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South Georgia gets it's second driver!

Jan 14, 2022
What if you could just twist it into one of these? I don't know how you're supposed to go up in the morning a bit. idea if a truck parks right there there ain't no way I can turn that way I don't know mate this is probably where we are I don't think you can move well we stopped for the night we got to downtown welcome on 95 in


um yeah i'll stay here uh this is a crazy little rest area i have no idea how you're supposed to get out of this place because if there's a park if a truck parks next to me i , there's no way I can do this turn here, I don't know if I'm supposed to maybe go back and go that way, but there's no way I can do this turn here, I know everyone says, ah, robert , is complaining about that extended axis.
south georgia gets it s second driver
I don't think I can turn this into my big break. look how close everything is so hopefully in the morning one of these trucks ends up moving and uh we can get straight out of here anyway that's the plan it's nine at night we've got 10 minutes to go . our drive time with uh three and a half hours to get there we ended up stopping and taking an absolutely amazing shower some of the best water pressure and some of the best water pressure and hot water we've probably ever had that probably was one of the best showers we've ever had at a truck stop oh so I don't even know if I'm going to set my alarm I think we just go to sleep and wake up like it doesn't make sense like it's nine o'clock. clock could start at seven, which would put me there at 10:30.
south georgia gets it s second driver

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south georgia gets it s second driver...

I don't know, maybe we'll set an alarm so we can move on because Leeda still has to brine the turkey and it being Wednesday tomorrow the turkey me. I think she said it has to be brined for 16 hours, so as soon as we can get home, before you can put it in brine. in because i want to be able to fry that turkey and have lunch and dinner, that's what we usually do on thanksgiving, i'll probably wake up in the morning, uh, it's supposed to be like three and a half minutes per pound us. I bought a 20 pound turkey so that's uh I don't know that's a little over an hour so I could probably start frying the turkey at 10 o'clock that way it'll be done by dinner time lunch so we can have lunch then dinner like i said and i'm excited i love thanksgiving i hate christmas i hate this time of year but i love i love to eat on thanksgiving so my biggest thing is um man i love christmas deviled eggs i love them they fart like crazy but i'll probably eat 12 doubles probably 12 deviled eggs solo which was good when we had all 14 chickens now we've got two chickens left and those lazy chickens man they'll have a horse farm next door other side behind our fence and my chickens will go there and visit w with the horses i am sure they are there eating horse feed but they will go there and lay their eggs there. let's go to bed see you in the morning good morning it's uh 6 56 our clock hasn't reset yet um wanted to give you guys a better view of the front before we leave here we ended up having a truck parked next to us here but it looks like your trailer it wasn't very long, like we got to our line and our trailers right inside the white box, well he's in his box, but he's got as you can see he's got like man, I don't know, 10 or 12 feet to the line, so he'll be a big help when we get out of here, um, I was hoping this Walmart truck was gone because he was here when we got there. here and then it could go into this box and then out that way. read the axes here I'm a little nervous I'm a little nervous I'm going to get stuck in this turn and maybe I'm overreacting I'm just not used to doing these tight, tight turns that you always see like people breaking the fronts of trucks that I would obviously be watching.
south georgia gets it s second driver
I don't know when the clock resets. I'll have to uh read to make a movie here. We'll see how close we get. Maybe I'm just exaggerating. room let's get out of here honey put my construction sheet on we may have to go straight through those two parking spots but I want to see I want to try this I want to see of course he hasn't made it all the way to the no line either so if he was all the way to the grass there ain't no damn way now look at the box can you see the box in the mirror which box is the other


s box in yeah i mean that it wasn't too bad but if he was up in the box we wouldn't have done it right so maybe I exaggerated a bit but if he was in his box like I was all the way up in my box I would have removed the part front of his truck so I don't know what we got I'm going home I'm going to cook us a turkey alright alright see you guys at the brickyard unless something else happens we just got here to unload these uh bricks and I got a call from my uh consortium drug company i've been or i got randomly picked to get a drug test so i was this close to being home and now i have to go now i have to go pee in a cup just leave it here alright great let's unleash here unload this stuff alright guys while we wait for unloading I uh I came this way I didn't I don't know if you're going to be able to see how much this trailer leans as they make a turn with a heavy load like this it's wild look it's got that tire tucked under it see if we can get a better angle holy smoke that tilts the trailer so much lita wow that's wild here's the


