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Southern Carolina BBQ - Rodney Scott's Secret Mop Sauce Hacked

Apr 04, 2024
welcome back to my channel it's joe with the joe spit BBQ smoker in today's video. I'm going to be doing some barbecue in South Carolina and I think I may have pirated Rodney Scott's mop


stay tuned so before we get started. In this video I want to talk about Carolina barbecue. There is no doubt that Carolina is the king of pork just as Texas is the king of brisket. Now I did a lot of legwork for this video. I called several barbecue restaurants in South Carolina. I read a lot of books and watched a lot of videos trying to figure out Rodney Scott's mop


southern carolina bbq   rodney scott s secret mop sauce hacked
Now one of the most interesting things in talking to a lot of restaurants in South Carolina is that some do the whole hog and some just use the pork butt. In itself it was interesting to discover that there was even a barbecue restaurant that doesn't add any dry seasoning to the pork before smoking it, so I want to give a special shout out to Bob Sutton at Bully's Barbecue in South Carolina. He did not do it. give me his recipe but he guided me in the right direction on what seasonings I needed to use now. One interesting thing about Carolina is that they are divided into different regions and each region has their own favorite sauce, some of them like mustard based sauce, some like tomato based sauce and my favorite, vinegar sauce, which is what we're going to use in today's video, so let's make a dry rub for our pork today.
southern carolina bbq   rodney scott s secret mop sauce hacked

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southern carolina bbq rodney scott s secret mop sauce hacked...

