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Starsand Beginners Guide |Craft, Build, Survive

Mar 16, 2024
Star Sand is a tough desert survival game. If you are a survival game lover like me, this one may give you a run for your money. Hello everyone, I'm a gamer grandpa and today I'll be going over tips and tricks to help you. Survive in the early days of the game, so if you are ready, let's get started. We will appear in the game first. You will be inside this clay structure before we leave. There are a few things you should know before exploring first. What's at the bottom, here you have your hotkey bar and you can press up to six different items.
starsand beginners guide craft build survive
This is really important because if we lift our inventory, we only have six additional inventory slots, giving us a total of 12 slots to hold everything. that we can possibly find, however you can upgrade this by going into the


ing menu to equip it at the bottom and at the top right you will see the backpack and if you


this this will add an additional 12 slots under the placeable items you can find storage. boxes and you can use them to store additional items now, at the bottom left, here you will find all the information you need to know.
starsand beginners guide craft build survive

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starsand beginners guide craft build survive...

First of all is your temperature gauge, right now it says 80 degrees and there is a red. The arrow pointing up this is because this indicates that I am hot and my temperature is rising subsequently if I were cold there would be a blue arrow below and my temperature would fall next to that is the heart which makes sense it is your health. the top is brown it looks like a little bread icon that's your nutrition your food and at the bottom with the drop it makes sense with blue that's your hydration the hotter you are the faster your hydration will drop if We


our inventory here.
starsand beginners guide craft build survive
You can see those same stats here on the right and all of our equippable items at the bottom on the left. You can also rotate your character if you want to just see him on defense. Now we can add armor later in the game. which will increase our defense there are different ways to increase your sun protection and also increase protection from the cold now that we're leaving there's nothing here like nothing you're in the middle of the desert so the way you're going to want to navigate is To find landmarks, we will head to these landmarks.
starsand beginners guide craft build survive
The sun is really relentless and you'll want to do everything you can to combat it because the hotter you are, the faster your hydration will drop and eventually you'll start to take damage. When you don't have food or water, there are a couple of ways to do it early in the game. One is if you're in an oasis, you can use the water, so here I'm barely in the water, as you can see from my temperature gauge. It's still going up because I'm overheating, but the deeper I get into the water, eventually I'll start to get cold like here.
Now you can see there is a blue arrow and my temperature is dropping pretty quickly. You can use this starter set to combat the temperature. Another thing we can do is make a straw hat. All you need is some twine. Transportation is very easy here. All you need are stems. You can get stems by breaking palm leaves or breaking yucca. You can equip that hat and in your character menu under protection it will increase and you can equip it right there on your head. The next thing we can do is find desert fruits. You can find them around the oasis, collect them if we go out and click on them.
First we'll get all kinds of statistics on this. It tells us that it can restore 25 to 30 hunger points and three to eight thirst points. This seems like a really good idea and I made the same mistake that many new players make. is to consume this, this will poison you and it's actually best used as a balm, so if you go into crafting, let's go to resources, you can see the desert bomb here in the second lane, click on that desert fruit and a leaf of palm now if you are following the tutorial it will ask you to make an ax so make your ax once you are making your ax you can see in the q bar down here and your crafting progress is automatically equipped now that we have our ax now there are a couple of different trees we can take a look at one is this coconut palm we can climb it and we can pick those coconuts this will help with hydration and food the next tree to take care of is the date palms like this .
It says there are dates there, you can choose them, come here, restore hunger from 12 to 15 now, if you have played Stranded Deep, it works the same as Stranded Deep, you have to remove the shell, you can hover over this, restore from 25 to 30 thirds. very good, you can consume that water, then you get an empty coconut, then you can drop it, open it and eat the pulp, okay, now that we have everything we need, we have our desert fruit, we have our palm leaf, we can create a desert. bomb, so let's go ahead and do that and we can see down the tail and actually this is really good because you can see I'm overheated, I'm at 116 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a real problem for me, okay, That's it, we come. here we can highlight it and we can consume it now you can see my temperature is going to drop and the sun icon that was there is no longer it's a cut I'm fine those desert fruits and they will respawn are very good early game to just combat that between the hat and the desert bomb you should be fine now there is a map so if you press m you can open your map and you will have to mark it yourself as you can see we have a number of things it will start you here this is where we spawn in this structure here and then this was the first oasis we were in now so you know where you are on the map if you open your crafting menu here. go into all the placeables, you'll see the marker if you make a marker, I actually have one right here, so we can leave it now.
If you hit a sandstorm, the sandstorm will blow up all your markers. You can place this. with an arrow pointing in the direction you want to go or where you want to point to say maybe back to a base or where you're coming from and then if you lift up the map you can see the arrow in the direction you're at place it from that point, you can click on an icon to see and you can place it like this, even if a sandstorm comes and knocks down your marker, you will have marked the area on your map and that's how you can tell where you've been now hunting is also one thing and you take your weapons.
You can do this with bows and arrows or crude spears. I prefer team spears. Just go ahead and loot the corpse. You can take the meat and the skin. I usually find more of these deer antelope, whatever they are, at dusk or dawn, usually in the heat of the day. Now I can't find them even near the oasis, if you follow the tutorial that will tell you. To make a campfire now there are a couple of reasons why this is so important besides the obvious, where you will be able to cook your food. Two, you will generate charcoal from burning wood.
You can use that coal to craft things. as gunpowder and fertilizer for your agricultural plot, the third is at night, the temperature drops very quickly and at the beginning of the game, when you do not have enough protection from the cold, you will get cold very, very quickly, now it is very easy to use, just take You like it, I have some raw meat here that will restore hunger to 15 to 20. I guess you could eat it, but as you see, you see a little green skull down here on the left that tells me I'm poisoned. I have food poisoning. don't eat it raw i mean if you need you can do it but don't do it just drag your food to the food slot here this is the result and this is your progress bar now you can add sticks to the wood I like. use logs if applicable and that's it just drop it in you don't have to light it or anything as you can see here this bar in the middle between the food and the cooking is the progress of the cooked meat for each piece and it has the output correct carbon.
Here, which we can just throw away and it tells you right here, charred wood that is used to make gunpowder and that is also used as fertilizer. Now farming is definitely a thing. If you are under the placeables, you can see the agricultural plot right here. You just need some wooden boards and some cordage. the way they farm is really cool, you come in here and you can see I need water and I need fertilizer now you can get fertilizers very easy to get, you can get them by using charcoal from your fire, this is very easy at the beginning of the game, you can leave.
You can put it right under the fertilizer and you'll get the stick here. Now you can take your water bottle filled with water and you can put it right there and then just click fill and you can watch it fill up. You come back. to the water, actually, if you go ahead and take your water bottle from your plot, do this and there you have it and then you will see the growth, now you will find things for seeds, things to grow, what I am using are mango seeds. There are several mango trees here there is one here just leave them up, they will grow back.
I'm actually growing another mango tree right here, but while I'm eating them I have the opportunity to get seeds if you found this


useful or helpful in any way. Don't forget to hit the like button, leave a comment below if you have your own tips and tricks for new players so we can all benefit from them. I'm Granddaddygamer and I'll see you next time.

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