's side good good good so we got picked up my brother from the airport was we caught you at the airport yesterday the day before yesterday this is the uh this is the setup he ended up buying is a 2012 volvo with a 2012 step deck and this is also a 50ft um he paid a little more than what i did but i think he still got a good deal anymore you cant find of art like this so let me show you inside we're going to get your tarps out we got all your gear out looking at everything we're going to wash this tarp before we put it up because it looks like they dragged it they may have made concrete the last time they did this but it has the ramp kit, what's really cool about it, this is the trailer i was going to buy, but ended up wanting to sell the whole kit.
south georgia gets it s second driver
This one has one of the slip axles, so this rear axle can go from a non-extended axle and you can slide it back to this wheel and have an extended axle. install a steel frame aluminum decking you have these nice chain pockets here you can pu All of that is very nice oh yeah you also have container locks you have eight of them so you can do twenty two twenty feet or one 40ft so you don't have to chain your container you can just lift it up in the container pocket and twist it so it locks the container on your deck it's pretty slippery um the guy we bought it from is the same guy that went and looked my truck from me y'all heard me talk about it chris anderson this was his setup truck has new tires trailer has new tires um his driver abandoned this where was he michigan he was abandoned detroit michigan the guy abandoned him said he quit left him there um so it was a complete mess he has his decals on this truck they were a complete mess when we got it and he spent the last day and a half cleaning this thing up um e The previous driver had one of those dumb sticks in there to make it taller but it's a rigged top version it's not um you can see the ele Tape another bar here to raise it up and I'll say this.
I drove this thing back from Florida about halfway and this transmission shifts so much better than mine. I have to take. I have to get mine back. Transmission like my clutch brake still doesn't work I know it's an adjustment but it doesn't work so anyway it came with the cooler it's the double bunk this was all black I mean it was disgusting. My brother sent me the pics of what this thing looked like before um it's a nice setup it came with this tv it doesn't have a cord um it doesn't have a power inverter we're not sure what they did with the power inverter or how they got the power cords power to the power inverter it has these little doors like my mac i mean you guys know a volvo is basically a mac um my roof i dont have a big open top right here on mine mine has a shelf that comes up and we push everyone our bags and stuff up here but this is nice and open I don't know which one I like better but it's got this opening under it where you can put your bags and stuff and everything under it so he and his wife will drive this um they rented it to us so yeah we have to put a new windshield it has a cracked windshield mine had a cracked windshield um 688k miles on it mine had about 680 something thousand on it maybe it was 640 mine had 640 want or say this is basically my truck but it's uh 2012. his tires uh make mine look balls these things are ridiculous his cat walks bigger than mine um his headache is some kind of crap you can't hang chains on him because it doesn't have the chain box down here they gave us an aluminum box that we get a bolt that we could screw in here where the chains can go down but I think once we cut off the top of the tool box and left the chains I think the aluminum toolbox would fall apart so they hauled boats and stuff in with this.
This was mainly used to transport like large military ships and things like that so it has the oversize it has the oversize light up there it has a broken trailer here because they didn't use it for a semi trailer they use it for some kind of boat trailers so it has a panel hitch back here as well as a two inch ball or whatever hitch receiver so yeah this is basically my setup up to the 50 foot step deck with loading ramps except it has a slider axle so which will be able to transport all things. all the way down to the dirt because i dont think my trailer will do the turns do you think this will do the turns yes i think so i would spray these sides down if it doesnt work oh no youre good ok well thats more or less if you still have some cleanup to do , we want to move uh we still have to check your strings to see if you have enough strings and what your strings look like um I'm pretty sure this step deck sits higher than my step deck so we'll have to take one measure i'll have to have mason like two differences rent columns from you know dad has a trailer that's three feet six inches off the ground chris has one that i don't know what it is you know dad has 14 chains chris has 12 chains or whatever the size of the canvases and all that What is that beautiful?
Hey, do you know where your physical medical card is from the d.o.t. in the truck folder? Ok I'll find it ok let's go get cleaned up throw down my ramps and take my trailer somewhere and leave it. I didn't want anyone stealing my ramps so we just left them here until we could get everything done okay guys good morning so we ended up taking about a week to get all your paperwork together. screen oh yeah so it took us about a week to get all the paperwork together lemme say this let's turn this around bringing in another truck is a huge pain in the ass the first time I can guarantee you there's probably ninety percent from the um companies that aren't the big er companies that bring in another driver I guarantee they have they don't have their paperwork done right there's so much you have to do anyway we have uh we have their truck ready we end up taking their trailer to my trailer it's been parked and we ended up setting up all my stuff last night um i bought more bolts for the boards but i bought a t-50 bit and i need a t-40 i messed it up anyway we have a choice go up and leave it in the exact same spot so that will be good, he will be able to, um, we will be able to help you with pick up and drop off as we will pick you up and drop you off. we're going to go to that pike place that we usually go to and we're delivering somewhere in


