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Stolen WEB-Quarters/ Spideys in Space! | Full Episode | Spidey and his Amazing Friends

May 28, 2024
can scale Great Heights to do the right thing, Spidey's team is on the scene swinging, spinning, climbing walls. Spidey's team does it all, his friendly neighborhood spiders and their teamwork couldn't be tighter. W go go oh it's time to swing with Spotty and his awesome spotty and his


B go friendly neighborhood spiders w w Gob go W it's time to swing with spotty and his awesome spot and his awesome spot and his awesome



webs a drum solo was difficult, but I found it great. I'm almost done with this experiment. I just need to add a few more drops on this cork and uh-oh look.
stolen web quarters spideys in space full episode spidey and his amazing friends
Wow, sorry Miles, that experiment didn't go as I expected. Oh no, your paint was ruined. Hey, it's Us in web hosting. Wow, that's great, but I ruined it. It's ok don't worry. I'll paint over it and start again. I am very sure. I start painting all the time and who knows, maybe you'll like it. new even more wow that's a very good attitude when I was learning to paint I made a lot of mistakes starting over it's just part of the process networks up Spidey alert there are problems in the Times problem I wonder who is causing it, let's find out go to the web go Time Square people I've come to take your things you can't stop me soon all your things will be mine hey I just bought that pizza and now it's mine hello Dolly hey now it's my little doll Mom right Dolly I'm your mom look how easy it is I've taken your pizzas and your dolls soon I'll take your whole upper town oh no you won't here you go thanks Spidey I will hey pizza delivery guy yeah thanks go spider you're welcome who. it's this guy anyway I'm Zola and I'm unstoppable who's the boss now traffic light H now I'll catch you you're not going anywhere zaa and you won't steal anymore either oh you think you can stop me so easily H think again I can VAP myself on any electronic device with one screen I will rule them all, we could just turn off the screen, yeah zaa, you couldn't tell anyone to do anything, oh I'll just connect to another device with the screen before you.
stolen web quarters spideys in space full episode spidey and his amazing friends

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stolen web quarters spideys in space full episode spidey and his amazing friends...

Can you, uh-huh, there's a video advertisement on the side of that bus? I now have control of this bus. Look at me, look at me, oh no, I can't control it, oh no, look, here you go, thanks Spidey, someone needs to stop. that nonsense going around sp sp move bus move trat my bus is broken are you okay? yeah but woo what a trip hey thanks Ben you're welcome the driver is fine luckily he was the only one on that bus cool now we just have to find a way to get Zola off the bus sign those spiders are planning something maybe it's time to move to a different screen ooh yeah that will work fine let's just remove the bus sign hey where did it go? maybe he dived himself some other device I don't see it anywhere let's go back to the web rooms.
stolen web quarters spideys in space full episode spidey and his amazing friends
We can have Webster search the city's web rooms. They say I can't wait to see it. Webster, can you search the city? Zola searches the city. Won't they be surprised? Look no further for spiders. I'm here and your web hosting now belongs to me. How did he get in here? Webster Are you still there? Zola has forced me out of web hosting. I couldn't stop it. to take control I'm in


control oh no, my arms apply care, it's dangerous here you have to get out, he kicked us out of our own web of calluses, we have to get him back, the hatch is tightly closed, you will never Defeat me spiders He taken your cobweb


and now the whole city will be mine my city awaits me who can walk I guess he can now we have to stop it people people on the train your city is now mine quickly, come on web, that's right, everyone, Zola has arrived together , the web


are strong, it just came through our web, there has to be some way to stop it, we'll figure it out, come on park people, I'm Zola and your park is now mine look at my oversized feet look what my C can do I have thanks I can't believe Zola is using our web hosting like this, it was such a great and happy place now it's like she's ruined it, she really has, so why not? we just get rid of it and start over like I did when my painting got ruined, we make a whole new web room, yes even cooler than the last one.
stolen web quarters spideys in space full episode spidey and his amazing friends
We could do that, yeah, if we get rid of web rooms, how do we stop Zola from just zapping? himself into something else I think I have an idea how we can get rid of Web Quars and Zola at the same time, you know, watch out, come on, people in the streets, make way for me, Zola, I'm the boss of the city, not you. You're not Zola Sho spiders Sho Sho shoo you're powerless to stop me yet you'll never rule the whole city that's right, the city reaches all the way to the boardwalk that's too much city for you to take care of what oh yeah yeah I'll get out of my way , okay, we've got this, we'll stick with it and keep everyone safe.
Great, I'll see you at the dock. Yes, what is this team led by an insignificant fisherman? Now this wonderful front belongs to me, stop there Zola. I'm unstoppable, you'll all do whatever I tell you, oh no I won't, who said that? Don't tell me what to do, I'll tell you, friend, what it was, who you are. unstoppable wow spin really knows how to make a good costume we better get ready you dare to challenge me I'm just saying it's a fact that this city doesn't belong to any one person, it belongs to all of us and by God I'm not going to go just sit still and let take it all for yourself no sir adorable what a fool who are you anyway a little lighthouse keeper oh no I'm just a distraction so they can sneak up on you and stop you you like taking things Alone has this giant ball What no this can't be happening to me me.
I am the Almighty Alone. This is not over. No, it's not somehow. I'll get out of here. I don't know how, but one way or another I will return. Nice fishy fish see you later Zola, yes and goodbye to the web rooms. I'm sure I loved it too, but we'll also love the new web rooms. In fact, I already have some ideas for it, so hey, let's go. Up, let's go and start building, ah. It's another beautiful uneventful day for a power walk, ok she's on her walk, let's take a look ready to introduce the new W quars, woo, check it out, woohoo.
I love the old web queries, but this one is even better, it's bigger, it has more stuff and that's it. What do you think? Oh wow, it's perfect. I also believe it. And you? Webster. I think it's good to be back home. You can say it again. I agree. Spidey in


