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Strange Guests | Horrid Henry | Cartoons for Children

May 30, 2021
it worked operation planet of grapes it worked yes yes yes okay we could go take a look yes yes oh yes yes yes oh yes go for it fang yes yes yes yes yes yes yes



what oh you're here yeah I think I'm you want it i want to thank you henry thank you why you had faith in me i did it yes you did when i got my telescope for my birthday you said i could discover a new planet with it oh yes i did and you inspired me to call it's the perfect peter planet i'm sure that's not what I said well that's the name he will be known by forever what do you mean it will be the press we are going to be famous henry the famous press we will be like Wilbur and Orville, who will burn Orville .
strange guests horrid henry cartoons for children
They built the first successful airplane. All brother brands. I'm pretty sure there were more than two. Hello. I heard about the new discovery. The most exciting thing that happened today. holding the cover um, how about a press conference first? What do I mean? You want to know how brilliant Peter is before he shows you his discovery. Okay, why not? Now all I have to do is another grape. Can you believe it normally? We have grapes coming out of our ears, but now when I need one, can I find a grape? Okay, I know it's not green, but it'll have to be fang fang and I owe it all to my big brother, how did you spell his name again? h-e-n fang, if you could hear me, don't eat this grape, go now, enjoy your food and don't rush back.
strange guests horrid henry cartoons for children

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strange guests horrid henry cartoons for children...

