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Nov 22, 2021
I'm yuri I'm jake and we're going for a ride


volkswagen gti performance w/o launch control manual transmission lets take it easy so we don't get nasty wheel hop okay and wheel hop good job i really need to modulate that throttle and that's it we're at the track you're climbing and full brakes horsepower and torque 241 horsepower 273 pound-feet of torque from a china 2-liter turbo this has plenty of power I sound like a screeching tire there was nothing there basically no understeer you're on the ground it's good it's really good they changed a lot with this new generation the mark 8 so a couple of corners through tmp cayuga then back on the road to see what it's like and it's very cold but even in the cold it grips very well we can get brake induced oversteer which is great but overall it feels very fast yeah they definitely improved quite a bit on this one chassis and limited slip diff is electronic but everything really goes od about this like they completely change the car hey let's see if I can get the oversteer though oh yeah there's something and then and then the esc kicks back to even though i have the esc completely turned off, yes it said in the press release that it will. it automatically re-enables in an emergency situation which is pretty much all fun on the track that's true I was scared for the life of me there so okay let's get this on the road okay so one of the two win the most gti huh your wife actually does it's a 2010 dsg it's actually pretty crazy drove it on the right track with the kanye sport contact sixes love it i want to start with the looks let's do it so everything has changed more or less


looks like a golf at the end of the day sorry gti but let's start with the front end because we got some really cool fog lights on this one yeah and it's the honeycombs like everything that is a gti yeah like my shirt because I'm a fan, that's right.
still the best 2022 vw gti review
Anyway they look cool but you can go on Just have them on when you have your headlights on and when you have your headlights on you have a line through everything which is cool yeah so it lights up you can really see it at night, but you too can see it during the day and then we have a red line because this is the gti and then the headlights are totally different on this gen as well yeah but they share the exact same ones as the golf r is also correct and since you're seeing this video we also have a golf r video coming out so definitely keep an eye out for that one hit that notification bell because we actually swerved right and then our grill is one big gaping mouth because we don't have a faceplate there it got to me to like yeah Honeycomb Classic Gti it's the right forward they have to do for the design and then we have these little ones like I almost wanted to call them tony stark mustache goatees in the side, you know the little one. black lines on the outside of the grill try I figure right now it's tony stark that oh you don't know like the guy with the clothes like bad iron man oh just kidding kidding i know i know tony stark but i cant imagine. seriously jacob watched the endgame audit plane without watching any marvel movies happily he's like wow that was cool im like you know something? he's like no it was just an action movie for me too if you like marvel stuff i have a huge collection of x-men toys and marvel cards check that out on my personal channel shameless plug i don't care it has 500 views yeah give them like two give them 600 bro going back to the gti let's go to the side gta it looks great from the side only four doors yeah huh no two doors and there will never be another i don't think my gti my wife's gti will be exactly a two door which is a total pain to get the kid in and out of the back seat even though the calcium fits well its really an awkward struggle this would be fantastic for that its so much better than a veloster n too , which I really didn't like for putting a kid in the back seat yeah and I mean let's do it right now I actually fit decently behind me here my knees go numb. but other than that its a pretty good eight they fit amazing behind me ok back to the outside looks really dont love these wheels i think they have had generations of much better wheels on the gti i 100 ok and even the golf r i'll joke a bit doesn't have wheels as great as the old ones and what would be the recommended continental tire for a new gti the continental extreme contact sport or the viking contact 7 for the winter but if you want to go like really track it extreme Contact the force for sure I think there is a promo code through November right now yeah so definitely hit the link in the description in the top comment for more details and then as for the body lines Nice solid sharp good Volkswagen styling and then we have red brake calipers to set it apart. deriving it from the golf r which is blue hey we got that cool little gti badge on the fender side view looks good no problem not exactly and then moving to the rear looks great decent nothing crazy but not either nothing special yeah just good looking solid gti dual exhaust really no problem with it taillights are nice they are the same as the golf r that sucks are you talking about those exhaust tips let's listen to the exterior what is this throttle limiter revs yeah so it's a manual transmission and it won't let you rev ​​past 4000 come on but the golf bar will see the golf r video in the future and then those exhaust tips will give you a little bit of a pop up from the inside oh here we go and i know a lot of you love gti's if you're looking for a new gti and you live in the usa click on the real car link in the description below and if you use the link to continued There are discount price deals on there did we mention this was f front wheel drive huh it's front wheel drive yes golf r is the elbow controller in case anyone doesn't know and now this one doesn't have a manual electronic brake yeah so it's all electronic thankfully we


have a regular shifter for a manual transmission there's no there's no uh braun shaver just because that's the one on the automatic yeah this manual shifter is pretty awesome imagine if they gave you the short shifter and it was just the braun shaver and you had to do a short manual yeah yeah ok then overall it looks smart the competition for this is the civic if the wrx i guess maybe integrates it, well let's not even go there huh the veloster which one would you take? also go speed but just a second but in this color could be first with the soft yellow metallic it's a cool color very cool color it's like yellowish green plus yellow i guess it's ok before i put you in the drive look at this interior we got the infotainment updated with some weird stuff like the id4 we didn't like we got a cool digital gauge cluster your turn is ok don't jump wheel ok maybe i'll surprise you oh that was a double surprise so i did a burnout then i had a wheel jump I'm surprised you made that burdock.
still the best 2022 vw gti review

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still the best 2022 vw gti review...