carolina so I'm just going to uh we just got the go ahead we're going to go ahead and let the truck air out we're he's going to do a pre trip he has to run and grab his trailer and we're going to take down and grab some pike so we'll see you guys in a bit so it looks good. ke we going to lose those loads we been talking to this runner all night and she said yeah yeah go ahead and send them there mason like ok we need the raycons like we are sitting waiting this morning and then she says send all caps , sorry I just realized it's 50ft high so I tell him yes our trailers are 50ft then he says oh ok is it ok if more than two stay? feet it's like a 50 foot load or a 52 foot load so it's like whatever so press and hold the power button we got a new access point Lita ended up finding our old access point and uh press and hold the power button so that's uh unfortunate though our other place the uh the batteryit wouldn't last long and sometimes you would plug it in i went in to charge it and it wouldn't charge we didn't know we didn't know if it was a battery thing or the plug was wearing out lemme get your bone out here here's the bag.
Anyway, while we've been sitting at the house getting all my brother's paperwork together, my clutch brake hasn't been working, so I said, you know what? Let me take it to the pride of the fleet and have them look at it because the pride of the fleet is probably the biggest. nearest place around and uh my plan was to take it to the first place the first and only place it's done is good with the filter uh pcv uh but i was like you know it's just a clutch adjustment so i take it there and I let them know that I'm like hey I think the clutch needs to be adjusted or something.
I said, uh, the clutch brake doesn't work. the air lines coming out of that and i hope i remember to replace them put a picture ture inside there's a place there's like a hole that goes all the way through this cylindrical thing that this other rod threads into and i said air is coming out from there i said i'm pretty sure there's no air supposed to get out of there so i left it and we came back the next day and i told them they fixed it they said yes we fixed everything and handed me the bill and it's 900 and I'm like 900 what's going on here he's like well we had to put a new clutch brake on you I'm like it ain't it was a new clutch brake like 10 000 miles on it then I can look and they Charge me 15 for two air fittings which is perfectly normal but almost 400 bucks to put these two little air fittings on.
I'm like you guys just charged me almost 400 for five minutes of work oh no it took an hour and a half. because we had to put a new air line in there as well and you'll see in the picture that there are two air fittings so close to each other with an air hose that is this long that connects to it i think it took you an hour and a half to do it huh so i wrote the company and i'm like your guys here in valdosta are trying to rip me off well i just don't know if it's for two people or what good yeah because we talked to them about two trucks , we've been talking to them about two trucks all night ok chris went to hook up his trailer so ok we're just waiting to hear from her now yeah ok it's been 20 minutes ok ok okay, I'll get back to you guys, so we almost got to this place, and like I said, Mason's been sending an email. this woman back and forth or some guy I don't know what is back and forth a couple of times now you know I have two trucks since we have two trucks he asked for more money and they said yeah yeah yeah come on I'll do it for Just so you know we've been waiting and we found out there's only one load for one truck so I'll give it to my brother and his wife and now we have to go down and I don't know if we're going to sit on an exit or what while Mason looks for loads, I mean if it takes too long we'll just turn around and drive back what sucks is we just had to go through a weight station to get back we have to go through a weight station again so I don't know I'll keep you posted , that sucks, it's been great for both of us to pick up and drop off at the same place as the broker said we were going anyway, see you guys

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