I have a quarter cup. of black pepper a quarter cup of salt a quarter cup of garlic powder this is granulated garlic a quarter cup of paprika I'm going to give it a nice color and the last ingredient is two tablespoons of cayenne pepper, okay, let's cover this and let's make a good smoothie very simple rub together five ingredients okay it's there let's make our mop sauce so let's make Rodney Scott's mop sauce and again I read a lot of books I read a lot of articles and I saw a lot. of videos and this is my Rodney Scott mop sauce trick, so I'm going to start with three cups of vinegar.
southern carolina bbq   rodney scott s secret mop sauce hacked
To that I'll add three tablespoons of black pepper, two tablespoons of cayenne pepper, two tablespoons of crushed red pepper. add two tablespoons of sugar now this really took me by surprise, but Rodney Scott said that he had a little bit of sugar just to give a little sweetness to his mop sauce. The last ingredient is I'm using a quarter cup of dark red chili powder, so I'm just going to add all of those dry ingredients to our vinegar. I'm also going to add the juice of half a lemon and don't throw away the lemon, we're still going to use this so I'm going to mix this really well so we want to make sure the sugar and salt are dissolved and also mix the other ingredients well , so I have two glass jars here and I have my half lemon that I cut up. in quarters, just put a quarter in each jar, so I'm going to use half of this sauce to rub our pork once it's almost done and the other half we're going to use towards the end of our cooking so it's mixed together. alright so pour half into each jar so I covered my glass jars these are going to sit on my counter from time to time I'm just going to walk over and give them a good shake let me go get the pork that wanna. thanks to the commenter here for sponsoring today's video comment, it's definitely my new favorite way to enjoy my coffee in the morning, it's quick, takes less than a minute and they come frozen in this pretty capsule.
southern carolina bbq   rodney scott s secret mop sauce hacked
Now Cometier sources its beans from the best roasters across the country. Now what Cometier does is brew their coffee and then flash freeze it at negative 321 degrees to seal in the freshness of the coffee, so all you have to do is pour your capsule into your cup of coffee and pour in about eight ounces of hot water. That is a good mixture and I must tell you that the capsule melts very quickly and this cup of coffee is ready. Now my daughter loves lattes. I'm going to show you how to make them. Just put some ice in your coffee cup that I'm using. a vanilla almond milk now when you are making latte you need to thaw the capsule inside your refrigerator overnight just throw it in your milk look at those beautiful colors give it a good mix and there is your delicious latte ice cream, another quick note. is not throwing the capsules in the trash, you can actually recycle them because they are 100% aluminum, okay, let's try our coffee.
I'm going to have my nice hot cup of coffee. My daughter has her iced latte, here we go. perfection, what do you think is so good? It's good, uh, I want to invite you to use bbq 4-0 as a discount code for a limited time only. You can get 40 off your first feedback order. Be sure to check out the link below. and get some of this delicious coffee, so for this cook I'm going to use a pork shoulder and also a rack of ribs. Now, as I mentioned before, there are many restaurants that make whole pork, but most also make pork shoulders.
Now I don't have a whole pig, but the closest thing I can get is a pork shoulder and also a rack of ribs, so I won't be using any binders for this cook, so I'll just go. to take the dressing that we made before and go ahead and season the pork butt and also our ribs, season them really well now, this is a bone-in pork shoulder, which is what I highly recommend you use for some reason if I use the boneless one . pork shoulder the meat comes out a little drier and not as flavorful now the pork shoulder will take about seven hours to cook and the ribs will only take about four hours so I'm going to put the pork shoulder in first and then at about four hours I'm going to put our ribs on so I'm going to season the back of these ribs and we'll see them out so for this cookie I'm going to use my pit barrel PBX if you wanted to get one check out the link below and get 10 off your order, so I have my charcoal basket filled with Kingsford blue charcoal, I'm just going to grab it and put it inside my drum.
I'll also be using some hickory wood splitters from gourmet wood products and this is available at academy and outdoor sports so if you have one in your area check it out and grab some boxes so I'll be using my grill. blazer grill gun just turn the gas on a little bit, pull the trigger and light the charcoal, so I'm going to throw our piece of hickory right on top of the coals, it'll give us a nice smoke and we'll set it up. our grill, I'm going to cover it, let it heat up and bring them back, so my barrel has been heating up for 30 minutes, let's go ahead and load up our pork butt, okay.
I'm going to cook this with the fat cap side down. One of the questions I often get is what these rods are for, so these rods actually regulate the temperature inside the barrel by keeping that temperature in that 275 to 300 range. These are also used. to hang your food with the supplied hooks so if you want to hang some ribs etc you can use these rods for that so I'm going to go ahead and cover this up. I'm going to let the pork butt cook for about three hours. and I'll bring you back at that time, stay tuned, so it's been three hours since we added our pork butt, let's take a look now, at the one and a half hour mark, I came and flipped the pork butt. so it cooks evenly and looks really good, let's get an internal temperature here, I'm sitting at 165 degrees internally and again I flipped this at the hour and a half mark, so I'm going to flip it again Oh. man look at that it looks great so I still have a lot of charcoal and the split hickory I added earlier is still active so here is my rack of ribs look how big this PBX is I have a rack full of ribs .
I've got a big pig's butt right here and I still have plenty of room for another one if I wanted to, so I'll give that pig's butt for about an hour or so and then I'll go out and wrap it up. Wrap it in aluminum foil, stay tuned, so the pork butt has been in for four hours. I'm going to go ahead and wrap it in aluminum foil, so I'm going to remove all the rib bones. They've been on for an hour. I'm going to go ahead and turn them over like this, I'm going to remove the pork butt and wrap it in aluminum foil, look at that color, okay, the pork butt is going to go back on with a thick lid facing down, we're going to place our rods again so I still have a lot of charcoal and believe it or not, that piece of hickory that you can see just lit there at the bottom still works fine.
I'm going to put the lid back on. I'll leave this for another two hours and bring. You guys okay, so the total cooking time for our pork butt has been seven hours and the ribs have been cooked for about three and a half hours. Let's take a look and see what we got so at the sixth hour I added a little bit more charcoal and a little more piece of firewood because our coals were going out again at the sixth hour our pork butt oh man it's nice and tender , we're probing at 196 degrees and our ribs are right at 201 degrees, okay, so I'm I'm going to remove the pork butt, I'm going to go ahead and unwrap our pork butt and create a little boat, so I have a spoon of big metal, all I'm going to do is poke and loosen the meat on our pork butt. because we're about to mop this, that thing is nice and tender, so I've got my mop sauce right here, I'm just going to mop this all over our pork butt, let those juices soak into that meat, this is going to be fantastic, agree. the pork butt will be fine again, next I'm going to remove the rib rack.
I'm going to do the same thing with the ribs, just open them up a little bit and let our mop sauce get all over the grill with our mop. sauce so I'm also going to throw these ribs in a foil jar just keep the juices in one place check to make sure the ribs are back on good I'm going to give this one more hour we'll see you inside stay well prepared so the Pork is almost done, so I'm going to make coleslaw for the Carolina BBQ sandwiches. So when I contacted barbecue restaurants in South Carolina they told me that about half of the people order coleslaw on their sandwiches, so it's an option, I think it's a 50 50 option, so I have 16 ounces from the coleslaw blender.
I'm going to add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. I'm going to add half a tablespoon of black pepper, half a tablespoon of kosher salt. I'm going to add about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, half a tablespoon of sugar, and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. There is no mayonnaise in this coleslaw. Okay, come in with your hands and give us a good mix. It smells so good. our coleslaw will taste good and complement our


