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Squad Wipes & Grenade Fails - Escape From Tarkov Gameplay Highlights!

Feb 23, 2020
What about everyone? I'm Jessica Sam and welcome back to another


from Tarkov video. We've been having a blast with Patrick Point 12 over the past few weeks on our Twitch stream, so I wanted to put together a video of some of my favourites. Moments, so we've got some good



, some funny moments, some fatalities, so I hope you enjoyed the video if you're new to the channel and haven't watched the stream yet. I stream a few days a week on Twitch. all my links will be further down, but with that out of the way, let's go ahead and dive in and hope you enjoy.


come on what what are you a legend and i love you come on come on guys oh my god yeah i'll be that for this better make it easier to see him get out someone got hurt here i heard something i wasn't sure what was hurt by crashed by mistake or something.
squad wipes grenade fails   escape from tarkov gameplay highlights
There's no barbed wire here. I am assuming. g someone just jumped off this from the start like the cliff look up here interesting well i think i got it i got one there's another i think i tagged it it went to the right i can't see it it's behind a rock it hit them both dammit, you're dead there's at least two more yeah like we used to yeah one of them hit the bill one shot the other oh hold on guys there we go good we've needed it for a while and then i wanna waste one because I think I feel bad about it oh yeah stay on that rock you know that other rock that has the weird jump that I can get sometimes I'm going to get there and then the job we have will have good eyes all over the construction zone if you cling to that rock i cling to this rock and then we can pick our battles obviously if that guy sees you two then just slink away and we'll regroup ok so i'll settle for a m4 or just one. star or something, yeah oh my god where is that from?
squad wipes grenade fails   escape from tarkov gameplay highlights

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squad wipes grenade fails escape from tarkov gameplay highlights...

I did not bring you, you need, let's not bleed, it's terrible. The place to do this in no way we have them both well, it's another cursed one, I don't know how we got it, there are four, there are five, we go to the family.
squad wipes grenade fails   escape from tarkov gameplay highlights

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