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Star Wars: The Old Republic (All Cinematic Trailers) 4K

May 02, 2020
Satili Shan: Korriban, the birthplace of the ancient Sith. We thought the ruins were all that was left of his evil empire. Okarr: I swear, I had no idea what was in those boxes. I'm innocent! Kao Sin Darach: He's been smuggling Sith relics, Captain. Okarr: *sadly* Beautiful and well-preserved artifact. Just give me my deck! Republic Soldier: Eyes on the Front. Dens: Just inspecting the troops, Cpl. Darach: Satili, what's wrong with you? Shan: I feel... a lot of darkness. Darach: The Sith Empire has returned! Darach: We must warn the Republic! Soldier: Our shuttles can't outrun these fighters! Okkar: Well, guess who has the fastest ship in this sector?
star wars the old republic all cinematic trailers 4k
Station Announcement: Defense Base Three, All Hands Evacuated! Dens: My ship! Darach: Will you fly? Okar: Not pretty, but tough. Darach: Captain, prepare your ship. This is our fight. Okarr: T7, get ready for the ion cannon! T7: *in droid language* I hear you cranky ba


d, you can't come here as the prince of the galaxy here and give orders. I've been negotiating with the port security robot for most of the day, while the hold for landing is issued. How about some fucking gratitude? *lightsaber burning* lightsaber: *whooooooooosh* Let's go! Darach: Go satellite. You must walk a different path. President!
star wars the old republic all cinematic trailers 4k

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star wars the old republic all cinematic trailers 4k...

Okarr: * To Satele and Malcolm: On those arms, now! *sliding* *whoop whoop* *tennis grunts* T7: *melancholy sound* Okarr: *to Malcolm* Get 'em off me! Hyperdrive is almost ready! Malgus: They fled, ma'am. I failed. Lord Vindican: *painfully* No Malgus. This is just the beginning. Malgos: Yes. After a thousand years. Korriban is us again. *Sound of lightsaber igniting* Welcome home! Enough is enough. The Republic is the galaxy's only hope for peace and justice. You must not fall. The Sith Empire destroys everything in its path. The enemy feels no remorse for the worlds he destroys. Everything we value will die unless we hold the line.
star wars the old republic all cinematic trailers 4k
This war is not about politics or resources. We are fighting for survival! For Liberty! For the Republic! Let's go! Move it up! the living room! With each battle, there are fewer of us left to fight. Those who still pay a heavy price, but know that the force is with us. We will never give up, and we are not alone. The long night is finally over. Vengeance is what brings us here, to defeat our enemy, on the brink of war, the Emperor's plan in motion. Our allies are strong. The Jedi hunted us down, led us to the darkest gates.
star wars the old republic all cinematic trailers 4k
They thought they had banished us forever, but now, at last, we are back. Droid: You morons, they fly! Anger gives us strength. We will have a revenge feast, until the Republic is in ruins. A man who can be anything, if he's willing to sacrifice himself. With your birth, comes a solemn vow. You won't have any more troops! there! Of course! Your Honor, it's dirt. In the dark, only ambition will guide you. The oaths you make, the promises you make, are yours alone. Your freedom will be the


you make. His natural right, the losses he suffers.
Your right, the pain you bear. And when the darkness finds you, you will face it... just... come with me, son... more. struggle. Vaylin! stay behind me Feylin, come on.

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