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Feb 27, 2020
and and dear friends, today we have a video for you, very important educational information is liver cleansing, bile cleansing, but before giving this information I want to make the following clarification and rescue, I am not a doctor, firstly, secondly, the information that I am going to give you is Only academic information is alternative cultural information. Please remember that what I am going to give you is not a formula or medical formulas. Feel completely within your rights and completely free to consult health professionals and undergo the technical tests that you had. Please note, because what I am giving you is educational information, only with that clarity, we are going to talk about cleansing the liver, first I remind you of my name Luis Antonio Melón Gómez, I live here in the city of Bucaramanga, department of Santander, and in my beautiful homeland, Colombia, I begin.
ss48 desintoxicaci n natural del h gado y la ves cula luis antonio mel n g mez
To tell you, the liver is not a filter, the liver is a laboratory that performs more than 500 daily functions, it is a laboratory, there you can see a photo of a normal healthy liver and where in the body it is located so that you know for sure more than 70 percent of the population may have fatty liver and do not know it because the liver is resident, that is, this man adapts and fights against adversity to get ahead and that means that if he becomes sick or fatty, he lasts a long time and remains silent. It doesn't just warn you when things have gotten complicated, it's that it warns you, so the best thing that exists for when an organ like the liver that is silent is not going to catch us off guard, the best thing is to do cleanings, hopefully once a year and then we won't have to have problems with the liver in my case at 63 years of age I usually do this totally


liver cleanse more or less every year and I maintain my excellent health the consequences of having a dirty fatty congested liver are diverse the first one you will live tired all day there downcast pain all over the body back pain pain in the shoulders in the arms in the legs you know why because the vas


r life the cir


tory life the life of the heart begins in the liver if the liver becomes fatty Your kidneys become fatty Your brain becomes fatty Your heart becomes fatty, or rather everything becomes fatty so it is better to be doing preventive cleansing now when I give you the informative sequence of what the liver cleanse will be.
ss48 desintoxicaci n natural del h gado y la ves cula luis antonio mel n g mez

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ss48 desintoxicaci n natural del h gado y la ves cula luis antonio mel n g mez...

Note that it is very simple, very homemade without any contraindications and very easy and economical to make. Look in the image that it is a fatty liver. We are going to make a video with a forensic doctor who is a very good friend of ours and who told us that she has to open the door every day. corpses and she says that almost 80% of those that one opens are people over 25-30 years old, the majority have large livers and full of fat. I told her that we are going to do this technical information that has been found with some cases that when the liver is fatty you can see it and the fat and they get big they still go to an artery to lift it and the face and the artery crumble as if it were crystallized as if you had a little glass tube and you half touched it, it crumbled That kind of disease damage is very recurrent.
ss48 desintoxicaci n natural del h gado y la ves cula luis antonio mel n g mez
She is going to tell you when she spoke to me about these issues. She is a forensic expert. I was really very shocked to see how the lungs are, how the livers are, the vascular system of most people, that is why the disease. cardiovascular death cardiovascular brain is the most abundant in the world I think it is above 50 percent of total deaths another consequence of fatty liver is libido your sexual potency the part of hypertension better said if the liver is bad everything goes to be bad, so simple, it makes the liver become fatty, where it begins, what affects it, look, the latest research has said that what makes the liver fatty the most is the consumption of synthetic fructose sugars, not


