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STOP Buying this Tech Scam.

Jun 05, 2024
that's not only bad, it's criminal, you're about to witness the worst product that has ever appeared on humanity, but for some reason people buy it and are excited about it, so the other day I was looking for the best devices for smartphones of the month and I came across


peculiar device, mobile phone and Wi-Fi radiation harmonizer, and I was not expecting the journey I was about to embark on, believe me,


starts out strange and keeps getting stranger, so what it says is what all your smart devices emit. positively charged electromagnetic radiation your phone your computer that cell tower five miles from your house says that this radiation causes symptoms like dizziness or I quote hot head syndrome and that the solution is this product here, it looks a little like a sticker but there are some really solid reviews here omg I can feel the difference already the pain in my hands is permanently gone now my phone no longer gets hot it is permanently cold and I quickly realized that these radiation harmonizers are something much bigger that only this.
stop buying this tech scam
A website, even Amazon, is full of them, sometimes costing exorbitant amounts of money, but again with very positive ratings, so I thought, "Okay, something's going on here." Are there other products like this? I could not believe it. There is the band ener that apparently creates a harmony. negative charge field to neutralize the harmful positive charge there is the star dome that is placed on the floor of a room and has been tested 100 effective against 5 g there are anti-radiation bear plates that rejuvenate your food an ionic wand to clean the air and the most curious thing is geocleaning, this seems to be their star product, they can connect to the electrical grid and apparently harmonize the entire perimeter of your building neutralizing more than 30 forms of harmful radiation and the reason why this is interesting is because, In theory, it is a real electronic device.
stop buying this tech scam

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stop buying this tech scam...

We could take it apart and see how it works or prove it's a


, so I ordered it. In fact, no. I ordered almost every product on this website and sure enough, two weeks and AU$700 later harmony was restored. My order arrived and in it was a lifetime supply of protective star domes enebans rejuvenation plates Harry Potter weapon decals uh I mean radiation harmonizers and a koala with permanent energy, but I guess what this company didn't anticipate was for their customers to have a real electromagnetic field meter and verify this. This tells us the amount of RF radiation in this room right now, it's basically nothing because it's not next to any RF devices, but if I put a phone in front of it it triggers and I check this if I then send it. a text message from that phone going crazy now this might seem alarming and might make it seem like the website was telling the truth all along except for the fact that almost all of this radiation is microwave radiation don't even think in throwing that away. which in the electromagnetic spectrum is even less powerful than visible light radiation, much less powerful in fact the most powerful microwaves are only about 1,500 the power of the least powerful visible light rays, but let's apply anyway this radiation harmonizer.
stop buying this tech scam
It just starts beeping when I put it on, that's awesome, okay, but what happens if we put the enaband on? But maybe we need three of these products. Let's leave the Stella dome. We need to place one of these rejuvenation plates underneath. Let's put the koala. the action, what do I do with the corpse vada wand? So hey, if you're enjoying this video, then a channel subscription would be magical, but I seriously can't believe it. Who do they think we are? This is a plastic bar. It has to be one of the simplest and cheapest products ever made, even would laugh at this.
stop buying this tech scam
Oh, shut up and we finally have the geocleanse. Now the website specifically says that it has been programmed to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation, but tell it. Yo, this, how do you program a bar of soap? Well no, to give it some credit, it's a little harder than soap, it's more like a resin, but the point is that this 10 amp 240 volt plug doesn't lead to anything like I would assume if you just removed the sticker that's the other side of the plug you know just to be absolutely sure the geocleans hammer is fine yeah just a plug that will do and a piece of plastic let me reiterate I spent 180 on it was backed by hundreds of positives. reviews on many websites but all it is is a block of plastic and maybe a fire hazard, but it was only when I found the supposed science behind it all that things started to get really worrying.
Welcome to the gift that keeps on giving your YouTube channel. Remember that the product description said it had been tested to be 100 effective against 5g, that's how the testing was done. They do an experiment without geocleansing that basically consists of someone pricking various parts of this woman's body and concluding that yes, her organs are not happy. with 5g and then doing the exact same thing again with the geocans plugged in and just concluding that oh yeah, okay now, that's literally the equivalent of oh guys, did you know I have an IQ of 690? Look, I'll try it, yeah. 690.
This is not how you do a study, but it gets worse. Then they start waving this rod in front of her. They call it a biotensor and they use the fact that it moves in circles instead of moving in straight lines to show that your body is being affected but I can literally see your hand controlling it to do that great experiment guys I'm pretty sure my cat has that toy he doesn't like right now anyway just to be absolutely sure this is all Fake I decided to book myself in for a consultation so for the price of fifty dollars they will look up his house on Google Maps and I guess based on It sounds like they will advise you on your current radiation situation, so I created an account and set my location to Northern Sentinel Island, which is possibly the most remote place in the entire world, it is actually inhabited entirely by a tribe. called sentinels, who are possibly the only humans on this planet who are completely devoid of


