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stewart island part 1 with Josh James and a few mates

Jun 01, 2021
Double fist in the ass today sorry on load nights but yeah that's what we call you on the west coast. Today I have delved deep into Stuart Island, okay let's do it all and here we come with the Stewart Island delay, welcome to this. There's the two tobacco hunters' cabin here, the stable we have on Stewart Island, nice neat little cabin, little old burner in the corner two four six bunks I pitched my tent outside, stay away from these noisy critters , it will probably be Yahoo and move on. all night and there is a good stock of food here, they probably didn't even bring food.
stewart island part 1 with josh james and a few mates
I haven't seen a single sand fly yet, but looking at all that black flag, I'm guessing there are sand flies. Down here, oh yeah, they really want to go to other places and check it out, so anyone who was born in the 70s either probably remembers the choice of leaf tea or maybe it's been around as long as someone just mentioned before , it wasn't even. away, but I'm pretty sure the election fell off the back of the truck and now it's back on the truck and back into the mainstream, which is now, look at that leaf tea election, here we go, I can't believe this little 450 has arrived. six of us marching across the street, it's pretty good, oh man, just half an hour too fast, pretty sweet, we got a good feed anyway, how's that for winning right outside the cabin, right next to it?
stewart island part 1 with josh james and a few mates

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stewart island part 1 with josh james and a few mates...

Side of the point, do we have a decent sized dollar? Where did you get them off point? It was just walking around looking for some skulls actually, but those scholars we found, but instead we heard the sounds of the crustaceans, yes, it's a good school, we have a good diet. power a pair of kennedy yuckers cooners by the time jason scored a paddle crab and uh, is that piece still there? Did you show chuck mcrae the bad thing so the hunk could get one too? Hopefully, it's a great food. Excellent food for the first afternoon, don.
stewart island part 1 with josh james and a few mates
I don't know about the location of the refrigerator, the refrigerator is right there on the long drips, right here you think damn conservation de


ment, whoever put in the long drip wouldn't have put it next to the creek but on the other side of the cabin where there is no Creek, I know I have been smart bastards, I am sure we are not going to die poisoned by poop. Okay, this episode is proudly brought to you by Spates Summit, the ultra low carb beer, because Jason is an athlete, thank you sir, hmm, very good