I really wanted to hear what you had to say, Henry, don't worry, Margaret, there's plenty of time to hear what I have. I have to say oh yeah Henry, plenty of time, no point betting your eyelids on him, Margaret, he's mine, listen to that, Henry, yeah, I came with you two, we have time for another quick game if we finish lunch quickly, but today They are the three vegetables of Thursday. Yeah, I can't rush three veggie Thursdays. Incredible, you are wonderful, okay, Henry, stop being so charming and let's eat, let's have fun there. You two, the survivor, were telling me about your favorite band, oh yeah, who is it? rex mandarine country, i think and garinder was sharing her coconut burfi recipe, come on guys, they were helping you with your homework, weren't you okay?
strange guests horrid henry cartoons for children
Yeah, okay, it's great to do homework, right? Yeah, right. Forgive me for talking with my mouth full, oh Henry, I'm so sorry to disturb your lunch, but I was wondering if I could ask you for help, of course, miss weird, at any time you know everything in due time, Henry, there's no rush, you show up when you finish your lunch, you probably want to. check the confiscation locker again, henry, yeah, I probably can't remember the last time something was confiscated from you, Andy, it was probably when we were in Miss Lovely's class, yeah, it was that book you loved, oh yeah, that of the magician. he called the jolly wizard again oh peter i didn't see you there it's because i wasn't there until now oh you're a joker peter i'm so lucky to have you as a little brother i know henry oh not entirely sure what happened there a bit of magic thank you right operation bogey blaster mark two now if I put this here ready for another day of chaos and mischief who knows where time is up my sleeve unless we can certainly say excuse me, yes, but you'll have to do it why me because I'm in a hurry yes and I'm rude excuse me yes I'm talking to you that means get out of the way peter needs more mop until yours falls off excuse me mr soggington I said excuse me mr soggington oh sorry peter I didn't see you there you come back to me he's going to say what that was all about I'm going to turn myself in I can see that since what happened yesterday oh I've said I'm sorry, no you haven't, but that's not the point since it happened.
strange guests horrid henry cartoons for children
I've been asking myself a question, oh yeah, what is that? So what if I'm not perfect and what if I'm the horrible guy? henry an incident with mr soggington i heard it's me you want to see miss artboard yes i think he did that it was something yes it was why he would do that i don't know oh thanks to him he must have been very angry about something uh yes , you must recognize that you are trying to get a reputation. What do you mean? I think he's going to end up more horrible than his older brother.
That will never happen. He's not called Perfect Peter for nothing. We could find another name for him. I need a new one. name, how's impertinent peter? Hmm, that could work, I'll get the ones with the frills that you like so much, that's it, she'll see them now and she's done for me, no more pocket money anymore, no more pizzas, I couldn't do it anymore. I don't find the ones with frilly parts but we have some of the ones with thick parts in the fort or maybe I should say in the horrible hotel where you can check in whenever you want, do you want to make money or not?
What are you doing making a cup of tea? Come on, Henry, it's all about service. You know, the next thing you know will be an invitation to dinner. Who will come to dinner? I'm sure I am, I'm sure I'm a girl. Did everyone think he was a boy? Well, we assumed he was. Yes because because because I play the keyboards well. Yes, does it matter if I'm a boy or a girl, I can still play a bad keyboard, your team, miss mctiss, thank you kind sir, what a nice surprise, welcome to the hotel, horrible, that carrot casserole was amazing, henry's mom and peter, well thanks fizzwiz, it's just an old recipe, well i think that was the best carrot casserole i've had in a long time who would like to hear a song from our new album?
Great, so many people tell me what to do sometimes all I hear is noise, all I want to do is play with my toys sometimes. All I want to say is leave me alone, go away that's when it's time to stop and think that's when it's time to go, it's not my fault, well it's not mine either, ah, we can get in here, oh, I can use the torch from my phone, oh. For God's sake, oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to charge it, there must be a light somewhere near the door, how careful I found them.
I'm going to make tea now, okay, honestly, nannies nowadays, even Rebecca the rabbit used to make tea, oh right, I was never too sure. what was in his halloween pot peel the potatoes cook the potatoes make mashed potatoes peel the carrots cook the carrots mash the carrots peter likes them well mashed that's not happening peel the beans cook the beans don't mash the beans peter doesn't like them like yours mashed beans What if I liked my mashed beans? Yeah, probably don't peel the chicken cook the chicken, shred the chicken, oh I'm going to be cooking all night at this rate, I don't know how moms do it, no potatoes, I'm begging you not to do it.
You worry, you look beautiful, I'm sure no one will notice, oh look, Miss Oddbod's office, we've been here before, let's see if there's anyone here who can help us, simple, easy tools, like a child, like a father, hey, tiddle, you'd think they would. know better hello everyone look at me while we cook we are so grateful you came to find us mr soggington we were completely lost yeah that was just us in the evil goldfish that's my goldilocks you're talking about , oh, I'm terribly sorry, I didn't realize, I'm sorry, so easy, oh wait a minute, I have to deal with this, not the brain, what do you mean shh?
I mean, could you go somewhere else to talk on the phone? What are you talking about? somewhere else I'm somewhere else I'm in my own back garden and you can't stop me from talking on the phone in my own back garden I know I can't but well then if you know you can't then why should I? Well, that worked and I have more rights in my own backyard. He has no rights and it is time someone told him that he has no rights. Ah, there you are, sir, you have no right to tell me what to do in mine. back garden yes, I know, I have no right to tell you what to do in my own back garden yes, in your own back garden or anywhere else what's happening henry nothing is happening something henry I know you too well to know that nothing's happening , so mom is working today and she needs total silence because she's doing Mr.
Bossy's account, I mean Mr. Mossy's account and if we can keep quiet, we'll get a pizza, what a pizza, a pizza from the Golden Gate Garden Center, really Okay, so how? How much does it cost? How much is the wolf worth? For me to stay quiet so you can get your pizza. Oh, half your pizza. Yes. Okay, deal and Henry. What silence is golden eye. Oh yeah. Hi, hi, Henry, hi, Henry, what's going on? Oh, nothing, dad, we're. just being really quiet so mom can work right, that's what I call to know if you've been quiet enough to deserve your pizza.
I have been quiet enough. Yes I have hmm how do I know that? I mean, how do you know I can't ask mom? So can I put Peter on the phone? You really, really want to talk to Peter. Yes, I will hold it. Yes, dad, of course. Dad. Can you believe this? Yes, dad, yes, I have. Well, he's in hers. I'm walking back with the pizzas yes with the pizzas yes show me the way identify yourself oh uh well I'm dad and this is mom hello and behind me is henry peter Fluffy and fang how did you like your little sweater?
We thought it was quite elegant sad I had no concept of elegance well, let's go somewhere? you should say sutnaf get me out of here oh right then family I don't think so don't be horrible henry someone's hungry oh yes please fur mom I was hungry good job. I have some emergency supplies. Oh, I just put it there a few weeks ago. I've been saving it for a special occasion. Peter's Toasted Cheese Sandwich. It looks a little green. Has it already passed its expiration date? Oh no, they just make it green so it looks healthier okay, thanks Henry, aren't you going to have a child? uh no, i had a big breakfast no oh no, what's wrong?
Bundle of bunnies, long and winding road, oh dear, it's okay, I've got this sat nav covered, get me out of here finishing finishing finished look peter the long and winding road has disappeared phew that was close

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