fruit fructose, those another story synthetic fructose from the famous hfcs there are fruits with only high fructose corn syrup from alcohol consumption and of course from the consumption of long chain saturated fats or animal fats lack of exercise the use of contraceptives the consumption of synthetic vitamins that They come from bottles.
ss48 desintoxicaci n natural del h gado y la ves cula luis antonio mel n g mez
Please, the vitamins come in foods like fruit and vegetables that are raw. You don't have to resort to any of these synthetic vitamins. They are no longer natural. It is also in the consumption of statins, what they give to people for problems. cholesterol vascular triglycerides all the technical reports you want on the subject is also given by the exorbitant consumption of allopathic medications and look one thing I have several professional medical friends where they say there is no allopathic medicine to cleanse the liver the liver is cleaned only with medicine biological with natural foods with natural products and in that it brings a lot of advantage this biological part to the allopathic part cleans the liver naturally if a person has fatty liver or gallstones definitely his diet his healthy living habits during years were very bad, very negative, a liver does not become fatty, stones in the gallbladder do not form overnight that was a long time ago, today many children 12 years old 15-20 are appearing, young people with fatty liver but they Due to this diet full of sugars, I invite you to consult Dr.
Robert Luketic, a top scientist in the United States, where he demonstrates that the consumption of sugar from these synthetic sweets is the most harmful thing there is for the liver because the liver converts into fat that you are going to believe that by eating sugar or sweets the problem of diabetes no sir that is another problem is that the liver turns that into fat and a fatty liver at each check you can tell if you have a fatty liver there are several ways to know if the liver is fatty or congested first measure the abdomen there with a meter by taking the measurement above the navel if they are if they are men and it measures more than 92 centimeters here is the contour batteries if it is a woman it should not exceed 84 centimeters because That will indicate that abdominal fat will indicate that the liver will most likely be fatty.
Another way to tell if you have a fatty liver, apart from measuring it, is to measure whether these carotid arteries, there you can see in the photo, are very inflated, very pronounced, yes. Yes, they do inflate, if the batteries blow, pay attention. Another very good thing to know is to have your liver enzymes tested in a place where they are going to analyze it and from this result we know if the liver may be fatty. There are some that are sent to be ultrasound of the liver but when the stones or fat are just starting this does not appear on the ultrasound of the liver ok there is a product called silymarin that is obtained from milk thistle in the studies that have been done silymarin is considered as The best preventative for the liver, the regular consumption of these and the navy I return and repeat about the milk thistle, so since it is a little difficult to get, well, the milk thistle and the whole thing in many places, I recommend that you can buy it in a laboratory I'm going to recommend one that's trustworthy, but I clarify that I'm not advertising anything to them because they don't even know me.
It's called laboratories or ligar. They are almost all over the world. It's something American and Olga laboratories only ligar makes an excellent milk thistle product. silymarin and it is a great liver cleanser so the famous silymarin is consumed at certain times of the year to maintain a clean liver take care of your liver edit alcohol take care of being overweight take care of those fried in excess of those fats of those overheated oils take good care of yourself That, please, this liver cleansing that I am going to give you has been written in several books. There is a book called The Cure for All Diseases by Dr.
Rey and of course there is also a doctor Andrea Moritz who spoke about these liver cleanses. Naturally, the liver has more than 50,000 internal vas deferens, little holes, look at the photo, that's inside, that's pure vas deferens, tiny, bigger ones, and they become clogged with fat, with dead parasites, and with bile, they become clogged, which is why there are people who look at the food. Today I don't want to eat because if the liver is not capable of producing bile then I won't feel like eating I feel congested so I look at the food I don't want to eat anything but when the liver is clean working the appetite is excellent when you He bends down and gets up, no, and so seeing everything sparkles, be careful that the liver may be very congested, keep in mind that when you are going to do this natural cleansing, please make sure you are not doing any type of treatment with allopathic drugs or that you have a pacemaker or that They are already doing a treatment process with drugs and injections and things, if that is happening, please do not do it, ok, pregnant women, nor children, because they can do it after 10 years, well, a child is supposed to be up to 10 years old.
You are not going to have a fatty liver. The feeling after the cleansing is supposed to be the feeling of strength of vitality and well-being is enormous. I did it for the first time more than 20 or so years ago. By God, it is a wonder how one feels better. The back hurts, the legs don't hurt, the appetite is wonderful, how one eats with joy, sleeps, works, directs that exercise with a strength but wonderful, really the sensations after the cleansing are wonderful, so let's start giving the sequence of what this cleansing is like, we're going to use 9 days.
