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Space Engineers - A Grand Tour #4 (Survival on Multiplayer)

Jan 14, 2022
I've done something pretty risky here. I've transferred all my assets to this thing before it can move effectively, so as I was saying before, if someone finds me, I'm in a bit of trouble. i built everything i put nice very nice it's an ugly ship but i'll slowly make it look better as we go along because i can't stand to fly ugly ships i don't like it should be good to think about now where i'm going to put these ion thrusters and how many do i have actually have what is that 400 so i can fit five currently i have one on the left and one on the right ok so i can only have one up one down one back and two in front its not much of a take off to get fat there It will be where my two front thrusters will go, oh wait, can I lower the thrust?
space engineers   a grand tour 4 survival on multiplayer
I could get this last block off the door, yes I could do that. i'm going to put the thrust on there alright and hit a reverse thruster on just a anywhere because it doesn't matter something weird is going on with the normal majoras control mouse controls but the question and answer rocking is really weird i'll roll a little bit and then it will go down and I think it's almost like it's related to the delay in that it's not accepting my input correctly we lose the medium cargo container which is just bulky to no benefit I'll get rid of the solar panel and I think I could leave it mostly like ears except I need to move the battery pack that's hanging off the bottom because it's hanging a law in a really awkward spot so I think about that.
space engineers   a grand tour 4 survival on multiplayer

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space engineers a grand tour 4 survival on multiplayer...

I disconnect, I only connect the combination blocks. I'll just move them. I can move them two blocks closer than the current one. lock there and most like here make them snap into place. I'll set those batteries and that will bring them a little closer than they were before, oh, and I can move my


kit, yeah, that means I can move that. can make this thing really knock over Please now I'm going to place a medbay or


kit here. I want the decorative blocks here. What should I do. Let's rearrange this bed and these lockers.
space engineers   a grand tour 4 survival on multiplayer
Wonderful. I can't build the lockers. I'll do that for now, as I really don't want to go to the effort of stuffing the connection into a medbay. I'm going to move my survival kit to this big grid here, so I'll gear up there. Do I have enough to do? three medical components so far I say no because I'm not refining it right now because I'm going to make a cryopod I think cabin wait cabin do you have any inventory? sure this doesn't smell when i unplug it when i removed the smoke i'm pretty sure it won't but it would be really annoying if it did great so the reason one of those medical components is for the cryopod because it you need for that cryopod now and also if i crush it like i did and drop the med components i was po potentially i will end up deleting them and lose my components yes no more splits will be deleted at the end of each session anymore However, I'm going to be looking at a thruster so it can be channelled.
space engineers   a grand tour 4 survival on multiplayer
I'm going to do something a little different than what I have fixed it here getting rid of these thrusters now that I got to the cockpit it's way backwards from how I'd like it fixed let's do that that's better makes a lot more sense with the big thrusters pointing down only if I use this on the planet so since I have these ports here I'll use them to attach little thrusters for going backwards and I might even at some point squeeze some in between the cargo bins and the forward facing cockpit just for a bit of extra braking which will start with a drill at the front of each cargo container so there's probably something arranged vertically like that where it joins there and maybe the third drill like that just for something ing a little different the reason why i placed them vertically is that i can add three extra holes below and that should carve me and then one more up in the center that should carve me a hole A clean hole for me to fly through should be pretty handy yeah you just need a mini or detector and actually maybe grow those extra exercises five minutes oh three under that creates a problem with the place Where do I put that thruster?
I'll be moving this good job split seat good job clear forecasting and planning oh you can only have five drills to go ok that changes things then bye I'll build the fourth. I totally forgot there were some specific limits so if you go to you if you're not in a booth and you're not looking at any particular block inventory or anything you can go to info and see your pc you can see all the ships you've built and you can see I have a max number of five drills five grinders and five welders so I'm going I'm going to just go with four so I'm also going to go or color for now and this whole grid is turning gray it's gray it's much harder to see against asteroids then i might just for fun titan color it when i get to titan one unfortunate thing i can't do on this because of the pcu limit is i can't regularly launch a beacon over the place i I was tempted at one point to drop beacons for people to follow me but realized I'd quickly run out of PCUs and that will make the chance of building well anything I've used me very, very small nah oh this is so awkward to control now i need a power pool so the power pool will be the o2h two gems the hydrogen. push the gyros and the o detector that's the power group power group what we're going to do is every time I look at the main ship I'm going to turn all this off I'm going to get in my car and it doesn't really don't matter where you're for the service stop but i figure i have the cryop od i can also use it and look at a wall conduction problem.
I think it should be able to stay in the game and it will reconnect when the server is back up and we're looking at a wall again and more importantly I needed to get into the crying pod because I would have lost. Otherwise I might have lost the crafting tools and now that I have good tools we've had I can't remember how much silver I might need, I guess collecting a decent amount while I have it isn't a bad idea and probably a fair amount decent. you may end up having to cover this thing in solar panels just to try and draw enough power for when you unplug a pocket.
I don't think I'm going to do any Titan action today, but I'm going to try to get there so the next episode I can be going down and back from Titan and try to get the gold and the other stuff that's dropped there, if I haven't already. i got because it's really easier to find resources on planets it's harder to use resources because you have to sift through all the stone and you have to fight gravity but all other aspects of it's easier it's a it's easier to find well it's easier to find i really don't think this is going to work with these two thrusters here we need to move that connector one block out it's too set up for me to connect this medium cargo container and connector yeah it'll all work fine that is better.
I have four days of energy right now. Let's move I really want to grab this thing at some point need for gravity generated components this rise is not where gen gravity components cranky silver and gold cobalt pretty cobalt i think cobalts will be my big thing i need to get from titan am very slow but i move only with energy and that makes me happy to be nice when i can get a co A couple of extra ion thrusters to increase my speed a little faster and also to slow down a little faster i probably have like 200 miles to travel I think judging by the size of Titan I guess it's around that kind of margin maybe I can be a bit low than now that the remaining power is with the refinery running my ugly dull gray ship which needs a name and for now it will be the boring ugly gray ship i think i named my other ship if we go to info no help from the booth i got info you know thats something f eo that's an ugly mining ship I think I called it there's so much of what I'm building so far that is ugly I don't care about the mining ship anymore it definitely doesn't need the Large thrusters first used in


