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STEALING Wins with the CLUTCH Plays — Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer Versus w/ RedFalcon & raysfire

Jun 11, 2021
Damn yeah, that's what I think about your dirt pounds, you're bringing up my back shots right now, that's what I think. You know someone has to be toxic every time. I imagine today is my day. You know, I just accepted that today. I'll be that guy, I want to do the same yoshi, has anyone done the Joseph joey look oh my god Joseph Joseph, yes that's my new name, that's the full name, yes the full name or joey joey for short, oh, what's wrong? Get out of here buddy I wish I could swallow it oh thanks I got you he's got the key though wow oh he didn't fall for it oh it's not done what do you mean it's not done yeah Come on, that was a massacre, friend, friend?
stealing wins with the clutch plays mario maker 2 multiplayer versus w redfalcon raysfire
I have a Vesper request, Sam says, if you win this one, I'll give you a sub in your chat when he said I don't know if you meant mine or yours, but the big man is fine, fine, no, damn. I'm sad wait we have to oh no I don't like this I'll have fun with this I don't like it oh if you say if you win I'll give you a sub in my chat yeah I like it okay? I agree to the terms and conditions, except it's not going to happen, wait, this is hard, wait, this is actually different, yeah, they're probably having a field day like I'm playing Super Smash Brothers, brother Sam , you have to go through the left door. a oh my god it's okay, it's okay, we're not going to be pay, this is it, this isn't it, let's go this way, this cut hard oh, I tried, man, I'm going to come out wide oh oh dude, it's okay How about you push me?
stealing wins with the clutch plays mario maker 2 multiplayer versus w redfalcon raysfire

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stealing wins with the clutch plays mario maker 2 multiplayer versus w redfalcon raysfire...

Okay, wait, okay, where's panga? even though he's doing like the button, that doesn't matter, this is not the end he's going to flex, I don't want to flex, I just want to beat this little guy, he's definitely more of a conservative flexer, wait until he sees the target, that's fair , but that means it's reflecting like a little bonus, it's an extra room, but it's like you're forced to go here. I'm trying to do it for the high group, man, oh yeah, it's over, we tried it, man, we really tried the boost, I promise I can. speak Spanish keep that in mind if you want to say lettuce cat that's lettuce I can't even see the screen on mine oh my god we're like synchronized crush level hello I told him no oh we have the stress no you had the stress buddy I have a body , that's a lowercase h, wait, wait, that's a lowercase h, whoa, that's one of the most creative graces I've ever seen, oh dear, oh Jesus, what did you die for?
stealing wins with the clutch plays mario maker 2 multiplayer versus w redfalcon raysfire
I don't know, I really don't know what. you died, I don't know, you stay away from me with those, oh my god, I was a player too and couldn't get over the punches, that's a little spicy, oh, some claw action, oh, the claw, the claw. he chooses oh i just got thrown again damn oh it's probably over soon buddy i can't catch it it's in my reach but i can't catch it ruin it buddy oh my god oh close it was getting a little spicy in the end it almost went too high it's Like last time too, if we were in a horror movie, who would die first?
stealing wins with the clutch plays mario maker 2 multiplayer versus w redfalcon raysfire
I would definitely be the more curious guy, he would just like to wander off and it would be like everyone left. like everyone says stay here and say oh I kind of know I see what's going on panga friend pango would be the guy to survive I feel like panga would definitely survive oh I'd like to try to fight someone and then I'll probably just die Cause I'm not good enough, what did you see? Hey, this is for cheese right now I'm trying not to die I'm also trying not to die it's very difficult oh God oh okay welcome oh look for a tree when you come down that's me, oh hi rip, did you come down?
What I tried I really hope this is not the real level, toad, my friend, I didn't know, he didn't know a little. that they laugh oh no, that was not productive at all it's panga is only going to win panga can you just end this oh no, I died I don't think is he is he is he like where is he at the beginning oh I just saw your the thing was in the right ah wait a minute it's a game changer oh it's hard for your boy oh we're in the vineyards now you're really here in the oh my goodness well you're in the suburbs how is it?
I need to go watch that video. I see it every day and I haven't seen it yet today. No, why is there a BJR here? There is another BGR here. Wow, we're just getting started mate, there's a bullet, this is currently William Crossing, please don't do it. Interrupt oh oh I'm alive oh there's a bjr up here buddy what's this? We're out of here guys, that mushroom would have been good what's this level? oh my god no oh this is a great development by the way guys. By the way, where is the guy? Come back here, I need to cash in on my Fellertalk Fowler, bye guys, bye, oh, so close, buddy, God, if I was a little slower, could I eat you?
That was so close, man, the other day, I got a 10 level butt I haven't even seen what but it's like five o'clock what are we doing oh yeah, that's right, that's right, that's right, wait, this is it A one-way door, oh, I'm at the top, what are we doing up here, I don't know? You know, oh, I found the booms, guys, okay, I'm going to the house, hey guys, what's up?, oh god, welcome, wait, yeah, what just happened, oh my god, what a