It usually goes straight to the wheel break. that especially on a cold day at least you get full power that's what we wanted ok explain to me all the magic behind this front wheel drive system ok now there's an electro-hydraulic sensing limited slip diff torque which is electronically controlled which is straight from volkswagen basically what that means is oh my god ok volkswagen we have uh we have stupid uh voice computer you can talk to the car if you say the company name so basically what happens is that Now there are a bunch of computers that are controlled Completing understeer for the most part and they basically let you stomp when you're not supposed to stomp on a front wheel drive car and they mostly eliminate understeer.
still the best 2022 vw gti review
There's definitely still understeer, it's still front wheel drive, but they've improved significantly. the computers in this car, especially given the weather we're driving in, yes exactly, and it just gives you better cornering, gives you the ability to apply power sooner than you should be able to in a front wheel drive car which is the most important thing about this car i feel like it's made a solid leap towards simulating the end of the veloster yeah it's much closer i still don't think we have more horsepower now i'll get to that a bit later but also we have the performance edition which gives us the dynamic chassis control which you can adjust to the infotainment too and sadly you can't opt ​​for that on lower trims at least in canada so you have to get the full lights like the model from full top adjustment if you want the dynamic chassis control which I highly recommend because you can actually adjust it substantially to have your regular drive modes he has his three and then he goes to custom yuri what we have in custom can we change? our dcc to make it more comfortable than comfort or sportier than sport which i haven't really seen in a lot of other cars i've never seen as a comfort plus in a bmw maybe exactly so it's great that they do things like that anyway let's get to some of this alright paul power wanna see power alright alright let's go flat am you can see even though I have traction off you can still feel it doing things definitely feels faster than the previous gen still the e888 sorry , engine code ea 888 which is actually shared with the golf r so i think it's actually a pretty good engine they've done some upgrades to it and overall this car feels better and we have the manual as well six speed six -speed manual is great yeah they offer a dsg yeah it would be faster speed right yeah but yuri which one would we take manual this dude honestly all things are running out people will no longer have manual, will they be really cool cars? just buy a manual car if you're going to make it prices are going to go up except just hold on it's good it's smart we're on the last few generations it's very sad to say about manual transmissions just buy all the manual transmissions you possibly can though the clutches doubles are faster it doesn't really matter right now rich people buy gti gtis manual for their kids for their nephews for their nieces dealers only have a stock manual they are going to sell yeah why would you want ? dirty the world with dsgs when i don't have to exactly that's my that's my rant this is a good transmission i'm just gonna do a quicker clutch but let's hit the road and talk about everything else yeah good job on the track Although this car feels really g.
still the best 2022 vw gti review
Well, it does now that we're on the road, which is where most people will drive this thing. I'm going to reduce this. I'm just going to put him in comfort and make a difference. with the suspension you can feel it instantly you can't feel the difference as much as a civic type r yeah but you definitely feel it and overall this gen feels stiffer than the previous gen so you definitely appreciate the comfort. i put it in conf custom oh i can't change custom while driving can i not even though you're driving? audio from sport to custom which has it turned off so voila i'm going to apply the same throttle oh no sorry the computer screen decided it's going to change. pumped in audio no and it's like it's not that loud either the tone is pretty good honestly i would probably leave it at a great job volkswagen now let's go to this touch screen you had some difficulties there um i had some difficulties with this as well , so what happens is when I press the mode button.
I rest my finger there to change the mode because you know if you're on a bumpy road or something like that I found myself accidentally hitting the volume slider and then I can't adjust my mode because it's locked by the volume slider and then sometimes the other one just goes away because i haven't had time to remove it yeah so they got rid of the volume adjustment knob and the temp controls it's all like a capacitive touch it all slides off and at night it is not illuminated. I can guarantee you two model years from now they'll have it lit up just like Civic did with the volume knob.
Honestly this is bad. Watch our id4 video for many more complaints about this information. for that, seriously, I love satellite radio, yeah, you know what? I'm not using this car, uh, sirius satellite radio because you can't even see a list of all your channels. it's like news this this like i just want a whole list it's super weird i don't like it yeah and then you can't even see what you're actually playing unless you swipe in from the right and then you can rewind from there it's like yeah definitely it's overkill but the gli yeah the jetta has the old infotainment system really yeah dude y'all buyJettison, I don't even like the hatchback. .com and buy a gli with a gti yeah I'm pretty sure it has the old infotainment system anyway hope you're right and it has wireless and wired apple carplay on androidauto and this runs on usb only -c, yeah, so do some tweaking because right now, at least for us, cars are transitions where some have usb-a, some have usb-c, we don't even know which cable to bring. no 360 camera but we have a nice reversing camera 360 radar stuff and having that 360 camera that jumps out was really nice because today I was freezing cold and the camera was clear yeah so other than infotainment wait wait wait , okay?
