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STORY TIME: How My Insecurities Led Me To Marry The Wrong Man.

Jun 09, 2021
Okay, I can't tell you how nervous I am. I don't really know why I'm so nervous. I think it's because it's the first video I've done alone since Ralph and I have been making videos. I don't know, I just felt really compelled to come out with a new video. It's been confirmed many


s that I need to do this and that I need to dedicate my


to YouTube and making these videos, so let's just be obedient and let's get into it. I have a topic that has been on my heart. I have written about him.
story time how my insecurities led me to marry the wrong man
I also have a blog and so I have been writing about it. I haven't posted it yet, but I'm just. things that have been on my heart, a certain topic and I want to get into that. I think it's been on my heart for a reason and I just want to go ahead and jump right into it. I'm going to do this. video a seven minute video very well, in seven minutes I am going to address this topic and also it started with so many women and so many friends in different walks of life, but mainly my single women, my single friends who are looking to get married. that they weren't pursuing him but they want to get married that they want it to seem like this topic comes up a lot in our conversation and that's the thing about meeting someone feeling like they are and then something happens whether they disconnect or break up with you. the guys just fight about Laura telling you hey you have to move on this isn't him something happened and all hope is shattered for this particular person and usually when I talk to them I hear a voice of depression, a sad voice almost in the morning. this person like he lost something when he lost this person and that's why he always reminds me of my experience in my previous marriage for those who don't know I was married before or I was married for about two years and I remember when we were dating there There were so many signs of alert, so many red flags, but this person was everything to me, I mean, when I met him, he was my list, everything I had on my list, he was everything I wanted, desired in a man, he was and at that moment my list was very Cornel my list not only on paper but in my heart my list is very carnal it was very superficial and so when he came everything was on my list but it was not for me and there was nothing negative about the person because I know the Bible says we don't fight between flesh and flesh, but this is all a spiritual attack, this is spiritual warfare, so you would look at the person and say, "Oh, you did this to me, but it's not so much that they did it." something". for you or they were just such a bad person, but the enemy is good, he is really good at what he does, he is good at destroying, killing and squeezing to death, and that is what he did, he brought this person into my life, he is the person there.
story time how my insecurities led me to marry the wrong man

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story time how my insecurities led me to marry the wrong man...

They were full red flags, I mean burnt flags, the flags were red hot, I mean literally on fire and not only did I not see them, but the ones I did see I would use religious reasons why it should stay okay. to pray for these things he was showing me that he was selfish he was sowing me that he didn't want a woman with children he was showing me that and then I was seeing all these things and instead of me being like whoa, hit the brakes at least let me Thinking about this, it was more a little bit.
story time how my insecurities led me to marry the wrong man
I remember when we were dating and I always prayed to God and I said God, if this is not so, please show me and at one point I said. that with all my heart and I meant it at one point in a relationship. I didn't mean that and I remember telling him like you knew that. I feel like we didn't hang out enough like I had standards when I met him where I didn't want to. to go to his house I didn't want him to go to my house and mainly because we were saving each other and I didn't want to jeopardize that and I feel like you know being at someone's house either late early whatever hormones hormones and I just didn't think it was a good idea and when I told him that he said: I think it's stupid, like we're going out.
story time how my insecurities led me to marry the wrong man
I don't see you ever going home and I think that's enough. too much and I ended up going to his house and letting him come into my mind, but it became habitual to the point where we weren't going anywhere


, we weren't dating, so I mentioned it to him and said, hey, you know? I realized we're not dating and honestly, that's something I want to do. If it's a matter of money, we can do things for free. You can go on a hike. We can go to the picnic. Know?. I live in Georgia, so I was.
Like we can go to Chattahoochee, we can rent bikes like anything else, so just do something and get to know yourself on a different level besides sitting here in front of the TV, um, and his response to that was, you know, it's just me, I'm simple guy, I don't do much, I prefer to just sit in front of the TV with some wings and pizza and that's my weekend so I feel like you're trying to change me, so don't try to change me. You're just going to have to do it and you really want to be with me.
You have to accept me as I am, which is a poor excuse for hate. I have no intention of changing for anyone, including a person I think I want to be. with the rest of my life I have no intention of changing I have no intention of changing based on your needs and your desires and neglecting myself in one area just to make sure I make you happy and that shows me that he was not willing to die to himself. I myself wasn't willing to be molded I wasn't willing to make exceptions or just try and that's what happened in our marriage, it was the epitome of our marriage and that's why I remember when we had that conversation.
I ended up leaving the conversation I left or hung up the phone whatever I went to God and I was like God what is it I don't like that feeling he made me feel I didn't like that feeling I had after the conversation and he told me he said that He's not multiple, he's not willing to change for you, he's not willing to change for anyone, he's stuck in his ways, whether he's going to get over that or not, at that time he wasn't willing and so on. I called him and we broke up. I said, "You know, I think it's time for us to part ways, you know, and he said, hey, that's what you wanted to do." I said, "Okay, great, we broke up for about eight months." I wasn't


