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STOP COPYING ME! Roblox Undercover Trouble!

May 30, 2021
come get your lemonade fresh and hot just 10 cents come get it, huh, hot and fresh, 10 cents, that's so cheap. I'd like a cup please, luna, luna, that lemonade is on top of this, trying to compete, no, I'm the only one. that can sell stale cotton candy here's two cups of hot freshly squeezed lemonade hey gold does she think we're clowns? Yeah, I think she thinks we're clowns. Yeah, she just brought it from that vending machine over there. I saw it with my own eyes oh I don't know what you're talking about I'm leaving here I've got my cotton candy come back here there's just a stale sense I'm not going to give them their money back because they'll never catch me yeah great Who'll never catch you?
stop copying me roblox undercover trouble
Moondrake. We have to make a deal because you scammed them too and they can't find any of us. Rainbow, let's go find that monster who stole the expired lemonade sale. If he smells, smells, he will never find us. To be fair, Luna sold you stale cotton candy too and Draco is getting torn apart, so we have to figure out that we have to sit still and figure out which of these doesn't raise suspicion, yeah, I'm not looking, I think it's this one. she's dancing we all danced it was a trick wait so I think it's her no it's not oh why would you hurt me I knew it silly that was an npc you think I would do it yeah how stupid why why would I dress like him I thought it was funny I think It's so hard They're trolling me This one You say you died You got hurt 30 seconds left They'll never wait What's up with these two here Draco Why are you hiding in a race Oh, I'm not Yes, and this is hard, I'm so good. 20 seconds left.
stop copying me roblox undercover trouble

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stop copying me roblox undercover trouble...

Hit them all, I got Draco, that was me, that wasn't me, oh that was funny, yeah we got the hammer, whatever, I'll give you your money back, okay Dracco we gotta find. these bamf monsters, yeah we got a stick, moon, rancid cotton candy, wow, we ain't monsters that wanna be hunted, oh I know who it is, oh look at this silly moon clown walking around like a clown killer, this is it your lunar wait, it's not Dracula. I'm going to die with these eyes our big brains think it's this is this is this this is this founder of this why are you so scared oh no you know what I'm going to hit everyone we have 47 seconds where are you?
stop copying me roblox undercover trouble
No, that one just failed, it's not this one, no, I heard this one that's still working, it's good, what are these three doing? I don't like this hit, hit, hey, subscribe and leave a like and I'll give you a nice cup of hot lemonade gold hint follow me I know what we should do here let's sit and relax I mean a group of NPCs sitting and relaxing wait what I won't find out come walk towards this is bread we are all the same here nothing suspicious if you know what I mean no I don't have time tell us where your friend is I know where eenie meeny miny moe why are there four sand bunnies and lemonade not here, she's right now you stink, okay, another oh, she's what bad food I'm throwing away you're supposed to change your costume okay, okay, yeah, why is this thing running and please, Don't run, hey, wait a minute, wait a minute, what is this?
stop copying me roblox undercover trouble
Why are you scared? never be scared oh no, I was scared draco you're a turtle hey hey hey no no no no no no the power comes back here to oh my god I lost her where is she? she's the mole that's running oh my god that was exhausting wasn't it you guys are the worst moles please don't let them find you. Is she hiding here? He doesn't even care. You have 30 seconds left. I can't hit anyone else. Why would you hurt lemonade? Funny gold. So she looks so happy up there on that balcony. Is this this?
Luna, I'm going to run. Oh, I found the shopping cart. Oh, it looks so fun. Jaclyn with the party. I won't leave no matter who you change. I don't see anything in this game you can be your car you can be your team please help me we must divide them guys I'll let you laugh okay wait I'll snatch it I'll snatch it no, I'll snatch it I'll grab you, okay, so they were all good trains, they were all close from the taco stand. Really, let's understand that your fools are taking us there. How do you keep chasing me?
You know you should really


