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Sporty Stampolines Art Make for Kids | Crafts for Kids | Learn to Count 123 | @Numberblocks

Feb 23, 2023
one and another one is two and another one is that is three five four three two one number five yuck oh we are playing musical statues a painting a painting of four I knew but what is that foreign park don't you mean trampoline no no look oh that was fun oh is that you of course it's one two three four four blocks see foreign foreign of course they don't have really different shapes, are they the same shape, one going up and one going across? all a very exciting sheep compared to all of you now now now you're forgetting something one two three oh one plus one plus one plus one equals four every big shape is made up of many little ones what can i do you made it all of us well done and just in time for the grand finale right now foreign foreign foreign
sporty stampolines art make for kids crafts for kids learn to count 123 numberblocks

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