, I could be wrong with the number, but it was a while without hearing from him, he didn't call me, I didn't call him and I moved on, it wasn't until I went home for Thanksgiving and I was surrounded family and I had cousins ​​who came with new boyfriends or I think one of my cousins ​​got married that year and I was feeling some kind of way.
She was a single mother. I started to feel like I'm getting older. and every year I come home I'm always alone and you know the pressure of finding someone are you dating someone oh were you dating someone what happened and why hey do you really think it's over and you know I was just listening to all that? these things and to be honest with you, it had a lot to do with my


. I was alone, I was looking around like I hadn't broken up with him, I could have had him here, maybe we'd be engaged by now or you know, all those thoughts, those thoughts that are rooted in insecurity, those thoughts that are rooted in fear. to be alone, those thoughts that are rooted in people's opinions of me, that's why I remember like it was yesterday.
I remember maybe my third day there. I ended up looking cute and I had a cute little outfit and I knew it in that built up insecurity in me and you know, once that happens, it's like when you follow it, it's like you're on a path that you're not going to follow. to be able to, you know, walk away and that's what happened. I ended up sending him a Snapchat and I'm on camera and I'm like, hey, Happy Thanksgiving and all that, and I knew if I did that I would attract him back and that's what I did and I felt completely insecure, completely insecure. .
I made it so sad because I was willing to go back to someone who I knew probably wouldn't treat me right and who I knew was really, really showing signs. a really really bad husband in all honesty and I came back and as soon as I sent her that Snapchat was all she wrote we ended up dating and not really many months later we were engaged and not long after that we got married um and So every time I hear a woman say I don't know what happened he just stopped calling her I don't know what happened we just broke up and everything went wrong like he was showing signs that you know he's the one but something just happened where I realized he wasn't doing this or I wasn't doing that or I wasn't this and I always think and remember saying to God, I said, you know what, Lord, I wish that was my


I wish that person would be taken out of my life before we got married because there was so much. damage that that marriage had done to me and so I wish that that was my


and the Lord told me he told me that that was your story he said that you decided to return and that's why I can no longer have that hope and I wish I could never do it.
I can't really say that again because I had the opportunity to walk away and if your story isn't like that, that person is showing signs of not being the one maybe he's not showing any of those signs maybe he's perfect and then he just disappears, he just disappears. from the face of the earth. I encourage you not to see that as a negative thing because if you are truly saved and I know that you are a child of God, you are a child of God, he will protect you at all costs, like a natural father would, so you don't know what's going on behind scene, you don't know how many times they've had a dream that has discouraged them from calling you they discourage you from calling you you don't know how many times they just felt in their spirit you know what I don't think I want to talk to her anymore they don't know why they're great, they don't have idea why they don't want to talk to you, that's Grace, that's God saying, this is my son and you're not, he sees the end from the beginning and is never surprised, we are and I am. a firm true believer that a man that men are simple and when they want something they want something they don't need to be convinced of it they don't need to be chased they don't need to be deceived there is no complete list of things you need to do to get a man you know , if you watch those videos, ten things you should do to get a man, that's a lie, there are not many things she should do to get a man who loves you and is worth it.
They are on time and this man really wants you and he really wants to be with you. You won't have to hunt it. You're not going to find out why he doesn't call you. It's something we do in the body. of Christ where we make things so religious, we make things so much deeper than they are if a man doesn't call you and he doesn't call you back and he hasn't called you for weeks or months and then he just shows up hey, a lot of things happened, how are you, don't sit there and make excuses for him, it's not that he's busy, it's nothing, he has a lot of things to do, it's not that his mom did this and his sister did this, so the man God has for you doesn't there will be excuses, he will not play, he will not break, leading you to his brokenness, if he has problems, there will be grace for that, but I truly believe that if all your God is going to bring you someone who is whole, he will not bring you someone who is broken, so let's not make these excuses just so we can be with someone because you will end up in a relationship that God never intended you to be in and we didn't.
I want us to not be under his cover at all times, so thank you very much for watching this video. I really hope this video is seven minutes long. I have hopes. I have hopes. So thank you very much everyone. subscribe. I'll be a little more diligent and post these videos. I hope next time I have my Ralphie with me and yes, just a quick update. I'm planning a wedding in less than 20 days, it's crazy, but I'm so excited. I'm very excited to be Mrs. Adams, I love this man to death and he loves me so much so I'm really excited, thank you all for watching and I'll see you next time.
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