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Spend the Day with Me - Stay At Home Mom Life

Apr 30, 2023
i saw the city passing by my window i was in the crowd but i felt so alone i looked at my phone like every two seconds my future was blurry and numb a tunnel where there is no light oh i heard you say everything is alright but how did you know how i was i felt you saw me well that day we were lost in space together how you turn everything around i will always remember how you took me from the battlefield together trying to find my place chasing me in the lights to bring me out of the dark give me a little faith something make me stronger someone who can close the way then you came to me and gave me a reason i feel at


i don't know anyone who can compare to you the way you always are smiling the way you light up a room i couldn't live without you not even if i tried cause everyday i'm with you i'm flying above the clouds oh yeah yeah i'm flying good morning happy wednesday and welcome to a one day in my


if you guys are new my name is vanessa and i'll just bring you together with my day now the plans have already changed i'm ready for the day i'm letting my hair dry naturally sometimes i blow dry it sometimes i don't so if you guys are like wow your hair is so greasy now it's just humid but two of my kids I have four kids paige who will be 18 in july bryce who turned 11 in january and then the pink and pearl twins who are nine will be 10 in november and the pink and pearl twins are sick today now rosa doesn't feel so bad i just think she's growing like she has some aches and pains and she's tired pearl on the other hand is sick to her stomach and she's already been in and out of the bathroom a couple of times this morning.
spend the day with me   stay at home mom life
I feel very sad for her. They're both


today, so we'll see what I can accomplish, you know, between keeping an eye on them and making sure they're ready. I'm in my closet because I'm about to change clothes. I have another load. here i need to wash up but so far this morning i brought you guys i just like to get that drive that motivation so welcome let's go ahead and continue throughout the day and see what we can do because where you go is where i I'm going I don't need anyone else ok so if you don't follow me on Instagram you may not know we are putting up a new fence so they started on Monday and are working great with us since we have dogs, so I think usually when they finish the fence, they take it down in a day or two and then start putting it up as they put it up while they take it down like that.
spend the day with me   stay at home mom life

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spend the day with me stay at home mom life...

I can let the dogs out at the end of each day and not that you know I took them all out on a leash for several days so it's been great but they were able to go down and lift all this side and then it rained yesterday yesterday they couldn't get out and it looks like they're not going out at all today but like i said it's great that the fence is up at least so we don't have to worry about it with the dogs but you can see the difference here is the old fence and it's the original fence of this house.
spend the day with me   stay at home mom life
We've been here for a little two and a half years, but the house itself is 12 and a half years old, so this fence is that. old it definitely needs to be replaced we're really excited about it but I came here to check on my plants because of the rain I can see I don't need to water so that's great we haven't really had a ton of rain so I just want making sure my plants get what they need but i thought i would bring you guys too so when the leaf is like that it means i don't need to water it's when this little tube comes over here that i need to water than the reservoir below the soil here it's getting thinner so here are my plants i definitely need to start using my herbs i've just taken a little bit of them um at least pruning them a bit to put them in the freezer maybe if i don't need to use them but i'm very excited about my pumpkin and the cucumbers, they are doing very well, so my cucumbers are just beginning to bloom, look at my pumpkin, where are the ones? growing oh right here look they're starting to get really excited because this basil is doing fantastic I can smell it it's so potent I need to cut it up and save it just like here my lemon balm I'm just waiting. on these tomatoes because my kids love tomatoes oh yeah look here they're amazing I don't see oh I do see some there's some on this one I don't see any I see a little flower a couple of flowers but no . little bulbs still, but my cilantro looks sad.
spend the day with me   stay at home mom life
I need to get some of my cilantro off and this lemon balm just take it out in the freezer to use but that's ok I definitely don't need to water this one is still a bit up oh and you know what I didn't check on this one here I see that this one is down but it's raining a lot and I mean it's definitely wet so I'm wondering if this one is kind of broken I don't know I don't want to water it though because I know it's going to rain more today and they seem to be doing well like this okay, that's all i had to do this morning, let's go back inside and work on some other stuff, oh, before that. i've been getting some questions on instagram about this and i know y'all got a good look at me if you saw my sam's club tour you saw me pick this up i got them at sam's club oh someone's texting me i got them at sam's club they still might have them , they are about a hundred bucks for um one and I have four total because of the things I wanted to plant actually also while we're here let's see my peach tree oh they're definitely growing so I need to look up I think I'll have to, oh well, I didn't mean to do that, but I knew I would have to, so I accidentally took that peach out of it, but the peach tree we've yet to get peaches from. so the first year we didn't see peaches at all and this is what came with this was here when we moved in the previous owners planted this pea tree um so the first year we didn't get any the second year we saw them grow but as they were bad before I could pick any so I started doing some research and this year I'm hoping we can eat something because apparently I'm supposed to take off some that are too. together i forgot how far apart they are supposed to be so i will have to take one of these off i think these are ok this one is getting pretty big so i will have to keep an eye on this but if you guys have peach trees let me know your tips and tricks on how to get them the birds try to make them pretty fast but they are growing there are several here so im excited hope we can get some. peaches this year alright guys I haven't really shared much of what I've been up to in the last hour because I had to make two phone calls one for pets one for me I'm supposed to have a doctor's appointment tomorrow .
I had one several weeks ago, not really sure how long, but she wanted to do a blood test, but there wasn't enough time in that appointment to do it, so I had to go back or make a new appointment for that. I'm supposed to do that tomorrow, but since the girls aren't sick and you know it's polite to cancel 24 hours in advance, I went ahead and canceled or rescheduled that appointment just in case, like the girls, if this is a stomach bug and They don't go to school tomorrow. I don't want to cancel at the last minute because my appointment is or was tomorrow morning.
Anyway, I rescheduled that and then got my video which will be posted tomorrow. I don't know why I think today is Tuesday like I am. I really believe there are more days in the week and there aren't, so tomorrow is Wednesday. I have that video. I had to finish just a few things on Thursday's video, so I did it and then. i just did a real for instagram and posted it so i did some office work and now we're going to go in the kitchen because um the meal prep video i shared i have a few more things i wanted to do. and one of those is something I really want to do.
The other things I had written are like stable things that can hang out. I don't need to make them, but I really want to make blueberry muffins. joanna gaines cookbook so let's go to the kitchen first i need to clean the kitchen and then we'll make those muffins on sunday we can always pass what we do is what we do i can take you anywhere don't be afraid you'll look good on me, The kitchen is clean, but before I make those blueberry muffins, I have two things to do: I need to make dinner for Bryce to have something to eat later after school at one of the nearby high schools, so Mark's will take him to where we were both going to go but since the girls are sick and i've been around them this morning i don't want to go to a school with other kids you know you never know i don't want to be any kind of carrier so i'm


