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Steve Rattner: Less Job Creation Under Trump Than Obama | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Feb 20, 2020
Alright, 27 past the hour this week, President Trump called President Obama a crook for simply tweeting about the Recovery Act. Steve Rattner has another fact check. Facts are always good. Response in English to the president's tweets gloating about the economy. So Obama, Obama's recovery, yeah. The president's years are not very good in terms of facts, so we try to do the best we can here to make up for the fact that you guys had a good run yesterday and I just wanted to start with that tweet you posted yesterday and then pivot from there. and I just want to focus on the parts highlighted in yellow where it says that he now has the best jobs of all time, so if we take a look at the record of his actual jobs, you'll see that in fact, not only does he not have the best ones. unprecedented jobs record, you know he doesn't have the best jobs record, including even President Obama, if you look at job


under Obama since the recovery began in the fall of 2010, Obama created 200,1000 jobs al month if we look at what Trump has done. done in its first three years, it has created 123,182,000 jobs per month, so 10%


employment was created under Trump than under Obama and if you want to look good, wait, wait, wait, wait one second Steve, I'm confused, wait because I read Trump's tweet and he said he had the best job gains of all time, but I'm looking at these graphs that come from Donald Trump's government statistics, his own administration, and this says Barack Obama did 10% better in jobs - Donald Trump Trump didn't even have the best job record of the 21st century, let alone the centuries that preceded him, and that can be clearly seen on the next slide, which simply summarizes this and basically says that for the last thirty-six months of Obama, compared to the flavored blue is the Trump blue, right?
steve rattner less job creation under trump than obama morning joe msnbc
It's Trump, the blue Trump, no, we stick to the traditional colors, blue for the Democrats, red for the Republicans, and so on for a period of 36 months, but this says that Trump has 1.5 million workers behind him, but Trump just said this week that he had the best job record that this shows and it's Donald Trump's Bureau of Labor Statistics and I hope he doesn't fire them. I don't understand, can you explain the answer? The simple answer is. that Trump has taken creative liberty, let's say with the numbers in his tweets and does it all the time.
steve rattner less job creation under trump than obama morning joe msnbc

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steve rattner less job creation under trump than obama morning joe msnbc...

Work, we know the 15,000 lies. You're seeing an example of that. That his work record is not even as good as Obama's. a sum of 1.5 million jobs during the same 36-month period. I'm not taking all of Obama and comparing him to Trump, exactly the same Obama's last 36 months Trump's first 36 months 1.5 2 million fewer jobs under Trump, well, and then yeah Let's move on to another statement that was in that tweet where he talked about the greatest economy of all time. I got this quote from somewhere else. It is the same idea that he is saying: we are going to get the GDP to four or five, even six percent. what he said after his tax cut was that the bill passed in the fall of 2017.
steve rattner less job creation under trump than obama morning joe msnbc
What is the reality? The reality is that job growth has only reared its head above three percent four times there has not been four percent there has not been five percent there has not been six percent and in fact, if you look at Trump's GDP numbers on an annual basis have been slowing from 2.8 percent in 2017 to 2.5 percent in 2018 last year to 2.3 percent and the private sector believes it will be more 2 percent this year. So don't back down. I don't understand it because like your Donald, he promised us that if we pass these tax cuts we could get up to four five six percent GDP growth and to further compound the confusion is the fact that Donald Trump and many others from people in the media say that this is simply the best economy in history and yet a few days ago I saw a chart that Axios reprinted again based on Donald Trump's own numbers from the Donald Trump administration that, if we take the last ten presidents and their record in GDP, Donald Trump is sixth out of ten presidents, so in reality not only is that not the best place he's ever been, but it's just a fact, the GDP numbers in the low two percent range have nothing to do with it. but I would like to make an even broader point: It's really hard and, I'm trying to be intellectually honest, it's really hard to think about the things that Donald Trump has actually done to improve the economy.
steve rattner less job creation under trump than obama morning joe msnbc
We had a tax cut that created a sugar high we got some growth for a couple of quarters and then it slowed down it created some investment investment is now negative in this country the trade war obviously devastated the agricultural sector caused all the signs that Caste manufacturing jobs are being lost today all over the swing states that are going to be important in the election, so when we boil it all down, the question is what did Donald Trump really do to improve the economy or is he, in fact, like President Obama suggested in his tweet on Monday, a continuation of a The recovery we've had since the great financial crisis is very long, very long.
The good news is that, although it is in the bottom half of the class for the last ten presidents, GDP has grown more slowly than five of you. here, unfortunately, he's doing terribly in that category, he's doing poorly in employment when you compare him to Barack Obama. Barack Obama, the last three years of him are even more effective than the first three years of Donald Trump's administration, at least you know that he promised that he would go. not only to balance the budget, but he was going to pay off the federal debt, at least he's doing well.
Former presidential candidate Mark Sanford has an op-ed in The New York Times about how he doesn't. I'm sorry. Thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on the biggest stories of the day. You can click on any of the videos around us to see more. 4 Morning Joe and MSNBC. Thanks so much for looking.

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