nology, it's a little crazy, no phones, no televisions, no.
On the Internet they still hunt with bows and arrows and don't have anything resembling a Wi-Fi connection, so if there will ever be a population that doesn't have to worry about radiation, it's this one. Anyway, my query boiled down to a series of emails. The guy started by saying that he loved the look of my island, but he couldn't find any houses on it, no surprises there, so I sent him a photo of a random tent that I found on Google as my home and then, after a few more things, back and forth. like what part of the island was I from, I got my answers now what I expected was for this guy to say oh yeah you are surrounded by 5g waves and that you should buy our products to save yourself and if you said that then that would prove that they were making it up because modern


nology doesn't even exist there, but the actual response I got was much stranger.
I think this person figured out who I was based on the email address he was talking to. him and then he looked for photos of me and based on those photos I came to the conclusion that my biological field has a positive charge and that because of this I have the Epstein-barr virus or in other words herpes can confirm that it is not true but also glow up. yo, how do you measure a person's load through a jpeg image of them? How do you like to scan the pixels on my face with an electrometer? Anyway, all this just leaves one question.
These products are about as useful as paperweights, to be honest, you probably couldn't even reduce your paper consumption, they are extraordinarily expensive, and they are backed by science that seems less real than the entire Harry Potter universe. Why do people buy it and why do they like it? It turns out that this started in the 20th century with a guy named William Wright decided that there was something called orgone, a massless substance that was all around us in the air. Orgone was central to life and the lack of orgone was what led to problems. This idea continued and later as computers and telephones. started to expand, technology became the enemy, analgone became the solution and possibly the most fundamental and successful product in this lane was a pendant called q-link and I have one here basically, this thing said it would change your life, The box says it will. gives you more vitality, greater concentration, better performance, better response to stress.
This thing was praised by the itv mail and of course it doesn't need batteries because, well, the copper induction coil means it can be powered by the user, but Jordan it was funny that they used it. To say that the source of its power was a circuit board that they had printed on previous models, except that this circuit did not connect to the coil or a battery or itself, it was actually not a circuit at all, which is why which they then had to change the design and start including a small message with every q-link they submitted saying that no party involved with q-link claims that any of their products are intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose diseases in the ones you shouldn't trust. about any information given as an alternative to medical advice, that's only half of it, but the point is that if you're already telling me that I can't trust the information you're giving, then how the hell is this allowed to continue? for sale, this is not a new branch of science, it is literally taking existing science and getting it wrong, but this is where things get really strange because it was at this point that I realized that the problem is bigger than the stickers, the wands and the pendants. start looking for orgone products in general you will find pyramids with over 2 000 five star ratings on amazon orgone generators that for some reason do not require a power source apparently there is even a super 5 000 5g fighter big and legit, but just look at the The first seven supposed powerful ingredients are polymer resin, so plastic, copper, iron, steel, brass, aluminum, so basically what you're saying is I should sit in my tool shed.
Look, I'm not saying that, as humans, there aren't things out there that we can do. I can't see it or experience it, they probably are, but what I'm saying is that if I'm sick, sitting next to 5,000 metal poles or plugging a bar of soap into the mains isn't going to solve my problems, but the reason why That these products What still works against all odds is that they convince people that there is a problem, establish themselves as an authority, and then offer themselves as the solution. Almost all of these product descriptions start with something like have you ever had a headache or have you ever felt like your head hurts?
My eyes were tired, to which of course people will say, “Well, yeah, they actually followed up with me telling me that this isn't normal and that the problem is your phone, Wi-Fi, 5G, or some combination.” of them to establish." themselves as an authority, a company that knows more than you and then they end up saying: buy our stuff to solve that problem. You may have heard of confirmation bias, this idea that when we believe something, we tend to focus on information that confirms those beliefs. So as long as companies like this can make us believe that their products will solve our problems, when we get these products we will convince ourselves that they like it.
One of the tests recommended by Geocleanse is to plug it in and then put your hand against a refrigerator. They say you have to feel like a calming sensation to achieve it, it actually feels pretty good, but the point is that it has nothing to do with geographical cleansing because they are preparing people to be prepared for good things to happen when they use their products and when good things happen to customers, then those customers attribute those good things to the products. The only real proof that these things work comes from customer reviews, but that's a self-reinforcing cycle as more and more people leave positive reviews about these things, so it's even more so.
The next customer will likely also believe they work and then fool themselves into thinking they are seeing positive benefits from them, these are nothing more than extremely expensive placebos and while there is a time and place for placebo products to create the problem. then selling a placebo is bordering on evil and I don't believe that whoever did this does not know what he is doing because you cannot manufacture something like this, you cannot set up the factories, create the molds and inject them. it's molded out of plastic and you don't realize what you're doing it's disappointing is it just me or is it clean meant to have one if you enjoyed this video then I have a really fun guide oncryptocurrencies for people who don't know anything about cryptocurrencies and the world's smallest technology here thanks for watching my name is Aaron this is the boss and I'll see you next.

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