player, what's that, what's that, it's pretty good, I should probably add. I need more memes on my channel yeah I was five and two and papaga I have a lot of pegasus you have a house of four oh easy guy I barely avoided it um I think mistakes were made oh hello maybe mistakes were made good luck yeah I feel like you're like a magnet attracted to the flag I definitely did it like I sucked you in oh there's another VPN friend what do we do?
I don't know how to start, are you kidding? See you later. See you alone. On, it's because you're going to be happy people all the time. Yes, it's just satisfying. I hate that it's so slow. This is the worst. You should be able to fall quickly by pressing down. You can do it if you have it. the quick pants quick pants thanks for the list of evil pigs in video games, man, we are very in sync right now, yeah, we are beating panga, yeah, because I started late, oh, you passed me, oh, but he lost the victory, oh, him. on top of that dude it sucks you hate to see it for that reason right who takes it ladies and gentlemen it's thick toad versus thick


panga started a little behind wanted to give me a little lead oh i think it's close oh pangas starting to rip it up, Race Fire fans almost did it They lose, they played a dangerous game, right, oh, I'll bring it, hey, if we both give up, does it count as a victory?
Wow mate, he nailed it with the talk oh look at this one, this is definitely a level oh wait oh oh. oh my god oh no i thought i could make it you definitely need to start running i got too enthusiastic oh


i feel like this is hey buddy how's it going not to play hey how's it going Hey, how are you doing? Wait, what am I supposed to do? Am I going to walk through the door? I knew it. I knew that was going to happen. Wow, I had a feeling. Uh, we have to start.
Yeah? I thought I'm down for one? I'm depressed for once. Start over, damn it. I'm going for it, you guys are going to be fine, okay, okay, what are we supposed to do? Oh, I get it, okay, well, what is it? I don't understand. There we go, Jesus, there's a road at the bottom and it breaks. the hit, oh that was so good on that level, I didn't wait, you had to jump in that little space? Yes, I jumped and died because it shoots, how about those jeans? You're going to land on all of them, oh, that was it.
Some auto level shenanigans, you're running away, buddy, mine are trying to go fast, oh no, I got William's classic, oh he wanted that, I wanted that, oh no, take me to the promised land, it'll be over soon, Dude, yeah, I feel like we've done that. There are so many terminologies we use in this game that if someone who doesn't know the observers just doesn't understand them, like if you say Fellers or Bullet William, people have no idea what you're going to tell them. them, it's close enough, yeah, or boom boom, cape, niche, tape, niche, they're all close enough, yeah, you can understand it bjr bjr, I thought the toad just died, that's what you think, the player from toad, wait, there's just oh, what, um, me.
I'm out, wait for me panga, I don't like this at all, what I don't like this, I don't like it, I'm out, dude, that was a level, I'm coming in hot, oh wow, I wasn't close oh the I saw well, it's okay, that was a little sketchy in the middle, dude, it was all a sketch, it's like the super meat guy, what are the chances that if you stand under that it'll kill you? Oh wait, you got into the pipe? Is the pipe transparent? game oh come on yes I like that oh I like that oh no oh I also like that I'm pulling I'm not pulling I don't like that I'm fine hello I'm waking up does he have the key oh? he's got the key, it doesn't even matter, dude, this is the one that matters, dude, we gotta play crazy defense, I am, I am, I'm fine, it's fine, oh oh yeah, the powerpuff girls are a trio more iconic, I mean, no, I don't.
I don't know about that, yeah, buddy, I feel like blowing bubbles, buddy, this is definitely bubbles, oh, later, who's who's buttercup, is it you, buttercup, I feel like I feel like you, I feel like the pang is a flower, oh my God, what is that because the flowers caught her? Shit, I got it, man, oh no, oh, the other way around, that's sad, look, oh, there you go, what's that? The penguin will try to get the nation to the finish line here he might as well, unless Sam makes it to the end. Hmm, humph, oh you, oh, okay, okay, humph, I did it. a mistake, what's going on here, huh, there's a lot of stuff on this level, I think oh, very shameless, wait, where what you let me in made it nice oh what oh no oh oh, we took those no, no, no no no no that's the goal that takes those I made a big mental play and it didn't work that was a cool level in fact I hated it if you were part of the teen girls team which ones are we not even I know the cheerleader so and so.
So what's his face? The ugly one, oh my god, wait, are we trying to pick one? I have no idea maybe I guess it sounded better in my head before I said it, okay, I mean, I'm down, I'll pick one if you want. hold the hammer thanks you're helping me right now what brother what's up it's your boy bob oh no I don't need him okay I need him I need him I need him wait how did you not kill him oh , I wanted to do it. put the good one in, okay, oh that was optimal, buddy, we need more, he still has a box, he brought it with him, oh my god, oh my god, no, wait, oh, that was so clever, how did you do That?
Oh my God, I'm actually playing. and it doesn't matter, that's what I like to hear. I'm coming, hey buddy, how did you get to the door peg? I'm literally still in that area. What did your friend raise? you can't get out of the bonds he's just there to get in the way he's going to cause a ruckus okay we're fine he's causing a ruckus oh god you want to fight about it there's a mess there uh look at those clouds. you're kind of happy oh wow I'm not paying attention they remind me of my shiny teeth and my teeth oh come on you can't put a cloud under me buddy hangers out of control I'm scared I'm really scared. right now pedal towards the metal baby oh come on I was so scared almost my fireball boy everything is fine you have the key to that oh yes we are moving right now I don't know what to believe anymore you have to slow down there I lost boy I'm working on it dude, oh well, I got a hard blowjob, let me take this, okay, this level is called defeating the Bowser family, so you probably have another one to go here.
I think you're wrong, you think so. Yeah rip oh. I could drown this I could drown this No, I drowned this What just happened? I just drowned it. Yay, to look at it honestly, a tragedy that really was a tragedy.

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