. I love our new web neighborhood. This paint station is the The best thing is that this new battery fits a little more and that should look good Spidey, thanks for your help, Iron Man, hey, ghostly twist, come check this out. What are these new Commings?
Why do we need them when we still have ours? The old ones, Spidey and I have been working on a whole new technology here, try them, they work like this, just press here and the new ones transform your regular suits into web suits. Alright, with these spider web suits, we can go places we've been. never been before, yeah, like volcanoes, the bottom of the ocean, the frozen Arctic, even outer


, outer space, no way, yeah, and look at this, look at this button, press it and you'll have W-powered blasters Like me, now you're talking about Yahoo, well, okay?
I think I'm getting it woo good move you wanna see some good move look at this wo Hey kids I gotta head to the Moon W the moon yeah yeah I have this science station there that monitors the weather here on Earth or should it be like that, but something went wrong. I need help to fix it. It should be easy, but hey, why don't you follow me there? You could try out your new outfits. No way on the moon, come on. I'll take the spider tracker, see you there, bye, come here, woohoo, yeah, woohoo, get ready to launch 5 4 3 2 a CER spider to the Moon, yeah, hold on tight, wow, look at that, I've never seen the moon so close before.
Spidey your backpack is floating yeah in space there is no gravity everything floats even we go wa wao hey get out of my way out of my way look at my sumers SS perfect turn now let's see how you do it backwards Iron Man where are you? I'm at my science station on the moon. I see that this big antenna here broke for some reason, but I'm not sure why that's strange. Need help? No. I'm going to get in my lunar rover and take a quick look. I'll see you at The Landing Pad I'll be there soon You better get ready to land H Check it out I'm actually on the moon I feel a lot lighter here Yes, because you weigh less, there's less gravity here than on Earth.
This is awesome Hey, where's Iron Man? He said he was going to find us. I'll try it on the communicator. Iron Man are you there? Hey Iron Man, can you hear me? Doesn't respond. It's strange. There's not much to swing from the moon. It's going to be difficult to look for it. Hey, we have our energy launchers. Now let's use those. Wait, Spidey, we'll get you. Thank you. I forgot that energy launchers would work differently on the moon. Yes, we are not that heavy. Up here so they can blow us up too high. I'll make a quick adjustment and it's much better to try.
Oh yeah, they were great. Now let's find Iron Man. Hey, look, I think I see something. Let's check it out. This looks like Iron. Man's Research Station, yes, but there is no Iron Man yet, he said he was going to look around in his lunar rover, these must be the footprints, let's see where they go a little further, here is the lunar rover, but where is it Hombre de Hierro? Something is definitely not right, uh-oh. Listen to that, yeah, it sounds like, come on cow, keep it up, she's trapped, Iron Man, hey, we'll get our way, of course I will.
We're over the moon now that I've captured you. Who's going to stop me? This is where I am. I'm going to build my beautiful moon lair, just look at the view, yes it's cool, but you know I'd rather look at it without a force field in my way. It's not a possibility. I can't have you snooping around my moon doing your silly little science experiments. I bet he broke the antenna on the Iron Man science station. He just can't leave anything alone. Can't he even be on the moon? Let's save our friend D. Upstairs, don't make moon for yourself.
Iron Man is free now. Well, well, yes. Isn't Team Spidey coming to save your friend? Oh, that's sweet, be careful G, if he hits you with that thing, you'll be trapped like me, you don't need to explain to Iron Man, they'll find out soon, oh, be careful, if you can. I don't do Tri W, how do you walk so fast? You like heavyweights. I have one on each side. They weigh me so I can walk and jump as usual, even on the moon, it's still three against one. I have you surrounded oh please I am much heavier than you and much stronger than you are I told you that you are no match for me I'm sorry Iron Man I'm a cow catch him don't worry about me take care of him have?
It's not likely to be okay spiders, it's time to blow bubbles, use your powerful blaster, no, I'll get you, you have to find us first. W oh no, I, I can't see, no, watch out, you're not okay, we have to cover ourselves this way, come on. We have to get that remote cow to do something. The problem is that with all that extra weight, she can move much easier than we can. So what happens if we remove the DACA weights? Maybe we can trick her into jumping. She would fly so high, yes. I did it with my blasters, I remember exactly that we could catch her and retrieve the remote control from her without problems and free Iron Man.
We need to take the weights off of her without her noticing her. Oh, she won't suspect the thing, not if I use my perfect camouflage power when you get her weights, we'll make her jump, come on, oh, you might as well come out spiders, there aren't many places to hide on the moon, here we are, up here, I'll still get you, it's time to hide you. let's go see it one that's two come and make us do it oh I'll bring you all right here what's going on I'm going so high don't worry we've got you oh what a relief I'll take that remote thank you No come back What do you think I'm trying to do?
Put me down, put me down, the worst balloon ever. I'm not a balloon. I am an evil and brilliant genius. Oh, spiders ruin everything. Let's get you out of this force field bubble. Yeah wait there thanks buddy great job going somewhere I didn't think so C you just let me do that to you you're supposed to help me what kind of partner are you anyway you two really belong together here this is all yours? blame C, what do you mean no, it's not? I didn't even want to bring you to the Moon while you two think about what you did wrong today, how about I finally show you the kids and we have some fun, uh, really, that would be it?
Great, yes, a Moon tour is coming up, follow me, woo yah, I love the Moon.

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