What if the windshield is uh it's cloudy okay you actually have a hard button for that to your left here no no what am I talking about climate change I know but you have a hard button to your left here for some strange reason, you got some weather. write things to your left with the headlight modes but let's get into the infotainment ones very briefly click here to see we have smart weather where it's like a clear view warm feet golden feet fresh air then a classic weather which is a normal thing yeah which is a little weird but you got warm ed seats here you also have a heated steering wheel here but you press a glossy black capacitive touch button on your steering wheel to activate it glossy black capacitive touch buttons to control your cluster of gauges let's get into that nightmare ah yeah but kinda the gauge is cool so you have a bunch of different views and we've got this really cool gti sight with the honeycomb on the back I think it looks amazing you can customize what's on the left, what's on the right, what team are you on and all that stuff and then your ambient lighting that you can adjust I think we have about 30 colors that you see n awesome We'll also change the color around the tack but if he changes his ambulance to red it looks like he has a weird red line at all times so you can't really use red on your light yuri what are we missing on this?
Let me give you a hint, I don't know when to change the gear lights, yes, there are no gear lights that are strangely missing. this yes i guess but that's mo it's like a veloster and a golf r something like that it's on the golf r which is weird they gave it the golf r but not this one but the golf r has a special arm mode for gauges which is not correct but this looks very similar to that it looks awesome it's cool but overall the gauge cluster is very customizable i just find some of the transitions a bit slow it's ok another cool thing the wireless charger your phone doesn't actually fly off yeah and it's a decent size.
Great job ok cup holder we have this weird pop up cup holder and then when you put your glass down like you have to tilt it I would say it fails at that I mean sure there's another one behind it just not good I would say total fail and we have the armrest that goes up and adjusts so that's great and the driving position is great and once you've got everything set up and we've got really nice seats on this we also have frames well they're called something different in this generation, but they are the platinum ones, yes, checkered, yes, and then they keep you very well on track.
I really like them. i want you to have the cool version yeah and then the shifter is golf ball pattern oh yeah i didn't even realize it came off the golf ball pattern shifter and then We've got a cool honeycomb on the dash I think this material is very nice Yeah overall the dash looks pretty good there's a few like cheap plastics here and there but I don't mind that this is still a pretty premium interior. the steering wheel i found myself accidentally touching things i didn't want to touch like i skipped a song while trying to adjust my gauges and if you palm too hard it clicks something yeah no definitely not idea all this for you ch stuff they're actually the worst and volkswagen needs to dial all of that back but they won't make it too far hopefully they'll hear it but this is basically forcing you to use voice commands because it's so bad to really touch all these stuff yeah the car drives great yeah but it's so disconnected from all the other digital aspects of this car our theory is they keep adding safety stuff to make up for all the distractions they had because this is like texting Straight up and driving like almost every new car is fine, let's get into that safety stuff that's basically required at this point.
We have lane keep assist, which is actually really good. i have to make sure it's on in the infotainment and there's also a button that button exactly on the steering wheel so yeah no it's good but um and then we have adaptive cruise but it's one of those where if you don't have heavy hand is going to sound pretty disgusting not having your hand on the wheel even though my hand is on the wheel and i hate that maybe i just need to have heavier hands i think you need to have to work on my hand is there, bro my arm is so heavy oh look at these bad boys ok let's wear these bad boys check these visors three two one didn't rip them off I didn't try we could rip them by the way that's a pass complete. for all of you new to the channel we're just trying to block the sun off the side of our faces we have a sunroof yeah that's an option that's the only real option on this top trim and then if we fold all the seats.
We still have plenty of room for everything we want to fit in there. Well I don't like the infotainment though, I'm ok with that too, let's go to the price to make the GTI cheaper. The one you can get starts at thirty one thousand four hundred and ninety five dollars and this one the performance edition option with a sunroof is for forty thousand two hundred and forty five dollars ok not the worst price considering how fast it is for a front wheel drive but it's a bit of an odd price when you consider how much a golf r costs which we'll get to in our golf


yeah so the value is on the base model it's not on this forty grand fully loaded but if you're a gti guy you're a gta guy i'm sure there are plenty of gti guys out there that aren't golf guys yeah so let us know what you think i think this is pretty cool definitely head on to tsp.barter. com if you're buying one of these bad boys and that's it, hit the link in the description

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