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Steve Carell: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Apr 29, 2023
exclusive hello welcome back to another edition of between two


i'm your host



and i'm so pleased to have one of my favorite actors



yes it's nice to meet you you know i hear the camera adds 10 quid looks like you ate five cameras here we go here we go i really love the office and i think you made great love ricky gervais i see where you're going i've seen your show i know what you do oh i got it you got it mixed up i mistook you for the good one right oh no i didn't mean your office i meant the good one and the scene well listen I'm not here to I'm not going to insult like I usually do oh I'm not going to say your character in Despicable Me.
steve carell between two ferns with zach galifianakis
I heard they were going to base the character's nose on your nose. Ben decided to go for something less cartoonish. Alright. I'm not going to say that this only does a direct interview. Direct interview. okay yeah I agree with that, that sounds great, what are you most proud of in your career? i got directly involved in it and it hit me with a great movie ok regardless of all the dislikes it lost a lot of money and all that stuff no one saw it and the budget was way over budget and no one was interested in seeing it. a great movie actually brought some things i'd like to tell you g-force more like geez he's fat the only french word you know is buffet that's not true i know the word croissant i heard your last name used to be even longer but you ate them all the other letters of the alphabet zack you look like a bum who's been to a soup kitchen that specializes in ice cream soup you're doing uh i don't know if we should air out this wood sorry yo' sorry others with you i do wrestle with oh with the weight thing ok it's hard in hollywood they either want you to stay overweight or they want you to lose a ton of weight you're right you're right now that I've got a little bit of career guard jews will stick to my weight , could be a Delfy, well I guess I don't know, man you seem so lucky no one makes fun of the great Steve Carell, everyone. he just loves you and that's not true, well it's true oh yeah there's a lot to make fun of like I'm Italian you make fun of that there's Carell that's your last name not originally what is it? to the beach and someone yells shark shark and then they realize it's Steve Carell doing the back when you go to the beach and swim past the buoys do people think there's an island there?
steve carell between two ferns with zach galifianakis

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steve carell between two ferns with zach galifianakis...

I'm not that fat man you are no I'm not that fat you're pretty fast if you were to do like my body fat percentage compared to your percentage of how much your nose weighs I guarantee your nose per capita weighs more than you I'm going to fuck you fat. the point is i'm not that bad ok ok i'm not that bad
steve carell between two ferns with zach galifianakis

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