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Sting: The Career -yzak58-

Jun 11, 2021
you know you know and I just again I didn't know God but I would say when will this end you know this this misery how can I have everything I have but something is not right you know? I couldn't figure it out and you know, I finally got to the point where I realized I wasn't going to be able to figure it out and not on my own. I realized, man, there wasn't a drug that could fix it. make me feel better you know, a doctor, a psychologist, a woman, any amount of money, no big PPV match, I don't want to say anything, and the worst of all was that I realized that it wasn't a dream, it wasn't going to be able to do it.
sting the career  yzak58
I woke up and just poof everything was going to be okay so I got to the point where I needed something supernatural to happen in my life and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.August 98 and my brother who is now my pastor , kind of helped me through that process, and during that process, my wife confronted me and she knows about painkillers and alcohol use, and she was. trying to say that you needed to go to drug rehab and you needed to know that we have two kids, what's going on, you know we had moved back here to California, back home, and you know she said, you said that, you told me that. everything was going to be okay, you know, if we just went home because we'd have the influence of your family, they were all the ones you know going to church and everyone had this peace and joy about him, you know, and living paycheck to check in the meantime.
sting the career  yzak58

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sting the career yzak58...

We had all this money, but we were like, you know, I was like a ticking bomb ready to go off and then she confronted me about all this stuff and you know, she asked me direct questions about my lifestyle and I confessed to her, you know? ? a lot of terrible things for her and it was at that moment that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior because again I needed something supernatural, I was not going to be able to fix this situation, I mean, I hurt my wife, I hurt my family. pretty bad and my life changed from that moment on and it was a little awkward at first with some of the fighters because here you are talking about August of '98 I fought until mid 2001 or something like that and some of the guys jokingly say come on