and it makes it quite awkward but other than that it's not terrible it's a little different which I like and I've left the scope of the zmp beacon now I know what happened it had just run its timer and another five K's before I go out of range, I think I want to investigate it, you know what I'm going to do?
I'm going to walk in with just my welder, grinder, and drill, and I'm going to look into that because clearly someone has put some effort into making it behave like a


. pirate Mayday or the space peridot sign and that looks suspiciously bright yellow my boosters may not be powerful but at least Maduro looks very gold if that's gold all I really need to get gold for ladies I'll just need to get cobalt from Titan that's perfect because gold deposits on planets tend to be pretty thin and annoying to mine where your cobalt should be pretty good.
I'm going to make a bookmark there for that. I'm going to drop my good tools and go investigate. that they can fill me up with oxygen because it's going to be a good way to travel 50K is every way close to I'm not going to bring this right in range I'm just going to bring this closer because it has load capacity so if this is a cheeky giveaway I'm going Let's see what it is and I'm going to I bet at this point in the video, the person who made this is going to go see why you kept me waiting so long.
I'm afraid I was worried that someone would do something bad to me, but now I have enough things to risk. My survival kits work fine. I have many things. I have a little more security. after my little hack, i just have to wait for the timer block to come back on so i can head towards it and the beacon comes back on. I hope it didn't run out of power just as I'm trying to do it. fuck i might go pick up some ice cause my tanks generators are empty i still have silver and stone and i didn't empty them well this was a flop i've been waiting now i don't know like ten 15 minutes try to see if its legal it comes back on and i guess it ran out of power so i dont think theres much chance of me spotting it anywhere around here thats kind of funny but i went to investigate a little too late to get back to my ship so yeah get back to my ship oh no it's there it's there it doesn't run out of power ok the meter that's GPS 18 miles that will give me an idea how much further I have to go like this that if i lose signal i know if i'm getting close and i should stop and wait till it's not dead oh it went out again so once. again about 28 cases from that, I'll stand by.
It was traveling a bit sideways so I probably won't be close to it but I would be able to spot it oh if I had a turret I would be able to spot it's because if I fired up the turret and it was out of ammo oh shut up again. 22 Ches, that is lying to us properly. the process is going to be a bit of a pain because my survival kit is on the mainnet which is of course the safest for me given my only survival kit challenge i want to keep yeah its a long way down traverse because it's almost 40 Kay away 45 ish it might stop like 4 Kay from this thing which isn't much farther to go it's going to be pretty hard to spot this thing for Kay's because I'm guessing the sink distances on this server will be the default, which is three kilometres. something I'm in range of their turret and they're not going to shoot me they're all out there looks like a solar panel now that's boy this Ramon oh damn the battery for the solar panel and the antenna and the reason it's turning on and off is not by a timer is because solar energy is not adequate to power that antenna until the battery is sufficiently charged. down, there just isn't enough there, that's too much fun, i was hoping for something more exciting Oh, I'll be right back and then I'm going to Titan.
I really wonder what that was for. Remember that you will have to tell me. Let me know what that thing was supposed to do. Ah, that comment will make more sense to them after they do. watch this video but at this point it probably doesn't make much sense it would be so much fun if someone tries to capture me I would definitely play along so someone chasing me manages to find me and has some weapons just threaten me with I'll probably introduce them if I had to I think I have if I don't have a job to get away or if I'm on a planet dammit Ramon this is a long way to get to check out that thing Oh such a strange little ship with the ledge of the batteries above the cockpit so there's a oh there we gothe asteroid finally showed up especially there's a funny thing going on in the server sometimes asteroids don't become visible and unless you go in and out of a cockpit and as i knew that I was getting close to one, I wasn't comfortable with the concept of it.invisible and now I regret my lack of lights.
I'm going to need a lot of gold, so I want to maximize my collection of this. Having a couple of jump drives will make my life so much simpler. Okay, now we're full enough. I will be a burden. They have about a hundred thousand kilos of everything. However, I don't really know what the refining rate is and if I don't find gold easily again, which seems plausible, I'd be really upset. left more behind here and got stuck as a result 117 the house is not gold charlie that's going to be enough now i'll do one more like that i'll do that's all the gold i'm going to try and collect obviously i'll still have this marker so if i get a single jump boost i could jump into this and collect more so hopefully what i got is enough all i need will get pretty ridiculous hauling all this stuff around while i hope i have the nests of all the different bits needed alot silver I collected a thousand three trips I got way more silver than I've ever hated oh gosh that's something let's get the silver out of there and put the gold in its place yeah I need the platinum and gold so I'll leave them to both.