But don't worry, I'm not going to worry that I'm going to believe that it's nine days stuck there headfirst doing Thursday those 6 days we are going to consume 4 apples this is a water apple Creole apple if it is a round apple make sure that this peel does not have paraffin you with a blade scrape it if a white thing came out it has paraffin do not eat it make sure that the apple don't have those for fine you are going to eat four apples at what time at ten in the morning if you have a normal breakfast, have a normal lunch and a normal dinner that there is nothing and in six days and you eat four apples at ten in the morning and another four apples more or less at 45 in the afternoon 6 days her normal life ok the only thing that will change in these six days is to eat the four apples she chews and is diagnosed water apple is very watery very delicious yes she doesn't do it with the other apple but do not have paraffin in the house because the apple, apart from so many nutrients and so many wonderful things that it has, has malic acid and it has been proven that what malic acid does is cause stones in the gallbladder and soften them or dilute them.
That's what malic acid does, and apples and grapes, the water that's also in the treatment, in the process, have malic acid, so that's why sometimes many people, when they're expelling all the cleaning residue, don't get any seeds, just pure mass comes out. because what the malic acid from the grapes and the apple did was dilute the ready, so we already did Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, well, Friday is coming, which would be the seventh day, and on Friday I'm going to tell you what you should do. On Friday at 6 in the morning you take the viogen, the video appears so you can watch how to make the viogen.
At 7 in the morning you are going to drink a glass of warm water with a pinch of sea salt and lemon since The water is warm, you drink that little glass from 7 in the morning to 10 in the morning you are going to drink a glass of beet juice. You should drink this juice slowly, sip and sip, don't drink it all at once because if it arrives If you have a bad pancreas, then you're going to get dizzy if you're drunk and suddenly you're going to get nauseous and you're going to expel the beet little by little.
If you feel that it's hurting you, then you take the beet and eat more apples and that's how you can do it, but The beet is essential in this cleansing. If the beet is too heavy for you, then you make the juice of half beet and half apple at 11 in the morning. It makes an aromatic boldo. Look, this is boldo. It is bitter. I mix it with senna leaves. An aromatic that is there visits you when you take it and adds the lemon and drinks a good glass of this aromatic at one in the afternoon if the person is a vegetarian normal lunch if he is not a vegetarian lunch with an oatmeal soup lunch is a soup of oatmeal try a little salt some steamed vegetables yes they can be peas with broccoli with cauliflower eggplants put purple eggplants for yellow pipe with which the tender corn the corn zucchini tomato as a drink makes an aromatic geranium also drink it warm that It is your lunch if you are vegetarian continue eating what you are eating normal in any case vegetarian or not in therapy please do not consume any type of dairy or dairy derivatives none please at three in the afternoon I returned for the aromatic you wish with boldo and lemon, drink it warm at 6 in the afternoon, take a grape extract, there you see our video of how to extract the grape extract with the and the peel, the most important thing is there, so that you can give me this video at 8 at night you take a soursop extract with aloe vera gel there you also see the cover of our video on how to make the juice the soursop extract with the aloe vera gel always remember the aloe vera gel must be removing the acibar from the aloe vera and there is also a video called angelic water where we teach you how to remove the acibar from the aloe vera because it is like this iverson and tracking on us barba loínasathe scenes aloe molina salinas that are not convenient to consume in the quantity that the leaf of the aloe brings and at ten at night it ends as the day began by taking another viogen I am alive the sun in the morning and at night that is Friday the seventh day the eighth day 7 in the morning a small glass of warm water with another pinch of salt and lemon.
We had already done it the day before, although if it is okay to salivate at 8 in the morning you will eat a pound of chewed papaya hopefully nice papaya chews and is something without playing a pound at ten in the morning he is going to drink two glasses of orange juice nothing that he has but that he has the white skin of nothing nothing mixed oh look let's see how the most was o In that case, read cubela then, but let it have the orange peel. The ideal is not to liquefy that juice, but if you can't do it anymore, do something like that at one in the afternoon.
If everyone, whether vegetarian or not, is going to consume it. a cream a soup a cream that has broccoli cauliflower fresh peas not dried peas leek yellow potato I am already in cream because she soups us like the day before because we are already getting ready for her to start seeing the excretion so the cream is now easier for her there to the stomach to digest it because it's coming, well everything diluted from the lunch is going to be eaten half a pound 250 grams of pineapple, chew and it's there but not honey gold pineapple that honey gold pineapple neither has gold nor is it afraid ok natural pineapple ready that's it He doesn't see any more food until the next day, so that lunch was at one in the afternoon on that Saturday and there we go without anything, he stays until 6 in the afternoon.
