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Aug 23, 2022
On starry nights when the moon is full and the world seems to stand still, the ever-present silence is interrupted by the sound of a locomotive in the distance running in a hurry determined to get ahead in time. This is the sound of the post train, Percy the Little The Locomotive. She was very proud of her mail train, felt deeply about her responsibilities, and always did her best to ensure that it was never late or suffered any mishap when the sun began to break. His last job was to wait at the junction for the arrival of the newspaper train.
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This was the first passenger train of the day, but with the addition of an additional van attached to the back, the newspapers would be transferred to his and Percy's mail train. he would quickly deliver them along the Thomas branch line before the stores and news agents. opened but as time went on demand grew additional vans were added to the passenger train until eventually the vans outnumbered the carriages the fat controller decided to give the newspaper train its own exclusive service and chose richard to be responsible for taking the train oh, this is indeed, it is a great honor, sir, Richard smiled.
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I know you will do very well with the Fat Controller's service. Well, at least it will be a big improvement. “Then using a small shunting device on a mail train,” James muttered to the big engines. Percy performs exceptionally well. The Fat Controller rumbled. "He takes his times as seriously as any express engine would and he's not cocky about it. Maybe Percy could teach you a thing or two about that. James said no more. The Fat Controller left in silence, but it didn't last. a lot. I'm there auntie, I know you're not a snorting duck, the fat controller entrusts percy with such an important train, yes, but with Richard pulling the newspaper train, it'll only be a matter of time until he takes over the mail train and does it.
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What does he do to you? I think this is all speculation, of course, Richard stammered, look at him, duck, he observed Gordon, he's bigger, faster and more reliable than Percy. His timing will be a big improvement. No doubt he'll make it to the intersection before Percy. It's just a matter of fact. I don't mean to discredit the little guy, but there's a reason night trains are run by larger locomotives. He just looks at Henry with the flying herring or boko and endures sharing the midnight items. I am surprised by a duty as prestigious as that of the postal train. "You've been in charge of such a small engine for so long," Gordon growled, "it's time you modernized to the idea that your ideas need to be modernized." It broke out, duck, you leave Percy on his mail train alone while the engines argue.
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Richard looked across the yards. There was. Percy sadly pulled out of a siding. He had heard that everyone wanted to apologize for the bigger engine's behavior and assure Percy that he didn't want to take over the mail train, but every time he arrived at the crossing, Percy was never there. What has been happening? Ask Daisy abruptly one day, oh Daisy, I'm on the right side. Richard the big engine got a little carried away and the cinema ended up taking a postal train from Percy. Hmm, that explains why he's been so depressed recently, Daisy commented, oh dear, oh please Daisy.
I tell Percy not to worry. I don't want the mail train from him. You may not have a choice darling, remember it's the fat inspector who assigns who pulls which train and if you end up doing a good job with the newspaper train then I'll do it. I fear it's inevitable Richard suddenly smiled then I know what exactly I have to do. Oh, don't tell me you were thinking of delaying the newspaper train to make yourself look bad compared to Percy. Richard didn't say anything, he just walked away looking very pleased with himself. Oh, it is, isn't it?
On the first morning of the new newspaper train, Richard was talking quietly to himself at the station. Some children were standing on the platform. They had gotten up early to take the train to school and had decided to admire Richard. her number and looked at him everywhere. Richard was too busy hatching his plan to notice the children climbing onto his footstool. His curiosity got the better of them and one of the boys spun a wheel on Richard's vehicle. At that moment, the driver and the firefighter arrived. Right, guys, that's enough, that's enough with the train, go, said the driver, the children jumped up and walked away happily.
At that moment, it was time for Richard to leave as he tried to start, his wheels slipped and


s shot out of the funnel cure him, oh, this train is heavier. that our soul of Richard, the driver was also surprised, he worked hard for Richard as he left the station all the


s fell on the train, come on, come on, come on, Richard gasped, he had wanted to hold back, but in the end he didn't expect this. The fireman shouted look, it's not the train it's us, he pointed to the tender handbrake that the children had put on and Richard was pulling his train along the line quickly the firemen released the tender handbrake and Richard began to pull the train. train with ease, that's a lot. better shouted in relief but things were not better richard the sparks had put out the trucks behind one of the van rules was starting to burn when richard reached the open main line the guard noticed more smoke than usual passing by his van Brake looked forward and was surprised to see flames coming out of the trucks.
Richard, neither his driver nor the firefighters had noticed. The guard blew his whistle as loud as he could to get their attention. Finally, they looked back. What a pity, the man exclaimed. driver we are on fire fire fire shouted Richard, he stepped forward in panic and ran down the road to the intersection. Percy had arrived ahead of schedule and was awaiting the arrival of the newspaper train. Suddenly, Richard burst into the station, made an emergency stop and stopped on the platform. when half his train was engulfed in flames, get it out, get it out, shout at the station master, it will spread to the station, Richard tried to get away but couldn't, oh, I can't go, icon, he panicked when the wheels of him they lost. his grip on the rails, percy quickly sprang into action, he rushed in front of richard and with a strong push pulled the train out of the station with no time to waste, richard was uncoupled and percy pulled him safely off the burning train after the firefighters would have finished.
Put out the fire Richard and Percy sat together in silence in the courtyards Richard broke the silence It wasn't a very good debut in the race Was it like that? Percy gave a small smile. You know, he had almost given in to the idea of ​​giving you the job. Percy Gordon said. It's true, well, I've been running the postal train for a long time and I'm sure you'd do it better than me, no, no, that's not true, but Percy Daisy interrupted me and told me you had something in your funnel. I didn't think you'd go to such lengths to make me look good, but I have to admit I'm touched.
Wait, wait a moment to think that you didn't want me to be surpassed by you for going to all this. effort, no, no, no, it's not like setting fire to your train, oh what, then the Fat Controller wouldn't promote you to the duty of making the onward journey, but Percy, was it all an accident or I didn't mean to put the newspaper. train on fire you sure didn't smile percy or honestly I was just going to hold back a little I didn't want to take your mail train I just couldn't imagine the mail train without you percy percy still pulls the train pole he's very proud to keep doing it so to Richard He was given another debut run with the newspaper.
It performed well as the big engines had predicted, but there was no more talk of Richard taking over the post-Percy trade, the only conversation to be had was the news headlines about Richard's calamity fresh out of the press, so

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