barbecue, so I'm going to put this in the refrigerator, go get the pork and I'll bring you back so the


barbecue is ready. ready and it's been sitting for an hour and the total cooking time was eight hours the aroma in this kitchen is absolutely amazing this doesn't smell like pulled pork it smells like Carolina BBQ look at the color of our ribs and look how tender these are getting falling apart and that's what I want, so I'm going to take out the bones.
Look at that nice clean bone again. Many barbecue joints in Carolina do whole hog, so this is the closest thing to a whole hog. that I can get, I could have also done a pork belly, but I think the ribs and pork butt are enough. Look, it just crumbles perfectly. Remember these were full replacements so you will have some cartilage here. Make sure you get everything out. Well I pulled all the meat out of the ribs, it smells absolutely fantastic, the texture of this rib when pulled out is absolutely incredible, so here's our pork butt, look at that bone it came out extremely clean, I'm just going to pull this out real quick , oh man.
This is hot now, if I see heavy chunks of fat I will remove them. I know some of you prefer to leave the fat in your flavor, but some of this fat is not something you want to eat, so I'm going to remove it. This and I'll bring them back, so I have the pork butt completely shredded. Now I'm just going to mix it with a rib so all those flavors can blend together and you can see why they cook whole. Pork in Carolina has different textures of meat, from pork butt to ribs and pork belly, and it has different flavors too.
I want a little bit of texture, so I'm not going to break this up completely. I have some nice crust. chunks in there so I put a little bit of carolina mop sauce in this bottle and I'm going to add just a little bit if my guests want more they can add more to their sandwich. Okay, I'm going to change my gloves. I'm going to come back and we're going to make ourselves a Carolina barbecue sandwich. Before I make my sandwich, I forgot an ingredient for our coleslaw and I'm just going to add some celery salt. add some celery seed or celery salt, just a little, give it a good mix, done, it's perfect, so I have my loaves ofburger here.
I'm going to add a good amount of this to each sandwich, it's that pretty. and moist, I'm going to add some coleslaw just to one of these sandwiches, this bad boy right here yes, sir, let's try these bad boys, okay, let's try these sandwiches. I've been waiting all day to try this Carolina BBQ sandwich. here we go man, the taste of the pork butt and ribs with that hickory smoke is fantastic. I'm going to try some with a little more sauce, there we go, that's the way to do it, man, it's extremely tasty, now let's try the sandwich. with the coleslaw, here we go man, this is delicious.
I'm going to try a little more sauce, here we go, that's money, so know that I'm in Texas and I love my Texas, but this Carolina style barbecue is fantastic, the sandwich with coleslaw and that extra sauce is the solution. to eat the sandwich now I'm not 100 sure if this is Rodney Scott's mop sauce or not, but if it is or not, you have to try it. I hope you enjoyed this Carolina BBQ video if it's your first time. to my channel do me a favor hit the subscribe button and if you liked this video please like until next time joe smoking jill pitt bbq.

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