ing here bryce and mark they're leaving so we're going to have dinner later this is something i've shared here on the channel before and it's in oh you know what it's not in my first cookbook so i might go ahead and add this in the crockpot cookbook in the which Kira and I are working on and we hope to release it early fall so yeah I might do it that means I have to take a really cool picture tonight okay okay okay I remember doing that.
I've shared it so many times I feel like it's already in one. I'll double check, but I don't think it is. Anyway, I'll link the video. an older video, but this is one of my favorite crock pot recipes. stuff so this is what I'm going to make or cook for dinner tonight so I'm going to go ahead and make this and then the laundry has been done for a while so I'm going to change that and then I'll see you here to make those blueberry muffins so hopefully the girls feel a little better later this afternoon or tomorrow.
They haven't eaten anything they tried this morning and I just don't like it I was on my game not every morning I like to make them things for breakfast many times we have a lot of things in the freezer and pantry but this morning I like to get fruit out of purpose and i made some bacon just to get them going this wednesday morning and bryce is really the only one who could eat it so anyway i'm going to go ahead and start dinner so this is all i need that It's going to go in the crock pot I have my pork chops and I don't know if I study yet these are grilled pork chops so I have my pork chops a little bit of salt pepper and oil and I'm going to brown them I need to grab a skillet i' The I'm going to brown them before I put them in the crock pot.
I'm going to slice, not dice, but slice this onion and put it in the bottom of my crock pot, then my pork chops will sit on top. i am going to season my pork chops with garlic powder paprika and then salt and pepper and then i eat the sauce the sauce that goes on top i am using a whole can of cream of chicken a whole can of cream of mushroom soup and then So I usually use a can of beef broth and just mix these three ingredients together and pour it on top, but sometimes I've been using the beef broth for dog food if I don't think it's mild enough for them Oliver is my pickiest she really likes this in hers and this morning when me and mark were making her food i was like oh dont dont use the beef broth because i need it for a recipe but its not enough so i mean you I can really use any type of broth I have this vegetable broth in the pantry.
I don't have any more beef broth, so I'm going to see how much is left here and then just add the vegetable broth to get to about 10.5. ounces and then I just mix these three together so I'm not going to show you because I've shared it a few times, but I'll have that video linked in the description box if you want to see it and can. Get excited about the crock pot um cookbook that Keira and I are working on because I'm going to put this recipe in there because it's definitely one of my favorites and everyone likes it, even Rose who's very picky, she really likes it . the taste he will eat i mean he won't eat a ton but he will eat this and not complain which is good ok dinner is cooking so i have it down for seven hours but my crop is not a crock pot my pork chops are pretty thin so I guess it won't take that long though we're not going to have dinner until later so I'll just keep an eye on him maybe in a few hours he'll come over for a check on temperature and keep this warm, but I'm going to bring you guys with me all day to see how it all turns out, so now that I have dinner going, I'm going to go ahead and change clothes, okay? so i have the towels folded and put away and then the other load is today's last load in the dryer.
I thought to myself, I'll have to wait to wash Pearl's bedding. I mean, she's in the bathroom, she hasn't had any kind of illness. in her room but I'm going to wash her bedding tomorrow if she feels better and after school but right now she still feels pretty gross so I don't think she's going to school tomorrow either but Rose on the other hand let me show them what he's doing, what are you guys doing, they're painting, so they usually paint in the dining room, but the dining room is did you forget to take this off? oh you did it todinner so since we just talked a little bit about dogs in case you're new this is buford and then we have oliver and she's beautiful she's the fastest eater she's almost gone and it's probably been like a minute and medium he's the last he's the slowest buford he's probably almost done too oh I still have a little left oh sorry I was moving too fast and it got blurry pink you want to show what you painted it's now it's pretty dry that's it really pretty so she used some new paint she got from easter in her easter basket along with some paint we already had the confetti paint is amazing are they supposed to be like some kind of rainbow? i put them for you since i was in the kitchen the same i put it all in the paint bucket i went ahead and cleaned up for you why where you going to put your brushes at oh don't paint in your room if you want? to keep them in your room ok they're in the paint bucket at the office you can put them in your room if you want I like them very pretty hey guys so actually it's been several days what did I do?
It was the first day Pearl was home, well, the next day, well, by the end of that night, shortly after I left you guys, um, I started to feel a little gross, Rose and Bryce are like, oh, our stomach hurts and the next day it was all four of us. of us Pearl was no longer throwing up she was a little better but we all still felt sick it was a field day at the kids school so I figured I wouldn't send them to school with an upset stomach no fever nothing all of us had fevers everything we weren't feeling well definitely whatever kind of stomach problem Pearl had was starting to get to us and then on Friday we were all feeling a little better even a little sick but the guys went out to finish the fence and the kitchen got it's done all the cabinets were painted so no more vlogging for me the rest of the week now it's saturday afternoon and we can't use our kitchen for 72 hours so mark is on his way to the subway right now for lunch , I mean we can use it, but they really like to discourage them from being there, so we're trying to stop the dogs from walking through the cabinets. the kitchen if it gets dusty it will stick to our cabinets so we're trying to avoid that so Monday I can go back there and put the kitchen together I actually ordered a few things from amazon which I'm excited to try.
I still feel kind of gross but it's ok at least I don't want to get sick or anything anymore so sorry I left them hanging like I said I plan on vlogging that day wearing them like my typical day but as a mom you know that things work out, not even just as a mother, just