It's all good up here in my main ship and I'm going to make it on time at the slowest acceleration I've ever experienced first. im going to put all the ice into hydrogen just thinking about it cause i saw my self was under it too i should be able to do this while on the go my ping should allow where should i put this oh for tank i know i got rid of the one that was with you there we go that will end for sure i will have some oxygen and i will not die because if i am in tears but i ran out of oxygen that would be bad pointing out two liters per minute that is not good good now there we go still nothing goes into the tank though , I wonder what he's trying to fill in right now.
I mean for one to eat three eight liters a minute is pretty slow, so I probably don't even see it show up. Well, I have two liters of oxygen. Yeah, it's running incredibly slow. but it's working, that means it should be able to survive. What I think I'm going to do is between now and when I do the next recording. I'm going to crawl towards Titan and every time I have to. high i'm going to find an asteroid nearby to hide a bit still pretty close to the beginning of the planet so i'm a little nervous stopping in open space.
I know people are more likely to go to an asteroid, but they're also likely to see a ship this size floating in the middle of nowhere. Now, I'm not particularly observant, but I'm still not likely to miss it, so head over to this asteroid and park there until you can get into the server. It will take me a long time to slow down, so I might as well. I pick that asteroid there so I guess I'm going to be a long time before that yeah oh it would be so bad if I was on target for something maybe that asteroid there well that's right there whatever that there I just know wherever I stop that's not going to be the episode that comes out today so I'm probably long gone from that asteroid before the finery goes down no 2 hours two generators off one vent off five days power four or five days on something out there that ain't that bad they wanna turn off the gyro it'll give me a little more i'll turn off all the ions it'll give me more probably i should turn off the assembler and he takes a kilowatt but that's still a kilowatt i don't need to burn i've been lucky so far with the way i've been doing my power generation that i haven't had to worry really well i haven't had to worry too much and i was able to get all those energy efficient modules in my assembler and refinery but i hope at some point particularly what i'm trying to charge the jump drive if i haven't found any uranium yet life is going to be hard it's going to be very very very hard i'm thinking a little bit if i haven't found one if i haven't found a source of uranium what i might need to do is fly down to the planet or to titan build a variety of wind turbines to charge because it's going to be so much faster than solar and then take the whole thing apart Once I'm loaded I'll be back in space and doing my big jump before I know what I'm going to do and my next stop, the other option would be to use ice and engines to load, which I could probably do quite easily by landing on a ice lake on one of the planets that might actually be a better choice i think about it because i might have a wide variety of things that i can actually take with me and can still spawn stuff once i'm gone yeah that makes a lot more sense than turbines G's turbines I don't buy your division I see it starting to slow down I see blue I wonder if it's cobalt I wonder if it's cobalt that makes that blue light up the asteroid would be pretty handy to access some now obviously the big downside to using ion thrusters is i'm burning through my power safety net just pushing it's not a lot of fuel not a lot of oxygen hopefully one of the blue things is ice oh it could be magnesium not cobalt.
I find here that a little magnesium is visible. I am deliberately pulling slowly because I don't trust my stopping power. I have a 500 ton boat and not much. of stopping power, most of the weight of my ship is things like my resources, but still, it's cobalt and it's cobalt and magnesium, that's all cobalt. Wow, that's a lot of cobalt, obviously hiding like this hiding is relative, but the closer I get to the rock, the less. li I think they'll also see me if I'm not directly over a depot and they're less likely to see me because if someone comes with turrets that's not going to matter, obviously hiding in the rift will drastically limit the effectiveness of that oxygen. farm, but I guess I'll find out five how much oxygen or if I use any when I'm in a cryopod and offline.
I've never tried it, it's ok. The cellar shuts down. Jarrah shuts down. The ion thrusters shut down. had to push with iron its not in the group her because i cant see them at all the main reason for turning off the ion thrusters is not for power but because of their blue glow i still cant see them oh its still called small thruster oh right , because this is such an old grid before it was hydrogen propellants and atmospherics, yeah it makes sense, okay, I know there's the big green glow of all things, but it's still a good time for a gyroscope going.
I hope to darken them a bit. sweet, well, I feel like today was very successful. I got the big grid ship that I wanted. I have enough room for everything I need for now, but I'm going to have to expand this considerably to fit a jump drive and all that kind of stuff that I really don't want. my cry pod sits right up against an ion thruster so i'll change that at some point so there will be all of that and much more to come and i might see you then here we go

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