. Okay, okay, why are you following me? Alright. That's a rainbow, good job, you guys are so dumb, why do you keep running? Stop being scared, don't you mean they're trying to kill us? Of course, we're going to freak out when the show ends, wait, show us, okay, it's impossible. win oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I was sitting on the thing, look gold, I improved my business now I sell hot dogs while I'm on a train, what yeah, who are you going to kill with that hot dog? Everyone okay you guys get out now or you'll get hit by a hot dog who's that you'll never find us we're flying yeah we're flying why would you jump in front of me cool come on I need you to hit something let's cut the moon ladder oh I bet it's them because they're flying oh oh yeah it's draco you'll never catch me where did he go?
I'm missing boy where is he where is he oh wait this person funny things this one yeah, goodbye rainbow, we killed her yeah, yeah, yeah, you? Did Dracco Luna come out wherever you bet? You use this one. Hey, do you like ice cream because the freezing breeze was wait, gold? Everyone is dying. Because you're running? This one who is running. Because you're running? Because you're running? Oh, I'm gone, I see. I still see him understand it no, no, matt is invisible, I am invisible, no, this is pure chaos, is there a moon out there? Wait, it's her, Draco, why don't you go find that dress?
Wait, wait, wait, before you kill me, no, no, sorry, yeah. we are witnesses what what oh what hello what wait I froze first I thought we won the moon how dare you I did it welcome to the roof of the party where people celebrate and I am a tractor I am also a tractor you are a draco tractor someone holds a giant bottle of coke and he wants that bi and I'm drinking coke while playing oh how epic hey hiders look at me pay attention I'm a true and final form crazy candy okay and I have ice cream nobody listens nobody speaks who wants ice cream I do it I do uh-huh everyone wants ice cream no, it was ouch, no one will catch up with me I'm on top of the world yeah, you should listen to dracco because we're all here on top of the world hey, you won't be on top for two more minutes waiting, you suck for being invisible, no, his invisibility sucks, aren't we all going to push him down?
Anyone want a dracocopter, vroom, vroom? draco tractor oh she's crazy i just have to kill them all wow you have eight seconds left i hope you cried because we're actually tractors we're so tired bye oh yeah golda and i are literally making this rainbow draco tractor here to crush everyone these nasty puppies that hide and have no face, anyone wants a puppy bump, what are these things that fall off? Just a couple of glitches, I see a big group partying back here, here at this beach house, right? You can tell we're all there. gamers, is it you hmm, we are all gamers here, yes you could say we are all chilling in the shed, can you see us chilling in the shed?
Hello Draco, you are not the real Draco tractor, there is a Draco tractor there, why are you? running on this this one is running chase him why are you scared hmm just calm down where he pointed is this is this one that fell down no it's already I'm gone no no it's come back here waving gamer shoe cat's helper is she she is this she is a circle die how did you get your life murdered rainbow how dare you tell us where his friends are what am I still alive I have two I have two oh draco you're just cutting everyone off playing cheap are they they will never find us are rainbow yes they are like I think they do parkour somewhere oh why here you suck on the real tractor draco yeah betrayed by your own guy dracco funny what i have planned okay what's your i'm going to put glue where should we put glue should we fool them right here here thanks this is where the glue should be left out in the open anyone's stressed no well I have a scanner no way all of these are clear no that's just a dumb npc yeah they seem to be everywhere rainbows oh hi gold why are you so scared?
Let me slap you with my pizza,


running, hey, what's wrong with this one? Don't you just love pizza that isn't golden, isn't that? Why are there so many golds floating around? Are you all gold? The golds crumble. Get that one that was sitting in a box. I was being stupid. Oh, this one too. I deceived them. You lost a teammate. Because you killed me? I have problems. She failed. that part up here up here sorry sorry funny I dare you to catch me don't do it my last no, he fell okay one more time kill justin scanner you're so spread out we got something oh draco that was a dumb move where are you gold?
I know it's someone, yeah, goodbye, hey, someone's back, I survived for a long time, you suspect me, yeah, whatever, no, where are you, fool, no, what a beautiful map to hide, in fact, It's like a sewage plant. anyone want some black powder fyi no we don't want square tail there are a lot of drakes here bunnies with money anyone want a delicious slice of pizza oh that looks fantastic everyone knows it's fake food anyone want some pizza oh is everyone having a nice lunch together? Yeah, what's that nice lunch? Wait, why did you see that I just saw someone turn invisible?
Hey, stop moving, oh guys, you're just hitting people with Coca-Cola, this doesn't look much. well we just gotta be cool just who likes the dumpster every time you do it you should say pop pop no rainbow run take her show us where your drake is yeah show us where your mates are equipment. You have 40 seconds, go, go search, find good, find good. don't stop, we'll kill you on the spot they're here what a good teammate she's not a snitch but maybe this one is a snitch I'm not a snitch draco run oh oh oh yeah no no no no no no oh she no No I know, it's so annoying.
No, why my God? You're not doing that. He was sitting at the table. By the way, you guys are bad. They're just enjoying a picnic. Yes, they will never find us and if they do, we will use our. power-ups yeah oh I won't I have a key that has your name on it seven six five four three two get up wait a minute what do you mean get up I mean get down things are suspicious go down like a bomb I think it's the finals the jokes with the money is this this one is right she is sending me stop get it please bye bye you stink where is the other funny how dare you I'm innocent we are no longer jokes we will win this for money oh rainbow can you relax stabbing funny with the money with the ice cream all the jokes oh I died I stabbed too many people oh draco died yes good job you guys got this rainbow you're going to die and lose if you keep stabbing Ratchets this one no you know what to stop looking up rainbow yes look what I was going Going up there anyway, I didn't need your help, hey, how come I'm from?
It's not the chair, people, I stabbed the chair, people, she said, okay, bad you

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