in general, things happen, plans change and it's okay, you just have to learn to go with the flow. So I put you off for a while but I still wanted to share with you the fence as I shared that that was being done and I'll give you a little sneak peek actually show you life. the bedroom not the kitchen because I'm shooting the kitchen separately but here's the living room looks great I love it so all the cabinets are painted and that was phase two so phase three no i'm pretty sure when that will happen um mark and i'm still discussing everything we want to do but i'll definitely bring them along with everything but the kitchen is almost done just a couple more things we want to do and it will be exactly as we had figured so i'm really talkative anyway because like i said it's been a while i was in the room with the dogs all day yesterday just watching tv i got some work done i edited everything up to this point so it's ok let me turn you around and show you our new fence and of course everything is nice and green except we don't have gutters yet so this is like where the water just falls into a big muddy hole every time it rains but we've I had a week full of yucky type of weather but it was sorely needed because look how green our backyard grass is it looks great everything around our area looks nice and green right now but look at the up close, it looks fantastic.
What a difference so we still have a little bit of yard cleanup to do but yeah awesome awesome so I wanted to share that with you guys as I told you I'll show you the door when you're done good. now it's all finished so it's exciting a lot going on around the house and still you know it never ends when you own a home sorry it will take a second for the light to adjust so that's ok i couldn't share with you guys had dinner i'm going to have to do it again we had pork chops topped with pork chops over the orzo and i just made some roasted broccoli as we had a lot of broccoli to finish that night but i wasn't feeling well so that I left them alone and tried to finish dinner as fast as I could, but I didn't take a picture of it either, so I'll have to redo that, which isn't a big deal, we didn't. enjoy it that way i may add it to the cookbook but i hope you enjoyed hanging out with me even though it wasn't what i had originally planned so i know it's been a while since i shared a vlog so i hope despite This did not turn out exactly as I had imagined.
I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me a bit. If you gave this video a big thumbs up, that will let me know you enjoy vlogging and maybe I'll give it a try. to do it at least a couple times a month but other than that I hope you guys are having a fantastic day hit that subscribe button if you're new and I'll see you in the next video bye.

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