If they tell him that afternoon, he will get something. put my water or drink aromatic waters you want with the boldo or an aromatic basil water that you like without sweet but that is lukewarm. I met at 6 in the afternoon on that Saturday you are going to drink this amount of water and this amount of Magnesium sulfate and I put a little bit of ice in it. It was with ice. Back with ice. It tastes a little bit bitter, but in Wales, magnesium sulfate or England salt or Epson salt and you take this amount, it's not like that at all. well, strong at eight at night two hours later another glass of the same with the same amount of salt and the same amount of water and another little bit of ice at 10 at night the next thing will be serve extra virgin olive oil more or less 80 cubic centimeters more or less more or less this amount of extra virgin olive oil adds a lot of torona, but if you are hypertensive, do not use grapefruit juice, use lemon juice, you see, lemon juice or The grapefruit doesn't mix with the oil, it goes to the bottom so you take a straw, please make it a biodegradable straw, no, not plastic, those that don't degrade, look, they don't mix at the bottom, the juice is left and the oil is at the top, so you What does he do?
He puts the straw in, sucks down, then raises the straw to suck the oil, but he does it simultaneously and he is drinking the oil with the juice. It is very delicious. There he begins the therapy after finishing taking the extra virgin olive oil with the crown or the Lemon immediately lies down and places a pillow. It has been soft so that his head is raised. He lies down and stays there on his back for 20 minutes, still and ccoo. In those 20 minutes, you will feel here in this area of ​​the abdomen that it moves like this. so here you are ethical and you get colic, hold on please because you have to stay for 20 minutes, there's someone who waits, there's a little clock, something, and there the 20 minutes are over, and now you're going to sleep, ordinary, I do a precision in the quantities of the olive oil and the lemon grapefruit three quarters of oil and a quarter of the grapefruit or lemon juice 75% 25% that Sunday since it is the last day the ninth at six in the morning another glass of this amount of water with a tablespoon of magnesium sulfate what you put in is a tablespoon now and that is your breakfast at seven to eight in the morning sorry 6 in the morning to 8 in the morning another glass of warm water with a pinch of salt and me and a warm squeezed lemon at 11 in the morning he is going to eat a pound again of this apple just as we started the previous 6 days eating apples twice a day now in the last Every day I eat a pound of apple and chew all of itagüí and that is going to taste like glory because remember that the day before he ate until one o'clock and from then on he comes without food and this apple, wow, is going to feel like glory at 12 of the day, one in the afternoon, make a vegetable broth, not low in salt, it should be said that without bone, without meat, without chicken, without animal fats, ok, a broth because the liver is delicate, no, so a broth can be used with a small piece of arepa, it can also be done or done. a salad, not a salad, whichever one you like fresh with olive oil, more oil and ccoo with lemon, a small salad and take the amount you want of aromatic basil with lemon or geranium, whichever you like the most of the two, I recommend basil.
No leaf, never use aromatic ones, healthy ones that have paper, that's no use, it's natural, that's a little bit of paper there with tar, that's not it, and that's old, it's not that the basil or the geranium is fresh, and that's where Sunday ended. What is Monday and Tuesday, we would say the tenth and eleventh day, eat a very light diet, eat a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables, have a light lunch on both that Monday and that Tuesday, please don't consume any dairy products because your tummy will hurt. I'm going to kick you then, neither fried foods nor meats, nothing is ready and on Wednesday, which would be the 12th, return to your diet to your food tastes as you please and welcome because you are going to have some wonderful days of energy strength with this liver cleanse afterwards You can order a liver enzyme test for gallstones and you can check how your liver turned out and how your gallbladder turned out.
Cool, clean and welcome to health, well-being and joy, there in the information box you will find it. to appear the market quantity that must be made point by point that you have to buy about 2 leaves of aloe vera that you have to buy boldo nothing a cauliflower pea zucchini tomato there are the quantities for you to make your market how much this one is worth and how much the ones are worth products that you have to eat that are going to cost you 50 thousand Colombian pesos in dollars more or less about 15 to 16 dollars is what the therapy is worth and it will be with your products that you bought there you do not have to go buy anything chemical nothing artificial, nothing synthetic and it is food that is cheap because because in these last three days, well, I have breakfast, lunch and lunch on the 9th, the therapy, so the 50 thousand pesos are included in those foods, what you would spend on breakfast, lunch and lunch during these final three days.
I repeat, feel free to consult your doctor, your pro, the professional to have the tests you want. What I am giving you is a recommendation, educational information only, it is not a medical formula, so you make the decision you want, I advise you very well, what I can do is help you. To make sure is that I know more than 500 people who have done this therapy in 100% of the cases, the well-being and the result has been one hundred percent successful and delicious, so friend, if you liked our video, give your approval, share it and remember to subscribe to the channel. to our channel



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