. vinegar so good oh sniffer dogs on the trail the wind blows on our butts and we walk along the beach maybe these aren't the smartest deer in the world I don't think they are I think whitetails are pretty ignorant about humans the most part of the time I think I sent a crazed ground crew here, not so much, that's just how it is in Canada, anyway, whether it will be the same or not remains to be seen.
stewart island part 1 with josh james and a few mates
I think we're going to climb to the top of the hill and then shoot them from the top. Up the hill, on the next beach, those other guys are crossing the hill against our judgment. Jason and I have decided to walk around the rocks and see if we can get through there without getting our butts wet because that The surf is just pumping them up, we'll see, it's an adventure, don't worry, we're going to do a round dry asses and dry and dry boots. I guess we don't know whether to just push ourselves down the beach like everyone else.
They're probably still halfway up the damn hill. I don't know, everyone's pretty tired. It's been a lot of driving the last few days. Get down there. There is a small track here that cuts through the hill, the old dock track, it seems. It's really weepy, country-looking, cool deer print, ass-deep shame. We're sneaking through a very pretty forest here. Everything is open. They have quite a few trees here. It's not as easy as just jumping over the damn hill. Many streams. and ups and downs and it's a bit shit, I'm thirsty, it's true, I actually thought we were going to walk down to the beach from the cabin and shoot one, not three bays, there are plenty of deer tracks everywhere we go. there's a deer prince of this, lots of deer up here finally the wind is in our face going down to the beach now just wait until dark and hopefully shoot one, there's quite a few tracks right about 20 feet below us actually Like this some luck on the path right below us and I swear we just spotted one just walking along the beach, we just got out the big camera, the lens zoomed in and I walked behind the rock, but hopefully it will show up again. and just walk around here, we could make it to the beach and load up if we go downtown, okay, wait, give it 20 minutes, shoot an easy one, here, about half an hour until dark, I think we're going to push the load up the cliff. along the beach and see if we can get out and hit him, he's right on the slip, he could run into the bush, but I think here around the corner, those rocks, we should be able to line them up and kill the engine about to walk around the rocks but to cut down the trees, how did your boys do? uh yeah, you don't want to go where we went, fuck you, we'll go where we win, buddy, Jesus, going the wrong way for us, it doesn't matter which one. way you're going oh yeah, yeah, every direction we turned, the damn wind was right up our ass, yeah, food buddy, that familiar food buddy was ready for you, oh, food's ready to go , but lamb, it's dressed lamb, it's lamb dressing, look at this.
We got that, it's cool to see one though Jones, green shit, brown shit, oh man, good job, another day in paradise I've still only seen about 10 sandflies, this is great, I guess there aren't enough rivers down here to sustain a healthy sand fly population, certainly not. many, what do we have there? Mate ramen q meat juice and a little sweet barbecue sauce for babies. The boys bought a crane. We found this one in the cabin. She's kind of your girl, but let's tie them up again with wires and throw them away. If we can get some crazy in the pot, we have a hall and socks for the baits, we will leave them in the bush to hunt you, Jace and I are going to go fishing with big tides right now, oh, there we go, feel grains.
Driving a small boat again after driving those big flashes. Thanks for getting used to it. Time to fish. What are you rocking there, friend? For the black magic snappers that flicker there. I don't catch it waters, I love them, already tangled, right, okay, hoping to see a random deer. I think we saw the top of the last clearing, a pair of ears sticking out of the grass and then they were gone. I didn't shoot him, although do it again. Two, I just took the most fortuitous shot I've ever taken. Jason saw two whitetails on the ridge so I grabbed the gun and the damn boat was rocking all over the place and I just waited for a rock and then it didn't.
I even pulled the trigger, squeezed it aggressively to try to get it on the right rock and a bag fell out. I can't believe it, now we have to get off the boat without crashing it and falling into the water. near water yeah well yeah we don't have to worry about gutting it I managed to gut it and shoot it at the same time and it's small oh the front shoulders often at least look at that tail that's a trophy in there look at that like that , here in the bag, okay, not even Molly walks like perch, cod, perch and barracuda, he's got my bomb, Charlie got Charlie excited, I'm just going to replenish the craypot with some barracuda, so it's a great service.
I had the hikarangi, the minstrel with a number 17 socket tap that was on because the handle chipped or shattered, so if we touch that socket then we can keep picking using the ratchet as a handle I think. It's going to work out a powerful lunch, what are you doing there, buddy? I'm just going to take some old bailing line here and tie it to some of the fish frames that we have from today and tie it to some rocks, jump it and uh, hopefully there will be some pedal crabs hanging around. Mark is sharing his wife's meaty life with the rest of the guys and what a meaty life it is, he looks at this, oh look, this is the secret to a good stack of burgers.
Put your guts there. only the white casings, not the green casings or the blue casings, just cut the white piece from the casings, pour it so good that you can also eat it as is, it actually tastes like torture, it's like pippies, it's very good and buy some burgers. From this group, we're just making this up as we go, we put some curry powder on Mark, I thought it was garlic, it's actually smoked garlic, so we put about four tablespoons on it, but it's just going to be a salty mess of smoky salty power. It's going to taste like ocean wood.
I have to get some wood for the fire so we can cook this damn pig. I'm starting to have doubts about the rose for the pig because we're quite far from camp for the amount of effort it's going to require. Mark is determined to say "fuck", I'm going to carry all this shit with one hand and eat the whole pig myself, well, cool, he says, way out there, in this dead forest, way out here, I think he has to Is there an easy way to do this, I haven't actually figured out what that easy way is, maybe we just throw the wood in the water and tie it to the boat or we could move the roast up here, what do you think?
Yes, it's not a bad idea. you have a bit of burn, it's already volatile, that's the other problem, there are a lot of dead ferns everywhere and dead kanokura and rat could scream and it's windy enough to say there are a lot of deer here everywhere. Wow, there's just crowds of deer running around, look at this amazing trapper that's been hanging, there's possums in the tree here, bit of a bastard, we can't, a lot of bloody fire up here, this is turpentine. let's burn the dead, things are really good, go ahead, can we finish now, boss, oh, you've got a couple of powers, oh, and a crab, look at that little beauty, she's got sharp jabs, hey, she got you, Yes this is why?
