet, but a heavenly pet. It's not that this has no meaning; it's not that this has no basis. It's just that the way it's done... If these devices are just ways of eliciting a constant sense of devotion, if these devices are just a means to make a human being sensible, I can understand a thousand years ago or ten thousand years ago. Once upon a time, perhaps this was the only means they had; ok... but it's sold as real, not presented as a device, then that becomes a problem.
So what is all this searching? 'Sadhguru, I do not feel any great searching within me; The only thing I want now is to have breakfast.” (Laughs) Yes, but you know you're not in heaven yet. (Laughs) This is the Isha Yoga Center. (Laughs) Here people don't have breakfast. 'Why can't we just enjoy the mundane? in every little thing, why can't we find pleasure and joy and just do it? You must do that. If you can't even do that, you're no good; you are of no use. If you can't enjoy the sunrise, if you can't enjoy the breakfast you eat, if you can't enjoy the air you breathe, if you can't enjoy the land you walk on, you are simply worthless because not even the birds and animals are good for anything. doing.
Yeah? So if you are not even able to do that, you are in a sub-animal state. I think many of you manage to do that, so we are looking at what the next possibility is, because there is something inside of you that longs. Either you put the longing to sleep a little with too much breakfast or... you confuse the longing by creating false longings. Look, whatever a human being is looking for, whether it's money or pleasure, you're looking for food, starting with the fundamentals of food, because food is the first thing you cried for when you were born, isn't it? he?
Look, that kid you heard some time ago, he's been brainwashed, he's been conditioned. Now he shouts 'mom'; no, first when he cried… first when you cried: food. It is not like this? Even now what you cry out for is food, but it comes to you through mom. So, starting from this fundamental craving for food, what is craving for food? Physical hunger, food, is one thing, but beyond hunger you are also eating, right? Hmm? I can see. (Laughter) Food... Ingestion, digestion, assimilation is a way of taking something that is not part of you and making it part of you.
If it occurs at the lowest level we call it food; if it occurs at the highest level, we call it yoga. Yoga means union. In between there are many ways. Sexuality, ambition, this, that, a million other forms, but the longing is unity. Somewhere there is a longing to include something and become a little bigger than you are now. It begins with that fundamental cry of a child, a newborn, which is just basic, about food; Then various types of crying will occur along the way. All of these cries are confusing the fundamental desire to include; the essential longing… (Check audio: Hello) the essential longing is to include.
Eating, possessing, conquering, these are all crude ways of doing it, but the same longing... singular longing throughout your entire life, please see. Since you were born you keep crying for the same thing, you want to include something else as part of you. The only thing I'm telling you is not to go in deadlines. No one ever does it like that, you can't count them... I think we can do it; We have two


days. You can all start counting right now: one, two, three, four... I'm sure that on Sunday afternoon we would have reached infinity if we did it without stopping.
No? Two days in a row counting; Forty-eight hours, I think we can do it. Hmm? Oh, you're a problem. (Laughs) Will two days of counting take you to infinity? If you count a million years, you won't get there. Your longing, whatever the longing may be, whether for food, for the pang of hunger, for lust, for ambition, for conquest, is the same longing. If you give a little more awareness to this longing, you will see that this is not what you long for. What they crave is inclusion. So you can confuse the fundamental longing with a variety of things: running after this for five years, running after that for ten years, running after something else for twenty-five years, and then, when you still want to run (exhales into microphone), you was.
A ninety-four year old man from Kentucky… Do you know what Kentucky is? They are people who raise horses. A ninety-four-year-old man who lived his entire life on a horse farm, whose entire life and work is with stallions, at ninety-four he married his sixth wife who was only eighteen years old. You know, there's a big ranch. So he met his wife on the first day and then he asked her, 'Look, do you know what we're supposed to do?' You know this is like Adam. 'Did you talk to your mother? Did she tell you some facts about her life? 'She said: 'No, I didn't talk to my mother. “I don’t know any facts about life.” Then he said, “I think I know, but I have forgotten.” (Laughter) I've been out of active participation on the ranch for the last ten years and I've forgotten about it.
You've forgotten, but the pattern hasn't stopped yet. Many things are like that in life. You have forgotten that the only desire is inclusion. Here and there, everything that comes your way you want to capture and include, little by little, piece by piece. You will not achieve the cosmic, you will not achieve existence that way, piece by piece. There are too many pieces. Nobody can put it together piece by piece, you either swallow it whole or not, that's how it is. As I told you yesterday, you got lost... Every step you take, every breath you take, I want you to see that whatever you are in contact with now - this planet, the air you breathe, the sky, the mountain, everything, if you're willing to look at it a certain way, it's overwhelming.
If you are willing to see yourself as a person - even though you can walk, talk, do this and that - you have not yet understood any of them. They... you don't know, the blades of grass here may be laughing at your ignorance; actually they are. You listen? I want you to listen to it because that's what it is. Here everything knows life except the human being. Because he was given the power to transcend life, he chose to sink. (Laughter) He was given the freedom not only to be life, he could go above life, but most of them chose to go below it.
They don't even enjoy life like a tree enjoys life. He only suffers if he is treated poorly. You are capable of


a lot. (Laughs) Hmm? No breakfast is a bad deal, but there is lunch at half past nine; It's a good deal. (Laughter)

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