, let's do this, come on, you know, no guy you know can't do that anymore and late they didn't, they were totally fine with it, most of the guys just shook my hand and said what you're doing is well, that's right and they realized I would still stay.
sting the career  yzak58
You know, it's just a certain part of my life that I wasn't going to live anymore and that hasn't changed. It's 2006 right now. So that's what happened. I started my family before my life changed and I gave my life to God, but my eyes were suddenly opened to responsibility. You know you have innocent lives. You know, innocent little lives and their whole world is mom and dad. And I noticed. the importance of being a father. I tried to take the last possible flight when I was leaving town, you know, leaving home and I always took the first flight home and if it was a manageable show I would drive because a lot of the stuff we did with WCW was in and around the Atlantic area.
sting the career  yzak58
Medium, so based in Atlanta, sometimes you know I would drive 250 sometimes 300 miles one way just to get home so I could get up and have breakfast with my two. Kids, this is a baseball bat here, it's aluminum people used to ask to use a real baseball bat. I always used a real baseball bat, believe it or not, and some of the scars on the bat here tell stories. this here Kevin Nash chose this. baseball bat in Shreveport, Louisiana, I was very excited about the nasty guys and walked into the locker room when he grabbed my bat and I had just started hitting the bat against a cement wall there, he was being pretty serious. threats, you know, to the nasty kids, anyway, to this day, when I get this bad, I always show this to Kevin and I say Kevin II, remember Shreveport, you know what?
After WCW closed, he was actually the happiest guy in the world, not because WCW closed but because he needed it. I needed to be away from wrestling you know I went through some pretty big personal things starting in August of '98 and when Vince McMahon bought WCW I was ready to get out and it was actually kind of a relief for me because then I could focus on my marriage focus in my family and being a husband, being a father and trying to make up for a lot of lost ground, so it was a double-edged sword because I had that side and then the other.
On the other hand, it was kind of lousy because you know, wrestling right after all those years just stopped one day in Panama City. I wrestled my last match against Ric Flair and it was over and you know I had one of those contracts that Vince McMahon couldn't assume that he couldn't take care of everything. I just couldn't believe it was over in some ways, you know, because it was my life, it was the way I made a living, you know, I was living and eating and Breathing fight for so long and all of a sudden it was gone, so I felt some relief, but at the same time I was getting a little scared and thought: what am I going to do?
You know, I talked to Vince McMahon, he was, he was very good to me. He was really good to me and I got the feeling that he didn't. I put it this way, all the WCW guys that went to WWE when the takeover happened by then to me, there was no real WCW because you know what WCW was for so many years was, you know, Hall and Nash, it was Hogan, it was wild. , he stayed, it was Luger, it was the Steiner Brothers, it was, you know, a certain group of guys that left and you know, the pack that he was gone and had been reduced to just a small group of guys that were great wrestlers, talents phenomenal, but they weren't in WCW for all these years and you know, top names and all that, and then I was looking.
What was he doing story-wise when he let you know WCW versus WWF and the hostile takeover and all that stuff there and I'll never forget Booker T, you know, making his first appearance on his show and he walked into the ring and he's making a big fight and the guys are flying everywhere and then the rock enters the ring and the rock is hidden, guys the guys are flying everywhere and then they turn back to back and he turns around and they look at each other that Rock look at Booker T's nieces, who are you and you know that one little comment is all it takes to bury someone, in my opinion, bury someone like you know Booker T and you know, let's let the world know that you.
If you're a European WCW guy here, it was going to take a lot of work for Booker T to try and come back and he did because his store is a talented guy and after all the years he had spent wrestling him up to that point he just seemed like a gamble for me, I didn't trust how they would use me. This is the jacket I'm wearing these days. It was made by a company here in California, the company that made all the Terminator jackets and some of the Matrix jackets. for the movies, if this thing weighs about 50 pounds at the beginning, Jerry Jarrett was one of the guys that called me and Jerry Jarrett gave me my chance in November of 1985 and I've been fighting for a long time, but he gave me my chance and After finding out how bad we were, Jim Hellwig, the ultimate warrior, and I, had to get rid of us, he not only fired us and told us to leave, but he placed us and gave us a job somewhere else, we got a job. with Bill Watts in his territory, so we left Tennessee and went to Louisiana.
I never forgot that I never forgot that he set us up, you know, when he called and said, hey, you know we have Spike TV and you know, would you consider coming back after all? These years and wrestling I thought, you know, this would be a good opportunity for me to give back a little bit to the family that gave me my break and then was good to me over the years. I thought Now or Never at my age and TNA reminds me of that. I of you know that in the early days of WCW it was a smaller company that we're trying to grow, we're trying to gain popularity, they were trying to improve our product, we're trying to get the names of some of these guys out there. and more. -known and you know I was once part of building a company and I thought, well, this is a challenge to help build another company and you know they're not all, they're not selling, you know, pure launch and impactful television, I I mean you.
You have guys doing moves I've never seen before. I could never have dreamed of it in my first and best part of my


. I could never have been able to match what some of these guys are doing, so there are ultra talented ones. The guys here can speak verbally and when I see their product line this would be a good place to come back, if I'm going to come back this would be it and Dixie Carter and the Carter family have been like very good to me and also the schedule is pretty Well. I like the schedule.
These are the gloves I use to this day. People always wonder what it says there, it says mechanics. These were actually gloves that NASCAR drivers wear. I think if you don't you represent something where you will fall in love with anything and that's what happened to me. There was nothing he really stood for. You know, when I started wrestling and I was young and you know he was a musclehead and he needed help. I wish I had known the Lord from the beginning. You know, of course, then maybe I wouldn't have gone into wrestling. Well, no, I don't regret being a fighter and you know, having achieved all the things that I have achieved. and even the bad decisions I made have made me the person I am today and I use that to try to help other people.
I have a property that I'm trying to develop slowly but surely, not with houses or anything like that, but I put a soccer field there just to start, I put a hole in, it's a full-fledged soccer field, my two sons play soccer in the high school they go to and the field is there, the home of their schools. field, they didn't have their own field and now they do, they have literally attacked other schools on that field, so I want to use it as a place for extreme sports, maybe for you my vision is to put cabins there and make it a youth retreat , you know, even marriage retreat, men's retreat, women's retreat, you know something like that, Sting's future in the ring, my wave is definitely coming to Shore.
I can see myself possibly moving to oh seven for a while and because I would like to see myself. I would like to see TNA just reach this level. You know where you have the most talent under the TNA umbrella. TNA is known. I know he's some kind of threat to Vince. I'm going to do everything I can. do to improve TNA and add to TNA and try to make TNA a mainstay name, a mainstream name in wrestling, another option for people to go to

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