It's missing one, uh, I'm really going to put this crab out of its misery right before we rip off the lid and pull out the guts and gills right in the center here, just see the last few nerve endings sticking out and we're ready to go there, see how to get rid of crabs, Mark has had a bit of practice with that over the years, eh, I dipped my nuts and imagined one time trying to get rid of crabs, there we go, lovely, there's got to be a big one Kiwi hole right next door. to the cabin here's the cabin right there kiwi big hole I guess that's what it's not just make a damn hole in the ground like that interesting let's see if I can film one tonight going a bit like a kiwi hunter hunting time going to be a gentleman's hunting place tonight and a boat hunting place someone is going to come and with guts he will launch that boat one of these days supposedly just going to pick up the other boat the dna 450 c and four in that boat two on the rubber ducky, I think a couple of people hunt shaw a couple of people hunt by boat ah pass and high performance this thing will take off four knots at full speed beautiful afternoon just lovely you guys might remember Mark from I didn't film those things in reality probably just as well.
What's your plan brother? Don't know. I'm going to poke a little bit into some of these beaches here where some of the animals have been coming down to maybe sneak up the coast a little bit, how did you guys do that? Not too bad, one piece managed to put a hole in one with a couple of rods at the point. They did very well to shoot one from the boat as it moved up and down. Were they on the rocks, right above the just? over the rocks, shit, amazing, I couldn't get them back, although ah, there's nowhere to know where to land.
Do you think we will arrive tomorrow? Yes, I think it's tomorrow's mission. The plan now is for the children to go. The children go looking for crabs. There'll be some hanging around the baits we put out earlier, get 'em, ah, got it, whoa, whoa, yeah, how did you get two holy shit? A lot of me, what a victory, oh, this is right up there with miniature swordfishing, this is king crab because I don't know if we're going to get our own show on the Discovery Channel, it's not that dangerous, right? Oh, he's got his eye, oh, perfect, right through all that moki there rolling Mikey's little pedal, oh, are there crabs everywhere?
It's and you took the bait too, good shot, he's going to go back to the baits, oh look, he's coming up to the spear, oh two for one, a little to the right and there, keep us here if you can, oh shit, keep stabbing there, buddy, oh, nice shot, buddy. A good shot got him going. Black people can't choose, man. Look, cod batteries don't open my hood. I have a liter and a half in there. Fun for all the ages. A bit rainy day. The boys are going to get the deer, that piece of draft, we are going to try to get the piece of deer, I am going to light the fire and prepare the charcoal base for this pig.
Luckily, we found this little square rebar on the back, so I'm just going to bend it into aU and somehow hold the pig because I really need to keep the pig blade open. It would be great if we added a little more of this stuff, but I don't think I'll just cut it. a little green karma here or something and using it to save the pig should do the trick. Hopefully, folks, there's a custom Samuel Harrison bowie knife. This is the best knife I have ever had. Hey, okay, we're out, I'd estimate about seven seconds early. your hand starts to burn it's a good time, ah, it's about 30 seconds, move it a little closer, eh, damn, it just fell and got dirty everywhere, sprinkling it with some sand, ah, I'll prop it up with a stick.
That'll be easier, all broken down, sounds like the boys had it, you had a successful recovery, yeah, some mushkin up there, but I got it, what is it, what's that mix you got there, buddy , a couple of spices? a little garlic, a little lemon or lemon juice, I didn't have a grater or sour cherries, um, the usual barbecue type flavors, so I hope it will be a good seasoning for some master meals, but the occasion griggs louisiana that I found in the trash should be pretty good. They have a lot of meat but they are very tasty, what do you have here?
Boss, just a little bit of garlic salt and a little bit of salt and pepper to do it a little bit of justice and then we'll let the natural flavors come out really well. The deer you shot last night, yeah, yeah, so a little rushed, a lot of people like to leave it hanging a little longer, but hey, it means we'll run into each other, you damn pig. It's taking so long we thought we'd get some starter first uh oh you made it look it's perfectly cooked the boy has the crab pot there's no crazy in the pot so they brought it here and threw it in for some crabs , so let's get the dead deer skin and throw that into the crab pot to catch more crabs because those crabs are so good to eat.
This is the life we ​​were destined to break very quickly before they could escape. Oh, what nothing, not even a crab. That down here is the best bait there is. head and skin of the whitetail we're going shallow we think it's too deep no crabs this far oh, ryan and i just went to check the broadleaf while the other guys make sure the old friend doesn't fall under fire and can We will be a bunch of whitetail eating broad leaves, we can only shoot a little luck, without whitetail, how good does it look? There's a lot of blood and shit loading in here, it stopped from this little bay that was actually Ryan's shot, but I was in the front and he got up and ran he stopped right in the bushes so I quickly loaded the gun and I hit him off the boat and he ran down, he fell and we were going to get him and he got up later, going up the hill, let's go.
Upstairs we have the knife near the torches, we'll see if we can track it, but ah, when we saw him take off, he was heading up, but what he did was he had a bush and then he immediately turned right and took off. this way, that's good, now he's got a trail of blood and stop, I just ain't got nothing wrong, I got him, that's the end of that candy, I must have shot him right in the butt, oh, big representative trophy, look at that eh, back to the ship. I'll sail down and maybe Ryan can shoot one on the beach.
These things are quite easy to carry out. It was pretty easy. Hunt drink. I feel a little bad about poaching Ryan's shot there, but it's okay, you gotta mow the lawn once in a while, oh man, I gotta do it. having a captain someone has to drive the boat I actually didn't expect to see anything we brought here because we saw it well on the way, we must have been in that dip and then I don't even see him, you saw it first, we did it, he just jumped, he, yeah, he just jumped and seemed to let it move, luckily, you stayed, yeah, he jumped running and saw him right at the edge of the bush and hit him right in the butt, kicked his heart. he shot well, it wasn't quite, he didn't actually blow his leg off joining the poor bastard 746. oh shit, ah, what have you got there mate, a couple of cod and a couple of trumpeters, the first two trumpeters, so I'm quite excited. with that too and the colored pedal crab to top it off, it's a trophy paddle crab and a half in, sweet as fuck, bro, were they in the pot?
Were we actually eating a deer skin? Oh, Ryan and I went to check it out. the pot on the way in and I ran over it is that what was broken yeah, it sent the engine straight into it, oh let's get in, are we okay?

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